Libra Season 2020

The astrology this year has been brutal. Libra season is no different. Most of the astrologers I follow have issued warnings. The biggest message I’ve taken away from it all is that the only thing I can hope to achieve is balance within. That my time is not best spent debating others and pushing my opinions down their throats. No matter how wrong I think or know they are.

I wrote a thread not long ago on the North and South Nodes. That alone is something to pay attention to. The Sagittarius South Node will make you feel like pushing your beliefs and opinions out there. However, we’re supposed to be moving toward the Gemini North Node. Remain open, curious, and taking in information. So pay attention to how open or closed minded you’re being.

This is difficult for me because I’m someone with a background in playing devil’s advocate and in politics. I walked away from all of that this year. Since Mars has gone Rx in my ninth house I’ve had this huge urge to go back to that, but I’m well aware of what a waste of my time and energy it is. If I can withhold my opinions, so can you. I promise it gets easier with practice.

If you truly want to help the collective the single best thing you can do is heal and raise your own vibration. It’s the only thing you have any control over. The more of us who take charge of our own lives the higher the collective energy becomes. So, if you want to change the world change your vibration.

I’d like you all to really start paying attention to your relationships, too. Now is a good time to leave any that are unbalanced behind. While you can’t control other people, you can control which ones stay in your life. You can demand basic respect and appreciation. Get to know yourself because your relationship with you will determine all other relationships in your life.

In the coming days I will be working on the October astrology post, as well as the posts with readings for each sign. I always encourage you to take what resonates and leave the rest. As general readings are just that: general. They may not always apply to you and that’s okay.

My friend, Bryan, shared a great thread on Libra Season. Check it out here:

He is an amazing astrologer. He puts out videos pretty much daily regarding the astrology of the day. He also does weekly videos for each sign, and weekend astrology videos as well. Everyone I’ve shared him with has enjoyed his content, his chill vibe, and his authentic energy.

Check out his channel here:

I also recently had a reading done with him on my birth chart. I highly recommend him if you’re interested in learning more about yours. You can find more information and book with him here:

He did not ask me to promote him at all. I just truly believe in the work he is doing. When you find someone authentic, who is genuinely interested in spreading the love, and informing people, you should want to share their content. So, I hope he doesn’t mind I’ve made him a huge part of this post. Lol

As usual I’d like to start with a meditation and then I’ll dive into the readings associated with the pictures I posted previously. Just remember you will never be able to control external circumstances and other people. The more you try the more resentment and frustration you will have.

You are the only person you can control. Build your peace and harmony within. Don’t let people trigger you into reacting. Then you become their puppet and they are your master, able to pull your strings. As always, for those who ask, the tips jars are at the end of the post. I appreciate your love and support always. I do hope there is something here for everyone.

Pictures to choose from:

Collective Meditation Message:

They are showing me this warrior woman. Everywhere she looks there are fires burning. She isn’t frazzled, though. She is walking around, taking stock of the damage, aware that she is not responsible for fixing it all. She cannot put all these fires out alone. She is smiling because she knows it all serves a higher purpose in the end. It’s a purification of sorts.

She tilts her head toward the sky, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath in, holds it, releases it. All her worry and fears escape her body with that breath. She is meditative. She is checking with her higher self. Restoring balance within, so that she can make her next move from a peaceful place, rather than a place of emotional reaction and turmoil.

They are showing her tending to the fires she can control and put out. The entire time she understands freaking out over the ones out of her control won’t do any good. Whenever she feels the fear or tension rising she pauses to meditate again. To regain her balance and inner peace.

That’s the message. You won’t feel balanced and at peace every second of everyday. Anyone who tells you that is achievable must live an incredibly sheltered life. It’s not about us transcending our human experience, but learning how to transmute it.

Many of us may find ourselves needing more meditation than usual. If that is the case, I highly recommend scheduling it in. Every single time you feel fear, anxiety, or some shadow emotion go within. Let that be a trigger for you that balance is needed, and then remember you’re the only one who can bring yourself the peace and harmony you’re looking for.

Picture One:

Stability in your home life is the theme of this pile. If you chose this pile it’s likely you feel you’re off course. You may have gotten too eager and excited over a new opportunity or relationship. This Libra season is about you releasing any shame or guilt you have over this and getting back on course.

Shame is nothing more than a reminder that you have an internal value system you may not be living up to. Thank it for the reminder. Let it know you plan to forgive yourself for the times you failed to live up to it, and to start living up to it more now. That you don’t need the reminders anymore.

There is caution advised here. Someone in your life, be it a boss, business partner, lover, family member isn’t being honest with you. If you chose this pile you already know this. It won’t be news to you. Relationships are a big them during Libra season. If there is an imbalance now is the time to calmly address it. To perhaps leave some relationships behind.

I think this makes you quite anxious to consider, but these thoughts are nothing more than you creating your own prison. You are worried about being alone, or living in a wasteland with no love. However, is the relationship not a wasteland if you have to constantly fight for crumbs to feel almost loved?

Dig deep for inspiration and truth. Now is the time to find balance within and become resilient. You have the power to adapt to whatever choice you make, so make the choice that is for your highest good. Now isn’t the time to look outside yourself for answers, and if you are looking here all I’m doing is confirming the answer you already know to be true.

There is a change needed in your foundation. In the people you’re choosing to surround yourself with. Now is the time to become self-empowered. To stop being afraid of those whose mission it seems is to cut you and put you down. Advocate for yourself and take control of your life.

There is a fated opportunity for you this Libra season. If you take this chance it will bring you the balance you’re seeking and aching for. I know that leaving people behind can be painful, but the healing serves a beautiful purpose. Sometimes rejection is for your own protection. There is a lot of conflict surrounding you. You take on many burdens not your own; lay them down.

There are so many beautiful, harmonious relationship wanting to come in for you. One in particular that is with someone emotionally stable and consistent. This person holds deep love and wisdom in their heart. There is an old cycle that wants to end, so a new offer can come in. You have a choice to make. Libras aren’t always great at making choices.

Stop seeing all sides for a minute and look at this through your side. Through what you deserve. Through a lens of makes you truly happy and satisfied. You have a huge legacy to create. There is a lot of inspiration and creativity headed your way this season, so the more you can remove the gunk getting in the way the better. Your empire is waiting.

I do see you doing a lot of soul searching about what makes a home happy. About what success really is. There may be a fear of rejection or abandonment that you should research and work on. This will help you gather the confidence and willpower you need to move forward. To create a harmonious environment all around you.

You’re an incredibly loving, nurturing, warm person. One who does have the confidence and self-sufficiency to create your own space. Now is a good time.


Picture Two:

This pile has a lot to learn about finding balance and security within. I feel as if you’re leaving one connection or job, and being led toward another, but the advice here is to learn how to be on your own first. You seem to want to rush forward, heart on your sleeve, and offer someone emotional fulfillment, but do you have that within to offer from an authentic space?

Your security will be found in you learning emotional intelligence. You’re an incredibly loving person, with a heart full of wisdom and love, but how often have you turned that love and wisdom onto yourself? This Libra season get right on your boundaries. Make them healthy.

If you chose this pile none of this is new to you, either. You’ve been given clear guidance in dreams, visions, or signs on who has to go from your life. The person or job you’re trying to leave behind appears quite cold and bitter. They tend to know just what buttons to push and how to cut you to the quick. For a long time you felt they were an insurmountable object in your life.

The truth is you’ve had the power to move away from them all along. To create a more joyous foundation. Take some time this Libra season to be in solitude and consider your plan before you rush forward too quickly. If you leave something behind don’t rush right to the new one. You need time to reflect, to heal, to create a structured plan that will make your offer stable.

If this isn’t a person it could be two jobs perhaps. I’m getting a lot about home and people, but this could definitely be talking about you being in between jobs. I do see you needing to be shrewd right now. To dig in and find an inner strength you can put on display. There is a lot of overwhelm and daydreaming happening for you, and I see you wanting things to be more harmonious.

This Libra season you’re going to have to be resourceful. To tend to seeds you have already planted. Make sure you’re being practical and trustworthy. That you’re giving as much as you take. Live as if. What I mean by this is whatever you’re lacking live as if you’re not lacking it at all. Speak it into existence everyday as if it’s already there.

There is going to be a need for this pile to hold back how they feel a bit, and to meditate on the best action to take. You want to speak your truth, but you want to do that from a balanced state of mind. I sense someone around you who is in their power. Who knows how to blend the material and spiritual realms to create abundance.

If this person isn’t already in your life they could be coming in. A boss, a friend, a lover, a business partner. Either way they inspire you. Don’t be afraid of rejection and self-sabotage this. Lay down the burden of “never enough”. I get a sense this person can help you discover and learn more about your purpose and the direction you want to go in.

I see things picking up pace further into the season. You become quite creative and more sure of the empire you want to build and who you want to build it with. I see you feeling materially and spiritually satisfied the more you follow your higher guidance and the divine.

This season for you is working on the confidence and willpower you need to move forward in authenticity. To make apologies you need to make, or accept apologies you may never get. It’s about discovering what you want from the people around you and how you can blend the energies for success.

More thinking, less doing. At least in the beginning.


Picture Three:

I have a feeling this pile is going to be facing something from their past during Libra season. There is a kundalini awakening happening here. I feel like you need to make time this season to play and have fun, and not to work so hard. I feel there is a person, a job, a situation coming back to be dealt with, though.

This could even be new energy breathed into a current connection or situation. Either way, there is this need for you to decide whether you’re going to stay where you are, or whether you’re going to map out an entirely different future. I do see that whatever was done unfairly in the past is being righted. There is justice coming to some situation you’ve been through.

Maybe you banished someone from your life and set some boundaries, and now they are coming back ready to meet them. There is a need for you to tap into the energy of the collective. In a way that allows you to remember we are all one. This is where a lot of your harmony and contentment will be found. While I do see one thing coming to life from the past there is this stall in another area of life that is bothering you.

So, maybe relationships are good and career is not or vice versa. In some fashion it is telling me you’re in your own way here. There needs to be a display of inner strength during Libra season, where you leave behind people, habits, routines, whatever it is you know is hindering your growth. I see a lot of healing and hope available to you now.

It’s not going to be easy because I sense you will be determined for a new adventure, but have to defend it at every turn. I recommend defending it because whatever this new start is it’s in line with your soul’s calling and the right choice to make. This is something or someone that truly inspires you, but there are others around you not so keen on this person or situation.

Strive for balance and it has huge potential to become long-lasting and abundant. There is some sort of perspective shift you need that will be illuminated. Something you may have to walk away from. It could be a person, but I’m sensing it’s more of a mindset that no longer serves you.

This is in terms of your life purpose and work mostly. I do see shifts in both relationships and life purpose with this pile. It looks like you’re going to experience some major shifts. I see you wanting to work hard, but like I said, it’s time to schedule in some fun and play. Don’t forget that balance.

I definitely see a more stable start coming in regarding something you walked away from previously. This could be a person, a job, or anything really. I see you wanting to build something with another person or people that is long-lasting, stable, and abundant. You are ready to collaborate.

You’re demanding reciprocity, which is great. You can expect great things to come from this, including emotional fulfillment. Go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve here. I do see someone rushing in to speak some sort of truth to you. In many cases I feel this is about love and a passionate new beginning someone wants with you. Take what resonates.

I feel this person has done a lot of soul searching while they’ve been away from you. They are now deciding to trust the unknown and reach out to communicate. To tell you how they miss how effortless and easy your connection is. I feel like you’ve been expecting them, though. This won’t be news for those who this applies for. This isn’t a connection that was hard, abusive, or majorly unstable. Just right person, wrong time vibes.

You’ve been waiting for them to gather the confidence to come forward. It’s like they wanted to wait until everything was perfect, but at the last minute decide to hell with it and come in quickly. This could cause you some ego battles, some anxiety, so make sure you’re going within. That you’re meditating and trusting your higher self for answers on how to proceed.

I really get an overall sense with this pile there is already quite a bit of inner balance and stability. What you really need is to look at your physical habits. Your vices, addictions, eating pattern, sleep habits, etc. Are you drinking enough water? These are the focus for this pile. On taking the inner work you’ve done and applying it to the external habits you have.


Picture Four:

This pile needs to set healthy boundaries and be open to receiving. You cannot keep allowing the same people and situations to bring you grief. There is nothing divine about that. Now is the time for you to consider where your boundaries could use an upgrade. I know we all want to belong and want people in our lives, but we have to make sure they’re the right people.

If you want reciprocal relationships around you be more open to them. Make sure you’re creating that balance within yourself. There is a sense of you being tangled up right now, and not feeling like you can find a way out. Get still, meditate, ask for direction, a sign, a dream. Then work through any anger you have at the universe or the divine, so it can actually come through.

You cannot fake inspiration and creativity. There may be something or someone in your home environment stifling it from you right now. It seems instead of practically looking at answers and hard solutions you’re choosing to go against the tide. What are your fighting for exactly?

This Libra season you’re being asked to step up and lead. To stop living in the past, being nostalgic for what is gone. Be open to help from your higher self, as this is where your confidence and willpower to move forward will come from. There is a rite of passage opening up for you, but you may have to let go of something you’ve been investing in for some time first.

This isn’t easy and I don’t want make like it is. I get a feeling you’ve been hurt and disappointed a lot in your life. Try to remember that rejection is often for your own protection. Don’t hold on so tight to people and situations because that clinginess can push them away. Don’t be defensive against connections, either. You do have a soul tribe coming in. Be open to them. Be receptive.

Regardless your gender find activities that open up your yin energy. This is typically called feminine energy. I just prefer to keep it gender neutral. Dance, sing, nurture yourself. Now is the time to receive, and in order to do that you have to be open to it.

If you’re guarded against everyone how can you create harmonious relationships? If you think you’re not guarded look again. Choose to believe you’re worthy of your dreams coming true and a new beginning with like-minded people. I know it’s been a long time coming and felt like it was moving at a snails pace, but this is teaching you emotional resilience and intelligence.

You have incredible power within you. The Empress and Emperor came out together. Work on balancing your yin and yang energies over Libra season. Know when to take action and when to sit back and allow. Heal your fear of rejection because that is coming up more than once, too. If you’re always afraid you’re going to be rejected that’s the vibration you’re putting out, and thus what you’re going to attract to your life.

You’re an incredibly warm, gifted, nurturing person, but you can’t carry everyone’s burdens. This only breeds resentment. Delegate and set those boundaries. Work on your soul purpose and what feels right for you. I see a lot of transformation and inspiration coming in for you.

I even see some collaborations coming in. You just have to find the strength to remove the old and make space for the new.



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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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