Mars, Neptune, Cazimi’s, Oh My!

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6 min readMar 16, 2023

You guys, I have to talk about what happened. You cannot make this stuff up when it comes to the astrology and aspects. I share because I care. Every time I point out things in my chart or other people’s charts it’s a chance for you to learn how to find things in your own. ❤

First let me remind you that I am doing donation based readings on most readings right now. The exception is the work of Saturn reading. This is a confirmation I got from a recent chart reading I did for free. I only have three dates left to book in March and one will be taken soon. I’m just waiting for my return client to schedule for her husband. ❤

As of March 14th @ 930 PM I have March 18th, 25th, and 26th open!

(Before I posted she chose the 18th, so I just have the 25th and 26th)


Let’s pull up my chart for today:

Today Mars in Gemini squared off with Neptune, the Sun, and Mercury in Pisces. This can be the uncovering of an illusion. This is being written on Tuesday, March 14th. We discovered at work that we were billing insurance for a service they do not cover for months and months.

Of course, as yesterday commenced, so did the hours of phone calls I had to make explaining this to our patients. And while many of them were upset, some were understanding that I was just the messenger. Very Mars (anger) square Neptune (Compassion).

Throughout the day yesterday both owners stated that they are glad the manager hired me. I was given so many compliments by them. Both are women, and you can notice Venus is conjunct my MC right now. She is also in sextile to Mercury in the 7th, who rules my 2nd and 11th.

My long term goals are in line with these two women noticing me, and I had no clue they were going to do that through this measure. When I started this week I had an entirely different plan in place. The Sun…



Adjust Your Sails

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