May 7th Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Top row left to right is piles one through four. Bottom row left to right is piles five through eight. Scorpio rules the eighth house, and thus we have eight piles.

This full moon is here to shake you up where you’ve been stuck. Be prepared to be drawn into the depths. Like snakes it is time we shed our skin. You will be tempted to either conceal or reveal; choose wisely.

Do not be afraid to be intimate with yourself and others. It can feel very intense, but there is nothing in life worth more than feeling. Add a sultry dance to your ritual. Set intentions around areas of the 8th house which Scorpio rules. Death, rebirth, transformation, merged energies, joint resources, mystery, sex, real estate, inheritance, and investments.

Perhaps an area in the 8th house needs transformation for you. Maybe you’re joining resources or need to withdraw them. Perhaps your career needs transformation. Where in your life needs a death and a rebirth?

If you find yourself feeling obsessive find something healthy to fall into. There is no need to ignore anger, hate, fear, or other negative feelings. This prevents you from learning the under-lying cause and healing it. Dig into it, find out why it’s there, and then release it. Scorpio gives you clarity via laser vision.

Do you have a soulmate? Spend some time with them. Your soulmate nowhere to be found? Try a telepathic meditation. Nurture a natural talent or skill you normally take for granted. Figure out where the power struggles are in your life, and set intentions to resolve them.

Light some candles and practice some well-intentioned magic. Sit down and write without thinking too hard about what you’re writing. Just to see what comes out. You can’t get good intentions wrong. There are no real rules here.

Beyond it all I want you to remember that no matter how deep the pain is you feel it was never personal. People do not hurt you because they don’t love you. They hurt you because they fail to love themselves. We can only love at the level of healing we have allowed ourselves. Let forgiveness and healing transform your soul, so you can follow the path it mapped out for you.

The collective affirmation is a reminder. Energy flows where your attention goes. Your intentions are like arrows, and you need to become an expert Archer. Your thoughts create your words create your reality. Whatever you give attention to you’re giving energy to.

Numbers to look up if you see them on repeat are 4, 8, and 13.


Pile One:

You are being asked to surrender your worry and concern. To lighten up and invite more fun and play into your life. You likely have many challenges on your plate right now, or some are coming in. Remember that challenges are here to stretch us and encourage us to evolve and grow.

When you start to feel overwhelmed remind yourself that the universe has your back, and it works much faster when you get out of its way and have some fun. Your joy attracts the answers you seek. Whatever is truly fun for you do that a little every single day. If it’s hard just force yourself to do it for five minutes, add five more the next day.

Your affirmation is “The universe works fast when I’m having fun.” So, if you’re frustrated by the pace of something the quickest way to pick up the pace is to forget about it for a while and do something you enjoy.

Spirit is about to take you on a journey, and it’s not going to be an easy one. By allowing yourself to still fit in fun you’re showing you have faith that it will be worth it when it’s over. This card is the death and rebirth card. It started your reading and it ends it, so this Full Moon is going to be intense for you. Here is your heads up and I hope you heed the advice.

Remain flexible as you face the inevitable. Bones are about to be laid bare. Tap into your deepest fears and desires, and speak to both. Let your fears know that you appreciate them caring and trying to look out for you, but that you and your higher self got this. Spend some time dreaming up desires.

There is nothing for you to fear here. Change can be scary, but ultimately you can be reassured that this change is one of purification and realignment with your true path. You’re going to be making decisions and choosing your priorities. Will you shed that old skin and allow yourself to be coated in the new, smoother temple path that awaits you?

Set up a moon ritual; whatever that means for you. There is no right or wrong way. During this ritual focus on what you really need in life. Don’t allow the past or thoughts of unworthiness to cloud you. What do you need? What do you need to walk away from? It’s time to make some choices.

Again, there is nothing to fear because if you tap into the Full Moon energy it will give you the clarity you need. You have given your power away long enough. The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you. There are many desires related to the creative, emotional process that are ready to be applied to your day-to-day life.

This relates to sexual healing, sexual relationships, and partnerships. It’s time for you to be mature in these matters. You are a seer. You relate to creative impulses, and the joy of bringing pleasure and knowledge to others. First, you must walk the path, and then you can teach it. Perhaps the fun you need to have involves creating art in some form.

For a long time now you have gone without much faith. Your hope has been diminished. You feel disappointment over opportunities you feel you missed. You may even feel like you’re in the pit of despair. It’s time to dig yourself out. To believe in this transformation happening for you. That your expectations can and will be fulfilled. You cannot miss what is meant for you.

Your wishes are going to be granted, so make them on purpose. There is deep healing in this Full Moon for you after all the deep trauma you’ve been through. A renewed sense of hope is stirring within you. Your path is starting to become clearer and clearer. You haven’t missed it after all.

You are putting to rest the days of gossip, arrogance, ego, nervous energy, dishonesty, and being all talk and no action. The shame is being dealt with in a healthy way. It’s being re-birthed into a restless curiosity. You’re going to become full of curiosity and want to soak up new knowledge. You may even receive a sign or message that guides you.

You’ve been devoting far too much time talking about your ideas and dreams, and not enough actually doing anything to make them happen. One of the most potent things you can do is use your imagination as a wand. Take some time during this Full Moon to close your eyes and paint the life you want with your mind. Create the life within and take steps externally to bring it home.

Don’t go forward in such a dream-state that you neglect responsibilities; just make sure those responsibilities are actually yours. It is not your responsibility to heal other people’s trauma; even if you caused it. Even if they did heal and forgive you it wouldn’t matter if you were still holding yourself on the hook. So, it’s beyond time to let it all go and release its weight.

I promise you the clarity you’ve been waiting for is coming. It may already be here, and you’re just afraid to step into it. Perhaps still believing you’re not worthy of it. I promise that you are. We all are. Beautiful change is possible for you right now if you will just believe it. If you believe it make some time to be playful and prove you have faith in the universe.

You ever been at a sad event like a funeral and heard people making jokes after while they stand around and chat? It may seem inappropriate, but often the saddest times are when we need our humor the most. Laughter is the best medicine. If you are around children play with them, listen to them giggle. If they are your children know that if you make this change they benefit most.

Make sure that whatever intentions you set this Full Moon they are for the highest good. Do not take from others and allow yourself to be vengeful and spiteful. That is behind you now. It’s time to allow your wishes to be fulfilled. Release old patterns and behaviors just this once and try something different.

Fear prevents the freedom you crave. Take a risk. If you’re finding it hard close your eyes and just imagine peace, whatever peace feels like to you.

All my love. I can sense your energy is teetering back and forth between devastated and excited. It’s time to get a handle on that. The past was here to teach you the lessons you needed to treat the future right.


Pile Two:

For you I want to start by assuring you that anything you lost wasn’t meant for you at this time. It doesn’t mean it’s never going to be meant for you. Whoever has what or who you lost now could be putting on a show, only allowing you to see a highlight reel, and you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Stay focused on your path and what is meant for you won’t miss you.

Your affirmation is “My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the universe.” When you start slipping into the lack mindset, wondering what might have been remember those words. Do you trust that the universe has your back? If so act like it.

I feel you’re meant to be a teacher or guide of some sort. To pass on tradition and wisdom that has aided you in your life. You are to teach the gifts of shared experience and patience. You can’t teach if you can’t do. Now is a time of anticipated patience. What is meant for you is coming; trust the timing.

Maturity, strength, wisdom, resolve, and energy are words that describe you. You are genius and possess an individuality. Due to this you’re going to be rewarded at every turn. You just have to let go of what that is supposed to look like and not be attached to specific rewards. Right now your leadership is unchallenged. You’ve overcome the obstacles and your path is direct.

For the next little while healthy activity and self-sufficiency colors your path and you will pass the test. You do not need anyone or anything to glow and know your worth. You grasp things quickly. Reliable people are going to be sent your way just when you need them. Keep the faith.

I feel like you have a firm grasp on the idea that we reap what we sow; materially and energetically. You have taken accountability for your past and your karma is over. It is time for the rest and then the reward. You are full of truth, wisdom and fairness. You act in integrity and are objective.

You know better than to take shortcuts. Make sure your intentions are pure. You do not need closure anymore because you’ve learned how to give that to yourself. A cycle is completing now. There is wholeness, joy, and achievement. You’ve reached new levels of consciousness. Success and abundance are on their way, but you have to stay believing it.

Don’t ever go back to pretending to be something you’re not to attract others. That mask will always fall off. Don’t tell old stories and embellish them for a reaction. The real you gets hidden behind the shine, and eventually that shine wears off. This is why so many relationships never last.

Not all that glitters is gold, so make sure you’re tapped into your intuition, too, so you can sense beneath the mask of others. No one wants any fool’s gold. Surely not you? Just keep radiating peace. I sense the peace within you as I type this. Stay in that vibe and you’ll attract the rewards that are yours.

I feel this reward for you is a person. Just remember when two people are in true alignment they have an innate harmony. Perfectly tuned instruments in an orchestra only they can hear, but everyone around them feels. Savor that feeling and know it is coming. You can sense it. It would be silly to lose faith.

This other person is needing a little more time to learn the fine balance between desire that is pure and the obsession that arises in the insatiable thrill of danger. Scorpio is giving them that lesson. You cannot save them and you’ve learned this by now. If they’re with someone else let them be.

This person must learn that most of the traps in their life they set for themselves. To release the expectations of others, so they can do what they know in their soul is right. This requires patience and faith from you. Your person may be feeling they will never get to you, drowning in feelings of devastation. Instead of feeding that same energy do something different.

Set up Full Moon ritual that includes a telepathic meditation once you’re truly at peace within. Invite their higher self energy to come and play. Talk to them and help their soul feel settled. Do not reach out in the material world. Use the transformation of this Moon to set intentions for the highest good of everyone involved leaving the outcome open. This is your success.

The accomplishments really are yours now and you’re in the position to reap the rewards of all the healing and hard work you’ve done. Just be true to this version of you because it’s the most authentic its ever been. I promise that all is well with your soul. Now is not the time to slack off, get into your ego, and emit lower vibrations. Use the power of this Moon wisely.

Do not search for the answers. They are within you. The search can become a form of procrastination itself, and Scorpio energy can make you obsessive. If you’re going to obsess do it over a meditation or write a letter no one will ever read. The wait and the search is almost over. You’ve come this far, and the fulfillment of all that you desire is worth waiting a little longer for.

When it gets tough believe that the one who holds the key to your heart feels you, too. You are becoming energetically aligned. You do not want them to come to you in any other form other than in their light. This is a major lesson for you because I feel in the past you tried to save people. This time you’re trusting the universe to guide them to save themselves.

Overall I sense your peace, but there is a slight nervous energy underneath. Just be cautious and self-aware. All my best to you and this connection.


Pile Three:

For you it’s going to be extremely important to aim your intentions to the energy of this Full Moon. It’s connected to your abundance, and your abundance is connected to you taking a risk. I know that can seem scary, but you must trust the universe. You show that you have trust when you are willing to follow your soul’s calling into the unknown.

We can’t always see the end results, but faith is taking the next step even when you can’t see the top of the staircase. Your affirmation is “I do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness.” When you are finding it scary and difficult to keep the faith only you know what will help.

Meditation, writing, prayer, do whatever it takes.

You’ve been busy planting all kinds of seeds. Tap into a feeling of generous well-being and live there. You have worked hard, and so there may be this period of rest going forward. It’s vital you trust it. Once we plant the seeds we must water, weed, and wait for the harvest. Do so with a peaceful knowing that your abundance is not far away now.

The dawn of a new adventure awaits. This risk is worth taking. It’s folded in the web of universal potential. Play around with it in your imagination. Then be bold and hunt it out in the external reality. Take a bit of time if you need to gather tools, to gather your wit, to arm yourself with faith, and to steady your state of mind.

Create a ritual that helps you figure out exactly what it is you want to achieve, and set intentions like they are arrows in your bow. Take a deep breath, call in the calm, and make the brave step toward what feels like a cliff, knowing the universe is going to catch you.

This Full Moon energy has you feeling sensual and powerful. It’s likely attracting other people to your sphere. You’ve been learning how to manage things wisely, preserve only what is of value, and make things better. Richness and plenty surround you and I can sense you’re in generous space.

Transformation is coming for your heart. You’ve been working hard to stop clinging to the past, to stop fearing change, and to release sentimental attachments. You’re in a cycle of transformation and since Scorpio is all about transformation there is no better time to increase your faith.

New beliefs and newfound awareness surround you. The old is ending to make way for the new. This Full Moon is going to help you finally accept and process the losses of the past. It’s bringing healing to transform your grief and sadness. It’s bringing you light and inspiration again.

It’s also a good time to seek advice from a mentor. You’re almost assured to gain good council if you reach out to a trusted advisor or friend. Your endeavors have grown, and it’s a lot to take on alone. Look for those who you can bring on board to help you, to encourage you in your risk taking. The universe may just send the perfect people at the perfect time if you ask.

When it comes to your prosperity you are assured even exchanges. Justice prevails. Everything you have to negotiate right now will end fairly. There is mutual gain. Your energy is full of swollen fertility ready to burst. You are not lacking and you will be fairly compensated.

This is it. It’s time to get brutally honest with yourself about what you want. Demand honesty and integrity from those around you, too. Do not break any rules and do not make any promises you cannot keep. You are feeling generous, but don’t over-commit or over-give. Set health boundaries. If you don’t deceit will come in and take advantage of your abundant mood.

You are nearly in full bloom. Do not blow it now. Scorpio gives you exceptional clarity, so ask for it if needed. The seeds you planted have developed shoots and you can feel the excitement and anticipation. If you are comfortable with it this Full Moon is a great time to explore your sexuality.

Just remember you are a warrior and you are wise. That’s how you made it this far to begin with. When I tell you to have faith in the universe I am telling you to have faith in yourself. After all, you are the universe experiencing itself in human form for a while. I am rooting for you.


Pile Four:

Whatever you’re going through has been deep and painful, but it’s bringing in a transformation and new perspective. You’re being asked to learn how to detach from your emotions, so that you can sit with them and figure them out. You’ve been too attached to outcomes that aren’t meant for your highest good and purpose in this life.

The truth is happiness is your birthright. That’s your affirmation going forward. Anytime you aren’t feeling happy speak over and over out loud that it’s your birthright to feel happy. Then figure out what it is that really makes you happy. Often we think something makes us happy when in truth it never really did. It just fed our ego and taught us lessons we needed to learn.

This Full Moon is bringing inner healing and transformation for you. Random situations may spark your emotional and spiritual worlds. It won’t be as random as it feels because if you’re honest your inner voice has been whispering to you from the spiritual world for some time now and you’ve refused to listen. Now you’re ready to take a deeper dive into ancient wisdom.

There doesn’t seem to be a visible path forward for you, but if you look closer the path is illuminated. You are standing on the edge of a watery marsh. Your energy is extremely Scorpio in nature. So much so you may be a Scorpio or have it in a prominent place in your chart. This water marsh represents your emotional state and psyche.

Beneath it lies the creative impulse that will begin a new process in life. Something is being birthed beneath the surface. It’s the first steps beyond earthy awareness. Do not give in to the irrational fears that can come up. Create a ritual where you write a letter to your fears. Tell them you understand they are just trying to protect you, but that you are not in need of protection. Reassure them everything is going to be alright.

This is an absolute turning point for you. No matter how much you allow yourself to drown in what might have been the universe is going to show you what can be. What can be is so much better than what could have been. You can sense this tide turning. You will be leaving baggage behind. Disillusion is going to say goodbye and clarity is coming.

At this moment, with the energy of this transforming Full Moon, the burdens of the past are leaving you. The weight of them is too heavy for you to carry into the new journey. You’re going to be granted the wisdom and courage you need. Much of this has already taken place in the subconscious for you, so this is just your unconscious intentions manifesting themselves in the conscious reality in which we live. Your soul knows better than your ego.

You have the skills you need. There is an ability to utilize those skills for the completion of this cycle. You will need intense concentration and dedication, which Scorpio has in spades. Remain self-aware and disciplined. Call on the divine to guide you and assist you when it all feels too much. I can sense you’ve had some very sleepless nights and maybe even dreams and nightmares that bothered you in ways they never have before.

That is all changing. Where there was once paranoia there is going to be a feeling of safety. Like you’re wrapped in a cocoon. Where you were once deeply attached and rooted in your fears, there will be courage and dedication to overcoming them. Where the inner turmoil and negative self-talk was will be a new focus on opportunities and what is going well in your life.

The stagnation you’ve felt is going to end with a sudden epiphany. You’ve been holding on this whole time to something that is no longer meant for you. Maybe it was at one time because it brought you lessons, but those lessons have been learned now. No longer are you willing to be a martyr and allow yourself to get so stressed out that the only answer is to numb it away.

This Full Moon is bringing a surrender to the Cosmos. You’re going to take an intentional pause to reflect on your life, what you’ve learned, and to deal with the shame in a healthy way. Your heart is being realigned with enlightenment, and with your soulmates; a lover, friends, a tribe. Somewhere where for the first time in your life you will feel like you’ve come “home”.

Within your ritual consider love in its deepest sense. Is the love you shared with those in the past really deep, or was it there to push your ego and cause something uncomfortable to force you to listen to your soul? True love will never leave you the same, and this is in a good way. There is someone you’ve met that you’ve tried to forget, but you never will. Your souls are one.

Until you allow this release and break your heart open you cannot claim that love. You have to let go of what you thought love was, and see it for the karmic lessons that it really was. Appreciate those lessons because they are going to ensure you treat this real love right from the start. You’re being guided home now.

This person you’re moving toward is a mirror for you. They open you up to new ideas and expand your mind. The love the two of you share will be a unique art that will inspire so many people. There is co-creation energy surrounding this, and the potential to build an actual legacy that lives long after you leave this incarnation behind to plan your next one.

The only thing you need to know is that all things, events, and experiences are woven together like a magical web that can only be seen with the part of you that is not ego. The part of you that lives beneath that murky water’s edge. A truly meaningful connection is on its way to you. Well, I don’t feel that’s right. It’s more like it’s waiting for you to be on your way. It’s your energy that needs to be pushed and propelled forward. Their energy knows you’re coming.

You don’t have to be shown the bigger picture. Stop seeking to know and see everything before being will to take a risk. I can tell that the situation you are in and those from your past aren’t healthy. What do you really have to lose at this point? No matter how it turns out, at the very least, some important and wonderful lessons will be learned. Ask this Full Moon for courage.

The person you are thinking about, the one you know deep down is for you? They are deeply committed to you. They are protective, warm, and kind. They are unlike anyone you’ve loved and been with in the past. I think you know this and that is what scares you. You are a warrior. The current energy is going to help you recognize that inner warrior and bring them to life.

You have plenty of tools. In fact, you have all the tools you need to build your future now if you bring them to the table with dedication and determination. I get a sense that this person gave you some of the last tools you needed, and you’ve been learning how to use them since. It’s time, pile four. Where is your allegiance going to lie? Decide carefully and with wisdom.

When you are struggling believe in your own star power. Deep down you can sense that you are here for a higher purpose, and without following the song you here your soul singing you will never grow and level up. Soulmates aren’t always romantic, so this could apply for romance, friendships, and more.


Pile Five:

Wow this pile has some intense energy. Thank you, Scorpio. There is huge manifestation power here. You must let go of the fear of change and believe you’re worthy of what is coming because I feel like it’s so huge. You’ve been asking for it, but it hasn’t come. This is because it’s so much bigger and better than you anticipate, and until you really believe you’re worthy it pauses.

Allow the energy of this Full Moon to convince you that this transformation is something you’re absolutely worthy of. Your affirmation is “I honor how I want to feel”. Maybe you’re scared that if you sit with the negative feelings what you want will not manifest, but that is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. When you avoid or pretend those feelings aren’t there they remain.

I suggest using a ritual to honor all the ways you feel. To speak to the negative feelings, validate them, give them the understanding and compassion they deserve. Then you will be able to release them and let them go. When you understand that being human means experiencing a variety of emotions and that’s it is okay the weight can lift, and you make room for what is coming.

There is an emphasis for you on the physical realm and being aware of the effects generated by everything you do. It’s time to temper that strain of wildness in you for now that offers a lack of fore-thought and can hinder your passage forward. It’s time for careful consideration and balance.

What do you need to make a good decision? What can you learn from your past and current situation? What needs your dedication and commitment right now? It’s time for common sense and honesty to rule.

Someone is on their way to you, or perhaps already in your life, who enjoys learning new skills. They will improve your efficiency, and bring you prosperity and comfort. This person is genuine and authentic.

This is someone where the initial attraction and exploration had great potential. More potential than any of your past connections ever felt. They are opposite you in many ways, but the reason opposites attract is because life is all about learning integration for evolution and growth. You have a lot you can teach each other. Do not underestimate your contribution to the union.

The first shared spark may have seemed simple and uncomplicated on the surface, but the underlying chemistry took on a life of its own. It is intense and electric, while simultaneously bringing comfort and contentment. There is nothing lacking in this connection. The ability to connect deeply connects you directly to joy, so why would you settle for less?

The energy of the Full Moon can help you release the fear of loss and rejection. You and this other person are both kind and caring. Your soul is requiring of you great honesty, generosity, and ego sacrifice. You’re being called to finally and fully deal with the dark spaces with grace and civility.

This person I am sensing is tender-hearted and warm. They are intuitive, and have a huge romantic streak. You are mirrors. Your authentic energy matches their vibration, even as you question if you’re worthy of it. The fear comes because this person has psychic and empathetic abilities that can see directly into your soul, and that can be uncomfortable. You have that same ability.

Proceed with a virtuous mindset. Be emotionally intelligent and don’t allow yourself to be captivated by the illusions any longer. There is great comfort that can be found in this connection, where you never have to explain yourself because they just know. They accept all of you just as you are. You are likely having psychic dreams, visions, and a knowing deep down inside.

In the past you haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with people, but this person shows you things you didn’t know were possible. Where you are pessimistic they teach you to believe in success. Where you are hungry for acknowledgment from an egoistic standpoint they feed your soul. You both have the power to become huge influences leaving a mark on the world.

Ask this Moon to help you leave behind your limiting beliefs. To bring you explosive creativity and enthusiasm for your path. To take you from a state of misdirection or no direction to one of newly found inspirations that guide you. To remove all the obstacles, including you getting in your own way, and the hunger to do and be someone new.

Make sure you address your higher power, your higher self, and the universe during this Full Moon. Recognize that is how you stay in touch with your sense of purpose and passion. It won’t be found in that other person. The two of you receive it from another realm. I have a sense the two of you are connected telepathically and energetically. This person is essential to your growth and there is a deeply spiritual bond between you.

This Scorpio energy can give you the courage to take a risk and believe it. It can be a bit frightening to take a risk and be vulnerable with others, especially with parts of you that you’ve kept hidden. However, I sense you couldn’t hide anything from this person, nor them from you. The connection is such that the other person just knows. There is no need to wear masks.

Really consider what is for your highest good here. What you thought your life was going to look like for so long isn’t what it’s going to look like after all. The sooner you release the denial of that the sooner you can step into this new, authentic life waiting for you. You don’t have to rush. The clock isn’t going to run out and you won’t miss what is meant for you.

Now is a good time to take care of your body. To eat right, sleep well, and drink plenty of water. To walk barefoot and connect with the earth. Bring some nature and place it on your altar if you have one. Stay grounded and stop needing tangible evidence of the connection. You can feel it without a doubt in the higher realms. So stop doubting.

The time has come for you to consider your choices. You have the choice to stay on your current path and keep feeding the darkness, but on the other hand there is a beautiful choice that leads you directly into the light. Not deciding is also a choice.

Those who chose this pile are protected. Someone in your life has been untrue and maybe you have in the past, too. That’s okay because we all have to experience and deal with shame. Ask your Higher Self to protect you, as you go through the process of purging the old to make space for what is new.

Stop getting hung up wondering if you’re good enough for this person. You are absolutely good enough. In fact, you and this other person share a common life experience and growth. You have many of the same gifts, and I see you building something beautiful, healing, and long lasting.

All the shame you feel over your past? This person experienced shame over theirs, too. You’re not the only human being who ever made wrong choices. Before you can believe that another person truly loves and accepts you, you must love and accept yourself. Use this energy to transform how you see you.


Pile Six:

There is something you’ve been wanting to accomplish that you know would bring you emotional fulfillment and change your life, but you haven’t been honest with yourself about your motives, or you’re allowing others to influence your state of mind regarding this situation.

Whenever you feel disconnected remind yourself that oneness is your true nature. That’s your affirmation. You are one with the universe and can tap into that potential to co-create the life you deserve.

The reason you’re being asked to clarify your motives and communicate them honestly is because the fulfillment of your desires won’t last if it doesn’t come from a pure and cleansing space. The reward for your patience and love can only be given if that patience and love were authentic. If you want true emotional stability and freedom it’s time to do a check in.

With this Full Moon the wheel is turning. Change is at hand and if you don’t grasp it now everything will stagnate. Sometimes we create unconscious patterns that hinder our manifestation. I would create a ritual with the intention for clarity and transformation where you’ve been stuck. With great destiny comes a great responsibility. Are you willing to pay that price?

Something in you has become lethargic and lazy regarding this. You have been wasting energy, while all around you is the source of inspiration and truth waiting for you to embrace it. Your soul needs healing. Ask for a transformation for your soul and a cleansing of it. The universe responds well to decisive, forward momentum. Be decisive in this healing.

Scorpio is all about feeling intensely. If you’ve been emotionally frozen or disconnected now is a great time to ask for help with that. The keys to allow you to flow emotionally again and chase your dreams are right in front of you, but you keep purposely avoiding them or the sickness of the soul is preventing you from seeing them. The clarity you need is coming.

You have to stop thinking you have to defend yourself against all attacks. You do not have to attend every argument you’re invited to. See all misunderstandings as a challenge to ground yourself in your own truth. This is a sign that your ideas are worth sharing. Sometimes those who live in the darkness convince us otherwise. Now is the time to see that for what it is.

You are deserving of the success you feel is yours. Right now you’re allowing too many outside opinions to cloud your judgment. This blocks you and makes you indecisive and full of self-doubt. You need to ask the energy of this Full Moon to increase your faith in the unknown. You’re simply not going to see the end result or big picture. You have to trust YOUR gut.

It’s your imagination that is your tool and magic wand. Get grounded and dig in. Your hunches are correct in spite of what others are saying. That deep knowing you have is guiding you. Take the risk and act. Tap into the Full Moon to find the courage you need to stop being frozen in place.

At the deepest levels of your intuitive senses lies creative genius. If you do not follow it your life will remain a never-ending story of the same old same. When you feed fear, envy, procrastination, and the perception of victim hood that’s what will grow. Stop being afraid of all the good things you deserve.

Be kind and love yourself through the self-sabotage and missteps because we all have them. Only take criticism that you know is constructive and coming from a place of love. Stop telling yourself the same sad story and a new story can finally be written. Sometimes people have valid differences of opinion, and that’s okay. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with you for you to decide that your path is right for you.

Ask this Full Moon to help you accept that not all living beings are the same. That while it’s important to allow people to express their opinions it’s not mandatory we agree with them. If you put yourself in another person’s perspective and don’t feel it aligns remove it. It’s that simple.

If you owe anyone an apology now is the time to give it. If others owe you one and you don’t think you’ll ever get it now is the time to accept apologies you may never receive. Have a conversation with their higher self, understand what they did wasn’t personal, and thus is not connected to your worth.

I get a sense that you’re a perfectionist. A very Virgo type energy. No one is perfect, and that includes you. Unless you set realistic standards for yourself and stop beating yourself up over every little thing nothing can change. We attract whatever we put out into the world.

There is a great need for you to seek balance. You’re likely to have felt numb and bored lately, and the intensity of this Full Moon may switch you to the opposite extreme. Be purposeful about it. Seek to integrate the two extremes and reach an acceptable space. Seize the fruits of your labor, and don’t let the illusions your shadow side feeds you determine what you deserve.

When it’s difficult remind yourself to be fearless and to believe that the unseen hand of the universe is guiding you. You totally got this.

Pile Seven:

I want to start by addressing duality. Whenever we are choosing something there are conflicting voices in our head. This is because we are made up of layers of the universe. The goal is to get to where you can integrate these voices and make well-rounded choices.

This is why whether what you’re dealing with a new situation or person you are experiencing the push toward them and the push back. Whatever this new situation is for you is part of your awakening, so I would embrace it. Your affirmation is “I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love.” Use that affirmation when you’re conflicted.

The voice you really want to listen to is your higher self. Let the affirmation remind you to sit and have a conversation. It’s not a joke that your best advice comes from you. Your higher self knows you better than anyone. Whatever challenge you’re facing is complex. No energy deals with complex better than Scorpio. Use the energy of this Moon to seek clarity.

This is going to have profound inner realignment attached to it. It’s time to take control of your fears. Scorpio doesn’t fear the darkness and depths and can guide you through with ease. You will become stronger and more resilient going forward once you understand your darkness. We all create a shadow for self-protection and it is fueled by illusions. Once you expose the illusions to the light you see them for what they are.

Whatever vices you have should be reconsidered. Many of the chains you feel wrapped around you are of your own doing. Just choose to slip out of them. You are a spiritual warrior and that is what this Full Moon is here to show you. Take an inner oath to find balance in all things and practice moderation. Scorpio energy can help usher in the discipline you need.

It’s time to heed the calling of your soul and dedicate yourself to a skill that requires sincerity, self-discipline, and hard work. That path will lead to your ultimate rewards. You may be a wounded warrior, but you are still a warrior. Use this healing energy to level back up.

If this energy stirs up irrational fears for you it’s because it is time for you to face them. Talk to the fear and tell it you appreciate its company all these years, but it’s time to move on. That you no longer need protection. There is a new desire rising up to resolve decisions. This is a gateway for you. The moment before you prepare to take positive action forward.

It’s time for you to learn that you alone direct your energy. You will always feel the initial emotion or feeling, but you choose how to react and respond. It’s time to reclaim and remake your mental and emotional tools. What worked for you in the past won’t work now. This is a crossroads and it’s time to take the path less traveled. It’s never crowded there.

This new journey waiting for you must be taken using your own inner guru as a guide. You won’t get through it wading through fear and muck. This Full Moon make healing and clarity part of your ritual. Time to remove the naivete and the assuming that you already know the answer.

This is a new beginning for you and you never have all the answers, but especially in the beginning. Keep an open mind. Outdated mindsets and systems must go. Let go of whatever dogma and restrictions you’ve placed on yourself thus far. There is a lesson here in enlightenment. I feel like whatever new adventure this is it has a learning curve.

You have every reason to feel confident that it’s the right move for you. Everything you need to make this successful is at your disposal. It just requires a connection to your Higher Self. This new direction and focus is stepping into your light, so it can come with trepidation, but don’t worry what others think. If they aren’t in the arena with you they don’t even count.

This is your destiny and your soul is smiling with joy knowing what waits for you if you take this path. The only potential pitfall I see is your fear of abandonment. You cannot be all things to all people, and some will have to be left behind. The clarity you need is around your vision, your brand, and your mission. Not around whether others like it.

You really do struggle with your individuality, but Scorpio is all about bringing that out in us. Your ability to manifest and create your world was already strong, but it’s about to grow stronger. When you feel restless it’s time to mediate and sit with your higher self for direction. Sometimes that direction is wait. If that’s the case have fun, inspire joy.

When you are able to not only wait, but to have fun while you wait the universe feels trusted, and can work faster because you get out of its way. Now is not the time to conform and compare yourself to other people. That’s an exercise is futility. Do things your own way and stop apologizing for it.

Yes, there are many elements to consider, but you don’t have to figure it out all at once. Simple can be boring, so try being grateful you have something to focus on. Stop trying to figure out what it’s going to look like, and just follow your intuition daily. Let it create itself.

This Full Moon it’s time to decide what you really want. Do you want to allow the opinion of the people in the shadows to snuff our your light? Or, would you prefer to tune them out and focus on your visions? Your intentions matter more than anything else. The collective affirmation is about exactly this. Where are you spending your energy?

It will do you good to listen to music that makes you feel safe and protected. To understand that the song of your soul is the only protected path there is.


Pile Eight:

Recently there was a situation or person who arrived back into your life after years of being distant. I feel like in the past you got along well or the situation served you, and that when you separated there was no animosity or anger. Nether of you saw beyond the surface at that time.

Suddenly this person or situation arrived again. With them came an offer for you to learn through love. That’s your affirmation. “I choose to learn through love.” Clearly this person or situation is meant for you at this time. You have a lot to teach one another going forward.

Neither of you were mature enough back then to hold the perspective you have now. This is because you were meant to each learn your own lessons first. It will do you good to tap into the energy of this Full Moon and ask it to bring you the inner fortitude, stamina, and determination you need to put in the work and do whatever is necessary to chase this with all you have.

Whether you volunteered for this, which isn’t likely, or it came out of nowhere, it’s time to be responsible and follow the path where it leads. It’s time to finally accept responsibility for your life. It can seem daunting because with that comes walking away from what you know is no longer for you.

There is a learning curve, but I swear to you that curve is lined with nothing but love. It can seem insurmountable. Perhaps you feel this situation or person is above you, but what is happening is their love is pulling you up, guiding you to their level, so you can walk an aligned path with a purpose.

The timing may seem unfortunate, but divine timing is never that. Take accountability for past failures and actions, and then disarm the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. The universe wouldn’t keep pulling you back to this situation if it wasn’t meant for you. You and this person, it could be a job or situation, but I feel it’s a person, are meant to complete a quest together.

This Full Moon is bringing you renewal if you choose to accept it. It is meant to heal, bring inner peace, and give you the confidence you need to make the right moves. By looking at the past we can acknowledge what went wrong and learn from it, attaining new wisdom and soul growth. That’s what it’s about.

Once you truly accept that all of life’s blessings and gifts can be yours, and they are likely packaged differently than you anticipated, the fear of asking for them is removed. You cannot fail on this new path. You have to walk away from the emotional ties of the past to succeed. You endured some hard times, likely have the scars to prove it, but it has brought you here to your reward.

Yes, there may be a state of sorrow over what you have to separate from. I feel you’re leaving a situation that is karmic and toxic, but one you really did think would last forever at one time. Those old bonds being broken are never easy. Ask this Full Moon to help you cut the ties that no longer serve you, and to give you the clarity and determination you need.

This other person you are moving towards is honest, full of integrity, and driven. They are direct and you will never have to deal with passive behavior that leaves you guessing. They are intelligent and independent. The toxicity that the codependency of the past brought you is being released now.

Make sure you don’t lead the past on. Speak your truth and avoid misunderstandings at all costs. You can find it freeing in the middle of what feels like restraint. Truths aren’t always pleasant, but the sooner we face and accept them the sooner pleasant returns. Get to the heart of the matter now.

There comes a point where we have to admit that the cage we’ve been in is one we’ve built on our own. You are not a victim and if you keep telling yourself you are don’t be surprised when all you attract is people who victimize you further. This energy is here to open your eyes.

Your past is not an excuse to keep yourself shackled. This is an opportunity for you to transform an old story into one that inspires others. The old mentality of lack and hoarding does not serve you. If what you really, truly want is stability, savings, success then you must know your worth. You must seek to be grateful in the here and now for what you already have.

Your past relationships carried a seed of innate failure, and no matter how hard the two of you tried to water it that’s exactly what happened. If you’re honest with yourself there were likely red flags on both sides, you bonded over your trauma, and a need to feed your egos. Once the relationship is no longer teaching you something there is no more reason to stay.

Walk away from this for both your sake. Do not leave with bitterness. You likely both contributed to the toxic environment and none of it was ever as personal as it felt. Walk away with compassion and love for the lessons. With gratitude for the good that did come from it.

Love isn’t logical, but in order to make it successful you must have things in common with the other person. To be able to inspire one another. If you’re honest that is missing from the past, but in whatever came back around it’s heightened and hard as you’ve tried you can’t shake it. Do not indulge in fantasy land any longer. You know the answer. At some point you have to admit it’s an unhealthy attachment and not love.

I think you know that, though. Honestly, the biggest hurdle I see for you is your lack of self-worth. This Full Moon is going to bring you clarity on that. If you want respect from others you must act with self-respect. If you act in self-respect and others aren’t giving it to you set some boundaries. Stop allowing yourself to fall into compromising situations that steal what little self-worth you have. Keep your head held high and follow the high road.

Scorpio dives deep and there is a need now for you to look beyond the surface to know the truth of things. This person you are meant to walk away from may be saying one thing, but as usual they mean another. They don’t want you either if I’m being honest about the energy. They’re just in their ego and don’t want anyone else to have you either. It’s a power play.

If you choose not to accept this transformation and to learn through real, authentic love you will forever feel invisible. The person who you can’t stop thinking about is the one who can see the real you. They can feel you even when you’re not there.

Those are the people you want in your life. The karmic person does not have the ability to recognize you fully and encourage your potential. There is a sense of homecoming when I pick up on the energy of you and this person who is occupying so much of your mind. They aren’t going to reject you.

You are in need of some old fashioned nurturing right now, and you and I both know where that is. Home isn’t where you are. It’s where your heart is. When you feel overwhelmed close your eyes and imagine yourself with this person who offers you healing and peace. You’re so connected that I have no doubt the healing and peace will come immediately.



You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd