Mercury Retrograde Pick A Card

Pick a card advice for Mercury Retrograde. Left to right is pile one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.

Channeled Message: Feel free to skip to your reading

I was shown rolls of iridescent film lying on the ground. When something is iridescent it shows luminous colors that seem to change depending on the angle you’re viewing it from. This reminds me of the hangman card in tarot. This is my favorite card because when it comes up I am reminded that more often than not it’s my own perspective or view of the situation that has to shift; not something external.

We often spend so much time seeking answers from external sources and feel we can’t quite put our finger on it. This is because the answers are within and require a shift in our thinking. That is what is recommended going forward. Mercury isn’t actually moving backwards. Things are not always as they appear, my friends. Dig a little deeper.

Mercury retrograde is always dreaded by most because things can be more difficult during this time with communication, electronics, travel, appliances, etc. However, Spirit is urging us to not sweat the small stuff. Take this time to reflect on the past and where you want to be in the future. To practice living present in the moment.

There are many people I know complaining about the retrograde. In fact, they began complaining before it arrived today. The universe works according to our energy. Our thoughts and words are seeds of intention for better or worse. Complaining isn’t using the energy to our advantage. You attract what you put out to the universe.

During retrograde your exes may inbox you, your car may give you trouble, communication may seem more difficult than usual. When recurring patterns come up this is the universe giving you the chance to prove you’ve learned your lessons. If you haven’t learned and grown from the past how can you expect to attract better in the present or the future?

If an ex-lover, friend, or someone from the past comes forward be cautious. Perhaps it wasn’t anything serious that caused the split, but the timing was just off. Play it safe before making any major choices to allow this person back in until retrograde is over. If there was a lot of heartache over this connection perhaps this is a test for you.

Prepare for retrograde the best you can. Have backups to everything. Before you try having a difficult conversation prepare yourself for it, practice it, meditate on it. Put off any major decisions in all areas until it is over.

Take this time to tidy your home and purify it. Get rid of the old stuff whose energy no longer serves you. Create space for something new. We will always see what we look for and you’re being encouraged to reflect honestly on your path during this time. Retrograde will be over on March 9th.

Important numbers for the collective to consider are 2, 6, and 11. Two is all about partnerships and knowing what you bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to eat alone, but don’t shut everyone out over the actions of few. Six is about love, family, and home. Eleven is highly spiritual and seeing it often may mean you have gifts you’re not tapping into.

Pile One:

You have a generous spirit and are very giving. You may be at your wits end ready to stop giving altogether. Resentment has been building up because no one seems to reciprocate your efforts. You’re encouraged to not stop giving, but maybe set health boundaries and be choosier with your giving.

It’s time to reflect on what makes you unique and individual. How can you use that information to follow your dreams? Cut out the people you know do not appreciate your efforts, and make space for those who do and will. Create your circle of support with support and intention.

For you personally the number 11 has come up again. If you begin seeing this number often pay attention. There are spiritual gifts that make you unique, and it’s time to tap into them. This means the number two is important as well. So really reflect on the partnerships in your life.

You also got the number 13, which breaks down to four. This is all about foundations. Who do you want building with you? Your goal has to be attracted without interference. Make those cuts and if people you know are going to hurt you come back from the past pass your test and release them.

You may be experiencing sleepless nights, paranoia, insecurity, and negative self-talk right now. It’s a good time to reflect on your higher self and understand that your safety and security come from your own soul. Other people will never be that for you. The sooner you recognize this the better.

You’re at a crossroads and remain blinded in some way. You have a difficult choice to make and aren’t sure which way to go. It seems that information you need is being hidden or kept from you. Detach from the emotions and try seeing the bigger picture for your life and what you want out of it. Your internal guidance is begging you to listen. It is your map to the future.

When you start to become fearful repeat “I am safe, and I reach new levels of unconscious knowing as I surrender to the will of the universe.” Try releasing the need to control the outcome and when you’re afraid of the outcome repeat “Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all.”

Allow what the universe has for you to be good enough. It’s better than anything you could ever dream up on your own. You do not have anything to be afraid of. Just embrace the unknown and release the fear of it.

This choice may have something to do with your finances. Take control of them the best you can and act. Someone may be coming in to help you financially as well. You got the Goddess of the Moon card, which is suggesting you start meditating and going within. Your answers aren’t going to be found by speaking to others or seeking it outside of self.

When the negative self-talk starts catch it. Try speaking to yourself in a mirror out loud and replacing the negative talk with positive. You will believe about yourself what you tell yourself. What others believe will never matter as much as what you believe deep down about you.

It’s time to allow the transformation. In fact, you got two transformation cards. It is your destiny and fate to step into your power and be courageous in spite of the fear. Go within and seek an understanding of all the confusion and chaos you may be feeling.

Keep your dreams and plans contained for now, and don’t spill your secrets to others. If you need guidance seek someone who reads tarot or get yourself some cards. Since you have gifts you can likely do your own readings.


Pile Two:

This retrograde your advice is to finally grieve all the loss you’ve had in your life; big or small. Understand that loss isn’t personal. We all experience it, and you can’t keep your heart closed off being afraid of it. If you do you keep out meaningful, authentic connections. Feel the loss and release it.

If you can practice moderation and restraint for right now it will pay off with a happy ending. Stop avoiding the negative feelings and allow yourself to feel them, to understand we all have them, and to process them completely. Important numbers for you are three and five.

The number three is reminding you to choose happiness and communicate with the people around you. Communication may be coming into you. Five is all about learning to embrace change; the ebb and flow of life. The only sure thing about life is that nothing ever stays the same and that’s okay.

You may get frustrated during this retrograde and feel like you’ve already surrendered and healed, and that you want your happy ending right now, but look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more”. The universe knows when we are ready. You can be mad and keep fighting it, but that proves you haven’t healed and learned temperance.

New opportunities want to manifest themselves into your life. You likely know what this is as it pertains to career or money in some way. It’s time to process the past, so you can be open to learning new skills and trades. It’s great to have goals and dreams, but they have to rooted in practicality. A tower moment is on its way, and you need to be ready for it.

Buckle up and use Mercury Retrograde to prepare. The tower doesn’t have to be a bad shake up. It could be something beautiful, but you have to believe you’re worth it to take up the offer. Use this time to really dig deep for your self-worth and don’t allow things that were never as personal as they felt to have you miss what is meant for you.

Celebrate with like-minded people. Surround yourself with people who have open hearts and minds. Create your soul tribe with intention. Until you heal you will never accept your family (blood or not) fully into your fold. The only way to heal is to go within. All you need is there waiting. If you are tired of loss then consider the type of people you normally allow in.

There is so much creativity brewing beneath the surface for you. I believe the tower is connected to a creative new idea that you’re meant to take part in. Perhaps working with others, and that is why you have to process the past, and reflect on the sort of people you normally hang around.

You are someone meant to step into the limelight and be an influencer. Allow Spirit to guide you to creative collaborations with people you wouldn’t normally consider yourself worthy of. You are worthy. Repeat that over and over in a mirror, too. Whenever you feel a spark of passion that is Spirit reminding you of that fact.

Whenever you’re in the middle of chaos remind yourself you’re the alchemist. Take a deep breath and become the calm in every storm. Be your own stability and the rest will fall into place. You can’t lose you.


Pile Three:

You struggle to believe you’re worthy of the life you secretly desire. You plant a seed and then grow impatient waiting for it to grow. Perhaps you tell yourself that if you deserved it then it would be here already. The problem with that is that all seeds take time to harvest. It has nothing to do with your worth or what you deserve.

Sometimes when we feel unworthy we plant the wrong seeds, and the universe doesn’t allow them to grow. This retrograde you’re being asked to view challenges differently than you have in the past. See them as a test you can pass, rather than a comment on your worth and what you deserve.

Practice building self-love and patience. Important numbers for you are two and seven. Two is again about partnerships. This came up for the collective and for you. So, perhaps this is a seed you have planted hoping to manifest a lover, friend, of business partner. Seven is about spiritual growth and evolution, so if you see this number a lot go within.

Every time you struggle to feel good about yourself or what direction to take next repeat “I am the loving energy of the universe.” The universe is there to guide you. You are a part of it. We are all nothing more than a part of the universe that is experiencing itself in unique form. Tap into that power.

Consider leaving the choppy waters of the past behind. Seek to have a rebirth and awakening on purpose. You’re meant to be a warm, generous, wealthy, kind individual. You may not feel like it, but the cards never lie. I know you feel that on some level. You will have victory over self-sabotage if you apply yourself and learn the tools of self-love and self-worth.

Be open to new strategies. Even things you may think are silly or different could be useful for you at this time. You have all the resources you need welling up within you. It’s just choosing to stand in your own power and stop giving it away to negative thoughts and other people.

You don’t have to live your life as a fragment of who you are. Spirit wants you to embrace all of who you are; the good and the bad. The truth is you are neither the light or the dark. You’re the awareness above them both. Your fulfillment will come in when you banish low self esteem and surround yourself with people who help build you up.

Forgive others by understanding they are not the light or dark in them either. Have conversations with their higher selves. This shadow work will help you heal and remember that you’re worthy, too.

Stop hanging out with shallow people who feed your victim mentality. Find supportive people willing to have honest, heart-to-heart conversations with you about you. Those who have your back and help you seek your highest and best version of self.


Pile Four:

Perhaps you are someone who gets caught up in responsibility and every day life, and you don’t set aside time for meditation, journaling, or reflection. We all go through this from time-to-time. You’re being encouraged to recognize this and change it going forward. Make time for what is most important, and that is your connection to Source.

What you think you want in ego, will never be as good as what you chose before you reincarnated to earth. Your soul has a blueprint and if you follow it the blessings are abundant. You are also someone who would benefit from some time in nature during your reflection. If it’s cold where you are just take a short walk a couple times a week to feel the air on your face.

You have powerful manifesting abilities that you’re currently ignoring. When you see the number eight I want you to think of this. Your material abundance will come in once you tap into your spirituality. The number 11 is coming up again for you like it did the collective. This means you are not only meant to tap into the spiritual realm, but you have spiritual gifts to learn about.

Choose to learn them through love. Remind yourself when you’re feeling abandoned and alone that you can never lose you. Unconditional love of self will ensure that you always feel loved. Get rid of the scarcity mindset and start thinking in terms of abundance. Sometimes we feel like we’re stuck when the key is right there waiting for us to pick it up and unlock the door.

Fill your world with intense light that sparks your passion and creativity. It’s all right there inside of you waiting for you tap in. This retrograde is a time of judgment for you. A self-realization and spiritual awakening. Don’t give in to the self-doubt and fear. I feel like you’ve already come so far, but there is an aspect of your shadow side that you’ve been holding onto that has to go.

This aspect is causing financial constraints. You may not be feeling well lately or have a lack of energy, but it’s time to dive deep into more healing. I know, just when you thought you had healed it all, right? There is a blockage financially that you’re not seeing. A mindset of scarcity needs to be addressed.

Heal generational trauma surrounding money and finances. Understand you’re worth the abundance the universe is gifting you. It’s literally on the other side of that belief. Your entire world will shift when your perspective does. A whole new beginning will be at play for you.

You are a reliable leader able to attract abundant wealth, and once you see yourself as such that is exactly what will happen. Step into the confidence you’ve been striving for, for so long. Be dedicated to your spiritual practice and use your imagination as a magic wand to co-create your life with Spirit.


Pile Five:

You are someone who runs around trying to be everyone’s rock without anyone making sure you’re taken care of. Spirit is urging you to start taking care of yourself. You’re too rigid with the people in your life and your domestic harmony gets disrupted because of it. There is no shame in that.

It’s just time to loosen up some. Don’t push yourself on others or allow them to take advantage of you and then build resentment when it isn’t reciprocated. That is your choice. You teach other people how to treat you, and it’s never too late to teach them something different.

There is a situation domestically that has already ended or you know needs to end. This could be a relationship, a lifestyle, a behavior, only you will know for sure and this a general reading. It’s time to allow the completions to take place. To reinvent yourself in a more authentic way that doesn’t apologize for having your own needs and desires, and doesn’t hold others accountable for meeting them.

Maybe this situation has already ended and this person is going to reach out during retrograde. This is your heads up. Refuse to go backwards. No one likes being alone, but until you can be alone successfully you aren’t likely to make any relationship you try work long-term.

The numbers nine and ten may be important going forward for you. The number nine is a reminder that completions need to happen or are about to happen. The number ten is a reminder to fuse your being with your non-being. To step into your independence and take charge of you.

It will help if you create mindful moments throughout the day. Repeat “I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself that I am love and miracles and natural.” Every emotion you experience is natural, even resentment or shame. You’re not alone in this.

Judgement day has arrived and you know it’s time it’s time to stop investing in a situation or person that doesn’t reciprocate the love back to you. Instead of blaming them and taking it personal, understand people can only love you from the level of healing they have allowed themselves.

You have the inner strength to make these changes. When you feel all tied up and bound it’s time to go within and seek to open your heart chakra. Perhaps do some heart chakra meditations over this retrograde. You’re being advised to go a bit into hermit mode and spend some time alone.

It’s time to learn how to rise above your emotions and surf them like the waves they are. Stop being afraid of them. They come and go so quickly. Your fulfillment will come when you’re provided with a familiar situation or pattern and make a different choice than you would have in the past.

The key to your prosperity is in remembering your ancestors. Learning from their weaknesses and building on their strengths. Those who came before you didn’t have access to the information you do, nor was it as okay to talk about things the way we do today. Try to see them in a new light of love.


Pile Six:

What a beautiful pile this is! There is something coming back around you during this retrograde that is absolutely meant for you. The timing was off in the past, but now is the time and you’re given a green light.

You didn’t understand in the past why it worked out the way it did, but Spirit knows more than we do. This time apart was needed for healing and growth to take place in you both. Now you’re ready. Divine timing is always best.

Use your intuition and allow yourself to be creative right now. The numbers three and four are important for you. Your foundation is going to be built upon creative endeavors and it will be abundant and involve communication and working together with another.

When you struggle to believe in it just repeat “Hope is the conduit for miracles” and remind yourself to have hope. This is a new start that you have manifested in love. A true soulmate is on the horizon for you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this person didn’t end up texting or contacting you during this retrograde. In the past one of you walked away feeling unappreciated. Since then you’ve both ended cycles and grown.

This is likely someone who is just as talkative and creative as you are. Your intuition has told you for some time this was the one for you, but the timing just wasn’t right. This is the real deal and may end in marriage or a genuine, spiritual commitment to you both following the soul contract you made.

It leads you into joy and away from the toxic ways of the past. You are going to build something fantastic together. It may require you tap into your masculine energy to toughen up and swallow the pride and shame of the past. Leave it where it belongs.

This retrograde work on the lingering fears and doubts that may be clinging to you. Release them by remembering that your higher self isn’t steering you wrong. Go within because you will know the answer.

This relationship and what you’re building is going to heal you, your partner, and others. Tap into the ancient wisdom of those who came before you and seek the answers you need. Now is the time. Just say yes!


Pile Seven:

Wow! Another beautiful pile here. You are truly co-creating with Spirit already and on the right track. This retrograde there may be communication coming in from someone you’re to form a spiritual partnership with. You and Spirit are adding to the team.

Spend some time in reflection and spiritual practice over the coming weeks as retrograde drags on. Practice communication and be ready for anything. The numbers six and nine are important for you. Six is about love, family, and domestic affairs, which makes sense if someone is coming in. Nine is about completions, so perhaps you’ve been waiting for this person to complete some sort of cycle in their life.

Remember when things appear to veer off course that’s okay. “Sometimes obstacles are detours in the right direction.” Let things look different than you expected. Use this time to build temperance and patience because your ten of cups is right around the corner. You are someone who embodies a state of oneness and brings harmony to the relationships in your life, and this person will be a mirror of that.

Someone is coming back from the past or perhaps it is someone new, but they have an entrepreneurial spirit. Passionate and heart-fueled the two of you will be building an empire together. Keep remembering to walk through the door to value and know your worth. Tap into the solar plexus daily.

When doubts or fears creep in remind yourself this is your rite of passage. This is what you deserve for allowing your co-creative abilities to be unleashed. You have used your imagination and done the work. This person is meant to be influential to you spiritually more than anything else.

There is such beauty surrounding you and coming in for you. The passion is unbelievable. Someone has had a definite awakening. If they inbox you or you happen upon them soon trust what your gut tells you. Don’t dare give into the old insecurities and fears of the past.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd