Lions Gate Portal: Empowerment

This morning I suddenly feel clearer than I have in some time. Standing in my power and allowing endings to happen gracefully will never fail to amaze me. When you refuse to step out of your power or at least refuse acting from a space where you feel powerless the reward is so great.

On July 26th we entered a Lions Gate Portal and today I would like to speak to you about what that means and how you can take advantage of it. August 8th will be the peak of this portal and I highly encourage you to plan a ritual for that day that can help you level up in whatever area of life you’re striving for.

The number 8 is about infinite empowerment. It supports your efforts and intentions to manifest into the material world. It amplifies whatever it touches. Since it’s touching Leo Season this amplifies our heart space. It aligns us with authentic self-expression, strength, courage, and passion.

I read a great quote today, but there was no mentioned author. “A priestess is not a woman. It’s a way of knowing.” I know things and yesterday I proved once again my intuition is usually on point. I encourage you all to make solar plexus work part of whatever ritual you create. This is the power center, where your deepest self lives, and waits to be expressed authentically.

Energies are super charged right now and will be heightened further on the 8th of August. It’s a time of infinite abundance, a time to create, and a time to illuminate your own activation. This is about awakening royal, divine codes within you to pursue higher living.

You may feel emotional, tired, drained, have ascension symptoms, or experience endings. This is a time to release your old self and embody a new you. To embody your soul’s blueprint, and the ability to maintain or find inner peace amid turmoil. Birthing of new and heightened dedication is here.

I’d like to do a general, collective reading for us to see what we are in for if we choose to tap into this energy with intention. To help us understand what we may face going through the portal, and how to heal our hearts along the way. This way we can act from a place of self-empowerment, courage, passion, and strength. I’m so glad we are in Leo Season now.

I feel so much more at home in my first house than I did the 12th during Cancer Season. However, I am grateful for what Cancer Season taught me and brought up from my subconscious that needed to be addressed. The triggers were extraordinary and almost constant, but I felt my way through them.

Collective Meditation Message:

I would like to start with the numbers five, seven, and eleven. These numbers may be important to you going forward. Please feel free to look up the numerology behind each of these numbers and what it means. It may hold a message for you beyond what you read here.

I feel a sense of bliss coming in. There is a woman standing at her kitchen sink doing her dishes, but she’s doing them with such peace in her heart, and the most content smile on her face. She is gazing out the window contemplating her life and how far she has come.

She no longer looks back on the past with shame, fear, or sorrow. The fact that the past is nothing more than a lesson to evolve her soul has fully integrated. She is now able to fully act in her integrity almost always, and when she doesn’t she rights herself quickly.

Empowerment is exactly what this portal is bringing in. Like the High Priestess, it’s not about the woman, but what she knows. No matter what happens around her she stands in her power and refuses to falter. She no longer builds her foundation externally, but internally where the heart lies.

She doesn’t allow her anger to fester and turn into meanness. Any sorrow she feels is felt and dealt with, so it doesn’t turn into self-pity. Her heart is kept soft enough to break because she understands nothing is as personal as it feels. Her mind is turned toward justice over cruelty always. Every bit of the life she has lived has been to bring her closer to love.

Be fiercely kind with firm boundaries. Love yourself first.


Messages from Spirit

Dearest you,

All your prayers are heard and mirrored back to you from the unseen realms. Be grateful, praise things before they manifest, and always ask for the highest good. When you plead and beg, that will only bring you more reasons to plead and beg. Instead, offer your prayers as sacred gifts, as a testament to your faith in a Higher Power.

Open up and let Spirit move through you and comfort you. Add meditation as a way to become empty so you will be ready to be filled with inspired epiphanies, peace, understanding, and joy. In this moment, your prayers are being answered for the highest good of both you and all of life.

Sometimes what you pray for is not supposed to happen for you, and your prayers will be answered in surprising ways. At this moment we are listening intently to your prayers and want you to know that your highest good is our top priority. All is well.

Sometimes things have to end to make space for new things to begin. We think we know what is best or what we want, but it’s often we approach this from a space of ego rather than our intuition. What has ended for me recently isn’t what I view as an ending, but more of a pause. The answered prayer was a “Not right now” more so than a “No”.

The truth is for my highest good this had to end, so that my focus could be on this, on helping myself, on helping other people, and on continued growth and success in gaining health and self-sufficiency in my life. So know this, if the answer isn’t the one you wanted there is probably a good reason.

Do not plead with the universe to bring you what isn’t meant for you. The universe acts from a space of energy and vibration. If you seek to manifest from a space of fear and begging you will only manifest more reasons to plead and beg. Meditate, seek inner peace, and empower yourself. Then manifest.

Dear you,

There are times in life when taking a risk is better left for another day. Other times are perfect for taking that leap, no matter how dangerous it might seem. Well, hold on to your parachute strings, for today is leap time. Realize that no matter what, we will not let you fall, drown, get lost, or hurt yourself in any way on this one.

Even if it may feel like you are in free fall, we are here for you, and you can stop freaking out about getting hurt and relax into this transition to something new. All the elements are in place, and your soul is ready for a new experience. No matter what you’re asking about, it’s time to take the risk.

Do that thing that scares you. No matter what happens, you will land softly, right on target. Don’t worry about the outcome, Spirit’s got that covered. It’s taking the leap itself that is the point. We love your courage. Embrace it.

They say without risk there is no reward. You will never be without some fear when faced with tackling something new, but the point isn’t to rid yourself of the fear. It’s to build up a process that works for dealing with the fear. Understand that it’s only in trusting the unknown that growth happens.

For many of you it’s time to collaborate. To take a risk and work with others to build something new. If you are willing to take the risk and build your dreams you’re going to have to accept from others. Becoming too self-reliant, taking on too much, is all a surefire way to fail.

At the very least meditate and co-create with Spirit as your partner. Using only your logic leaves huge gaps that will have cracks in the foundation. Find a soul tribe of accountability partners who embrace their own authenticity and encourage you to embrace yours. This portal is assistance for you.

There is a need to release control issues. We cannot always control the outcome. The only thing any of us can ever control is our reaction to an outcome. Your initial, emotional response is perfectly valid, but how you react to it may not be. Self-control is your super power.

Life is a mystery. Not everything can be explained using intellect and logic. So, set the intention to learn how to listen to the soft voice within you. Tap into the universe and let it reveal its secrets to you. Get heart-centered and soul focused. The universe offers you more intimacy than a human being ever will.

Now is a time to allow yourself to experience life through your heart center and intuition, not your emotions, logic, and pain. It’s not a great time to reveal your dreams and goals to others, unless they are working with you on them. Allow gentle, quiet truths to fall into your psyche.

Let your logical mind rest and don’t let the opinions of others sway you. Slow and steady will win the race. Even in taking a risk it should be a calculated and well-planned out risk. You wouldn’t jump from a plane without having gone through the instructions, having your parachute, etc.

Like the woman doing dishes now is a time to get lost in the mundane. Do what you need to do, put one foot in front of the other, and you will see your manifestations come to life in perfect timing. It’s not the time to embrace a masculine energy and push to force things to happen. This is time to embrace the softer, more feminine approach of letting it come to you.

All of us are getting ready to enter uncharted territory. Expect wonderful experiences if you embrace this process. Keep your compass pointed to your true north. Learn your birth chart, get a reading, meditate and journal, as these are all ways to discover what your true North is.

Even if you feel lost for a bit know that’s okay. Just listen with your heart and follow the advice that lives there. Not the ego advice that stems from past pain, but the advice of your soul. This is not the time to swim against the tide and keep struggling or working hard to make anything happen.

Stop trying so hard and jump in the stream and float. Learn how to be fully present with your body, mind, and spirit. This is your navigation system. Take good care of all three, and they will not fail you. You can’t force inspiration or manufacture creativity. You can’t force other people to see your vision.

Red flags are going to become more noticeable to you in yourself and in those around you. Do not ignore them. If you do the only thing you will receive from it is a lesson that will hurt your heart. Temptation and intrigue are going to be all around you, but you’re being tested to see if you will stand in your power.

Tapping into your intuition isn’t about lingering in fantasy and illusion. We all want to belong, but now is the time to discover how you can first belong deeply to yourself. This is about you coming to life, expressing who you truly are, and no longer seeking to discover that through who comes and goes.

For many of you I sense new members of your soul tribe coming in, so don’t get caught up fighting for those you’re meant to leave behind. Take spirit-inspired action and transform yourself from the inside out. It’s time to celebrate with like-minded people who have your best interest at heart.

Many of us are being called to step into the limelight and be an influence for others. Take this portal as a chance to go within, to become your own guru, and to discover how you can help, what you have to offer, and how your voice can be used for the highest good.

Justice is being served for many of us. These endings are balancing the scales for us. New beginnings are everywhere we look, but we have to look. If you want to leave a legacy behind you can be proud of expect that. Don’t doubt that you will. Don’t be fooled by current 3D happenings.

The only thing standing in your way is you. We shackle ourselves when we live in our ego and fear space. We get in our own heads, allow our thoughts to imprison us, and become full of anxiety. Let the anxiety and fear know you appreciate they’re trying to protect you, but you do not need protection.

If you want it brilliant moments of clarity are available to you. Massive clarity is coming in with this portal energy. New doors and opportunities for you to empower yourself and others are here. Expect breakthroughs and epiphanies to fall from the sky. Are you ready for a fresh, new vision?

It’s available, but you have to seek it. Where intention goes is where energy flows. It is your heart space, your intuition, that allows you to trust the unknown, to have faith, and to stop over-thinking everything. Resist all the second-guessing and just leap.


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