Moon conjunct Saturn

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12 min readApr 4, 2021

This is for the people who have the Moon and Saturn conjunct in the natal chart like me. Mine is the Virgo 2nd house, and the North Node is part of the conjunction. I want to say that the house, the sign, and any other planets involved could change the interpretation a bit. This a general focus here.

It is no secret that Saturn represents karma in the chart. It can bring tests, obstacles, fears, and delays. For this reason a lot of people do not like Saturn, but I believe without these tests we may never evolve our souls. Saturn is the organizer of karmic debt. When conjunct the Moon it freezes the emotional life in a way. It can bring huge fears in the realm of emotional expression.

The Moon is a representation of our emotional life. It is our sense of belonging and relationship to our mother figure. The state of the Moon in our charts determines the early conditioning we receive in childhood. How we will later respond emotionally because of it. The experiences we will have that are formative to our lives and development internally.

Some of the potentials with this aspect are your father was absent, ill, or weak in some way. In my case, my biological father was absent. My stepfather was an addict and someone I viewed as incredibly weak. Today him and I are very close, but back then I didn’t care for him much at all. Both men were emotionally unavailable to me.

What is interesting is my conjunction is in the 2nd house of values, incomes, and possessions. The house of self-worth. Whenever my stepfather would do something he knew hurt me he would try to make up for it via buying me something. One that really stands out is my yearbook. At the time I resented that so much, but today I am grateful for it.

See, parents do not harm their children because of a lack of love for the children. It’s a lack of love and respect for themselves. It’s their own unhealed wounds and trauma that is the problem. Only as children we don’t know or understand this, so we take it personal and internalize it all. Him offering to buy me something to make up for it shows remorse and care.

My mother was someone I viewed as selfish. She suffered a great deal from manic depression and severe anxiety. Today I am also close to her, but that took time and intentional work. I didn’t understand…



Adjust Your Sails

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