This post is a general message to each sign for May 2020. Feel free to use your sun, moon, rising, or Venus signs if they resonate. I will include a message from meditation, as well as a reading for each sign.

If you’re unsure what the rest of your signs are you can get a free copy of your birth chart at this link:

The order is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Please scroll to either or all of your applicable signs for the message. I hope that your May is fantastic. Remember, this is general guidance. Take what resonates and leave the rest.


Meditation Message:

I’m being shown an ocean. The skies are a bit gray, but the waters are calming, and there is a huge rainbow in the sky. The waters may have been choppy lately, and perhaps you’ve gone through some personal storms. This is a sign that everything is settling down now, and to keep the patience and faith.

At the end of the storm the rainbow graces us with its presence, and your pot at the end is almost here. Don’t give up. Give in to your higher power.


Your affirmation for the month of May is “There is a stream of love supporting my dreams.” So, if things still feel a little choppy and you’re still weathering storms I suggest you use this affirmation when you’re struggling to find patience and faith in the efforts you’ve put forth.

The number three and the number seven both up came up twice in your reading. If you begin seeing these numbers on repeat I highly suggest you search all of the meanings and see what resonates for you. Math is the language of the universe, and often it uses numbers to speak to us.

There must be a focus in May on financial discipline. You’re working hard to build up an empire and have a safety net for the future, but in that process we can often forget what matters most. Take some time this May to balance your emotions as well.

You can have all the money in the world, but if you’re not emotionally available to those who love you the money will not keep them around forever. As human beings we all have emotional needs and crave connection and belonging. Make sure those around you feel like they belong there.

You’re a reliable leader and have the capability to attract abundant wealth. Just make sure you’re being diplomatic, fair, listening as much as you speak, seeking to be a non-judgmental peacemaker, and great mediator. The rest will all fall into place for you.

There could be new strategies opening up before you in May. Be open to them. Sometimes the old ways aren’t working anymore, and the sooner we change course the sooner we see the results we aspire to. You will have a decision to make this month. A fork in the road is imminent.

Take some time to meditate and seek answers from your higher self. Let your higher power lead you. If it’s a new life you’re aiming for that’s the only way to manifest it into existence. You have every reason to be optimistic this month. New opportunities are coming in. Keep your mind and heart open.



Meditation Message:

I’m being shown a kitchen. There is a beautiful wooden island in the middle. You’re kneading dough and suddenly a smile lights up your whole face. I’ve got a feeling you’ve been resentful or sad about your domestic space lately. Spirit is letting you know that in May that is changing.

There will be an epiphany or answer out of the blue coming that may surprise you. It’s likely to come while you’re doing mundane household chores like cooking or dishes. Please have patience and seek an inner peace.


I feel like you have really been going through it. Your affirmation for the month of May is “I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort.” Use this every time you feel uncomfortable in any way to remind yourself that it’s when we feel the most uncomfortable that we evolve. Do not avoid the discomfort and try to run away from it.

The numbers three and five stood out. In fact, you got five three times. Please look up what these numbers mean and if you start seeing them on repeat understand that is a message to have faith. It’s confirmation of what you’re reading here today, and a reminder to cultivate more patience.

This month for you is all about seeking what makes you stand out. Where is your individuality? Diversity is a beautiful thing, and rather than worry what others will think you should seek to just be who you are. There is a lot that remains a mystery to you right now and that can be frustrating, but the universe is telling you to find patience.

It’s all a lesson and things are being worked on in hidden realms that you have access to. You’re going to be required to trust the mystery and cultivate your faith in the month of May. I know that is a hard answer, but it’s an honest one. You have a tendency to be headstrong and stubborn, so reflect on why that is, and try to be open to new avenues.

Your Spirit is unstoppable and you have a great ability to co-create the life you desire with universe. In fact, that life is meant for you. It’s a rite of passage. It just requires a necessary shift in your thinking to come to fruition. In the meditation prior to me pulling cards you were told that epiphany will come, so trust that and ride it out.

Maybe you feel a sense of loss, like you don’t fit in anywhere. I sense that those around you aren’t as committed to growth and evolution as you are. This will always lead to disappointment. It’s why we are taught to let people go as we grow because we must make space for the ones meant to be in our life. Do some healing work this month on the fear of abandonment.

You’re in a transition period. I feel you’re done with a current situation, but not quite out of it yet. May is not a time for certainty. Spirit wants you to create and discover before you commit. To be mindful of your own expectations, as well as others.

You can sense the change in the wind, and this is why you’re restless. It can be harder to find patience when the energy is stirring up beneath the surface, but you must find it. It’s our nature to insist on certainty and resist change, but it’s not for our highest good. I feel you and your partner or the people around you are out of sync, and you may be craving for the ways things used to be.

Now is the time to discover if what used to be was ever what you really wanted. We often give the past far more love and prominence than it deserves. Try to be future focused this month.



Meditation Message:

You’re ready for a new adventure. I’m being shown a beautiful scene of you standing near a lake. There are mountains and fall colored foliage everywhere. The breeze is blowing. I can see it dancing with your hair. An inner sense of readiness and peace is within you.

May is going to bring you a new adventure and you’re so ready for it. I do sense slight trepidation, but no outright fear. I think you’re past that.


There are some endings that have been happening or will be in May. The number 9 came up for you three times in this reading. The number 8 is also important and has a lot to do with balancing your material and spiritual worlds. If you see either of these numbers it’s a good sign that you should look them up because your guides have a message for you.

Your affirmation for May is “I’m unapologetic about what I desire and trust that what I focus on will grow.” It’s a good month to put yourself first. Of course, I don’t suggest shirking responsibilities. Just make sure the responsibilities you’re taking on are actually your own. If not, release them and do not be apologetic for doing so.

It’s a great month to let your creative juices flow. To set healthy boundaries and stand confident in who you are and the path you want to take. I feel you’re ready to leave so much behind. You’ve likely had a foot out the door for some time now honestly. The decisions you make this month should be calculated and shrewd. Your communication will be excellent.

There is Spirit behind your actions this month. This is a transformation that Spirit has inspired in you on purpose. Your access to co-creative power with the universe is at an ultimate high for May. It’s a month where everything is possible, and everything you need to know will be illuminated for you.

Seek to be practical and grounded, but do not stifle your imagination. You are trustworthy and it’s time to stop “proving” it to others. Just know who you are. You’re resourceful and tend to what you plant, but at some point you have to stop planting gardens for other people and tend to your own.

You’re at the end of a journey and getting ready to tackle the next. Take some time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from your past, so that you can take them with you and not have to relearn them on the next phase of your life. If you’ve reached your wits end all is not lost. You’ve just finally started being honest with yourself about what needs to change.

May requires your courage to be high. You will have to take a leap of faith, but the universe will catch you. You have no clue what the unknown holds, but I feel like you’re ready to find out. I feel an exhilarating energy pulsing through you. Fear will never lead you where you want to go. Release it and embrace the experience of life for what it is. A never-ending cycle of change.



Meditation Message:

There is so much darkness. I feel like I’m staring at the deepest regions of space. I see a large halo of light. You’re reaching for this light with everything you have, but feeling as if it just escapes your grasp. There is something you’ve been trying to figure out, but have thus far been unable to.

In May your answers will come. The puzzle will finally be put together. The wait, the stress, the worry, the fear will all finally feel worth it.


Your reading definitely matches the meditation. Your affirmation is “I always trust the direction of the universe and know I’m being guided.” Use this to remind yourself when the frustration of not having the answers grows. You will have the answer when the universe knows you need them most.

It’s a good month to really focus on communication. What is your communication style and is it productive? It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself about the way you speak to others and yourself. Perhaps the universe wants you to reflect and improve your communication before giving you the answers you’re seeking.

The numbers six and nine are both prominent and highlighted. Please look up what they mean. If you see them on repeat it’s a sign to look them up and remind yourself of the focus. These numbers are the language of the universe and your guides use them to speak to you when you’re not being still long enough to hear them from within.

There is potential for you to tap into affluent, material abundance. Abundance that will bring you financial security. This will come from inherited wisdom and knowledge. Likely the epiphany I saw in my vision for you. When that epiphany comes take enthusiastic action.

Whatever this information is it leads to a new project that is line with your purpose. The ideas will start to flow without any trouble, and you’ll be ready to co-create with the universe. Perhaps that is the communication that is missing? Do you meditate? Journal? Listen to your higher self? If not that is where your focus must be for May.

Unexpected resources will be coming in for you in May as well. You will have some happy surprises. You will feel more generous, but don’t give so much that you forget to receive. Whatever you do keep in mind always that we are all one. Do not discount any of the universe’s expressions. The languages the universe speaks most fluently are math and unconditional love.

You’ll likely be taking strong, independent action in May. Your Spirit will feel unstoppable. All the wisdom you’ve been praying for will be fully lit up before you. You will have to trust the visions and act accordingly. Do not let fear hold you back. You’ve been waiting too long for this.

You got the message in a bottle card. This means communication from Spirit is definitely coming in for you. You may start seeing signs increase in May. Positive, uplifting news is on its way to you. Make sure you don’t refuse and ignore the signs being sent your way. If you follow them you find peace.

May brings a freedom from attachment you’ve long needed. A quiet mind, a fulfilled heart, and soul satisfaction. You will feel more aligned with your higher self, and with those around you. Your clear vision will be front and center for the first time in a long time. The clouds are lifting.



Meditation Message:

I’m being shown a pretty cave in the forest. It’s surrounded by flowers and leaves, almost hidden. It reminds me of a hobbit house. There is a need for you to create your own sanctuary within. We can’t always create it externally, but no one can tell us what to create internally.

You are your own peace. Too often we rely on others or avoid our internal world, and this month you’re being asked not only to face it, but to build an indestructible fortress of peace and calm there. It’s not meant to escape the real world, but to retreat there for answers when the real world is too much.


Virgo, the month of May is all about you realigning with love. Your affirmation is “When I’m in alignment with the love of the universe, peace cannot be disrupted.” So, every time your peace is disrupted remind yourself of this affirmation, and that you can create that inner place of peace.

The numbers coming up for you are one and eight. Look up the meanings of those numbers. You can read them from several sites and see what speaks to you. A general overview for one is new beginnings, and eight is balancing your material and spiritual worlds. Let yourself play.

See it all as part of the adventure in May. Let your imagination take you on adventures. It’s a good month to learn and gain knowledge about emotional intelligence and inner peace. To employ the new skills you learn. Music may be helpful. Listen to something peaceful and inspiring.

It’s a month to take your healing, rest, and recuperation seriously. You may tend to be so busy that you avoid any real healing or resting, even if it’s just your mind being busy over-thinking. You’re being encouraged to speak to the anxiety and over-thinking, validate it, and then let it know you got this.

Sometimes things don’t seem practical and our logical mind can get in our way. This month allow the impractical some space front and center. Let new beginnings happen. Try to remember you’re a spiritual being having a human experience. As such, you have the potential to reach higher levels within.

There may be chaos and conflict within or around you. There may be stubbornness in your relationships or at work in May. Figure out what the non-negotiables are for you in both spaces and set boundaries. Try to view conflict and chaos as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Use time building that hobbit house within and go there to collect your thoughts.

Within is where you find a leg up and the help you need. Going it alone and avoiding it all as if it’s not happening is no longer going to acceptable. Remind yourself to realign with love and seek the answers inside of the self. You do need others as much as they need you, but you don’t need to be mistreated or taken for granted. Only you know the depth of your situation.

Be ready because something may come to light in May that you aren’t currently aware of. In relationships you will feel you have little to prove and feel more confident in your own skin by the end of the month. The same is true for work. Whatever comes to light may initially feel like chaos, but ultimately it leads you to find your right path for this point in your life.

Remember sometimes the universe breaks our heart to save our soul. If the news that comes to light isn’t good it’s not the end of the world. Maybe it’s the end of something that has been hindering you from experiencing the rest of the world. Sometimes what needs changing is our perspective.



Meditation Message:

There is a train and it’s coming full speed ahead. You’ve been given plenty of warnings that the train is headed your way, but thus far you’ve not moved out of the way. This is an opportunity for you change course and avoid collision. Every choice we make always catches up to us.

The stars are aligned in your favor, but they can’t make you trust that and move in the right direction. In May you will either move or be moved. The deadline for decisions has arrived.


I can feel a sense of collision coming, Capricorn. It’s going to be important for you to face whatever you’re up against head on, and make decisions that align with your highest good. Your affirmation is “I am the loving energy of the universe.” So, when you find it difficult tap into the universal language of love. This month is all about facing your demons.

You can teach others from all the things you’ve learned over the course of your life. None of it has to be wasted. Do some research this month on healthy ways to handle shame, so you can heal and overcome the past. Now is the time to change the entire course of your life. No, it’s not too late.

Important numbers for you in May will be three and six. Look up what the meaning of these numbers are and read from several sites. You will know what resonates for you and what does not. If you see these numbers on repeat the universe is sending you communication and reminders. Listen to them.

You really have work to do on loving yourself. On learning how to shift negative self-talk into self-compassion. It’s a month to release fear and be called to faith and possibility. There are so many resources out there to help from videos to articles. They are all free and there is no better use of your time in May than studying healing and personal growth.

At your best you are competent and committed. There is an ability within you to create abundant wealth and resources. You’re meant to be a reliable leader, and to pursue this life as a rite of passage. In order to do that you must believe you’re worth that life. This is where the healing comes in.

You crave and desire a different life, but in order to have it there is a shift needed in the way you think. Especially in the way you think about yourself and what you deserve. Hard work is great, but hard work alone never accomplished anything worth speaking about.

The last thing you may consider yourself is creative, but you are. You are creating your reality every moment of every day. Each choice you make is a stroke of the brush, a moving of the pencil. In May flashes of inspiration will come to you. You don’t have to work so hard to bring them to life.

You’re used to trying too hard to create all you desire and giving up when it doesn’t manifest the way you want it to. It’s time to meditate. To get to know your guides and your higher self. They will help you co-create the life you’re dreaming of. Either way a big shift is coming in May. Be ready for it.

Your imagination is your magic wand in May. Spend time envisioning the future you want, rather than physically working yourself to the bone.



Meditation Message:

I am being shown a vision of you in a meadow. The sun is shining and you seem happy enough. There is a dog you’re playing with. Behind you is nothing but deep, dark forest. There is this sense that no matter what you do, no matter how happy you seem, you’re in constant fear that something is going to come out of nowhere and sabotage it all.

You have never allowed yourself to fully enjoy life because you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. In May it’s time to tackle this head on, so you can actually live life without the constant fear of abandonment.


Dear Gemini, the fear of abandonment came up in the meditation and the reading after. Please work on developing faith in the universe during the month of May. Your affirmation is “My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the universe.” Now is the time to grow that faith.

Your focus this month is love. Just keep aligning with love as much as possible. Meditate to heart chakra frequencies or do guided heart chakra meditations. There is a lot of healing that must be done if you’re ever going to stop sabotaging your chance at real happiness and settling for less.

Three numbers stand out for you. The numbers two, eight, and nine. Partnerships, a balance of spiritual and material worlds, and endings. Look up these numbers. Whenever you notice them throughout the day they are reminders. They are signs to increase your faith and courage.

Whatever you build for the future must be built on a solid foundation. Even during times when you feel shaken and don’t understand what is going on you can trust that divine order exists and is working on your behalf. Don’t hold on so tight to people and things. Sometimes the universe is removing them because better people and better things await you.

Someone in your past left you and you felt orphaned and abandoned. This led to an identity crisis, and you’ve spent your whole life seeking to find who you are in other people. You won’t ever be found there. It’s time to grow out of this and if you lose people in the process let that be okay. In fact, let it be a good thing that those who don’t want to grow with you are gone.

In May it’s time to address the unhealthy alliances you’ve made in the past and any that exist in the present. To learn healthy ways to deal with the shame that might bring, so you can overcome it. What you learn about yourself can be used to help others. Trust me you’re not the only one that has made the choices you’ve made and the alliances you’ve been part of.

Learn what motivates you to do better and let that guide you always. What is your why? Why are you in your current relationships? Why are you in the job you’re doing? Why do you want to change them? What if they never change? The only change you have control over is your own desire and ability to change. That’s enough and it’s valid.

I suggest meditation, journaling, and any other practice that makes you feel more spiritually aligned and in tune with your higher self. Maybe even practice having conversations with the higher selves of those who have left you and made you feel abandoned. It was never personal. People can only love you at the level of healing they’ve allowed themselves.

A new life does await you. It just won’t force you to choose it. May is a new beginning for you, and you will feel it. There will be excitement and like a bud in spring you will start to open. Let yourself bloom in a new direction. Yes, you do deserve it. Your past choices speak not of who you are today.



Meditation Message:

I’m being shown a snake shedding its skin. This is a representation of you doing the same in May. It’s time to shed the old you once and for all, and embrace the new you fully. This isn’t a new change and the skin has been shedding for some time now.

Part of you is resisting the shedding. Wanting to climb back into the old skin because it seems more comfortable. I get a feeling you’re thinking better the devil you know than the one you don’t. This is a dangerous habit that keeps you stuck in comfort zones that were never even comfortable.


There is a strong need for you trust the new skin that you’re developing. Your affirmation is “The universe has my back.” Whenever the old you tempts you remind yourself that the new you is the one protected by the universe. It’s okay to be your new self without feeling bad for who you used to be. We all grow and evolve and that isn’t something to be ashamed of.

May is going to require a lot of perseverance from you. You must remain dedicated to this new version of you, and to get back up every time you fall without wasting time feeling sorry for yourself. Every failure is a lesson on the way to success. Perseverance should be your foundation.

The numbers five and eight are coming through for you. Look up what these numbers mean. If you start seeing them stand out during the day look them up again as a reminder and to increase your faith that the universe is speaking to you, and does in fact have your back.

This material world is a playground, but you have to let go of attachment to specific outcomes. The unknown can be scary, but Libra, it’s where all the best stuff is! Watch for excess in May. Try to do everything in moderation and don’t over-indulge. Cut back on the excess and stop using those things as a crutch to avoid the changes you know are coming.

Keep in mind that once you’re successful every part of your journey becomes part of that success. This includes the old versions of you who got you this far, and the obstacles that hindered you along the way. Sometimes obstacles are detours in the direction, and your perspective creates your reality.

There is one half of you holding back, but there is another part of you ready for a new adventure. There is nothing stopping you save yourself. Trust in your new vision and take appropriate actions. Remain true to what you value and desire at all costs.

Let go of the self-criticism. Release the old stories of victim-hood and negativity and start telling new stories. May is a time to avoid drama at all costs. Your sensitivity is going to be heightened. A good mantra for this month is “Not my circus, not my monkeys” and mean it.

Life gives us experiences that are challenging and others that nourish us. The challenges you’ve experienced do not define your life. How you handle them and blend them with the nourishing parts is what defines your life. It’s a good month to stand up for yourself and this new vision you have for the future.

Don’t let other people keep you small because they’re afraid and don’t take them personal either. Their fear has little to do with you. Don’t get caught up in the never-ending story of pleasing others at all costs. The cost is your personal happiness and growth. That’s too expensive.

May is the time to tie up loose ends and shed the rest of that old skin. Before you can fully move forward it’s a good idea to come to terms with where you are now. To set realistic expectations. Practice radical acceptance of what is, rather than being mad at what is not.

Procrastination itself is a form of self-sabotage. You can blame other people, but has that ever changed anything in the past? You choose which people are allowed in your life and tolerate what they say and do. You may argue with them, tell them off, but if you keep them around you’re tolerating it.

May is a good month to stop playing unfinished symphonies.



Mediation Message:

There is a message inside of you that needs to be shared with the world. I see you at a wooden desk reading a book, but it’s your own words. You have a tendency to self-correct too much. I feel like the book you wrote is wonderful, but you’re going through nit-picking and wishing you had written parts of it differently, rather than trusting what came out was meant to come out.

The message for May is to trust what comes out as meant to be. To stop second guessing every little detail of the message and just speak the message. It’s not about perfection, and if you are waiting for that you’ll never speak at all.


You have learned the lesson about darkness. This is to say that when it comes you don’t run scared. You sit with it, validate it, and then release it. Your affirmation for May is “I witness the darkness and call on the light with my prayer: Thank you, universe, for guiding me to perceive this fear through the eyes of the teacher of love.”

Whether this fear is that you could have said something better or that something bad is coming you can choose to see it through the eyes of love. To remind it that while you appreciate it looking out of you, you got this. Important numbers are going to five, seven, and nine. If you see them repeating look them up. They are signs from the universe.

May is a good month to get in touch with your inner child and to be around children. You have a huge ability to nurture and teach children, and can help raise the next generation of critical thinkers with open hearts. Being around children or allowing your own inner child to play will bring you serenity, good fortune, and luck. A state of absolute well-being.

Take time in May to enjoy your community and tribe. If physical distancing is still in effect do so through technology. It’s a good month to focus on family and home. To remind yourself of the oneness of the universe and unconditional love. Be what you wish to see in the world.

If you know that you gave your personal best, that you truly went the distance, that you persevered, and refused to conform that’s good enough, Aquarius. It’s all that can be asked of any of us. Do not be so critical and harsh with yourself and what you put out into the world.

You’re going to be highly blessed in May. It will seem to come out of the blue. Please remember to be humble and grateful for what comes. It will feel like the red seas are parting for you. A deepening of intimacy is on the horizon. Trust and believe in these things and how worthy you are of them.

There is nothing left for you to do or be in your present experience. Take stock of what you’ve learned and be grateful for it all. May brings the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by surrendering to what Spirit has in store for you.

You are going to increase your intuitive abilities. You will be on empathy overload. So, make sure to ground yourself daily. Stick with a spiritual practice, walk barefoot on the earth, and meditate to heal and keep your root chakra strong and open. Plant a garden and get your hands full of soil.

No worries because May isn’t the time you’re being asked to speak and share your message. This deep knowing and intuitive download is coming, but you will need time to marinate and sit with it before you share it. Don’t over-think the how or when because you will know when and how when the time comes.



Meditation Message:

I see you walking around a flower garden. There are red roses everywhere. You’re touching them, smiling, and leaning down to smell their scent. You’re so busy being engrossed in their beauty you forget they have thorns and one pricks your finger. You have a fear that everything you love will die or choke your aura out of existence and not allow you to be who you are.

I don’t know that you’ve ever truly shown anyone who you really are. You’re afraid that they will be the thorn, so you become one first.


Cancer your affirmation is the same as Libra. When things are scary and you are full of anxiety it’s a good time to remind yourself “The universe has my back.” Lean into the fear and anxiety. Thank it for caring and coming to protect you, but let it know that you do not need protecting.

The more you decide ahead of time that you need to protect yourself the more fear and anxiety you will have. For the month of May it’s a month to work on letting down your pride. To release your ego. The pride you have must be swallowed or every relationship you have will be shallow without depth.

Important numbers for you to research are six and seven. When you see these numbers on repeat such as 666 or 777 it’s a sign the universe has a message for you. It’s a reminder the universe really is paying attention and really does have your back. You don’t have to trust other people. You just have to trust that what they do and say isn’t personal and trust yourself to be okay.

May seems to be a month where inner reflection will bring you wisdom and epiphanies. If you don’t already I highly suggest you meditate. Step back, retreat, revise, renew, and revitalize yourself. May will also be full of synchronicities you cannot deny. There will be signs everywhere. A turning point is imminent for you.

You’re meant to be a spiritual influence and lead others. You cannot do that if you can’t lead yourself first. Use May to become more confident in your abilities and use yourself as a guinea pig for those abilities. Heal thyself and the rest will come.

You have a deep sense of knowing and this allows you to read between the lines. You know that no one who ever hurt you set out to do so. It was never as personal as it felt. It’s time to fully accept that, offer them and yourself grace, and move forward with your life. Your gut will be your guide this month.

Just be careful to remain grounded and do not allow an empathy overload to deplete your psychic resources and intuition. Practice something that grounds you daily to keep you rooted in yourself, and not allow the energy of others to overtake you. You are in control of only yourself.

May is not a month to use pride and ego to make assumptions. You’re not fully able to see what is ahead. So cultivate curiosity and just enjoy the process. Be mindful of the expectations you set for yourself and others. It’s a time of transition for you, and you’d be wise to invest your whole self into it.



Meditation Message:

I see you traipsing through the mud and muck looking for a key. You’ve been trying to unlock the secrets for so long and you’re tired, wet, and muddy. I can see you looking and missing the key that is right in front of you. It’s right there and you’re totally oblivious because you expect it to look a certain way.

I wanted to shout out to you in the vision and tell you to look just ahead and to the right. The main message here is that sometimes the answers you receive look different than the answers you expected. Let them.


Scorpio your affirmation is “My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the universe.” You must have faith that even if the answers look different than you expected they are better for you. You’re trying to hard when honestly you could just sit back and attract the answers to you.

For the month of May the focus is going to be self-discipline. For too long now I feel you’ve been all over the place with no real direction or plan. Your serenity, peace, and good fortune are near. Sit back this month instead of searching and digging. Really get a feel for your inner world.

Important numbers coming up for you are two, six, and eight. Make sure you look up what they mean, and if you start seeing them everywhere it’s a sign. The languages of the universe include math and love. So to prove it loves you and is working on your behalf it sends you all sorts of signs.

If you can do this a new idea will come to you out of the blue. It won’t be one you’re searching for. It will be a brand new adventure and you’ll be enthusiastic to tackle it. First you have to learn to remain practical and grounded. To be resourceful. To tend to what you’ve already planted.

If you fail to get committed, down to earth, and clear about your goals you’ll live this never-ending story of seeking and never finding what you’re looking for. You will keep missing what is meant for you by expecting it to come to you in a specific package. It’s all about the story you sell yourself about you.

Let go of the wounded ego trip. Stop all the self-criticism. May is an avoid drama at all costs kind of month. Deal with under-lying issues of self-worth and self-doubt. Start learning that some of the things you’ve been chasing simply are not meant for you. You already know this deep down.

This is a time where you realize that no matter how deeply you wanted something, no matter how hard you worked for it, it simply eludes you. Let it go now, Scorpio. Your passion is better suited elsewhere. This is a never ending cycle that is wasting your time.

May is a time of inaction. A time to rest from the weary journey behind you. To heal from all the pain and chaos. You’ve worked too hard for too long, and you need to stop, put your feet up, and play a while. The answers you need will come to you without all the seeking. Reflect on what you can learn from the past, and release your attachment to outcomes.



Meditation Message:

I’m being shown a flag pole with the white flag of surrender flapping in the wind. Everything is gray and it’s raining hard. I feel like life has been a series of storms for you and you’re finally ready to throw in the towel. You understand you alone cannot withstand it and you need help.

It’s fine to be strong, but being strong doesn’t mean you never ask for help. In fact, asking for help is a sign of vulnerability, which is real strength.


Your affirmation is fitting since Pisces is all about unconditional love. For May it will do you good to repeat “I am a spirit having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to love.” Everything you experience is a teacher trying to bring you closer to unconditional love.

Embrace change in May. You’re long due for some change in your life, and the change seems to be hopeful. Sometimes we can be so afraid of change we push it away with realizing it, even when that change is good and would benefit our lives. So be open in the coming month to what comes.

Important numbers for you are three and seven. Search what the meaning of those numbers are. Use any repetition you see as confirmation and a sign. The universe has your back and it wants you to know that. Use the signs you receive to inspire you and remain hopeful when it’s hard.

The synchronicities will increase more and more for you in May. Your guides want you to really have faith and believe in what is coming for you. It may all seem like a giant mystery and be frustrating at times, but you have to trust that beneath the surface they are working on your behalf.

You imagination is powerful, Pisces. If you can dream it you can manifest it. Surrender your illusions and sense of lack. Start telling yourself everyday that you’re abundant and growing. It’s time to see things as they really are and not as you hoped they would be or in a more negative light than they are. It could be better, but it could also be worse.

Take the month of May to clean it all up. Your spiritual junk, emotional junk, mental junk, and physical junk. If you want something new you have to make space for it by clearing out the old. Keep your expectations open and don’t expect your change to come looking a certain way. This puts limits on it.

Wave your flag of surrender to the universe, and when you think you’ve surrendered all surrender some more. You don’t have to hustle for your worthiness. It’s inherent in us all. We are born with it.



You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd