There is someone who is in your life who has made an honest declaration of their love for you. I mean this the real deal. This person has held nothing back in letting you know they see you as divine partnership material. They laid it all on the line and your reaction has been as if you can take or leave it, when in truth you want it just as much as they do.

Part of you feels like you were doing just fine before this offer was made. Like it pulled the rug out from under your feet. As if the walls are now closing in. There is a lot of inner turmoil and conflict over this declaration of love. This love is meant to absolutely transform you and you can feel it. The truth is you were not fine before this either. You were in denial.

This is a catalyst to change your entire life and it terrifies you right now more than it excites you. You’re incredibly guarded. Your heart has been wounded, bruised, and survived countless battles. So, now you have these walls built up all around it. You’re extremely defensive and this is keeping out something that is meant for you. Something healing, harmonious, and reciprocal.

This connection may be with someone you’ve known since childhood or it could just be you and this person have lived past lives together. From the moment you met you felt like you’ve known them forever. You want this badly. There is so much passion within you for this person, and part of you even knows the connection could be fated and divine.

You’re an extremely creative person with so much to offer the world, but you’ve turned your back on the world for a long time now. I don’t know if you ever truly faced it at all. But this person has you slowly turning around to do just that. There is a need for you to start by facing yourself.

Go within, meditate, journal, reflect on your wounds, and how unfair it is for you to bleed all over people who have never cut you. There is a lot of anxiety in you over this. Maybe just in general over everything. Mediation can help a lot with this. I also suggest you speak to and validate the anxiety.

Shame, anxiety, anger, no negative emotion can survive being recognized and acknowledged. So tell it you see it, that you appreciate the attempts it has made to protect you. Let it know that you’re not in need of protection. You’re aware of your internal values and plan to strive to live up to them. That you’re imperfect like everyone else and are choosing to forgive yourself and grow.

Deep need to go within showing up in this reading. To do the healing work, so you can accept this love offer. This person triggers your wounds without even trying and it’s because your heart knows it’s meant to open to this person. I can sense your heart growing ten sizes like the Grinch every time this person crosses your mind. It may be a telepathic connection even.

There is strong abandonment issues coming through that you need to address. Your safety and security is found within you. The people who have hurt you in the past or left you out in the cold did so because of something in them. It says nothing about your worth. Nothing is as personal as it feels. You have to close out those old chapters before you can start the new one with integrity.

You are sitting there, pretending to be blind, acting like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s not you against the world. This is you against you. You are strong enough to heal and accept this dream come true. I’m telling you this offer is genuine and you can feel it in your soul. This person doesn’t want to hurt you. They want you love you whole.

If you do the healing work and embrace this offer, ensure you’re not making your triggers this other person’s responsibility, I see long-term happiness. I see you being so grateful you faced your shadow. Divine intervention is here now. Justice for all you’ve been through.

This is a real shot at a ten of cups life, where your heart, their heart, all the hearts of your home are harmonious, happy, and full. It’s in the beginning stages, but the stability is guaranteed.

This message is not for anyone in a relationship that is physically, verbally, emotionally, or otherwise abusive. It is not for anyone in any form of toxicity. Those relationships are not divine in the same sense as the one I am speaking of here. They are karmic and you’re meant only to learn and move on from them. Please learn the difference. You deserve real love.


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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd