Manifestation: Open Letter to the Universe

Note to self.

I surrender to the universe all outcomes and desires. I fully trust and have faith that the universe knows better than me what is for my highest good. I will continue practicing non-attachment and allowing outcomes to look differently than I expected.

I will be grateful and appreciate all my experiences, good and bad, rather than simply trying to manifest a perfect, happy existence and forego learning my lessons. Seeking to cultivate patience and temperance throughout the journey as it is needed. Wait is an acceptable answer.

I will be self-sufficient in all ways. I will be in control of my emotions and respond rather than react. My thoughts will be under control, so they aren’t controlling me. I will be in tune with my higher self and the Cosmos, trusting my intuition and hunches to lead and guide me. Knowing that when I am not I am more apt to give away my power, and my power is a gift.

It doesn’t come from me. It comes through me. When I choose to give it away to the petty, the negative, the shadow, the darker side of life I am not appreciating the gift for what it is. I will never forget this long-term. It will help me remain humble, kind, and generous.

Never will I avoid my sadness, grief, anger, or negative emotions and experiences. Instead, I will validate them, thank them for sitting with me, for trying to protect me, and then I will release them. I will practice forgiveness and remembering nothing is as personal as it feels. I will be my own guru.

On the occasion that my shadow side does win out I will recognize it quickly using the tool of self-awareness. I will apologize as needed without pride, and immediately self-correct. I will remember always that real freedom comes from taking responsibility for ourselves. Not from trying to be responsible and control everyone else. I will never allow shame or impatience to defeat me.

I will meet all the right people at the right time. My soul tribe is coming in and these are connections that will last a lifetime. Deep, authentic people that are ready to grow, evolve, and help others. I will become financially independent through these connections, using my creativity and brainstorming with others. I will do this in a way that helps people relate to themselves and to one another. I feel there is no greater work than that.

My practice will grow, and I will host retreats that are affordable and healing. My motives will be to remain humble, pure, and in line with a higher purpose, rather than how much money I can make. I will never swindle a soul. Every intention I set will be purposeful and genuine; for the highest good.

My relationships with my children will continue to evolve and grow. We will become closer than we have ever been. I will be able to truly guide them and encourage them to live their best lives the way I always wanted to and didn’t know how. They are the only reason I pushed so hard to find the answers.

I will watch them flourish and embrace the unknown in life, as they learn to trust their intuition and fulfill their purpose with passion. To see grand babies and know that I am going to leave them all a legacy they can truly be proud of. They will always be able to look back and see that while I was never perfect, I proved my love for them via my dedication to growth and how that is, was, and always will be inspired by and for them.

I will attract the lover meant to be by my side through it all when the time is right. Someone who is as intuitive and intelligent as me. Someone I can have fascinating, life-changing conversations with. Someone who will work with me to help others gather the tools they need to save themselves.

A man who is kind, funny, smart, and in touch with his feminine and his masculine. Who isn’t afraid of people who are different, but instead embraces and encourages diversity and acceptance. Someone who inspires me and motivates me every day to live out my full potential, and is in turn inspired and motivated by me to do the same.

Someone who has learned how to process his past and shame in healthy ways, and won’t allow old cuts to bleed into our connection. A man who knows how to appreciate me for all the things others have taken for granted. One who loves my passion and excitement and isn’t threatened by it. In fact, one who is as passionate and excited as me about the potential the future holds.

This person will make it known that he loves me, and our love will never grow stale as we grow old. The bond will be deep and electric. There will be no doubt that we share the same soul and are made from the same stardust. We will handle all of our challenges maturely and know one another so well that we often need not even speak to be understood.

This man will love my children and family as well. He will never do anything to harm me or them. In fact, he will tell me what I already know. That my children are unique, gifted, talented, and creative. That our relationships inspire him to reach out and heal any mishaps he may have with his own if children are part of his equation.

He will be inspired and warmed within every time we gather for large family celebrations, holidays, or just a Sunday dinner. He will appreciate the small things in life just as much as he’s excited by the bigger potential. He will be balanced and self-sufficient in all the ways I am. We will be mirrors, and take note of our reflection in one another in healthy ways as needed.

Neither of us will swallow the other. We will both remain individuals who share a soul, but are distinct in what we bring to the table. No matter how high we climb together we will never forget to reach down and pull others up behind us. We won’t leave each other or loved ones behind.

He will have learned how to establish boundaries. That what unconditional love is, is remembering that nothing is as personal as it feels. This compassion and forgiveness isn’t a green light for allowing others to cause you pain. It is a healing that can be found when you release them and send them on their way.

I will keep an open mind in all my connections. Surrendering my fixed nature and understanding that I do not have all the answers. I love the Hanged Man card in Tarot because that is often exactly what we need. A shift in the way we perceive something. What I don’t view as a gift could be, and what I do view as a gift may not be. I will remain flexible and ever-learning.

Never will I feel I have arrived. Life is a journey and I am loving how we can choose to soak it all up as we go. It’s not always good, but neither is it always bad. I will ebb and flow and allow the current to take me where it knows I am most needed and can do the highest good.

So mote it be and so it is.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd