During meditation I was instructed to write this message and pull some cards from my Good Tarot deck. The number nine is important for someone to know. This number represents completion. We are in a universal year four, and need to start building a new foundation. This means we must let go and break apart the old first. We have to create the space for a new mindset.

Look up and study shadow work exercises. There are plenty of free resources available. Then do the exercises that speak to you. Start slow if you have to, but I really encourage you to start. Once you get through the dark knight of the soul you will not regret it.

Message for someone:

Spirit wants you to live life as a tumbleweed, but not at the mercy of other’s energy and whims. Tumbleweeds symbolize desolate and empty expanses, which open out into the unknown frontier. That’s what all our lives are; empty expanses that open into the unknown. Life is mysterious, with uncertain origins and unknown destinations, and is subject to the mercy of the wind.

Right now you’re not directing your own energy. You have to release the fear of the unknown and embrace it. Trust you are the universe experiencing itself and are here for a reason. Start digging in and learning what that reason is. Tap into your own energy because all you need lives there.

Stop chasing escapism in whatever area you are prone to chase it and seek your soul’s desire. The universe isn’t judging you. It’s waiting for you to wake up. Less videos, less TV, less over-eating, less drinking, and it’s not saying to cut those things out completely. Just be moderate and balanced. For me that is love. I have Neptune and Venus in my fifth house.

So, I have combined knowing that with following my north node. My north node lets me know I will never be able to have a successful relationship until I am fully dependent on me. I am in most ways now, but I still have to become financially stable on my own. No more escapism. I have to be practical and grounded with my Virgo north node and the right love will find me.

You will never find what you are looking for by hanging on to people, situations, and things that you know on a deep level aren’t for you. Stop listening to the shame and the bullshit. You are worthy of deep love and belonging. We all are.

It’s time to believe that and live as if you believe it; not just speak the words and think others are fooled. Energy doesn’t ever lie forever. You are eventually found out by others, and your soul already knows. It will never let you be comfortable expressing anything other than authenticity.

Yes, tumbleweeds are often aloof and just floating along in life, but Spirit wants you to gain some self-awareness and direction. We’re all tumbleweeds, really. We just allow things to provoke us and take us wherever they please until we know better.

You can direct your own path. You can create your own destiny, by instead, allowing yourself to be directed from within. Yes, you should live in the unknown frontier, but you should also plan practically and logically. It’s balancing the head and the heart; we need both.

There is a deep need for balance and today’s astrology isn’t helping that. We had the moon square mars, provoking us to over-react. The moon was conjunct with Neptune, which makes us over-sensitive. This may be because the moon squared Neptune, too, making us too idealistic. If someone tries to ground us we may lash out.

The moon conjunct with Venus needs us balanced to create harmony. You can create that within by intention. You will need to because the moon was sextile Pluto, too, adding to our sensitivity levels. The moon is also in Pisces. This means you’re already prone to pick up on other’s energy and be overly emotional. Pisces is the most compassionate sign there is. Be aware of healthy boundaries and set them.

At the end of the day we have the moon sextile Saturn, which brings in a calm in the midst of chaos. You can tap in and sense that energy early to help you. Tune into it and you will be enveloped in it and know instinctively what to do in any situation. Rather than reacting you will respond appropriately and in your power.

Instead of allowing yourself to be subject to the noise around you, be obedient to the still, quiet knowing within you. Ride that energy wave, and let others see you as mysterious and uncertain if that’s the case. You will be flowing with your divine path, and they will also see you continue to level up.

Let the things you know must come to an end do so gracefully. Don’t just be blown away by every wind or emotion that comes your way. Don’t stir up old dust once it’s settled either. The only place you will ever feel at peace and free is within your own soul.

That’s where all your answers are. The only way to get to that place is to dig through the shadow work and shame, confront it, expose it to the light, and release it. No one else is going to do it for you. The choice is yours.

I was led to pull a few cards from the Good Tarot deck for advice:

If you want your dreams to come true, your wishes to be fulfilled, you have to let go of what you think you want. Sometimes what we think we want we chose from a lower vibration than we deserve. Our soul knows this, and you will never find dreams coming true or fulfillment from a low vibration. You must do the healing and as you do, what is meant for you finds you. Trust the universe and the unknown.

Now is a time for you to stand out and stand alone. Seek your independence first and foremost from a loving heart space. Stop trying to conform to the expectations of others. This creates a false self-image and you will never feel truly loved or satisfied in that energy because it isn’t your authenticity. Start living life on your own terms, and not the shadow side’s terms. The terms of your soul contract. There is no more people pleasing.

You escape too often. It’s time to start building with others you know are for your highest good and let the rest go already. To start laying the seeds of intention within that are going to pay off in the long-term. It’s about dedicated collaboration with your own soul. This is what brings you fulfillment. It’s how you can choose peace and happiness in all situations and stay optimistic. It’s all for the higher good in the end.

Love is about oneness. Any ideal of love outside of that is incorrect. If you’re building from an incorrect blueprint you’re destined to fail. In all of life, there is only the illusion of separation. We are all reflections of one another because we are all reflections of the same fabric of the universe.

Choose to see that unity, and still be willing to cut loose threads. You are allowed to give and receive abundant love with healthy boundaries and intention. I have too much heart, and the first half of my life has been learning the lessons in that. The lesson isn’t to stop using it and cut everyone off.

It’s in finding your worth within, understanding nothing is as personal as it feels, and choosing over and over to forgive yourself and others until it’s instilled in your memory and let go of. It’s choosing to see the truth and stop living in your feelings and illusions.

You should always schedule fun and relaxation into your life, but sometimes we over-indulge. Now is not the time for that. Add some structure and routine to your life; give yourself some direction. There is no one coming in to do the work for you. The sooner you accept this universal truth the better.

I wish you the best always.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd