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Adjust Your Sails
4 min readJan 23, 2024

Liz and I have been talking for a while now about the Grand Rising of the Divine Feminine. Tonight I want to walk you through networking with your higher self, especially during difficult times. Your higher self is your divine feminine energy, regardless of gender.

I learned at the doctor visit I had there are more tests to do. I came home and learned I was stripped of my health insurance. That means no tests, and no surgery February 16th as planned. Just a few moments after that I received news that my son in law’s father passed away in another country.

And moments after that my other daughter had more hard news. It happened in the span of 20–30 minutes. I had promised myself this morning I was going to be powerful and stoic. When I left here I was on cloud nine because the astrology and cards were so good.

I simply wasn’t expecting the heaviness that came. I was upset because I thought the universe lied to me about the kind of day I would have. It didn’t. I interpreted wrong, and then everything ended up being right. It required a perspective shift, which I had before I ever got the last card that said one would be involved.

The photo above is of the high priestess. The divine, sacred feminine intuition that breathes lullabies into our souls. It’s the divine knowledge that has been passed down secretly for generations. The first lyric is to be still and just listen. Quiet the nervous system down.

It is in stillness that you can hear from your higher self. Otherwise, it’s your subconscious and programming running every show. This is not the year to allow that anymore. This is the time to become the main character of your own life. To step up, to lead, to be powerful.

Your higher self holds ancient wisdom and her teachings can reveal to you the mysteries of your life. She speaks through stillness, through astrology and the stars, through the human design. There are roadmaps and blueprints to follow. Our divine mother has not forsaken us.

We are so busy running around talking about how we can’t give up our trust issues, but it’s never been other people we are meant to trust. It’s ourselves. If there is something you don’t like about your life change it.

It’s so easy to judge others who evolve out loud, but the whole time your judgement is a projection. Armchair critics are unnecessary. Don’t be one and don’t listen to them. Listen to the whispers of music that float in during the moments of stillness and reflection.

Let yourself take time everyday to sit in the vibration of the high priestess, and network your next level. That is how you do it. You sit and convince yourself you’re worthy long enough and I promise you will believe it. And even if you don’t believe it fully the time will come you will make a decision aligned with self-worth, terrified to make it, but you will.

And feelings of self-worth will follow.

What I told you happened today is the tip of the iceberg to the tumultuous story of my life. But this year is the most powerful year ever. I can feel that shit in my bones. This is my year. My next level up is here. I can lead with softness during times of sorrow and joy. It’s okay to let ourselves experience both, even at the same time.

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Adjust Your Sails

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