Leo Season Part Two: Advice for each sign

The signs of Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are found in part one:

I’m going to start with a collective message about Leo Season and how you can use it to your advantage regardless your sign or placements. After that will be a message for each sign and what you can expect during this season. Feel free to check your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or whatever resonates.

Collective Message:

Leo Season is about being able to live out loud without allowing pride to get in the way. Tell your stories, but do so in a way that inspires others, rather than keeps you a victim to them. Own your past and take accountability for your present and future. Be careful of the circle you’re cultivating.

Do not get involved in drama. Leos love it, but in truth it does nothing productive or good for your life. If drama starts and you’re used to being caught up in it self-awareness is needed. You either invite it into your life or choose to participate in it. Don’t get caught up and complain about it later.

It’s a great time to activate your inner child and creativity. To figure out how you want to express yourself and get busy doing that. Tap into a child-like joy and wonder. To heal that inner child if necessary through shadow work or play or both. Have healthy fun.

Learn the difference between bullying and bravery. Standing in your power is a quiet truth that doesn’t require you make others feel bad. If they feel bad it should only be because they’re intimidated by your light. Not because you stepped into your shadow and caused it.

So, if you have to roar this Leo Season, do it softly. Do it lovingly. Do it remembering that how you act and react will either become something you’re proud of or ashamed of later. Live in the present moment. You do not lose in life. You either win or learn a lesson. Change your perspective.



Meditation Message

You are soothing balm. I see you gently pouring a salve onto the earth with your wisdom and knowledge. In the vision you’re alone in your quest, but the message here is that you’re not as alone as you feel. The universe has sent you people aligned with your purpose and path. Trust what it has shown you.

There is a sort of sadness I feel when I sit in your energy. It’s as if you take on the world’s collective sadness, and bear the weight of it. Allow others to help you shoulder that burden. Your circle is expanding; embrace it. The vision has just shifted and there are now people walking up to you from every angle.


This is definitely about your soul tribe, Aqua. The abundant universe is providing you with your people. It may be hard for you to trust because of the times you’ve been hurt in the past, but you’re an evolved being now. You know how to set healthy boundaries and that nothing is as personal as it feels.

If you do not open your heart how will you know? Your manifesting power is your deep gratitude and genuine spirit for life and healing. Your love of the collective humanity that spans the globe. It is a powerful time for you to manifest your desires, and coupled with like-minded people is the potential to create a heaven on earth. It is happening.

Shift your thinking away from poverty and scarcity whether it’s in love, money, friendships, because it’s all yours going forward. You are getting intuitive hits about the people coming into your life. Don’t go by just what you see on the surface. Trust the deep, inner knowing. It’s all coming together exactly as it should. Open your heart and love people. It’s okay, I promise.

If this message is for you then you already know. The hits to your intuition and knowing have been absolutely clear. Spirit has been sending you signs. Whatever relationships are forming for you at this time are forever unions. Partnerships you will be able to count on that will stand the test of time.

You’re being asked to take this risk, Aqua. Have the courage to face your fear of hurt and pain. I know you’re a loner by nature, but that’s all about to change for you. Let people in and watch your soul come to life. Facing the unknown is your only choice. You don’t have to trust that these people have your best interests at heart. Trust yourself to be okay if they do not.

Step into what is unfamiliar for you and take the help being granted to you. It can be terrifying to be intimate and vulnerable with other human beings, but that’s your task during Leo Season. It’s time to step up and be seen. This is not the season you’re meant to play it safe. You’ve done that long enough.

Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs must line up with your purpose in order for your purpose to manifest. Aqua, you cannot save the world alone. Harness the vast field of potential being opened up to you. Work alongside others with the same gentle souls and ideals. You’re reaping what you’ve sown.

You are a clear channel for the divine. Your spark of creativity is going to blossom over Leo Season. Open yourself to inspiration, especially from other people around you. It’s a great time to cultivate new relationships and ideas. These sparks are going to turn into full-on flames.

Coming together has come out twice for you. Love needs to be shared. What good does it do to love people and never allow them to know it? Your quest is to discover emotions in all the various forms and help others learn to navigate their own. These relationships are romantic, familial, unconditional, spiritual, and all yours. Love is calling and seeks you as a partner in its dance.

All you have to do is accept the offer that is in front of you. Do not make it harder than it has to be. Just be your unique, wonderful, fantastic self. You may find yourself involved in a project that brings you gainful employment or a business of your own. It will involve embracing others.

Your heart is loyal, your mind can choose peace. Make sure you’re taking care of your physical health, too. It’s all important. I see your desires being met fully going forward. Leo Season is bringing some good news you’ve been waiting for and perhaps some growth in public recognition.

Yes, Aqua, you really can have it all and you deserve it. A peaceful environment physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A person and place to call home and really mean it. I see you surrounded by people who comfort you and bring you stability and joy.



Meditation Message

They are showing me you wrapped up in a blanket crying in bed. You are always the strong one. Always the one to take time out of your day to heal others, but when it comes to yourself you refuse to open up. You have likely chosen escapism a lot in life. It’s been easier than facing the pain.

I see you getting up, moving the curtain from a window, and letting the light shine in. You know deep down there is a need for deep rest and healing. Dear Pisces, have boundaries on your compassion and start by having compassion for yourself. Your past doesn’t negate your worth and value.


There is a deep desire in you for transformation and newness. It’s been difficult for you to step onto that path because it’s uncomfortable. The process of becoming the butterfly is much harder for you than helping others become. Pisces, you’re about to be cracked open. As it happens do your best to realize it is not happening to you. My loves, it is happening for you.

There is a higher consciousness and you are the sign closest to it. Understand that whatever comes to you through Leo Season is divinely orchestrated for your growth and to bring you into alignment. Focus on the blessings and what there is to still be grateful for no matter what or who comes and goes.

The blessings are on their way to you. First it’s requires you go through a regeneration or rebirth process. Second chances are coming in for you during this season. Do not allow shame and unhealed trauma to ruin that for you. Things you once regarded as a loss are making their way back to you.

There is also a need to know what has truly died and release it. Nothing that ever happened to you was as personal as it felt. Let that knowing guide you into forgiveness and understanding, but do not enable bad behavior with it. It’s simply meant to help you forgive and set a boundary.

If there is a sign that understands everything is connected to the same flow of consciousness it is you, Pisces. There is no separation. No clear beginning, middle, or end. It’s time for you to step into that knowing with clarity and wisdom. As you heal and gain success over the past you heal others with far greater success than you ever did.

There is a need for you to detach a bit. You feel things extremely deeply, but now is the time to observe how you feel. To gain an outsider perspective and be honest about what you see. A need to trust the unknown. Leo Season is ushering in new opportunities and you need to take advantage of them.

It’s time to trust that miracles and wondrous things are on their way to you. If you don’t believe you cannot receive. In fact, if you do receive without belief you will sabotage it all. You will purposely miss what is meant for you. You’re not only a path finder, but a path maker. Where there is a will, there’s a way.

I see new, emotional beginnings for you. Let the painful cycles end already. Communicate with yourself and your higher power what it is you need to feel fulfilled. Gifts are going to come rushing in for you. Please accept them. You’re as deserving as anyone else is, Pisces.



Meditation Message

I see you have released some of your impulsiveness, and have chosen a slow, steady path to success. It’s a vision of the eight of pentacles. You’re giving serious consideration to improving your skills and figuring out your soul purpose. I see you tapping away patiently.

Suddenly there is a flash of bright light, as if an epiphany is coming. I see you slowly looking up. Your entire being filling with excitement. Keep going because whatever you’re working toward will pay off.


Aries, you really are in this mode of bringing your ideas to life. This is the Electric Eel Spirit card and reminds me of the light I saw in the vision. An electric shock of sorts. There is a big idea coming in for you during Leo Season that is going to prove fruitful for the future.

This epiphany will be profound in nature. It’s going to set you on a completely new path. It’s definitely a time of inspired ideas and innovation. Just remember that rarely do our ideas come downloaded with the details and perfect form. You’ll need space to retreat, rest, and be held as you integrate the ideas that come and creative magical ways to bring them to life.

For some of you there is a certain direction you had in mind, and this new idea is going to completely change your course. Be open to what comes and the outcomes of your ventures. You can use it all as building blocks in the end. This is an incredibly stable foundation you’re about to build.

Keep this in mind: Your work, your relationships, and your very being are being underwritten by your values, ethics, morals, and core beliefs. This could be a clue as to where to look for this bright, new idea. Changes must be made in order for a positive result to manifest.

In some cases there are people you haven’t spoken to in a while that you should mend bridges with. Perhaps they have answers you seek. Maybe there is a collaboration you haven’t considered. In any case, whether you mend fences or not there is a need to focus on forgiveness, to release, and to make complete peace with your past.

Take time to meditate because I have a feeling a lot of your answers are going to come in the quiet, still moments. The moments you choose to focus on your breathing and being with your entire heart and soul. It’s also going to let you know when it’s safe to move forward.

Know this, your nest egg is safe and sound as you work through this process. Don’t be swayed by the fluctuations you may face. Be sure you are being loyal to your higher self and purpose right now. Nurture what you hold dear, strengthen the bonds you can, and be sure to be a person of integrity and surround yourself with the same kind of people.

Something beautiful is coming to life for you. You have already grown and evolved so much. You understand that things take time and that sometimes they have to take different forms. A long-held dream is coming true for you. It may just look a little different than you expected. So keep your heart open.

There may be indecision and doubt that creeps in. Leo Season is bringing you the courage and confidence you need to push past them. Make sure you are resting and taking care of yourself physically, as well as mentally and spiritually. It’s all equally important and needs to be integrated.

Keep learning and pushing yourself in the direction your soul is leading you. This is confirmation it’s the right call. All of this foundation laying is going to ensure that the legacy you build is strong, secure, and stable.



Meditation Message

I see you in the kitchen practicing healthy recipes. I see a healthy version of your favorite pizza being made. You’re not alone. There is someone you love in the kitchen with you. You’re both laughing and making memories.

There has been a health scare perhaps? Or maybe you’ve just decided to take control of your health. Taurus loves anything to do with indulgence and pleasure, including food. I see you making healthy eating pleasurable. This seems pretty specific, but is what is coming through.


Okay, Taurus, there is a need for you to embrace a gentle touch over Leo Season. You are not only changing your physical being, but your mental, emotional, and spiritual being as well. This is about you understanding that health and wholeness is an integration of them all. So be gentle and kind to yourself and others as you are learning.

Leo Season is bringing in a sure-footed confidence. Your capacity for grounded communication is going to increase, which will make the changes easier. There is a need for you to balance putting others needs above your own. There is no reason you can’t be there for others, but make sure you’re self-soothing in healthy ways.

This is not the time to engage with people who want to argue. Set some boundaries for your own peace of mind. If you know certain people trigger you stay away from them, especially during difficult changes and transition periods in your life. Don’t let anyone bully you into something you’re uncomfortable with or tease you and tempt you as you’re trying to grow.

This new way of life is a deeper calling for you. Leo Season is demanding you answer the call. That you play by the rules where you can, and blaze a new trail where necessary. You will know when it’s time to play by rules or blaze the new path as you tap into your higher power and purpose.

There is a particular relationship in your life that is fated and helpful. This person encourages you, they support you, and they have your back. Lean into this connection for support. They are a compass for you. This person is showing up in the reading more than once, and was in the vision as well.

These are uncharted territories for you, but it’s going to be such a wonderful experience. Keep your compass pointed to the true North. Keep your boundaries in place with a gentle and firm stance. Be sure to meditate, journal, or practice some form of spiritual discipline to help keep you going.

You may feel lost going through this transition at times, but Spirit wants you to remember you’re never alone. Not only do you have this other person, but you have their guidance as well. Just tap into it. That intuition allows you to see beyond the surface to the bigger picture when you’re struggling to see it.

Some of the places you’re being led seem foreign or illogical. Let them lead you anyway. Sometimes the eye you need to open is your third eye. Trust any hunches you get. I’m not talking about the feelings of anxiety or fear that will rise up. Those aren’t hunches. I’m talking about the inner knowings.

It’s a great time during Leo Season to get a tarot reading, learn to read tarot, follow astrology, and get to know your birth chart intimately. I see happy changes or continued happiness on the home front. Whoever lives with you or you consider close to you is very supportive, loving, and good to you.

I see you moving away from and letting go of those who are not. When it’s all over there is going to be one person during this transition who you will never forget. They will be your loyal companion, your faithful entourage. Focus on your health and healing in all areas of life during this season. You will be so very glad you did.



Meditation Message

You are in this alleyway, picking up a mess you didn’t make. I sense that in the past you were angry and upset about this mess, but now you’ve just sort of resigned to it. You’ve picked up this person’s mess so many times, and I get a sense that you’re done with that. This will be the last time for you.

I see a fated connection coming into your life. A romantic partnership meant to help you grow, open your heart in ways you never have before, and this person will help you recognize you never really loved anyone before them. That all your previous relationships were ego attachments you were only meant to learn from, so you could love this person correctly.


Gemini, Leo Season is finally going to enable you to accept the truth that this past connection is over. It has been over for a long time. The truth is going transcend illusion and there isn’t much you can do about it. There is far more wisdom available to you than you can see with your five senses.

You’re going to overcome the loneliness of a perceived separation during Leo Season. You’re going to start meeting new people, your true soul tribe, the ones meant to help you heal and become a more authentic version of you. So, take this season to simply observe.

Consider a detached view regarding how you feel. Dig and figure out why you allowed yourself to stay in a never-ending story of chaos and conflict that never did serve you or this other person. There is definitely good, fated change coming in for you, but you have to first release the past.

This is a season of metamorphosis. You may even end up surprising yourself. You and this past person have gone round and round the same issues, and have never been able to resolve them. You’ve learned the lessons you needed from this connection. Now it’s time to integrate them, so you do not allow the triggers to ruin your next connection.

This is a season of deep, meaningful, beautiful change for you. You’re going to start stepping into self-worth and self-awareness. No longer the caterpillar, but the butterfly. You have earned these wings through great effort. I know this process can be painful, as many endings are, but you are finally able to accept the ending as inevitable. Celebrate that growth.

A slow, steady approach will win the race for you. Take time to meditate, journal, read about healing, and practice what you learn. The storms you’ve been through weren’t personal. They were meant to teach you something that can help you transmute your pain into a purpose.

The moment you decide to release this old connection, to lay down the burden of it, understanding you cannot heal, save, or fix this person your new beginning comes in. A fated love connection with a person who knows how to stand in their power and lead with gentle authority.

You may not accept this offer at first. This person may differ from your usual type, but the offer will be made. It will be sitting on the table waiting for you to push through the anxiety, the fear, and the healing. You deserve real, honest love Gemini. That past attachment won’t give you that. If they knew how to do that they would have done it already.

You’re one choice away from an entirely different life. One that will be more beautiful and authentic than anything you ever begged this past person for. Know your worth, Gems. Stand in your power. Do not let people who do not appreciate you and know how to love you back into your life.



Meditation Message:

It’s dark and there are barren trees everywhere. The Moon is full and you’re slowly strolling the lands of your inner world trying to figure it all out. I get a sense of brooding. As if you’re sad and while you can’t pinpoint exactly why it’s a little bit of everything honestly.

I sense a lot of changes happening in your life for the better, and letting go of the old is a painful, odd, exhausting process.

There is water and you’re standing at the edge, your eyes closed, your hair blowing back in the wind. The wind picks up pace and closes in around you, as if you called it to do so. Healing is coming and you’re waking up to the magic that lives within you. The power you’ve had all along.

The water is your emotions and you’re starting to take control of them. To understand they are always valid, but not always true. To refuse to let them lead you back to people or places that do not serve you.


Oh, Cancer, peace is coming to you during Leo Season. A peace you’ve probably craved for a long time. Often we expect other people to be our peace, but if they haven’t cultivated it within they don’t have it to offer us. When we do find someone who can offer it to us, but have failed to cultivate our own they eventually set boundaries. The only lasting peace is within.

You feel very alone and isolated at times, but this Leo Season you’re going to realize you are not alone at all. Your ancestors are beside you and they are going to instill so much strength and confidence in you. I see you starting to feel happier, too. Choosing how you feel, rather than allowing how you feel to choose your reaction and state of being.

You’re about done going round and round with the same people and situations. It always leave you empty and sad. Even in rooms full of people you’re meant to feel close to you just feel empty. There are other people waiting for you just around the corner who fill you up, and I see you turning within during Leo Season to prepare yourself for them.

Everything you have ever been through is being transmuted into a talisman of wisdom. Information that can help save other people some of the pain and trauma you’ve been through. I see your shell starting to crack, Cancer.

You’re walking away from the illusions and lies. From the people who said they loved you, but never really knew how because they didn’t even love themselves. I see you making wise, intelligent decisions this season regarding your circle and who you choose to collaborate with and be around.

You’re choosing people who make you feel you’re being reborn. People who have been patient and quietly working in your corner. There has been a lovely blend of your energies going on in the 5D for a while now. This isn’t just one person, but an entire tribe of people ready to embrace you and welcome you home. What are you waiting for, my crabbies?

This new tribe is not only going to make you feel at home, but with them you will create material and spiritual abundance. This is ten of pentacles land. Your sadness over the past is going to be integrated over Leo Season and give you the strength to move forward into a new life with people you feel you’ve known across lifetimes already.

Meditate, journal, heal, and watch Spirit pick up your pieces and help you put them all back together. Only this time in the right way. In a way that allows you to recognize your worth. Allows you to embrace people who hold space for you and your deep emotions. Who help you transmute those emotions into passion and purpose. I see you becoming your own guru.


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