Libra Full Moon Pick A Pile

What happens above so below. The energy we experience affects the individual and the collective. The more we can sync with the energy on an individual level the more balanced the collective becomes. April 7, 2020 is the Full Moon in Libra. How will it affect you personally?

This is a pick a pile reading that will hopefully answer that for you. Right now, it’s a good idea to unplug from the fear and anxiety. Pay attention to yourself and your relationships. Start balancing your scales. It’s the best possible way to contribute to the helpers and the evolution of humankind.

The Readings:

Here are your six piles to choose from. The top row, left to right, is piles one, two, and three. The bottom row, left to right, is piles four, five, and six. Choose one or more that speaks to you, and I hope they help in some way.

Collective Meditation Message:

Things may get harder before they are easier. Do not give in to the panic and fear. A calm mind is collected enough to be resourceful. It isn’t the physically strong who survive. It is those of us most adaptable to change. We must learn to adapt to our current world and seek to evolve in it.

Like a Lotus flower, which blooms in spite of dirty, muddied waters, so can you. So can I. It doesn’t matter where we come from. It matters whether or not we know who we are. Do you know who you are?

Now is not the time to focus on the things you cannot change or control. You are only expected to control yourself. You’re not responsible for what someone else believes, perceives, says, or does. Your only invocation right now is to get acquainted with your life as it is and learn what areas have been screaming for balance. Give your intimate life with you some attention.

The theme for us all going forward is trust. We have to trust ourselves that we will be calm and resourceful, seeking to take care of ourselves and each other, no matter what happens on the larger scale. We must build communities of trust, where neighbors know each other and look out for one another.

Now is the time to seek our strength within and help others stay strong. To take care of our personal health and happiness in a balanced way. To meditate and just breathe through these birthing pains. A new beginning awaits.

Important numbers are Six, Seven, and Four. Six wants us to balance love, family, and home. No better time to do that then when you’re stuck there every day. Seven wants us to be seekers, thinkers, and searchers of truth. Four is asking us to pay attention to our foundation. What are you building for the next decade to come? Can you repair any of the cracks?

Sometimes life gives us these obstacles because we can learn from them. They are detours we perhaps didn’t see coming, but we desperately needed. Sometimes we have to break our hearts to save our souls. Let the light shine on the spaces in need of care and take care of them.


Pile One:

Envision your cup as full and overflowing. You’re unique and it’s time to hang on tight to your faith and imagination. Think outside of the box and stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Try to see the beauty beyond the pain and the darkness. You’re going to knock this out of the park.

Take this down time to really plan your future. Look for the chance to activate opportunities where you are. Fill up your ambition and learn new skills and training in an area that interests you. You can learn almost anything on the Internet, and with the extra time what else are you going to do?

Take this period of rest. Use it to reflect on and release outcomes and people you’re attached to that are just not meant for you. This is a period in time where you will be letting go. Whether it’s of an old, out-dated version of you, or outdated relationships and ideas.

Your intuition is heightened now. You have access to all the information you need within. It’s a matter of prioritizing yourself and seeking the answers. There is something or someone in your life that isn’t serving your best interests. It could even be a habit or vice. There is a call you’re not heeding.

I feel like you’re at a total shutdown in your emotional life. The universe wants you to get that worked out. It is beyond time to open up and get in touch with your feelings and emotions. There may be a difficult connection with another person that is bothering you right now.

Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about the past and the future. What do you want right now? Live in the present as fully as possible for now. If you need a sign go within and ask for one. Communication is coming in for you that will help you moving forward. Pay attention to symbols and signs.

Now is also a good time to just go with the flow. You cannot change anything outside of yourself. Start there and use this time burn away and release the excess. Let old things end, so new can begin. Be sure you’re not over committing yourself to anyone or anything. Delegate as necessary.

The universe is also asking you to become committed to a daily Spiritual practice. Whether that is writing in a journal, meditating, praying, something that feels whole for you and brings you peace. Do it a few minutes each day and build up from there. This will help you find balance.

Your celebration is coming. You will build your community and find joy with them. Right now, though, you have to release the old and make room. You must create a vacuum and put out the vibration that you deserve that celebration and that soul tribe. Our own view of our worth can often hold us back, and we are all worthy; all includes YOU.


Pile Two:

I feel like those who chose this pile have been a bit immature and it’s time to grow up now. To really consider what love and truth are. To recognize and count your blessings. Your bag is full in so many ways. Now is a time where things are going to be illuminated for you; including your own being.

Never allow any feelings of despair or shame to win. We all have things we don’t like or wish we could change. You’re not uniquely awful. Let this illumination empower you to be your best self. Now is a good time to build up persistence, endurance, and longevity.

Spoon feed yourself the beautiful things in life and seek to find your own uniqueness. Let your heart be open to new connections. Even though we’re socially distancing we can communicate online and via technology. This period in time is waking you up to our oneness. Choose to speak to other people who believe in that oneness and want to build you up.

You may have taken a lot more than you’ve given for a while, but that’s okay. We all get there sometimes. It’s now time to make sure there is a two way abundance in your relationships. Maybe it’s someone else being immature and taking more than they give. If so, it’s time to set boundaries.

Do not miss your signs and opportunity by being overly sensitive right now. You have a tendency to overthink things, so remind yourself when you go there to stop. Give yourself a pep talk. Write. Just release the thoughts without lingering too much on them.

You may have been deceiving yourself for a long time now. There is no doubt if you chose this pile the deceit has been lifted. Either you are done being immature and holding on to everything, or you’re pulling away from others who want to stay stuck in that energy.

Ancient wisdom to heal you lives inside of you. It’s time to spark your inner joy, get in touch with your higher self, and spread warmth and love. The world needs all the light it can get, and you’re a light. It’s time to turn yourself on. Be thoughtful, be conscious, and be aware. Release the anxiety.

In truth we are all timeless. The clock can often feel like it’s running out, but time is immeasurable. You have time right now to get to know your higher wisdom and co-create a life you’ll love. Stop worrying about the future. What can you do right now? What can you do tomorrow? That’s what matters.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person I encourage you to find something creative that interests you and give it a try. Even if you never show them to anyone else the satisfaction of creating is unmatched. You are creating your reality every second of every day. You hold the pen. The story can be rewritten as soon as you decide it’s time.

You’ve been trying to gain everything you desire via others. You’re scared to dig into you and pull out what is begging to be freed. You’re afraid for nothing because you will use what you learn there to co-create your best life. Your best life is always going to be where it feels the most authentic.

Home is not a place or a person. It’s your authenticity. Nothing will ever feel more free and right than living your honest truth. Be committed to your own prosperity, and understand the most authentic people on the planet are the ones who are truly rich. Ground your dreams in reality.

What is happening right now is a tower moment. It may have caught us by surprise. Our lives completely shifted overnight. It’s time to catch our feet. This upheaval in our individual and collective lives will lead to a new beginning, where we root our best interests in the least of these, and where everyone is doing their part. That includes you.

If you’re working all the time on the wrong things you’re not working at all. You’re wasting your own time. You’re putting off your best life. Why would you want to keep doing that?


Pile Three:

You are meant to shine. There is a gift you’re meant to share with the world. The gift of peace. You’re not meant to be alone and stay in the background. Don’t hang your hat only on what you can see in this moment. Allow things to look different than you expected.

Your family is protected and you inspire each other. It’s a time to really believe that rebirth, good fortune, and resurrection are coming for you. Be the peace you want others to feel. Let your energy speak before you do.

You are coming from a place of feeling stuck. Now is a time where your eyes are going to be opened and the truth will be revealed. You will start to understand that you have more options than you thought. You refuse to see yourself as a victim. You’re not defiant, but determined.

I feel you’re someone who has vivid visions and can tap into the psychic realms. You perhaps already meditate and seek insights from your higher self. You’re leaving behind all gossip, negativity, and hidden agendas. You’ve been afraid to speak up for a while now. Well, get ready and prepare.

Use this time to work on your throat chakra and communication. There is no need for any definitive actions right now. If you haven’t already been experiencing relief for your anxiety it’s on its way. It’s a good time to diversify your interests and not have all your eggs in one basket.

It is in our nature to resist change, but change is in the wind for you. It’s an opportunity for peace and community. To understand who your soul tribe is and embrace them going forward. To release the old fully and finally, understanding with a content heart that things must ebb and they must flow.

You’re someone who has put in a lot of effort to grow and evolve on a personal level. You have used your life as an apprenticeship, gaining knowledge, and constantly evolving your skills. You have far more influence than you think you do. You’re creating a wealth of wisdom to pass on. It’s where your financial security is going to lie.

Now is not the time to waste your potential. You’re full of ideas and inspiration and it’s time to put them together into something tangible. Our new normal is going to be so good.


Pile Four:

This is a time of renewal for you. Take in things that inspire you and feed your best imagination. Spend time with your family either those you live with, or via technology. Teach yourself to be fearless. This is a time of fertility, creativity, good luck, transformation, health, and feelings.

Do not fear death and destruction. Every time something is destroyed something beautiful is formed in its place. Don’t cling to immature notions of bliss, but do be your own cheerleader, and wave your flag of authenticity.

You’ve felt abandoned for some time now. Lately you’ve been realizing all the keys are on your ring. That they’ve been there along. Your heart was extremely torn and broken. It’s heavy and I can absolutely feel it. You felt hopeless, as if no one cared or was there to listen.

You shut off from Spirit, fed your weaknesses, and begged for strength. Right now you’re being called to a more logical approach. It takes far more energy to maintain an imbalance and go round and round the same cycles, than it does to embrace regeneration and growth.

This period you will start to see a deeper awareness of the unconscious higher self. This time is for you to make a choice. Every choice we make has a consequence. Will you be tempted to cave to the chaos and conflict? Will you be adding to the collective fear and desperation?

You can learn a lot from the conflicts you’ve already endured. Maybe spend some time on those. Stop, wait, look around, and choose wisely your next step. Just remember there is a difference between caution and fear.

This fork in the road has been here. You know exactly what I’m talking about. There is no more waiting and what if’s. It’s time to stand on your own two feet, and to spread wings and plant roots. To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom. What are you waiting for?


Pile Five:

You’ve been bored and can feel something brimming beneath the surface. You’re starting to feel inspired again, to count your blessings, and to have hope. You may have little ones you’re taking care of, and their futures are on your mind pretty heavy. Trust the invisible hand guiding you.

Start devouring all you can about your Spiritual lessons, and understand no one else owns you. Go long and stop thinking about the lack you may be experiencing today. It’s time to find a child-like trust and innocence. This is about fertility and growth. Dance in your uniqueness and the song of infinite, divine love that lives in you.

Tap into your divine feminine and your creativity. Prepare yourself to give birth to what will bring your abundance. There is a potential for you to bore easily and miss an opportunity, so be alert. If you’re focused on what makes your life rich and full you will see the fullness and richness grow.

This should be a time of judgment for you. One of self-realization and understanding. Know your true motives and check in with the universe here and there to keep yourself honest. You’re feeling pretty insecure where financial matters are concerned, and that’s understandable.

However, now is a time of expansion for you. You’re being asked to expand your vision and consider much broader options than you’ve allowed yourself. Use the Internet to network and brainstorm during this down time.

You’re feeling unsure of yourself and your energy isn’t grounded. It’s time to clean that up. Meditate to Solar Plexus and Root Chakra frequencies. Push past the fear and discover who you are. When you step into your true power you and the universe are exchanging gifts. Be flexible and grateful.

The time to act on a new idea or project is now. You’ve been slowly releasing yourself from denial. You’re starting to see clearly. Use this time to creatively plan for your future and map your progress. Trust in the unknown and tap into Spirit and the energy of the universe.


Pile Six:

You’ve handed out a whole lot of grace. No matter how many times someone took that for granted you maintained your belief in family and the oneness of the world. You’ve allowed the invisible hand to guide you as you combed through what makes you and others unique.

The moon brings you peace. If you’re not already someone who does a small moon ritual on the different phases of the moon I encourage you to start. It will bring you great wisdom and help you unlock your heart space. Help you learn how to better go with the flow and not feel so neurotic.

You are a gentle and soft messenger, but definitely have a truth to tell. You represent endurance, hope, life, and change. Time to spread those wings.

You’ve been holding on way too tightly to how things are supposed to look. Let things be what they are. There is part of you feeling like if you fully let go and trust it will bite you. In truth, it brings in who and what is meant for you. Stop being nostalgic for connections that weren’t as caring as you pretend they were. That isn’t going to bring you the love you deserve or desire.

Stop letting your emotions overwhelm you. Remember they come and go, and are nothing more than waves you can surf skillfully. Let go of anyone who brings consistent negativity and envy into your life. Seek to connect with your Higher Self and imagination.

You’re meant to rise and give voice to a real change of awareness. To help challenge the structures that limit authentic progress. It’s a call to join the revolution. Focus on what you want to achieve and do something small every day that contributes. Create art, write blogs, make a video.

Everything is opening and up and expanding for you during this time. Be open to new strategies that you didn’t see coming. When decisions arise make them from your Higher Self mindset. Beneath it all you’re practical and grounded. Trustworthy and resourceful. You tend to what you plant.

Step out of your own way and trust that voice of authenticity rising up from within you. Don’t let fear prevent you from your best life. You’ve got a purpose and the world needs you to walk in it.





You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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