Choose right to left pile one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven. Feel free to choose more than one. Scroll for channeled message and pile revelations.

Collective Meditation Messages:

I am being shown connected spirals that start smaller and grow larger toward the top. It reminds me a bit of a tornado shape. It’s rooted into the ground and spins upward toward the sky. This is a symbol that we should be focused on having roots and wings.

It’s great to have big ideas, but without grounding ourselves or having focus we don’t bring those big dreams down to earth. March may be a lot about balancing creativity and productivity. Your connection to Spirit should be a major focus in order to obtain that balance.

Spirit wants you to consider all the pain you’ve ever experienced, and even the joy, as lessons you can learn from going forward. Take March to dive deeper into them and consider what your personal lessons are. Our pain isn’t comfortable, but only allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable allows us to grow. It’s time to face it.

Far too often, we want to stay broken and expect those around us to simply understand and put up with how that brokenness causes us to act. That isn’t fair and you don’t like it when other people take theirs out on you. The best route forward is understanding none of it was ever personal, training yourself over and again on forgiveness, and setting healthy boundaries going forward.

If you need to and it’s available to you seek out a therapist. If not maybe find a group of like-minded people who will help you as you heal. People who won’t feed your victim mindset, but instead listen, validate, and then remind you that it was never personal and you hold the pen.

This March, as Spring approaches, do some cleaning. Yes, clean and declutter your physical space, but also your mental and spiritual space. Whatever blockages you have within are hindering your blessings from arriving. When we fully open ourselves to the experience of life we attract what is meant for us. We create a vacuum for Spirit to fill.

Our collective energy is important to the elevation of the movement of people rising up for justice and fairness. We each have to do our part individually first. We don’t have much to offer the world until we decide to offer to ourselves first, and to tend to our overgrown gardens.

May you know that the universe is never judging you. It is only waiting for you to step within for a heart-to-heart conversation with your higher self. To understand your lessons and learn them, so you can move forward in your power and destiny. Know this, no one can take your power from you. You can choose to stop giving it away at any time.

Important numbers will be one, three, and ten. Remember when you see the number one that we are all one. Just bits of the same universe experiencing itself in unique ways. Allow things to end so new things can begin.

Allow three to remind you to be kind, spark your own joy, creativity, and imagination. This number symbolizes the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and soul. Practice that alignment daily.

I’ve been seeing 1010 a lot myself lately. Ten is all about reminding you that when something ends it was for your highest good, and you should seek to feel confident and optimistic about what is to come. Sometimes we get in that five of cups energy, where we’re so focused on what spilled over, that we can’t see the cups beside us that are still full.

Pile One:

Going into March you may not be feeling very good about yourself or life. Spirit wants you to know that even in the darkest of times you’re protected and loved. They recognize that you’ve had to be a warrior in this life. You’ve gone to war for everything and everyone you’ve ever loved, and too often they refuse to even lace up their boots. You’re not responsible for them.

You’ve spent most of your life being loyal to other people and this has cost you your health in some areas. It’s time to recenter or center yourself for the first time. It’s time to be loyal and committed to you and your highest good. You may not feel particularly motivated, but Spirit is asking you to dig deep.

There is something you were very excited to start, but once you did you remained in self-doubt and self-criticism. There was a lot of pessimism involved on your part or the part of the other person or people involved. This may have to do with money. Perhaps you started a business, or a relationship went south after you talked about doing big things together.

In the beginning you thought it would bring you all you ever wanted. That you’d have the love and money you needed in life to remain fulfilled. Spirit isn’t telling you that it can’t happen in the future. Right now, though, you’re being asked to take a step back and regroup. True fulfillment is within.

It’s time to practice patience and temperance. To seek to balance your energy within. It may seem dark, but if you look hard enough you will see that flicker of light beckoning you to hold on to hope. This may feel very traumatic, but everything happens for your highest good. What is coming is much better than what you’re leaving behind.

If you are not firmly rooted in yourself and who you are, if you haven’t build your foundation within, whatever you build on top of that will always fall and crumble. You can’t run on empty and allow yourself to burnout all the time. It’s time to start a spiritual practice and get tuned into your higher self for guidance and direction. It’s way past time for that.

You started out so determined, and determination is great. It often leads to success. However, self-care is equally important. Determination can lead you to not sleeping right, not eating correctly, not being properly hydrated. Your mental and spiritual health can be affected, too.

The advice is to balance playfulness and determination. What good does it do to create something you never stop and enjoy along the way? Your intentions are pure, but you’re missing the forest for the trees. Spirit says you have the wisdom you need and your destiny is defined. What you need most right now is introspection. Don’t beat yourself up for where you are. Figure out how to get where you are going.

There were un-grounded fears and insecurity that led to where you are. Perhaps panic or anxiety played a role. When we’re in panic or anxiety or operating from fear it leads us to self-destruct and self-sabotage. A daily spiritual and self-care practice can help you make progress here.

Right now you’re sort of in between worlds. This is a transition and Spirit doesn’t want you rushing to start a new project or relationship. You are living in the unknown and that is exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. It’s time to let go of your tendency to make assumptions.

You have learned the lessons from your past experiences if you will just acknowledge them moving forward. Sometimes the way forward is a gamble and a risk, but those risks can truly pay off. You don’t always have to have every little detail planned to take the next step.

You will be prosperous with the milk and honey card coming out. The closer you get to Spirit, the more you listen to your higher self, rather than the negative shadows, the clearer your direction will be. Soon you’re going to start feeling as if possibilities are endless again. With spring comes rebirth.

When you do something be hard-working and work with integrity, but also know when to let loose and relax. No one doubts your perseverance and grit, and even if they do, so what? You have nothing to prove to anyone except for yourself and don’t apologize for that ever.

Now is a time for you to seek your ultimate independence. To stop living life on everyone else’s terms. There is no need for you to conform. The universe says stop people pleasing and hustling for your worth. Your worth is inherent and there whenever you simply decide to own it.

Never forget between all the responsibility and work to stop and celebrate the people and the love in your life. Take some time to play. To open your heart with child-like wonder and allow yourself to explore possibilities to see what feels right without jumping into a committed position.

Meditate and get to know the warrior within you. There is so much honesty waiting to be found there. You can of course keep putting it off, but where has that gotten you so far? What do you really have to lose at this point?


Pile Two:

Even when you’re feeling down Spirit wants you to know you’re beautiful and loved. They want you using your imagination and purposely count your blessings even when your heart is broken. Find hope and trust in your family, even if it’s a soul family that doesn’t share your blood.

Take time to spend with family in playful adventures. Dance around the living room with your children, or in the bedroom alone. Remember not to lock your heart when someone stabs you in it. You are your own healer and someone who truly understands that nothing is a personal as it feels.

Something happened pretty quickly, likely some type of communication, and it has left you feeling emotionally off balance. You’ve retreated into a shell and pulled back your generous and open spirit. You are being selfish or the other person was, but there was no reciprocity in the situation.

Ultimately, this unexpected shake up is going to lead to your fulfillment. First, come March it’s time to get totally honest with yourself about where you are and how to get where you are going. It’s a great time to start working on rebuilding your confidence and motivation. Your passions have been waning since this incident took place. It’s time to find them again.

If there is a need for closure give that to yourself by doing shadow work exercises and going within. Even if the other person is available to speak with they can’t always give you what you need. It would require a vulnerability not everyone is comfortable with. Something is about to shift for you in March.

You’re going to find excitement again as we inch closer to spring. Spirit is going to activate something in you and help you map out the next steps. Make sure you’re meditating and doing a daily spiritual ritual. It’s time to choose between those old, never comfortable comfort zones and new adventures.

New communication is going to come in quickly in March. It may even be an offer of love. Whatever it is there may be competition, fear, or jealousy surrounding it if you cave to that negative shadow aspect of yourself. There is a deep need to forgive yourself and others, so you don’t hold new people and experiences accountable for what old ones put you through.

There may be a need to draw from your masculine energy this March to pull yourself up from where you are. To regain your confidence and assertiveness. I feel like you had both in spades before this tower moment happened, and that you’re likely blaming yourself. The truth is that everything happens for a reason and for your highest good. It says nothing of your worth.

Don’t waste too much time relearning old lessons. You truly have a lot of gifts and are meant for big things. There is so much creativity in you that needs focus and direction. Be sure to work on clearing and opening your channel to Spirit, so you can co-create the next chapter together.

There is help coming in this March. The time of you going it alone is over. Take this time in between to ground and balance your energy. A regeneration is coming. Second chance and rebirth are on the horizon. In March your passion for a new beginning will be at an all time high. If you’re not feeling it yet fret not because it is on the horizon.

Whatever this opportunity is leads to absolute abundance. The nourishment of this assured, so do not allow fear and anxiety to have you skip out on it. This brings you a stable, real foundation to build from. It may be time for some self-discipline and self-reliance in the start of the month until the help comes in. This is your last stone to lay in your inner foundation. You’ve come too far to give up now.

There is a huge release coming. You will no longer be able to live in denial after this month. Things will be clearer for you than they have ever been. There will be zero excuses you can use. Take the risk. Allow your life to change shape before your very eyes. It’s guaranteed success.


Pile Three:

This March you’re being asked to stop messing around and be fearless. To believe in miracles and offer yourself and others grace. Music is very important. It may be important to uplift your spirits, or as a connection to another person. Perhaps there is someone you love that you have a few special songs you’ve dedicated to. Listen to them even if that person isn’t around.

I feel like you and this person aren’t near each other in the 3D, but can connect in the 5D. When you play the music you and this person listened to together he or she will come to you. There is a very strong bond between you two and music to have the guitar come out twice.

You may have slight money concerns, but it looks like in March that may change for you. Their may be an Aquarius in your life who means something to you. Winter is almost over. It’s almost time for beaches and birds. I think by summer this person will be back in your life. Spend some time with animals if you can. A dog may be relevant somehow.

At the start of the year, you really felt like you had yourself together. You were full of love for self and others. Even though you had recently gone through something that left you with sleepless nights and nightmares a new beginning had been found. Someone came in who is unlike anyone you’ve been with. You felt accepted, loved, and a feeling of home.

However, the person who caused you so much pain in the past wasn’t done with you yet. You didn’t have the strength to fight them off. Maybe your self-worth began to tank. I feel like you left the new person for the old one. Something is going to shift in March with this.

Maybe you thought you and this person from the past would finally see eye to eye and make it work. That there would be reciprocity and equal give and take, but you’re not finding it. You have a desire to be acknowledged, but this person has a lot of resentment and a victim mindset. They can’t give you what you need at this time and maybe never will.

I feel like you’re surrounded by people who gossip and are immature. They can’t hold the conversations you enjoy. Everyone around you is all talk and no action. In March your energy is growing more restless. Your curiosity about something is going to grow. A sudden thirst for information rises up, and you’re ready to learn and expand your consciousness.

I feel like this new person at the start of the year taught you something about true love that you’ve been avoiding. It’s the harmonious joining of energies and that isn’t what you have right now. Your mind may shift to this person heavily in March and the things he or she taught you. This may lead you to seek out information on the spiritual and psychological level.

It may feel like an anxious time of uncertainty because underneath the surface you’re going to be transitioning. Starting a subconscious regeneration that is inevitable. Your soul is ready for calmer waters and to release the need for chaos. You may even leave the person you’re with this month, realizing old bonds must be released, so we can heal and create new ones.

If you don’t leave them in the 3D you’re definitely considering it in your head. There is a desire for more now. You’ve had a taste of what real love is and perhaps have been beating yourself up for going back to old cycles. Spirit doesn’t want you doing that, and you’re surrounded with guides to help.

You may be someone who thrives on logic, so make sure you’re using your heart as much as your head. Really dig in and ask yourself why you keep settling for less than you deserve. If it’s less than you deserve it’s less than the other person deserves as well. Neither of you is served going round and round the same cycles.

It’s time in March to view these cycles from a new perspective. The devil you know is not always better than the devil you don’t know. Not everyone is a even a devil. It’s time to really sit with your higher self this month and gain some perspective. Now is the time to meditate and journal.

March is a time of dreaming and introspection. I don’t see you reaching out to the person deeply on your mind this month. It’s more of an inner shift that has to happen first. You must learn how to co-create healing and inner foundations with Spirit. How to stop conforming and hustling for worthiness.

Neither the person you’re with now, the person you walked away from, or any other person can make you feel unworthy or worthy without consent. It’s all an inside job, my friend. Time to go into hermit mode for a bit.

I feel like you are going to find a peace this month with your past. You’re going to know who you want, but you also don’t want to hurt this person. So, you’re likely to take it slow, to do your healing, and to get yourself and your foundation together before you reach out.

March is a time for deep introspection. Time to take stock of your life and how complicated you’ve made it for no reason. Don’t beat yourself up because that isn’t what Spirit wants. Just stop allowing yourself to be so up in your head and get to know your heart a bit. It’s going to be very important this coming month that you look beyond the obvious to see truth.

If you’re not already I highly suggest you meditate and journal daily. If there isn’t a person that came in at the start of the year it could have been prior to that, or I am just picking up on a new energy that you feel in the 5D, but haven’t met yet in the 3D.


Pile Four:

Going into March you feel like there is a lot you don’t know and aren’t sure of. Spirit is asking you to trust that they can see the bigger picture. Seek hope and miracles, and choose to see the beauty and blessings in life. Things may have been stormy for awhile, but you’re protected and will bloom from this.

Sometimes it helps to view life as a game. Tackle it head on and understand that everything, good and bad, teaches us lessons to help us level up. You may finally move forward with a situation this month.

Your world is shifting in March. A new beginning with longevity is coming in for you. It may be something or someone you’ve been waiting for. A soulmate or a dream job that you’ve invested a lot of work and effort into achieving. This new beginning may involve taking a risk, but you’re encouraged to take it.

You’re going to be wearing your heart on your sleeve in March, so don’t forget what healthy boundaries are and set them. Work on your own limiting beliefs and don’t allow the limiting beliefs of others to contaminate you. Something is coming in that is so well deserved for you. Justice is being served in your favor come March.

Your energy is going to be very welcoming for others. A richness will surround you that is palpable. You’re going to have maturity, strength, and resolve. If you’re in a leadership role it will not be challenged. Your energy will be assertive but enthusiastic.

I really feel this is a person coming in for you or a deepening of a connection you already have. This will be a lifelong companion for you. This person is going to be kind and generous, protective and honest. If you have anything still bogging you down from the past clean it up.

Take some time in March to declutter physically, mentally, and spiritually to ready yourself for this person. Make time to meditate and breathe. There is a patience required, so you’re being asked to trust in divine timing and to process any pain or grief from the past.

Emotions ebb and flow. Neither the good ones or the bad ones last forever. In order to find your stability don’t get lost in nostalgia and forget to look for that feeling of contentment and happiness in the present moment. When we live in the past we tend to miss things in the present that are meant for us.

Seek to be around spiritual influence. Take time to meditate and practice your own spirituality. You’re meant to inspire others and this month is just cleaning up the last bit of junk in the trunk before you step forward with that. In fact, you’ll be doing that as you clean out the junk in the trunk.

Remember when you’re presented with choices not to live in denial and act like you haven’t learned your lessons. Don’t let your shadow aspect take over and hinder your progress forward. Remember always that you create your own reality and your thoughts and words are seeds.

If this isn’t a person for you and it could apply to a job or another situation in your life please take it for that. Never make something fit that doesn’t. These are general readings and if this one wasn’t meant for you perhaps the next one will be.


Pile Five:

This month you’re being asked to be inspired by your faith. You may resonate with pile three as well because a dog was also relevant to their path somehow. Seek the beauty in life on purpose. You are your own peace and if you believe that you can achieve that. There may be a desire to travel or learn.

There is a big focus on going within and finding faith this coming month. You received the cross and the faith charm. This doesn’t mean you have to follow a dogma or religion. There are no strict rules here. Just be your own guru. Find out what fits for you and hang out there a while.

This pile does resonate a bit with pile three. You are going to have a strong desire for calmer waters. Your current environment is rather chaotic and full of drama. You’ve been lying to yourself and you’re going to realize this in March. You’re living life as an impostor and not meeting your potential.

In your relationship or family there is a lot of disharmony going on. Someone you love is constantly making you feel you’re not worthy of love. You’re going to be yearning for a community that is accepting, calm, and kind. You’re going to be worried and unsure of your next steps, but this an opportunity to realign. To start planning your strategy within.

I have a feeling you already know who your soul tribe is or where to find it, but you walked away from it in the past. Again, reminds me a bit of pile three. I feel this month you’re going to be heavily thinking of how much better life would be if you had made different choices.

You didn’t allow yourself to dream big enough in the past and you’re going to recognize the fear preventing you from doing so. You may feel blocked, but your external world isn’t the truth. Go within, meditate, ask your higher self what you need to know to make your ships come in. You are the magician. You hold the pen and get to write your own story.

Right now I feel you’re so in your head that you can’t seem to get out. You’re still too afraid of your heart. In March you’re going to get tired of people who are using their stories of the past to remain shackled in the present, and you’re going to begin re-writing your own stories within.

You are going to recognize that your thoughts and words are arrows and that you haven’t been aiming them. You’re going to want to start aiming them with the intention of leveling up. You may be going within, looking at the past to see what lessons you can learn from it, rather than with shame and contempt.

There is an acceptance in March that it all happens for a reason, and that you’re going to follow that faith fully and truly. You’ll be entering a period of rebirth and healing. We can’t break the external cycles until we break them internally, and you will finally understand our internal world creates our external reality. There is no getting around that.

You are going to have fortitude through any difficulties this month. You’ll be ready to study and learn, just like pile three, with the intention to understand yourself and heal. The learning will be fast and easy for you. Something will be lit inside of you and you will catch on quickly.

There will be more faith at play when you realize you can’t change the past. All you can do is accept it and learn from it. There is just an overall acceptance in March that it is what it is. You can’t change other people either. So, you’ll likely be second-guessing your relationships and circle.

Justice and fairness will be on your mind. You may feel like you’re ready to deal with your karma and heal, so that you can have good things flow to you. You may start to truly understand nothing was ever as personal as it felt, and be able to find forgiveness. You’ll be visited a lot by your guides and your higher self, so pay attention to dreams and intuition.

For the first time in a while, maybe ever, you’re going to take charge of your life. With patience and hard work you’re going to tackle your inner world and start building a foundation of inner peace and self-worth. You’ll be seeking the beauty in life, and understand there is beauty even in the darkness.

Don’t be rigid. Use your heart and your head. Some things aren’t obvious and you’ll need to dig deeper to see and understand them. You can’t always logic your way out of things. Sometimes you really do have to feel them first.

You’re not as invisible as you may sometimes feel. Spirit is always seeing you, always reaching out to you, and always loving you. Don’t believe what you see all around you. Go within and believe what you find there.


Pile Six:

It is a time for you to be fearless. To believe and imagine the life you want to live. To be focused on your blessings and your faith. Faith did come out twice, so March may require patience and trust in the process.

There is some type of clarity coming in for you from your guides, so make sure you’re meditating and paying attention to dreams. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you, and instead go with the flow. Things may be slow moving in a situation you wish you would hurry up, but seek inner peace.

I believe the clarity is in your life purpose or your life partner. There may be a baby involved or somehow children are affecting this at the moment. So feed yourself the right things and keep your vibration high. Trust in divine timing.

You are a thought leader who is able to make unbiased decisions. You have integrity and honesty, but you’re being cautioned to watch how you speak your truth going into March. Always speak your truth, but even the most painful truths can be spoken with kindness.

I feel like your foundation is already in you, but that recently you may have forgotten that. You’ve met someone, lover, friend, some type of relationship or even a job, that you felt was going to add to your stability for the long-term. However, I feel like the other side was in denial about the connection because they didn’t feel worthy of it and so they walked away or rejected you.

This unexpected change is one that is currently causing you sleepless nights and a bit of depression. You’ve created a mental prison that isn’t necessary. This is why the patience and inner peace and faith are all being brought up for you. It’s time to let go of painful endings, trusting they were for your highest good and I see you able to do that in March.

You may receive some honest communication in the 3D or 5D in March from this person. They are going to be having epiphanies and wake up calls. I don’t see them coming back in to be around you a lot in March, but something is definitely shifting in the connection. This person is going through a self-realization and spiritual awakening.

Be swift and subtle in March, using your common sense to move forward. Stick to your deep belief in fairness, honesty, and honor. There is profound depth and understanding in you that you’re going to tap back into soon. You have a sincere heart and in March there is an end to the pain or stagnant energy you’ve been stuck in and a new beginning that feels fresh.

Whatever you do in March do not reach out to the other person. It’s time to tap into the feminine and sit back and wait. Focus on your own growth and healing. Get your own vibration leveled up and what is meant for you isn’t going to miss you. You’re going to feel at home in your own skin again.

Home is a feeling more than a place, and while this other person may feel like home to you, ultimately we must live with ourselves no matter who comes and goes. So even if you’re already with someone or aren’t interested in anyone else that’s okay. March is about coming home to yourself.

One of the other piles said March was going to be about dreaming and introspection, but for you it’s about finding a way to ground your dreams in reality. So, for now let go of your focus on love and seek something tangible and real that bring you long-term prosperity and peace.

March is going to bring you a wide open, clear road to follow that leads into your rite of passage in this life. There will be a necessary shift in the way you think. This shift is in regards to your life purpose and stepping into a limelight that you may have previously shied away from. Keep shifting that negative self talk into positive self talk and prepare yourself.

Remember when you feel trapped that the strength you need to free yourself really is within. All I know is that in March a message of absolute clarity is coming. It will be up to you what you do with that message. The strongest thing coming through outside of that is faith and patience.


Pile Seven:

In March it will finally be well with your soul. You’ve been brave, fearless, and sought out a beautiful dream. Don’t give up hope, keep counting the blessings even when the storms roll through. Extend and accept grace when offered, and spend some time with your family.

Going into March there are things that feel very unknown to you. Spirit has some things brewing beneath the surface, and you’re not quite sure what to do. Allow things time to grow and bloom. Spend time with your pets or someone else’s if you don’t have any.

Going into March you’re very focused on the things that haven’t worked out. It’s going to be time to recognize the full cups still surrounding you. We often see exactly what we are looking for. There may have been a situation where there were a lot of work home imbalances. This led you or someone else to feel abandoned or left out in the cold.

The offers of love you were receiving or giving were few and far between. This rocked the stability of the home or partnership. In March inevitable change is coming in for this situation for better or worse. In all conflict you have a choice to recognize the lessons and move on, or to allow it to control you.

Whatever this situation is and however it turns out I see huge changes coming in March. There is some type of balance coming in. Perhaps this is a situation you’ve already been working on and you’re going to finally see the reward and balance restored. You have made a great mediator.

Spirit wants you to know that you’re a channel and seer. In March that is going to become increasingly obvious to you. This is going to require you to be humble and observant. There is alignment and peace coming in for you and your relationships this month. All sides will be coming out of denial and wanting to work together.

Love and justice will be the foundations you’re building on going forward. Mutual respect and compromise brings in an abundance of joy and warmth. You’ll be inspired and creative collaborations will be taking place. Allow Spirit in through meditation and co-create with your higher selves.

In March a conclusion is had to the drama and imbalance finally. Everyone will feel hopeful. Just remember going forward that when imbalance strikes it says nothing about your worth. That is inherent and there any time you feel the need to stand in it.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd