I drew three Animal Spirit cards and a few tarot cards for each. There are three separate messages here. Please take what resonates and leave what does not. If this guidance is for you it will resonate with a deep inner knowing, and if it isn’t you should have that same inner knowing.

First Message:

Brown Bear Spirit: Take a time out

There is a time to act and a time to strategize before you act. You’re being guided to stop all the hard work and meditate for now. You may be shifting into a new space and there is a need to get the lay of the land. Do not be frightened by the new and avoid it. If you stick around and walk the journey of learning what lives there it will become more familiar than the past ever was for you. It is like coming home.

Whatever this is for you I sense you are frazzled and dealing with a lot of inner conflict. For you this situation is worth defending. You have a conviction and strong belief about it. Taking the time out to be strategic will give you strength. This thing you’re so conflicted about is a spiritual awakening. Something about it brings you self-realization. Be true to your heart.

You’ve been gifted truth and wisdom as good karma. It’s the law of cause and effect, which is always at play. Meditate on past experiences and the lessons you’ve learned, so when you do act it’s with integrity and wisdom.

Message Two:

Skunk Spirit: Know your Worth

What do you value and believe in when you’re sitting with your higher self? Who or what allows you to be your most authentic self? This card wants you to acknowledge pride in yourself. To know your worth and stop settling for less than what your soul signed up for.

Not everyone will appreciate you, so go where they do. Don’t worry so much about forcing others to see who you really are. They have their own projections and triggers that are getting in the way of them seeing you clearly. It’s not as personal as it feels.

There is something that isn’t sitting right with you and it’s time to be honest with yourself. Chase self-respect above all else. There is a painful ending that needs to happen because it was started at a time when you had no self-worth or value. It makes you feel trapped and powerless.

This can make it harder for you to leave it behind, but the recent eclipse we had has given us all the power and strength we need to let go and release. I see once you release this you begin laying a foundation that will bring you spiritual and material abundance. Legacy leaving energy.

I sense something or someone in your life that is completely different than the past. In their presence you find rest and healing. The advice is to rush toward that with haste. Make stream-lined decisions that will get you where your higher self is leading you. Be assertive and set boundaries where needed.

You are passionate and heart-fueled about this person who brings you the rest and healing. I see you two building an empire together. Don’t self-sabotage.

Message Three:

Squirrel Spirit: Believe in Yourself

You may be suffering from lack mindset. This is here to remind you that the hard work you’ve put in will pay off. You have to believe in yourself and what you’re worth in order to attract it to your life.

Life for you seems a bit unpredictable right now. We all go through phases of uncertainty when facing the unknown. It’s called faith because you have to believe what you cannot see. Let your intuition guide you. Meditate and tap into the inner knowing. Let that guide you.

I see you getting ready to lay down the swords. Don’t give up because smoother waters are right around the corner. Any conflict you’ve been having will be resolved soon. I see a message coming in or some type of information that is going to release you from it.

Make sure you speak with wisdom and clarity. Seek only the truth and don’t get caught up in ego or fear. Now is a time to proceed with emotional intelligence. Seek rest and recovery with the people you love. Seek council and contemplate with those in your life you know are objective and honest.


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