Leo Season Part One: Advice for each Sign

I’m going to start with a collective message about Leo Season and how you can use it to your advantage regardless your sign or placements. After that will be a message for each sign and what you can expect during this season. Feel free to check your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or whatever resonates.

Collective Message:

Leo Season is about being able to live out loud without allowing pride to get in the way. Tell your stories, but do so in a way that inspires others, rather than keeps you a victim to them. Own your past and take accountability for your present and future. Be careful of the circle you’re cultivating.

Do not get involved in drama. Leos love it, but in truth it does nothing productive or good for your life. If drama starts and you’re used to being caught up in it self-awareness is needed. You either invite it into your life or choose to participate in it. Don’t get caught up and complain about it later.

It’s a great time to activate your inner child and creativity. To figure out how you want to express yourself and get busy doing that. Tap into a child-like joy and wonder. To heal that inner child if necessary through shadow work or play or both. Have healthy fun.

Learn the difference between bullying and bravery. Standing in your power is a quiet truth that doesn’t require you make others feel bad. If they feel bad it should only be because they’re intimidated by your light. Not because you stepped into your shadow and caused it.

So, if you have to roar this Leo Season, do it softly. Do it lovingly. Do it remembering that how you act and react will either become something you’re proud of or ashamed of later. Live in the present moment. You do not lose in life. You either win or learn a lesson. Change your perspective.



Meditation Message

I’m being shown a boat in the darkness. You’re standing in this boat rowing toward the light, a smile on your face. The journey has been so long, but you’re starting to feel good about where you are. Rather than being in a hurry to get where you’re going you’ve decided to enjoy the journey. To live in the present moment and embrace it fully.

I see you closing your eyes as you reach the Sun, the smile widening, you’re inhaling a deep, slow breath, and exhaling the past completely. There has been or will be major completion in your healing.


It will never cease to amaze me when the reading I do so accurately reflects what came through in the meditation, Leo. This Leo Season you’re learning to let the magic flow through you. To let creativity be your guide. You’re coming into a great sense of optimism for the future.

You’re receiving an energetic upgrade that will help you push past the doubts you have in your own ability. An entirely new way of being. There is major integration happening for you during this time. You are capable and resilient and your confidence is being given a huge boost.

There may be areas of life where you still have to follow the rules and play by the book, but there are also areas you’re freed to explore non-conformity. You are here to blaze your own path, and now is the time to figure out exactly how you want to do that. Your sign is all about self-expression with confidence.

You are being encouraged to stop conforming to life as others see fit. You’re not meant to be in a box. You’re destined for the spotlight, whether you want it or not. The universe gives you signs all the time. A message is coming in for you during this Leo season that will bring you clarity on your calling.

You are still surrounded by some sort of uncomfortable chaos, which I picked up in the meditation and cards. This could be due to things you know you have left unattended. There is no shame to waste time on here. Just attend to them now. Not all storms are destructive and this what you’re learning.

You’re starting to really understand what going with the flow means, and to stop pushing against the tide. You’re aware that abundance is just around the corner for you. You can feel the tide is shifting. That your talents, your hopes, your dreams are all about to come true. You’re on the right path, Leo.

Keep seeking the balance you need between work and play. Too much of either will have you stepping out of the flow. You’re coming into your full power now. Seek help where it’s available as you complete this transition.



Meditation Message

I see you going through paperwork, sorting through the details of your life, and trying to put all the pieces together. There is still a slight sense of frustration at what appears to be road blocks to your path or destiny, but Virgo they are part of your path and destiny. Some detours are really divine.

Don’t get so caught up in the details and the material world that you miss the forest for the trees. Building your material foundation is a good thing, but if you’re not spending as much time building yourself spiritually and nurturing your intuition you’re going to miss huge, important pieces of the foundation.


And again, we have the cards reflecting exactly what came through in the meditation, Virgo. This is all about you laying the right foundation. If you go into this without understanding the foundation has to be your relationship with the universe you’re going to be building blind.

Your guidance is divinely guided, so tap into it fully. If you want what you’re building to last you must recognize that the details you need aren’t found searching and sifting through the material world. It’s in your ability to tap into a source far greater than self and what you can see with the naked eye. You tend to feel as if it has to be hard or it isn’t legitimate. That isn’t the case.

Using meditation and Spirit as co-creators is what enables you to build a firm inner foundation, so that what you build outwardly has something solid to sit upon. Understand if you build only with the material world the wood will rot again, and you will continue having to start over. Why do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Don’t make it so hard.

Right now there is a ton of divine guidance waiting for you. You have access to the full Akashic records. I would even meditate to an Akashic records meditation and see what comes through. Journal and date the experiences. These are the details you need, Virgo. No amount of sifting through the material world is going to bring you what you’re looking for.

That’s the never-ending story you must break going forward. You are very critical of yourself, and there is a need to heal that via tapping into your higher self. If you spend time in self-loathing you will never feel worthy of the very foundation and future you want so desperately to create. Change the way you speak to yourself and the rest will change as a result.

When you’re in a self-critical mode your direction in life becomes distorted. You cannot see clearly. You really do miss the big picture and get lost in the trees and weeds. Take a nap, Virgo. Rest your weary mind. This Leo Season wants to help you heal the past wounds keeping you stuck.

It’s bringing you rest, rejuvenation, and renewal. Non-action is as important as taking action. Many of us struggle to be still, but that’s what is needed now. I’m not saying you can’t take material steps to create a better life, but you need to spend an equal amount of time taking internal, spiritual steps.

Don’t just become a workaholic chasing the next detail. There is a need for you to spend time considering your dreams and where they come from. To seek balance between 3D work and the 5D experience of your soul. Things will seem out of whack at times, but you can still have peace within.

You are allowing the juggling of too much at once to overwhelm you. Classic Virgo trait, but it’s time to evolve now. When you decide to choose harmony over discord success will be yours. Choose a balanced, focused, level path. One that includes play, meditation, and healthy joy as part of the plan.

You will be learning a lot during Leo Season. Wisdom will come from participating in life, rather than being in a constant state of planning. You are lacking critical knowledge needed in regard to building this foundation. Knowledge that will only be found within. Not in any book, paperwork, video you watch, but within you in the still and quiet moments.

I sense you’re in an unfamiliar space right now, and so it’s natural you would retreat to old ways of handling the navigation. You’re being asked to clean all that up and step out of your comfort zone a little. Declutter your life, Virgo.

Whether this means your physical belongings, your mind, your heart, whatever it is there is a need for cleansing that will only be found by going within and facing your inner child. Time to clear your conscious, so that you can level it up and move forward with confidence and pride.

Leo Season is ushering in a new perspective you’ve been begging for. It’s going to bring you a victory regarding your stability that you’ve been struggling to achieve on your own. Wherever you’ve been uncertain I see certainty coming. You’re going to be working hard for what you want, but you’re going to be trusting your inner guidance to get you there.



Meditation Message

You are standing there, pouring something from cup into another, and then back into the first. You’re investing so much time trying to create balance and peace in your external world, but doing so at the expense of your inner peace and balance. You can only control the inner world, Libra.

You are trying hard to put up appearances that all is well in your world. Under the surface you are screaming for someone to notice it’s not. Not even close. You can’t get upset with people who don’t notice what you’re trying to hide.


Libra, there is a desperate need for you to claim your independence. Leo Season is bringing you an energetic upgrade. A new way of being that allows you to integrate the old into the new. It’s time to figure out where you end and others begin. You can’t people please your way to peace.

The only way to truly have peaceful relationships with other people is to first cultivate a peaceful relationship with yourself. If a relationship in your life is bothering you right now what is it trying to teach you about yourself? Libra, people only treat us how we allow them to. It’s a reflection of something deeper in you that is in need of being set free.

Stop compromising your own value and independence to keep the peace. In the end, people who would ask that of you don’t have any peace themselves, and it leaves you with none either. So, what is that accomplishing? It’s time to start trusting the value you claim to bring to the table.

I see you speak on what you bring to the table, but you do so more in a way to prove it to others because of the doubt you have in yourself. It’s time to release yourself from codependent situations. If nothing is going according to plan it’s because you’re following the wrong plan.

Leo Season is bringing you the ability to tap into your own abundance. To recognize what a treasure your relationship to self is, and how it attracts more meaningful relationships to your life. Unions that have effortless peace, where the only work required is remembering who you are.

Release the poverty consciousness that tells you, you aren’t enough. You are absolutely enough. Stop seeking that feeling of peace and home in other people and waiting for it to arrive some day. You are your own home. Grow comfortable in that skin. Your security is not dependent on other people. It’s dependent on you and your perception.

Leo Season is bringing you the confidence to finally come to life. Something beautiful is being born. Take a look at your life and the different identities and skins you’ve worn over time as you’ve evolved and grown. Allow the contours of your life to be sculpted by the hands of the divine. Be authentic and stop caring who comes and goes because of it.

If they love only the mask you wear the real you still feels the void, Libra. The real you is enough. It’s always been enough. Let gratitude be your guide going forward. I see you surrounded by the right companions once you choose to be a companion to yourself. Leo season is bringing in peaks of joy and discovery.

Authenticity is the essence of your power. If you want peace be peace. If you want love be love. The answer to everything you’re seeking is to stop looking for it in other people and start embodying it in the self. Yes, it takes work, but anything worth having takes that. It’s not has hard as people make it out to be.

The answer is in alone time, journaling, reflection, and meditation. Those are the moments you will receive the greatest breakthroughs. It’s still work. It’s just not the hard, daunting work you’ve been taught to endure. You were taught wrong. Go within. Seek the answers there. Seek the harmony there.

You have some real choices to make in love and relationships going forward, and Leo Season is going to help you start by choosing you first.



Meditation Message

I see you standing in the darkness, your chest in the air, light beaming from your heart space into the ether. Your heart is expanding. You’re choosing to be reborn and transform into a newer, better, more authentic version of you. I can sense the pain in the rebirth, but you’re transmuting it as I type this.

At your essence and core is the ability to tackle the darkness and shadow. To transmute it into the light. This is all about you being reborn in some way that has to do with the expansion of emotions and feelings.


Sure enough the card that flew out for you is transformation. There are divinely led helpers behind the scenes forcing this change within you. They are there if you are struggling. Meditate and ask for assistance, Scorpio. You do not have to navigate this space alone.

This transformation you’re going through is painful at times, but it’s inevitable. You’re being required to level up and grow into an empowered version of self. Yes, becoming authentic and vulnerable can be uncomfortable, but like most things the more you practice the better you get, the easier it gets, and in the end you’re living an incredibly different life.

This is about releasing that which no longer fits with who you are. The people and things you’ve experienced had to be intense because that’s how you learn. You are someone capable of sitting with the darkest parts of humanity, and still able to see the light. Many of your relationships now have to change, too.

Leo Season is offering you the ability to see the beauty in change, and not just the fear. To step into the changes more confidently than you have been. Change and transformation doesn’t have to be so dramatic. It is the only constant in life, and sometimes the changes require more sacrifice than the last. Each stage of development requires a different level of sacrifice.

Don’t feel rushed to complete this journey. Understand the clock isn’t running out and what is meant for you isn’t going anywhere. Just focus on going the distance and understanding there is no destination. It’s all about the journey itself and what we learn as we embark on it.

This transformation is about the way you think, feel, and believe. It’s you finally understanding you can change the way you think, feel, and believe. That those things really do create your reality more often than not. There is a huge field of potential in that knowledge alone. You’re embracing that.

I feel like you’ve been trying your best to embrace it already, but haven’t had the clarity you truly needed. Leo season is bringing you clarity. You are going to become clearer about how you want to think, the way you want to feel every day, and the beliefs you want to hold going forward.

Your external situation is temporary, regardless how difficult it seems. You’re being gifted the stamina and determination you need to see it through. You are becoming more confident and willing to live your best life. You understand now that you reap what you sow, and so, you want to sow better seeds for the future harvest you know you will reap.

You may feel stuck still at times. Use those moments to understand if the universe has you stuck it’s waiting for you to tap in. Meditate and figure out what the lesson is you must learn before you can proceed. Sometimes when external forces prevent you moving forward there is a divine reason for that.

Observe. Gain clarity. You are meant to be a leader, Scorpio. Deep down you’ve felt that your entire life. Your life and transformation are going to be used to teach and guide others. You’re being called to set that example now.

Your wisdom has been earned the hard way, and you’re going to be able to utilize that as a life purpose to encourage others and make their paths easier. The suffering you’ve endured is transforming into a talisman of wisdom. You are being pushed to become your most authentic self, and to overcome the shame and fear of vulnerability. Others need to know what you know.

You must lead with love. Old cycles are closing out for you. Endings are here and while they’re painful I see you accepting them as over. Don’t forget to grieve them fully before you release them. Your debts are being paid by allowing the painful cycles to close out. The price has been paid.

I see you working hard and gainfully employed during Leo Season. You’re going to be gaining knowledge as well. I sense you feeling the urge to learn, grow, and expand even more than you are. There may be some more tower moments to be had. The universe has to shake us to wake us sometimes.

Some of these changes and shake ups will happen quickly, in the blink of an eye, but Leo season is giving you the confidence to handle them honestly and in your full power. You’re going to think on your feet and be decisive. Refusing to allow carnal, ego desires to take the place of fairness and justice. It’s no longer about allowing emotions to control you. Self-control is coming.



Meditation Message

I see you standing beneath the stars at night. You’ve got your bow and arrow pointed toward a sky full of stars. There are so many stars. You are hesitant to release the arrow, closing your eyes, bracing yourself for the pull.

You’re just coming into the understanding that your thoughts and emotions are intentions you shoot into the ether like that arrow. You want desperately to set higher, loftier intentions, but struggle to feel worthy of it.


I am truly blown away at how well the meditation visions are matching what comes out in the cards. The Know the Worth card flew out of the deck onto the floor, Sag. You have a deep desire to belong and you’ve never really known what it is to feel like you’ve come home.

What do you value and believe in? Not everyone else is going to value and believe in the same things, and that’s okay. Sometimes Sagittarius placements are where we most want to enforce our way or the highway. Release that need and just let things be what they are without taking them so personal.

Understand that when other people fail to appreciate you and acknowledge you have worth it’s not because you deserve that. It’s because they can’t see their own worth and value, and this limits their vision. Maybe it’s time to set some boundaries and burn some bridges.

I sense you wanting a new life. Your energy reminds me of a post I wrote this morning and the Between Worlds card even came out. That’s where you are right now. One foot in the old and one in the new. I’ll share the post here:

Leo Season is going to push you to step confidently forward into this new life. It’s going to bring you inspiration and courage. Acknowledge your inexperience with being alone or with navigating the unknown, but do not let that inexperience hold you back. Walk your path with confidence it is yours.

You haven’t quite left the old world or life behind, but the thoughts have been there for some time. You’re at the edge. You’re standing there, bow in hand, eyes closed, wanting desperately to aim for something bigger and better. So tired of settling, but in order to stop settling you have to believe you’re worth more than you’ve settled for, Sag.

If where you are doesn’t feel like home it’s not home. This is a season where you’re going to be pushed to take a great risk. Spirit wants you to know you are safe and protected as you do so. Your loyalty to your higher self is the most important thing for you going forward.

There is a need to release codependency. You can’t keep finding your worth, sustenance, and peace in other people. When you give them that power they also have the power to strip those things away from you. Step into your full independence and let yourself shine.

Once you develop a healthy sense of who you are you become a one-ring circus without the need of all the external noise to distract you. Go ahead and take the risk in a manner that is slow and steady. Plan and prepare for it. Easy movement, unhurried steps, and a steady heart that knows what it wants.

Seek to balance yourself within first, and then take external steps toward the goals and dreams you have. You’re never too old to start over. There are going to be offers coming in this Leo season. Make sure to read over any fine print, of course, but overall these offers bring you honest, emotional fulfillment.

It’s going to be hard to say no to the offer that is coming. It’s something you are longing for emotionally. Just don’t allow yourself to become obsessed. Use your head and your heart to guide you. Leo season is bringing you a gift. A loyal heart, peace of mind, good health, and material satisfaction.

Things are going to begin looking very good for you.



Meditation Message

You are sitting at a desk, hunched over, working hard as usual. Your back is starting to hurt, and you’re refusing to take a break. I see loved ones coming in and asking if you need anything. You hardly notice they are there.

The people around you want your time and attention, and you just keep pushing forward investing in the material drum beat of the world’s definition of success. Hard work is great, but it’s not all there is, Cap. I feel like some of you are purposely avoiding emotional investments.


Capricorn, there is need for you to surrender now. You are not being guided by your higher self and vision. Lately, you’ve been pushed by your fear of not having enough, by your material mindset, and by avoidance. This has you out of alignment with your mission. Your mission is to channel and uplift.

Hard work and dedication is a beautiful thing, and no one quite has that down like you, but Leo is here to teach you how to play. You are going over the edge in your pursuit of material success, and it’s costing you personal success with the relationships that need to be cultivated all around you.

Perfectionism is not an admirable trait. In fact, it’s a way to avoid showing up and being seen. Let’s practice radical acceptance and honesty. You show up every day and chop wood and carry water where your material success is concerned, but at what expense, Cap?

It’s time to be grounded in your every day experience as a whole. Time to let your big dreams go dormant for a bit, while you invest some energy into fun, play, and relationships. Remove your attention from the bigger goal for a season, and spend time with who motivates you to pursue it in the first place.

Your relationships do not have to be hard-won. You’re trying to build this better life for the people you love, but all they want is your love. Your actions are showing them at the moment they don’t matter quite as much as your goals, dreams, and aspirations do. We all need that balance.

Hold hands with your partner. Play with your children. Visit your parents and family members. Let them know they matter to you as much as your work does. Let them know they are the reason you push so hard to begin with. Apologize for losing focus and make them center of your world for a bit.

Time isn’t running out. You seem to feel if you take a break you’re going to lose something. What is meant for you isn’t going to miss you. The world we live in pushes working hard as the most admirable trait one can have. Cap, sometimes the best work we do isn’t hard at all.

There are signs all around you that you’ve been avoiding. You are about to meet or have met someone that is going to be critical to your journey. If you avoid investing in this relationship you will regret it. Wipe the sleep from your eyes, get up and stretch, stand underneath the Sunlight. Grow.

You are setting an example and leading those around you. What is the legacy you want to leave? That all work and no play is the way? That avoiding intimacy and connection is the goal? Perhaps these aren’t your intentions, and I’m not shaming you at all. Just helping you wake up to the message you’re sending to those who care about you. Excuses or results, never both.

Step outside your own perspective. Fly above the current circumstances and try viewing them objectively. You’re going to be successful. You’re going to reach your goals. Just don’t do so at the expense of divine connections that are put in your path to help you do that with balance and grace.

If you want your dreams to really come true there is shift needed in your perspective. This shift is what is coming in for you during Leo Season. Don’t avoid it and keep your head down. It’s time to look up, Cap.


This is part one. Part two will have Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Keep a look out.


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