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Adjust Your Sails
11 min readJun 23, 2020


Below are three different photos of the Moon. Choose one and then scroll for the revealing of the tarot message that came through for that photo. Please feel free to choose more than one if you wish.


I always advise people to trust their own intuition over all else. These messages won’t be for everyone, but they will be for someone. Please do not ever force a reading to fit your situation. Sometimes they will fit and it will resonate with a deeper knowing within you. Other times it won’t, and it will resonate with that same inner knowing. Both are okay.

Take the bits that fit and leave the rest for someone else in need.

Photo One:

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Picture One Reveal:

If you have a pressing question feel free to think of it now. At the end of your reading I plan to reveal the answer cards that came up for you. For starters we have you being led to make your dreams real with the Spider Spirit. There is a huge dream you have and something is holding you back from realizing it.

Weaving those dreams into real life only needs a thread of intention to start. The universe is a co-weaver with you and has your back. Some of the steps we have to take toward our dreams are scary, but for every step you take toward your dream Spirit takes one toward you. Right now you are being asked to get absolutely clear about your intentions above all else.

Do you expect your dreams can weave themselves into reality? Maybe you have set the intentions, but you lack the follow through. Your dream is worthy of weaving, so what are you willing to release? Is it limiting beliefs? Is it that you’re surrounded by the wrong people? Get clear about what needs to happen if you’re going to make this a reality for you.

Now is a time of awakening. You are going to be receiving energetic upgrades. A new way of being is approaching. There is a need to integrate your experiences now. So, go within and seek deep replenishment. Retreat, rest, and hold space for yourself. Things may feel very off kilter for you at this time. The retrograde planets and eclipses are powerful for you.

Your advice is not to overthink it. Just get grounded and go with the flow. Surrender to the experience and don’t share it with just anyone. Find like-minded souls to gravitate toward and share with. You can learn from one another and grow with one another. Find ways to be of service.

Love is an exchange of life-force energy between two beings. If anyone in your life is taking without giving now is the time to release them. In order to make your dreams a reality you have to have the time, energy, and dedication to go after them. If you’re investing in the wrong people you won’t invest in you.

Now is a time for a change in consciousness and a decision to revolt. To challenge yourself to get rid of the structures that are not actually supporting you. It is no longer enough to keep begging people for breadcrumbs of change. It’s time for a full-on revolution. We’re talking a complete overhaul of the old and an embracing of the unknown.

This is not a time to be hot-headed, unreliable, or take crazy risks. That isn’t what I’m taking about when I say revolution. This is about removing the people and things that aren’t good ground to plant seeds in. Tilling your ground, so to speak. Time to set healthy boundaries, build a strong sense of self-worth, make calculated, shrewd decisions, and communicate with clarity.

Your karma is balancing out. Truth and wisdom are on your side. It’s time to take accountability. How many times will you let the wheel of fortune pass you by because you’re afraid of loss and despair? When you lose what isn’t meant for you what is has the space to come in.

Search for ways to overcome abandonment issues and to build your self-worth. Do exercises on this daily. Have conversations in your head or on paper with the higher selves of the people you’ve harmed or who have harmed you. Now is the time to put in the shadow work for healing and release.

If you asked a question the first answer I received was “Get more information”. When I asked to clarify what information you need I got “Let Go.” You need to research healthy ways to let people and things go who have long overstayed their welcome in your life.

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Photo Two Reveal:

If you have a pressing question feel free to think of it now. At the end of your reading I plan to reveal the answer cards that came up for you. Right now the universe is calling for you to be fearless and bold with the Badger Spirit.

It is time to be persistent and consistent. Taking a risk now and being fearless and bold will pay off greatly for you. You are being given the green light to assert yourself and to go after what you want. The only thing that can stand in your way is you.

Release all anger and aggression. Being argumentative, pushy, or mean will no longer serve you. If it’s people around you that are mean, pushy, and aggressive it’s time to remove them from your path. If you feel you have been taking risks and working hard already then maybe the lesson here is be bold and fearless in your trust in your higher power. To surrender and release outcomes. Sometimes our reward looks different than we expect.

You are being asked to align your life. To consider what is in your life, vices, behaviors, people, and whether or not these things are aligned with where you want to be. You can’t surround yourself with low vibration energy, be full of low vibration energy, and expect to live a high vibrational life.

No one expects you to have good vibes all the time. You will always experience shadow and light. It’s not about that. It’s about what you choose to experience consistently. How you handle those experiences. One way you may have handled them in the past is by dimming your own light to fit in.

Stop and consider that, too. Where are you dimming your own light to make others comfortable? You’ve outgrown people, places, and things. It’s time to release them all now. Who is trying to keep you in their box? Know that you will never convince them to come out from it. They will continue pulling you back into it with them. You have to let it go.

Moving on is difficult when you still care. Sometimes you aren’t granted the closure you wish for. In these instances I suggest having conversations in your head or on paper with their higher selves. Remind yourself that the things they did weren’t personal to you, but that you cannot allow that understanding to enable your own pain, suffering, and setbacks.

You’re being asked to tie up loose ends now. Before you can move forward you must come to terms with where you are now. Life is a journey and when we level up we have to take time to reflect on it. Right now six planets are retrograde. It’s a great time for reflection and introspection. It’s only in fully coming to terms with releasing the old that the new can blossom.

Take some time out to breathe and meditate. You are being taught how to cultivate patience during this time, and if you fight against it, rather than surrendering to it, you’ll just attract more reasons to need patience. Don’t be in such a hurry. It’s okay to slow down and allow experiences to integrate.

There is a calling on your life that you either recently stumbled upon or will be soon. This is cause for major celebration. It will bring in new friendships and more of your soul tribe. You like to rush in and conquer new things, and that’s fine, but make sure you’re making equal time to rest and experience life.

Yes, take risks, but make sure they are calculated and thought through. Your heart has been wounded, but it holds deep wisdom and love. When you’re not allowing it to remain open you play the role of a wounded warrior enduring a battle. This shuts out love and potential close connections.

There is definitely a need to release the weight of the walls you have built around your heart. I see you sometimes have trouble sleeping, maybe have bad dreams a lot, and feel that all you’re doing is enduring life, rather than living it most days. There is so much more to life than that.

Put in the diligent, hard work to open your heart and embrace your purpose. Be steadfast and determined like the badger. Plant your future seed by seed. Don’t forget to water them and nurture them so they can actually grow.

Whatever question you asked the answer is “You’re going in the right direction”. So, keep that up. Whatever you’re struggling with mentally, spiritually, or physically there is so much information available for free on the Internet. Please search and read up, soak up the knowledge, and then apply it to your life, so that it becomes wisdom.

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Photo Three Reveal:

If you have a pressing question feel free to think of it now. At the end of your reading I plan to reveal the answer cards that came up for you. You are being cautioned to watch your words right now with the Parrot Spirit.

What are you saying to yourself about yourself? This is more important than anything anyone else could ever say. What is the internal programming you are repeating? Be very mindful going forward of your self-talk. Practice deep self-awareness and control your thoughts, so they do not control you.

The universe reflects back to us the story we tell, so your words matter. Your words don’t just matter internally, but in how you communicate with others, too. Are you actively listening to them, or simply listening to respond? Do you rush through conversations to get them over with, or are you investing in your communication with integrity and honesty?

Right speech is extremely important for you going forward, whether you’re speaking to yourself or someone else. Your voice is your power. Our power doesn’t come from us, but through us. Start viewing that as a gift because it is. You are a vessel and an oracle for the divine.

When you find your energy is off dance with life anyway. Do something to change it. Talk to someone you trust, who will help you find the right perspective. Life is always moving and it’s good to practice going with the flow. Dance really helps with that, so literally you could learn a new dance.

Music may be beneficial, but make sure you’re listening to upbeat music that makes you want to move to its rhythm. I also see a need for you to establish better boundaries in your life. Boundaries on yourself and your behaviors, vices, and what you tolerate from others.

When your boundaries are clear those who truly love you will respect them, and everyone will know where they stand. We teach other people how to treat us. Without boundaries you will walk around with so much resentment in life.

Most people view the world through a personal lens. You closely identify with your own feelings and experiences. Sometimes so much so that you can find yourself believing only your way is the right way. Now is a time to create distance between you and your experiences in life, to not take them so personal, and to simply observe.

This will help you gain perspective you are currently lacking. Whether you are facing a personal problem, a relationship problem, a work related issue the advice is the same here. Detach yourself from it. Sometimes I will write down exactly how I’m feeling and then go over it playing my own therapist, inserting what I’ve learned through psychology to get myself back on track.

You’re being encouraged to use reason and logic for right now. Take things at face value and don’t need a deeper reason for everything. Things for you are going to be exactly as they seem and nothing is hidden. Don’t force things to work in any realm of your life right now. If it isn’t working now it isn’t going to later. Know it is what it is and there is nothing else it can be.

You have a new beginning coming in. Could be in love, friendship, career, any area of your life, but it’s going to be one you are happy about. It’s going to make you want to celebrate. The people coming into your life are going to be your soul tribe and you’re going to build a community of wholeness.

Right now the astrology is putting us all through a cycle of transformation, but for you it’s even truer. This is a time of rebirth, transition, and change. You need new beliefs that will conquer your poverty mindset. You are afraid of abandonment and being without, and so that’s the story you’re telling the universe. How can you attract anything else?

It’s time to tell the universe a new story. You need to plan and prepare. Do the shadow work exercises. Write down all your lack mindset thoughts and fears, and then go over them and write down their opposite. Keep it and pull it out every time you notice yourself slipping and afraid.

I feel with this pile your fear of abandonment is of family and home. This new moon solar eclipse we recently had was in Cancer and has everything to do with that. I highly recommend reading my eclipse pick a pile if you haven’t already done so.

It’s important for you to learn to be whole and healthy on your own because otherwise you’ll never be with anyone simply for honest love, but more so for attachment. This will lead you to misery and resentment, wasted time, and frustration beyond belief.

Whatever question you asked the answer is “Go. The time is right.”

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Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd