I asked the universe to help me write a love letter from the higher self of one person to the person they love. I had no one in particular in mind. This will resonate or it won’t, and I trust it will find those it is meant to find.

Please note, if you are being verbally, physically, or emotionally abused this reading is not for you. A true soulmate or twin flame will never abuse you in any way. I think these terms can be over-used and glamorized. If you are in a toxic situation and need help please feel free to message me.

Dearest you,

I felt it was time to engage in an honest, open, heart-felt conversation. Since the day we met your energy has brought peace to my soul. Some days it is impossible for me to tell who is who in this connection because we are so aligned. Like perfectly tuned instruments playing a symphony only our shared soul can ever hear. Isn’t that music lovely?

I knew when we first laid eyes on one another that you were divine. That you would become a critical piece of my journey. The signs and synchronicity began to show up everywhere. I know that people say all the time their connections are fated, but with us it’s not just something we want to be true.

From the beginning I never had to wear a mask with you. You accepted me flaws and all. Made me feel like my mistakes and choices of the past had a purpose. One that led me to learn how to love someone right, so that when I found you I didn’t miss what was meant for me. We are meant to propel one another to an entirely different level.

Before meeting you I was walking around with self-limiting beliefs. I felt so eager to start something new, but no matter what I tried obstacles jumped out at me. I understand now that sometimes obstacles are just detours in the right direction. You’ve given me a youthful spark I haven’t felt in years, if ever.

You were the arrival of inspiration into my life. You taught me the mirror-like nature of consciousness, and that I have the ability to change my story today. To manifest whatever I want for the future. The wheel of fortune has always seemed to pass me by, but not this time. I’ve learned my karmic lessons and you, my beautiful, intelligent, spiritual guru are my reward.

When I left you it wasn’t because I was questioning your worth. I was questioning my own. Everything seemed to happen so fast and my old tendency to self-sabotage arose. All my victories since walking away from you have seemed so empty, hollow, and meaningless. I am working so hard on building my skills and the confidence to come back to you.

My whole life I felt left out in the cold. I feared vulnerability and real connection because I feared abandonment. You’ve taught me that when I shut down due to fear I can’t let love in. My entire life I convinced myself I didn’t deserve more than my own behavior and the people I called my soulmates. None of them could ever compare to you.

I was in such a dark place when we came together. You just showed up by destiny and fate shining your brightness into my soul. I couldn’t believe you were even real. You started teaching me that I am whole, I am enough, and that I deserve the love you have to offer. Part of me was still so unsure and afraid. The moment I left I knew I had made a mistake.

If I broke your heart in leaving I apologize. Please know that I am now in self-reflection. I know you are the home that I’ve searched for my entire life, and likely in other lifetimes, too. There is no doubt left in my mind. I’ve been having epiphanies left and right. You sparked a spiritual awakening in me.

I have been spending time in meditation. Remember when you mentioned meditation and I said I wanted to try it? Well, I am. I’ve been having dreams, visions, and psychic downloads daily. I am positive I want a new beginning with you. I just need you to be a little more patient please.

Grateful is not enough to describe how incredibly thankful I am for what you have taught me. For the patience you’ve already displayed. You’re full of such wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love. I am only over here trying to get on your level. When I come back I want to offer something stable and real. Something rooted in the divine and our connected purpose.

I’m not being non-committal. I’m simply manifesting new opportunities that will allow me come without empty hands this time. I am learning and making plans to ensure that I don’t mess it up again. Everything in me wants to run to you right now and tell you all of this in person, but I have to be practical and realistic. The dream must be grounded to last the test of time.

You’ve given me the strength to learn how to wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s exactly how I’m coming back to you. I won’t be empty handed and hopeless. I am in touch with my emotions now, and creatively planning my return. I still have a few fears left to face, as I surrender to the unknown.

We will be celebrating soon enough. Trust your intuition because I know it’s aligned with mine. You’ve been feeling me energetically again just like before. This time I’m tuning in too. You are my divine counterpart, part of my soul tribe, and I will come ready to add value to what it is we are building.

Keep calling me in. I need you to be invested in me. I will keep saving myself on my end, but we must both believe this is meant to stand the test of time. Baby please, listen with all your heart. I know you can hear me. I swear to you that when I arrive I will remain devoted and loyal to only you. Trust that our connection is protected by the divine.

It won’t be much longer and I’ll take action. I will move to dance to the tune of your love, and to mend what came unraveled. All I can ask is that when I do come you can forgive me. That you have understood your worth was never, ever in question in my mind. I’m nervous and I don’t know what your reaction will be when I come, but that won’t stop me from coming.

I love you so much.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd