What is this Lunar Eclipse bringing you? Left to right we have piles one through five. Choose one or more and scroll down for the reveals. I do hope you’ll read the collective message at the beginning.

Collective Message:

There is far more going on right now outside of this Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. We have plenty of aspects to consider, and planetary alignments, too. I will tell you that the sky right now is not a good omen for relationships in your life that are already strained.

Now is the time to practice patience and unconditional love, while remembering that understanding doesn’t have to become enabling. It’s okay to outgrow people, understanding they were only meant to teach you something along your journey, and not accompany you the full way.

The challenge with this Lunar eclipse is for you to release once and for all the mindset, lifestyle, philosophies, etc that you’ve outgrown. The theme here is expansion, soul truth, and growth. Where do you need that growth most?

I must add that you should be cautious right now as Neptune (Planet of delusion) squares the Sun and Moon. We are all susceptible to extreme emotions, being overly sensitive, and to deception of all kinds. It’s time to remove your rose-colored glasses and get honest with yourself.

This eclipse is happening in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the archer who thinks he’s always right. So pause before you aim your words (arrows), consider not just your intentions, but the possible fallout to come once you release the arrows (words) into the universe.

The energy of this day can help you get to the bottom of what has been keeping you stuck. It can help you understand the past, so you can finally move forward. It won’t happen overnight.

We have two more eclipses to come, and it might be uncomfortable. I will only say we never grow in comfort zones, so take from that what you will. It is only when we are pushed through discomfort that we will make the hardest choices and grow. Use that energy to your benefit.

The collective affirmation is absolutely perfect for this energy. “I find deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort.” A lot of things are uncomfortable right now, including what is going on around the world, but your only job is to focus on your growth, your contribution, and what you can offer that is for the highest good of all.

Pile One:

What is coming for you is an awakening. You have two cards representing a fork in the road, and the lovers card is about choices, too. This eclipse is going to awaken you to opportunities once unfamiliar to you. This may cause you to hesitate and pause. In the past you’ve allowed fear to become missed opportunities, and the universe wants you to overcome this.

Your affirmation is “My fearless freedom lights up the world”. You don’t actually have to be fearless. What you have to do is speak to and validate your fear. Let it know you appreciate all the years it tried to keep you safe, but that you are no longer in need of protection. You keep talking to it this way until it is no longer ruling you.

Don’t avoid fear, shame, and negative emotions or feelings. They are only there to remind you that you have values and may be falling short of them. The Fork in the Road card shows an owl on the animal’s back. You absolutely hold the wisdom within to make the right choice. Will you take the well-worn path with predictable outcomes, or will you take the one less traveled?

There is definitely an under-lying theme of love in this reading, but of course apply it to whatever you have going on. When it comes to love it may be time for you to make a decision in a relationship. When you refuse to make a choice or leave it up to others you’re giving your power away. Your power is a gift that comes through you, not from you. Don’t disrespect it like that.

You are going to have people entering your life that are meant to be on your path. It’s time to stop feeling you can go it alone. You never want to stop being independent, and building your foundation within. However, it’s time to embrace interdependence and teamwork going forward. Maybe this fork in the road is you choosing your team.

Right now you’re not perceiving the truth of your own power. You are allowing your situation to overwhelm you and causing more fear and anxiety. My suggestion is to write or simply talk to yourself standing in front of the mirror. Become determined to stand in your power. To trust yourself.

It’s never other people you have to trust. It’s your ability to understand nothing is as personal as it feels that you must believe in. I highly suggest meditation, either guided or via a frequency of your choice. Seek the angel of strength with purpose and intention. We spoke in the collective portion about the arrows and your aiming of them. Be intentional.

Figure out what happened in your life that caused you to emotionally shut down. You can absolutely handle deep emotions if you remember that you are not those emotions. You are the awareness above them, which can detach and sort them out. If you are in a relationship with someone who projects their shame and pain onto you perhaps it’s time to choose boundaries.

The storms for you will be over when you learn from the past, rather than view it as a personal assault on you. This eclipse is letting you know the darkest times are now behind you. It’s time for reassessment and redirection. Reflect on the lessons the dark times taught you. Did it teach you self-love? What about empowerment? Take those lessons with you.

You can’t avoid your past and leave it behind. Your memories matter, even the ones buried in your subconscious matter. Whatever has come before teaches you how to handle what you face today. Don’t be selective with your memory. Build from the best and learn from the rest should be a motto.

Change is part of life. You are meant to evolve. Be true to yourself at every stage of your journey and loyal to what you love. Don’t sell yourself short trying to please others. I promise you that is not the right path. Sometimes what you call loyalty isn’t loyalty at all. It’s an unhealthy attachment. Now is an opportunity to learn the difference.

Any communication you feel you must have right now will be successful. Even if it ends up with you not being fully heard the end result will be for your highest good. Don’t hold back with how you feel. Do be considerate and kind with your communication, but be unapologetic.

It’s a great time to communicate that you are a bad ass. Deep down you know that you have the power to influence others and spread optimism. This eclipse wants you to focus not just on the lessons learned from what went wrong in the past, but on the successes you have gained as well. Find gratitude in the mix and use that as a magic wand.

Let your heart be open only for meaningful relationships, where the energy is reciprocated. Expand into those unions with trust, and trust the ones that must go are meant to go. Sometimes people simply cannot save themselves, and they will drain you seeking salvation instead. It’s not personal, but you should put up a boundary and choose not to invest.

Even when you’re blinded by the unknown there is a higher version of you that can help lead the way. If you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place right now it’s a good time to connect with the divine within. Listen to meditations that help you with fear, anxiety, and negativity.

Lean into this energy and trust you’re worthy of more than you’ve settled for.


Pile Two:

What is coming for you is protection. You are being advised to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself for now. There may be people around you who are untrue and not committed to your success, but their own. There is nothing to fear as ultimately you are protected going forward.

I would suggest saging your space and lighting some candles. Spirit wants you to tune into the frequency of divine love and cast aside all fear. Your affirmation is “The presence of love will always cast out fear”. Maybe there aren’t people around you waiting to sabotage you. Perhaps you’re just fearful of trusting other people.

It feels like you’re trying too hard to create all that you want without the nurturing, vital force of Spirit. True inspiration is found when you draw upon divine guidance. There is a need for more meditation and connecting with your higher self. You are truly at your most creative right now, and this eclipse energy is yours for the taking. You just have to co-create.

Tap into connections of the heart right now, and don’t give any focus or energy to connections that don’t inspire you or serve you. Reclaim a partnership with Spirit and allow yourself to be guided into the next steps, rather than simply taking step after step hoping something works out. You’re making it harder than it has to be.

Just breathe. What is the one thing you need to do when you feel rushed? Slow down. Meditate, trust, breathe, repeat. Take a walk in nature away from all the noise and allow your soul to become settled. Slow and steady is what will win your race, but I feel a very frenzied energy within you. You have put in the work. Part of the work is to stop working and rest.

This energy is bringing you ancient wisdom and profound healing. Resolution for physical, mental, and emotional blockages is on the horizon. I know you can sense it deep within. Don’t be afraid of it. Tap into the love, love, love. We are one and it is vital you tap into that oneness going forward. At the deepest levels in you a divine healing is taking place.

Expand your vision to contemplate broader options than you’ve allowed yourself to consider. The universe wants you to know that unlimited, creative resources are available to you. You just have to slow down, meditate, and seek those resources from within. External sources of information and guidance are great, but should only serve as validation for internal sources.

There is something you’ve been trying to communicate or wanting to communicate that just isn’t coming out right. There are blockages to your throat chakra. I highly recommend meditations involving the throat chakra, and even listening to throat chakra frequencies as you sleep.

Something in the past caused you to shut down and not feel fully comfortable expressing yourself. It’s time to break that unhealthy pattern. If it’s fear holding you back from self-expression go back to your affirmation every time. You have something meaningful to say, but how you say it is going to be important. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for assistance.

What you might fear is confrontation. Do you know that it is in the throws of confrontation that we can learn so much about ourselves? Watch your words right now. Right speech is being called for and in order to bring it you must unblock the throat. It’s a good time to reflect on any beliefs or words you’ve parroted from others because someone may have led you astray.

Write down words that affirm what you truly value. Speak them out loud. When you do speak make sure you speak truth and love. Spirit absolutely has a plan for you, but you have to go within to seek the next steps. The universe really does have your back, even when you feel your back is up against a wall.

If you’re feeling awkward, walking around embarrassed, it’s only because you’re not meant to walk. You’re meant to fly. To soar over anything that makes you feel scared or alone, so you can see the bigger picture. Stop making yourself small to gain acceptance and approval from others. The right people will not request that of you ever.

There are relationship changes coming in for you. This may not be romantic, but it could be of course. Overall I feel it’s a change in who you associate with, invest in, and allow to partake in your life. You are so ready to learn and expand your consciousness. It will be necessary to remove people from your circle who aren’t ready for the same.

The energy of this eclipse will be giving you plenty of signs and messages, so be open to them. Right now the next move for you is to slow down, rest, and stop avoiding the healing you know is necessary. Time to transmute your shadow. A deep resting period is necessary for your future stability, but I feel like you’ve been avoiding it because you’re afraid of the pain.

Your diligence and hard work will pay off, but first you must release what is no longer serving you. The restlessness, the rushing, all of that has been there because you’re attempting to change your material reality without diving deep into the immaterial realm. Seed by seed you plant your future, but it must start by digging up the old and tilling the ground.

I know it can feel frustrating when you think you’re doing everything right, and you’re not seeing fruition. Or perhaps you are seeing it, but not in the ways you expected or feel you deserve. Sometimes it’s our old, deep wounds causing the delay, and they must be faced.


Pile Three:

This energy is bringing you reassurance that you have guardians all around you. The knowing that you are never as alone as you feel. Supernatural beings surround you and all you have to do is ask for their assistance.

Your affirmation is “I’m unapologetic about what I desire and trust that what I focus on will grow.” What are you supposed to focus on? Following your dreams. You have a fear of abandonment that must be dealt with going forward. I feel you’ve lived most of your life feeling separate from rather than a part of, and that is all going to change.

In the past you may have compromised yourself to belong, but that isn’t allowed in the future. There will be no more shutting down your own shine in order for others to steal a spotlight that belongs to you. I get a very Sun in the 7th house energy with this pile, but if not that’s okay. It still applies. It’s time to address issues you have with intimacy and unhealthy attachments.

This eclipse is bringing in new opportunities for you. The only deal is you must give as much as you get. Let every exchange you partake in be an exchange of life-force energy, and not just you giving, giving, giving without ever receiving. All the investment you’ve made in yourself is about to pay off in ways you could never see coming.

The only caution here is to be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the things we wish for come with a hefty price tag. I feel you’re someone ready to pay the price. You’ve walked away from so much that didn’t serve you. As difficult as it has been you chose to trust the unknown. It’s time to keep walking away from the familiar that you know leads only to resentment and tears.

Habits, relationships, emotional patterns, false beliefs, all have to go now. The only thing I see standing in your way is you’re too much head and not enough heart sometimes. I sense a masculine energy wanting to enter your life to teach you something new. Keep in mind women can have a higher masculine frequency, too, so it doesn’t have to be a man.

This person is meant to guide you on the finer details of the chosen path you’ve laid out for yourself. I feel this pile knows the path they want to take, but not so much how to bring it to life. This person brings a new discipline, technique, course of study that will change your life forever. It could be a love interest, but it doesn’t have to be.

Right now your heart is closed to this person. In order for them to arrive you must work on fully opening your heart space. It’s that old fear of abandonment blocking you. It’s necessary for you to understand that whoever leaves you wasn’t meant for you. It says nothing about your worth and what you deserve. Love them from afar without taking them personal.

Now is the time to fully heal the old stuff and leave it behind. We can’t keep bypassing the pain and pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s a great time to meditate to heart chakra frequencies or guided heart chakra meditations. Your rebirth is assured, but first things first…be open to it. You can’t have one foot in and one foot out. You must be all in.

Trust your own intuition as a reliable guide. Whatever has left or fallen away did so in order to make space for the new. If you feel you’re in the dark about what the new is just trust the unknown and take the next guided step. You’ve already been granted a new perspective. It’s time to adopt it fully.

You’re being asked to stop the hard work for a moment. To surrender to meditation and going within. Remember I said that following your dreams is the most important thing? Well sleeping allows you to dream. Sometimes the best and most effective action is non-action. This allows you to formulate your dreams, reflect on them, and make a plan for when it’s time to work again.

Don’t seek epiphanies outside of yourself right now. It will only serve to confuse you. Now is a time for deep inner reflection and soul searching. Overflowing material abundance is yours as you seek to become a confident, warm leader. You have endless potential, but you must understand it comes from within, and not from external sources of validation.

You are whole. You are more than enough on your own. You shine brightest when you choose to be happy. You breathe life into everything you touch, so start touching your inner core. Be ready to take inspired action when the time comes, and you will know it when it comes. Don’t be afraid of sitting still too long, as you’re being heavily guided at this time; you’ll feel the nudge.


Pile Four:

This eclipse is bringing an intensity to your masculine energy. My only real caution here is if you’re someone with a lot of Aries in your chart. Don’t allow this intensity to make you too impulsive. Masculine energy is great for when it’s time to take action, however.

Essentially this is an intensity in your ability to “toughen up”. There is a need for a rational and logical analysis. Your affirmation is “Obstacles are detours in the right direction”. Perhaps the analysis is over something you are perceiving as an obstacle, but is actually a gift.

Your answers will come to you during everyday, routine chores. You’re being asked to set aside your big dream for a time. Like the pruning of trees being necessary for full blossom this is a time of pruning for you. Letting nature take its course is an important step in manifestation. Nothing is as important right now as you simply paying attention to what needs to be done today.

Chop wood, carry water. Chop wood, carry water.

Hold hands, wash dishes, sweep the floor, light a fire, read a book, stare into space. These are your focus goals for right now. Small steps are necessary rather than the large leap I can feel you wanting to take. When it’s time to get out of the chair and make things happen you will absolutely know.

There is healing necessary and in order for that to happen you must stop viewing your past through a personal lens. You must distance yourself from your pain to seek perspective. Right now unresolved past experiences are getting in your way. This eclipse is bringing illumination.

When you do seek to connect with others make sure it’s people who are like-minded. Not negative people, but also not people who refuse to talk about the shadow and integration. Before the light can fully shine we must integrate the shadow. The universe is sending beneficial alliances your way.

Right now is the time to stop being emotionally overwhelmed. The focus on everyday chores and one day at a time can help you with this. There may be people in your life who are jealous, manipulative, and resentful. These are unhealthy attachments that I see you releasing soon if you haven’t already.

Over the coming months you will be fully releasing old patterns, people, and fears that have held you back. You will be taking a leap of faith. This will come as you understand that in order to take that leap you must first make space for a running start. There is a huge need to listen to your own intuition and not the advice of other people in the real world and online.

Conquer the fear you have of abundance, so that you can make the leap toward accepting all that is truly yours. This is the precursor to you coming out of the shadows. It’s almost time for you to let it all shine. Everyone won’t celebrate your shine and that’s perfectly alright. Those meant to will.

The lessons of the past can move you ahead. Don’t settle for hollow victories that are only important on the surface for others to see. It matters far more what you feel within. Seek to conquer your fear of failure, of being left out in the cold. Allow your intuition to guide you and you won’t miss out.

You got triple fives right in a row. A lot of change is coming. Doors activating magical opportunities are opening for you. Let go of the self-pity. Even if you or your loved ones are victims don’t feed that. Speak something different into existence. Live life one day at a time, and do your best to see the cups still standing, instead of crying over what has spilled.


Pile Five:

This energy is bringing in a recognition of your personal power. You have an inner connection with nature and a natural ability to heal. You will start using all the resources and tools at your disposal.

Your affirmation is “Joy is the ultimate creator”. Remind yourself when things seem difficult to find joy in the little things. Seek that joy on purpose. It will help you create the future you crave, even when you don’t know exactly what that future should look like.

Right now there is a need for you to see beyond the superficial. Everywhere you look people are wearing false masks. You’re being asked to remove yours. I feel you may experience a hard truth going forward about how you’ve sold yourself short, and watched others do the same. The real you has had to remain hidden behind a sparkle and shine.

There is a need for you take action. To stand confidently in the truths that have been revealing themselves to you. It is absolutely okay for you to make the first move. No matter the response you will at least know where you stand and not be hiding who you are and how you feel any longer.

Raw, real energy is being required of you. You have two action cards, in fact. Just make sure you’re applying logic to your actions. Creative new beginnings await you that will require significant external changes. These changes may not be the easiest changes to make, but they are necessary for future growth.

I have a feeling this about the family you’ve created. It’s been shrouded in ungratefulness from the start. In people pretending to be what the other needs in order to feel needed themselves. This always ends in upheaval. Losing your sense of gratitude leads to losing opportunities.

Even when everything around you seems to be falling apart it’s important to appreciate what isn’t. Try seeing the bigger picture and what new can be built in place of what is being torn down. I get a feeling of emotional distance or separation from family. Maybe this is for the best, or maybe you just need to communicate and work through hostilities. Only you will know for sure.

I will only tell you that you can’t change other people, and if you’ve truly outgrown them it’s time to just let it be. Now is a time to think on your feet, and be okay without having a lot of time to process thoughts and decisions. Your circumstances are about to change rapidly if they haven’t already.

This is not the time to hesitate, but rather be led by your intuition. Do not hide who you truly are to avoid intimacy or appease those who do. Become so in tune with what is happening within you that you can respond quickly to what happens around you without losing your power and housing regret.

What the universe wants you to know is that all of the old is breaking down because it’s time for the new. It’s time for you to sing your own song. The one you’ve kept hidden long enough. If you can’t be authentic and express yourself freely around the people in your life you have the wrong people in your life.

You’ve spent enough years suppressing your own song in order to sing the songs you thought others would find appealing. It’s kept you from your true abundance. There are real friendships, relationships, and community waiting for you. They will celebrate your song, and not ask you to sing another.

You are experiencing the birth of new ideas, the arrival of inspiration, and getting to know your real potential. Starting to understand the mirror-like nature of consciousness. How all our external relationships reflect the one we have with ourselves. You’re starting to understand fully how interconnected we all are, how interconnected everything is. Tapping into that oneness.

It is in this moment, where everything feels dark, that you are free to finally heal everything. To finally understand it was never as personal as it felt. To release the grip of vices and addictions. To stop trapping yourself telling the same sad stories about your life. Which path will you choose?

Namaste to all.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd