This morning I found myself impatient and irritated. I was seeking answers outside of myself, even as within I was being called to meditate. There are days where you don’t want to mediate. You just want answers. My ego can have me thinking I deserve rewards for all the hard things I’ve been through, and that I deserve them now.

The number 414 stuck out to me and when I looked it up it reminded me that I need patience, practicality, and application right now. It’s a time of hard work and responsibility, and when we are in that space we often forget to appreciate the rewards we’ve already been given.

I am going to need conviction, honesty, integrity, as it’s a universal year four and a personal year one for me. It’s about laying the foundation, and that takes quite a bit of time if you want what you build on top of it to last. It’s a reminder that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I have the insight, creativity, and self-leadership I need.

The number 414 is a sign that I am being divinely guided. I should pay attention to any persistent thoughts and be aware of my dreams and daydreams. I am being assisted in aligning my vibrations with my life purpose and soul mission. I must trust and believe in that in order to follow it.

This number is a message from my guides that I am to look for new ways to go about getting my work done effectively and efficiently. I must listen to my intuition because positive changes are being ushered in for me and all around me. I must keep my thoughts positive as I undertake the new role and venture that is being laid out before me.

I decided to stop being stubborn and meditate. I won’t relay the personal messages I received in detail, but I will tell you that as usual I cried. What I need in that moment never fails to come to me. I always write it down and am always amazed when I go back and read them later at my progress or how I was able to know ahead of time what was coming.

During this meditation I was reminded that it’s a universal year four for us all and that what we plant this year is what we will harvest over the next decade. We can’t get this year back. It’s also a personal year one for me, which means everything I’m planting is new in some form or fashion. This can make it harder because we often sabotage ourselves and fear change.

The collective message that came through is to be still and listen. Take some time today to really sit in your heart space. Plant the seeds of self-love and belief in self. Don’t forget to water and nurture them daily. And, don’t get frustrated with yourself if it takes a while to see the shoots pop up within.

Every harvest takes time to be ready. You have to tend to the inner garden you plant intentionally and put in the work. Meditate, write, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you know you need to hear. There is no rush, except the one we place on ourselves when we want to keep visiting the past and future, rather than remaining in the present moment.

Your answers are inside of you. You can seek the guidance from others as you need, but you must use the tools you learn there and put in the work. When something resonates it’s a sign that your higher self wants to connect. Make time for your higher self today. Sit in quiet contemplation and write down whatever comes to mind.

As I finished writing the clock read 441. There is a focus that is needed today on new beginnings and foundations, and trusting that whoever or whatever is meant to be part of it will come in divine timing. Until then, you just get up each day and do the work you’re being guided to do; trusting that what you can’t see is a beautiful end result.

It’s a sign that right now is a prime time for your thoughts and beliefs to rapidly be manifested into material form. Thus, you have to ensure that you keep positive and optimistic. The universe doesn’t view you as bad or good. It doesn’t hear the affirmations you speak, while you sweep your wounds under rugs and refuse to go within and heal. It feels your vibrations.

Your energy, intentions, and actions, for better or worse, will be manifested. Go within and ask for guidance if you need to. This number wants you to keep striving ahead, and to not take no for an answer. Instead, expect miraculous answers and solutions to appear right when you need them.

Collective Energy Reading:

The overall advice is to observe. When you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, sad, angry, anything that is uncomfortable sit with it. You are not those feelings and emotions. You are the awareness above them. Detach and try to see the deeper meaning and perspective. Your perception is your reality.

You can’t do everything alone. The first step is to sit with the self, but if you’re finding that difficult reach out to someone you trust, watch a tarot reading on YouTube, follow enlightened people on social media. What you need most in those moments is a shift in perspective, and often enough those outlets will bring that to you, but remember, like me this morning, you must use the tools you receive in a practical way.

A new life wants to emerge for you. You have likely been having new ideas and creativity welling up within you. Acknowledge your inexperience, but don’t sabotage yourself by believing you’re not worthy or capable of bringing those ideas to life. You absolutely are or the universe wouldn’t have given them to you and be trusting you with them.

Take the experience you have gained and walk away from people, places, and situations you know deep down aren’t meant for you. You are ready to end old journeys, and make space for the new. This new life cannot come in for you if you’re clinging to the old. Destiny is in charge, and the sooner you cooperate the sooner your highest good is reached. This requires faith and trust.

It also requires you to be teachable. To be willing to hear other’s ideas and thoughts about what your plans are. When you fail to seek advice and council as you’re learning and growing you are being too rigid. You don’t have all the answers and that’s okay. None of us do.

Maybe you want full control of your ideas, but you need assistance to bring them to life. If that’s the case you’re being encouraged to compromise. We all have value we can bring to the table. Your power doesn’t come from you. It’s a gift that comes through you. Treat it as such and success will be yours.

When you continue giving your power away willingly, rather than using it, harassing it for the highest good, you are not appreciating it for the gift that it is. Now is the time to release the old, and step into the new. There is a difference between people who criticize you because they are unhappy with themselves, and those who offer constructive feedback because they care about your highest good and believe in your potential.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd