I’ve asked the cards for a message regarding the pandemic, and the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty it is causing in our lives. I have already put something together regarding the astrology, and I will be diving deeper into that in the coming days. This is what I have so far:

I asked for a collective postcard from Spirit:

What a perfect card to come out right now. Uncertainty is always our normal if we’re honest, but it sure feels more uncertain than ever lately. Trust the astrology and the end result that is always for the highest good. Take this time to go within, to search the unknown, to stop being afraid of you. Right now many of us have nothing but time. Let us use it to silence the fear and anxiety.

First I want to discuss the number eight because it came up heavy. This doesn’t surprise me because the number 8 represents money and power. This pandemic is showing us the dynamics of that more than ever before. The shape of the number is a great karmic equalizer. A force that creates as easily as it destroys. When 8 shows up we’re going to reap what we have sown.

It is a balancing of the material and immaterial worlds. It’s as spiritual as it materialistic. It is not greedy, but understands money and power are tools. It is generous and takes risks. It does not choose money over the divine. Instead, it allows the divine to lead it where the money will do the most good.

The inequality where money and power are concerned in our world has long been a problem. Anyone who has dared speak up about it and caused an uprising of the powerless has been murdered or silenced. However, the Age of Aquarius is upon us, and this shift will not be stopped. That doesn’t mean it’s going to painless or easy.

Collective Message:

We are all one and this pandemic can bring us closer to that being realized. We do not have to fear and hoard resources. In fact, the only way we’re going to get through this is by combining our resources and coming together. When we unite we are the powerful. There are many more of us than there are them.

Now is the time to find your inner peace among the storm. The calmer we are within the calmer the collective will be. It’s up to each of us to choose not to panic. To practice techniques to lower our anxiety. To give what we can, where we can, when we can, and let it be enough. To allow ourselves to receive, too.

You are not alone. We have technology and this is a tool, too. We can use it to organize, to stay in touch, to check in on each other. We must learn to truly seek gratitude when it’s hardest to find. It’s when we need it most.


Fitting that six of stones would come out first. For a long time now we have been foolish, allowing overuse of non-sustainable resources. We’ve caused a lot of damage to our environment. No matter how many of us conserve individually we have mega corporations getting billions of our tax dollars to pollute our air and poison our water.

The human race’s capacity to exploit planetary resources is to our own detriment. It’s motivated by a belief that is flawed. A belief that we have the right to do so. Capitalism is the hoarding of finite resources by the few, while exploiting the infinite labor of the many. We must come to terms with global climate change and the irreversible effects this has on future generations.

Please understand that if we do not reckon with this coronavirus will not be the last pandemic we face in our lifetimes. Scientists have been warning us for years now. This time it’s affecting the very rich and powerful who thought they were invincible. No one is invincible. Viruses do not discriminate.

This pandemic has slowed us all down. For the first time in years the canals in Venice are clear. The smog has cleared over China. The bees are doing well. No, human beings are not a virus. You didn’t cause the imbalance and neither did I. We are the many who are exploited; not the few who hoard. But this is showing us clearer than ever what direction we must take.

Right now we are watching world financial systems and safeguards break down. Faith in governments to put the people and planet first has dwindled to almost nothing. Our social and moral codes are under so much pressure. More than anything else we can use this crisis to point out the obvious and find our way back to a balanced and beautiful place.

We are going to have to be swift and subtle amid uncertainty. We must be vigilant through this process. We are in a very real struggle for ideological compliance or revolt. Things are going to happen quickly. Like-minded souls need to come together just as quick. What do you hold to strongly? What do you want to stand for? Where may you be wrongly informed? Start there.

The world must come to terms with where we are. It’s a great time to look to the past, to acknowledge our mistakes individually and as a collective, so we can grow and gain wisdom. The future is waiting to be unfolded by our positive action as we receive powerful rejuvenating energies of rebirth.

I know the virus and everything around it seems scary, but the truth is it’s a time for renewal and potential for real change. It’s time for us to shed the skins of the past and accept and utilize the overflowing potential of this present moment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We are human beings.

We have striven to survive and absorb insight. We’ve endured loss to retain our integrity. These trials have made us stronger, wiser, and more effective. Drink from this as a fountain of opportunity and renew your objectives. Grasp what is possible and let’s fight for it with everything we have.

We are just scratching the surface of what is possible. This initial attraction to real, systemic change is a chance to explore potential. Maybe some of our leaders are corrupt or not bold, but we can be. We can push those leaders to stand on the right side of history with us.

Our coming together can seem obvious, uncomplicated, and simple on the surface. However, the underlying psychological chemistry and subtle interplay that ignites our exchanges is complex and eclectic. We absorb millions of subliminal signals and messages from everything around us. We unconsciously process that stimuli and react every second of every day. We must learn to be more aware and respond rather than react.

We must learn to be vulnerable. To break through our protective layers and barriers. No one will ever be able to climb your walls; you have to let them down. Certainly this has all been unexpected news.

However, it has also been help out of the blue. Many places have set up mutual aid and even while social distancing we are coming together like never before. It’s an opportunity for us to shine.

We are at a gateway between life and death every day. Each of us should take precaution against the various threats we face, and this is no different. Of course, the scale is different, the quickness with which it came, but we can each do our part to keep ourselves and one another safe.

Dig in and find a deep belief in fairness, honesty, and allow honor to color whatever you do going forward. Seek the profound depths of your character and if you’ve never dared before do so now. Develop innate compassion for yourself and others. Fear and anxiety will have us all act out of character, and now is not the time for impossible standards and perfection.

We, the people, can create a supportive line and chain reaction. Let us exercise diplomacy when possible. Let us NOT milk this or any other situation seeking pity. If we have needs, of course we should express them, but a pity party is not a need. Let us prove we can depend on each other.

Right now the veil is thinning. This is a symbol of the conscious bridge between the living macrocosm and the inner universe of the human psyche. We are at an end and a beginning. Many of us lived life with a childlike curiosity and refused to participate in discussions necessary to spare us a time such as this, and those who did participate were shunned and silenced.

Our final path to end the old ways gracefully is a living maze. The universe and all its blessings are available to each of us. We must seek knowledge and wisdom with sincere hearts. On every level, the cosmos has a bounty and gives free nourishment. No matter how short or long the journey of life might be, no matter the plots, twists and turns, if we persevere we will be fulfilled in the end. We will have come together and changed the world.

To many of those at the top of the chain material wealth is the only success they’ve ever known. For us, wealth is a tool we could use to create a better future for all. To increase a spiritual level of satisfaction is true success. Let us bathe in the light of renewal, attainment, and personal triumph. If we believe it we can build it.

Allow your higher self to be your life long companion. When you are bored and feeling lonely meditate and go within. This will lead you to a deeper awareness of what is needed to bring success. It’s time to offer courteous understanding to self and others. To use ambition creatively that will benefit the whole. Again, we are one, and our next steps are crucial.

The time has come for each of us to focus our power and let it flow through us. Many dreams and desires related to our creative and emotional process are ready to be applied to our day-to-day lives. We must heal together and manifest inner spiritual insights that can benefit our daily, practical lives. Paint, sing, draw, write, or dance.

We are going to get through this. On the other side is generous fulfillment of desires that have been long held. From a source that is pure and cleansing. We will have true stability in all forms and real freedom.

There will be a deep calming that is profound on the other side of this. It’s there now if you tap into it. We will all feel a sense of homecoming. We will remember with gratitude our patience and wisdom. Our strength and resolve to withstand the fight and win. We will motivate and inspire each other. Being effective and productive in the practical world brings self-worth and stability.

No greater act of humanity can be had than showing the way for others. Then opening your heart to the possibility of a future you never dreamed would exist, but desperately wanted. Let us empower ourselves emotionally, rather than allowing our emotions to rule the roost.

Remain teachable and flexible right now and always. We must become adaptable because it’s those most adaptable to change who survive. When we become too rigid, we lose access to growth and untapped potential. We can easily get trapped in an us versus them scenario, rather than joining together and uniting against our common threats.

Loosen up today, open your mind and heart, and understand that rigidity will set you up for a fight where there are no winners. Spirit makes a fantastic mediator when you can’t find your way. Now is the time to connect.

This is about regeneration. Endings come in many forms, and now is the time for us to let go of what we know must die, so that what must live has space to thrive. Nature’s cycles include disease, decay, death, and regeneration. We cannot be afraid of the facts. The world is being reborn.

I know it can feel like time is dragging on, or that you may never achieve your goals and dreams, but time is a human invention. There is nothing to fear. What is meant to be will be in its time. Spirit will never deny what is for the highest good. Just commit to being a vessel for good. This time is going to pass whether you comply and get creative, or whether you waste it afraid.

If you find your mental health suffering during isolation reach out to those who love you. Do not suffer alone. Be mindful through daily spiritual practice of your impulses and control them the best you can. Do not get over-confident or aggressive. Think before you act because now more than ever our fear and anxiety is trying to rule. We don’t have to let it have that power.

Be sure you really want what you’re chasing after and that you’re doing what fulfills you as you pass this time. Practice temperance while you can. Diplomacy and thoughtful consideration should become tools in your arsenal. Use this time to build momentum for the future. Don’t sit and worry if the future is going to exist. It is.

Right now is a time for courage, fortitude, hard work, and sharing of ideas and visions. News will come eventually that “normal” is back in style. Until then we must find ways to help and come together. Seek to be a person of honor and to be in touch with others who have the same goal. Let us guide and help each other through the rocky parts.

Yes, it is okay to mourn and be sad. Please don’t take anything I wrote as saying you must put a smile on every day, all day, and ignore the devastation around the world. I would never suggest that. Take the time you need to cry, to process, and to grieve, but don’t allow that to be what you lead with.

Illusions and wishful thinking won’t get us out of this mess. So, never avoid your feelings. It is the time to see things exactly as they are, and when you do you’ll realize how we got here. Release the fear surrounding that and start creating a new vision for how we get out of it now.

Let us not waste time on what might happen when what is happening is quite bad enough. Let’s not think worse into existence. Clear you inner state as needed and stay grounded. This is what will see us through.

I pulled some charms.

Imagine every time you’re afraid that you’re protected. Build an inner warrior and dream of your blessings. Trust and hope in what inspires you right now. Yes, there is death and yes what is happening cuts to the quick, but there is also lots of love and healing happening, too.

Find unique ways to be resourceful and rely on others. When you’re frustrated there is likely some bit of wisdom you’re just not seeing in that moment. The key is to open your heart and spiritual eyes. See things for what they are. The gears are turning, but your angels are near to support and comfort you.

Your peace is within always, no matter what is going on externally. Do not be the only one standing in your way. We can all get through this whole.

Sending you all my love and well wishes.


Andrew Boyd knew. We are connected to everything and everyone. This means we each bear responsibility. We must stop turning away. Our destiny is one. We can learn to carry it together or allow it to divide and conquer us. Yes, this pandemic is a horror, but because we love the world we will face it head on, and come out stronger on the other side.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd