Manifesting with the Moon

Adjust Your Sails
5 min readOct 21, 2021

When I talk about manifestation it’s not really magic. What it is, is energy that is available for you to harness and use with intention. We are not granted a magic wand that we can wave and say “so be it”. Gratitude can serve toward our goals, but ultimately we do need to make an effort ourselves.

When you are trying to achieve something you must first plant the seeds and let it grow. This is what the New Moon is about. It’s a time when the Moon is dark, and ripe for those seeds. Look to the sign the New Moon is in and where that sign falls in your natal chart. Plant the seeds with intentions that fall in line with your chart and the lineup there.

As an example, we have this upcoming New Moon in Scorpio. That is my fourth house of the natal chart, the 3rd in my progressed, and the 2nd of my solar return chart. This will be me planting seeds involving home and family, perhaps my online work and communication, as well as my personal resources and income, or what I value and possess.

Indeed we are putting in an offer on a house. Scorpio season is ripe to have me move. I am also looking into starting an at home business that would be conducted through technology, and this is very 3rd house. That business will bring a huge transformation to my personal resources in the 2nd house.

I’m having my next Lunar Return on Halloween, right before this New Moon. It puts Scorpio as the tenth house. A change to my career, public title, reputation. This would be me moving in with my partner after living alone and divorced for several years.

The Moon in the Lunar Return chart is in the 8th house. I will be emotionally affected by the joining of resources with an intimate partner. My intentions will be on my public image and career, too. That’s the Saturn transiting my 7th square Uranus in the 10th natal. Relationships and career tensions.

You can see it in the Lunar Return, too. It puts me as an Aquarius Rising, which is my natal 7th house. So, my identity changes to living with a partner. Saturn is squaring Uranus in the 4th here. So, tension involving my identity surrounding home and family.

This can help me refine my intentions and be more specific. Of course, I tend to leave details out and remain unattached to outcomes, but ultimately the…

Adjust Your Sails

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