Leo Full Moon: Pick A Card Guidance


I posted information regarding this full moon and other important astrology earlier. I recommend that if you haven’t already, you read that first. It will give you some overall guidance. These readings are meant to be slightly more personal, but of course are general in nature. Don’t force it all to fit.

Earlier information:

For all piles, the numbers six, seven, and eight may be popping up already or will start to soon. Six is all about love, home, and family. Seven is a sign that you need to take a spiritual quest. Eight is about striking a balance between the material and spiritual worlds.

Pile One:

Your affirmation is “Thank you, universe, for helping me see beyond the limits of fear. Thank you for expanding my perceptions so that I can see what is of the highest good.”

Your main focus is on communication. Pay attention to the number 3. When you see it repeating it’s a sign that you need proper understanding about something before you communicate about it.

You are someone who likes to handle everything yourself. There is something in you that takes pride in not asking for help. When you think of sharing the spotlight or working with others it causes you mental conflict. This makes it difficult in your partnerships. We all need help sometimes, and perhaps this communication coming up is about you delegating responsibility.

If you like things done a certain way, and you snap at others when they try to help, or carry resentment because you’re doing it all alone that is your issue to resolve. People in your life are offering you love. They may do things differently, but it’s your job to compromise.

If you’re finding this difficult the angel of strength is near you. Call out to her and ask her to help you fulfill your wishes. Take this journey of going within and see it as a new adventure. There is an empress within you, waiting to give birth to complete joy and contentment.

Find hope in your self-worth. Stop seeking to be the best externally, and getting your validation from external sources. It only matters what you think about yourself at the end of the day. There is an under-current of energy that you are already tapped into. You can sense it. You can see your life taking shape before your eyes.

Stop showing only fragments of your soul. It deserves to be seen as whole. Clear out the old beliefs, patterns, habits, items from your home that no longer serve a purpose. Keep your thoughts and ideas contained for now, and just focus on the internal shifting.

If you put together a ritual I would add a throat chakra meditation. I would light a blue candle before meditation and set an intention for inner peace and open communication that flows. Archangel Gabriel can be called on. Include heart chakra and solar plexus meditations for self-worth and self-love.


Pile Two:

Your affirmation is “I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort.” Your main issue to work on is pride. Pay attention to the number 19. The number 19 can represent the ego. Yes, Leo is represented by the lion, but there is a difference between being authentically proud of yourself and allowing pride to hinder your partnerships.

You stay relatively contained emotionally. You feel deeply, but rarely let that show to others. Instead, you choose to show your authority, and celebrate leadership. In order for you to build the life you desire you have to overcome the chains that you’ve put on yourself. You’re the only one with the key.

Spirit is asking you to take this time to heal your emotional wounds and start believing in your own value. You may need help financially and emotionally, but your pride is in the way. You have to swallow the pride, and stop projecting the shame like a hot potato. When you feel the heat of shame rising, acknowledge it, and deal with it in a healthy way.

Stop letting it cause you so much anxiety. The people who love you hate your pride, and would give anything for you to just acknowledge it and work on overcoming it. This moon has the potential to expand your opportunities if you use the energy wisely. Let go of a lack mindset, whether it’s money, love, self-worth, whatever you feel you lack. Release that mindset.

It’s time to start trusting in the unknown. Your fulfillment is not found in the things you know are forbidden to you. Ask for visions from Spirit. They will show you what it is you need to let go of. Your ancestors are asking for remembrance because they are fully protecting you going forward. Put up their photos and say hello to them every day with appreciation.

If you do a full moon ritual definitely do the solar plexus and heart chakra meditations. I would add root and sacral chakra meditations as well. Light some candles. Google what color candles you can use. If you use white you can set any intentions you please with them.


Pile Three:

Your affirmation is “I recognize that I have chosen fear, and I choose again. I choose love.” When negative feelings come up they are rooted in fear. Recognize them and choose to be courageous. Your focus this full moon is self-love and self-worth.

Pay attention to the number 61. It signifies analysis, introspection, family, intuition, harmony and self-determination. When you see this number it’s asking you to be determined to analyze and be introspective of your own behavior, and the behaviors of those in your family. Seek harmony within before you try to create it without.

Right now you may feel like someone is your soulmate. That you’re meant to be. They aren’t likely in your life at this time, and you’re so busy being sad about that, you’re not noticing what is in your life. Use this time to start something new and creative. You have the power within to do so. Stop crying over spilled milk, and start rejoicing in the cups that are still full.

There is heartache left over from something in the past that must be healed. This is somehow attached to your sense of worth and value. Use this time to prove you’ve learned past lessons. Balance your emotions and become stable on your own. Light up your crown chakra in meditation daily. Then when love enters your life you’ll be ready for it.

It will be built on something stable and spiritually influenced. It will weather all forms of chaos and bring playfulness and joy into your life. Listen to your inner warrior. Your shadow work this full moon is going to be intense.

I suggest for your ritual that you meditate with the solar plexus and heart per my advice to all, but I would also include the sacral chakra. I would add shadow work exercises as well. If it’s going to feel intense you may as well work through it and with it, so it isn’t worse than it has to be.

Ask for help remembering that no matter how things feel the highest good is always being sought by the universe. Sometimes the heart breaks to save the soul. What you tell yourself when you’re feeling upset is important.


Pile Four:

Your affirmation is “I choose love no matter what”. Your main focus in on your own healing. Pay attention to the number 66. You may be overly optimistic to avoid feeling negative feelings, but your guides want you to feel those things, and heal them once and for all.

You may be deceiving yourself about current partnership, whether it’s in love or business. Spirit wants you to recognize the power you have to change your circumstances. To be victorious in seeing adjacent possibilities that you’re remaining blind to due to fear of the unknown and the conflict making a different choice may bring.

This full moon is bringing you clarity and honesty. It is your choice whether you accept it and make the changes. We all have a choice.

You have to stop being nostalgic for a past that wasn’t as sweet as you seem to think it was. Your fulfillment doesn’t live in the past. It lives in the now and the choices you make to bring yourself fulfillment. Stop putting it off for some day. Some day is going to come and it’s going to be too late.

You’re being asked to use your logical mind a bit more right now. To begin a spiritual journey and allow room for you to fall and make mistakes without shame or self-judgment. You are one who will likely be tested by someone or something from the past with the upcoming retrograde. Use this full moon energy to grow your personal power, so you can pass the test.

Just because cycles were passed on to you doesn’t mean you have to keep repeating them. You can be the one who finally breaks them. Spirit is telling me that the knowledge you need is already inside of you. You know much more already than you give yourself credit for.

I know I told the collective to tap into the divine feminine, but the card literally came out for you. Balance your feminine qualities within. We each have male and female energy inside of us. It’s time for you to heal yours and balance them, so you can move forward confident and sure of your steps.

If you do a moon ritual I would suggest the solar plexus and heart, as I am for everyone. I’d also include meditation to a divine feminine frequency and the sacral chakra. I suggest you include pink candles with the intention to awaken your divine feminine, and journal how you feel.


Pile Five:

Your affirmation is “The presence of love will always cast out fear.” This means when you’re feeling afraid you need to go within. Seek the unconditional love of Spirit and your soul. Your main focus going forward is your environment. You get to create that however you want.

Pay attention to the number 44. It symbolizes stability, support, willpower, ability, success, wholeness, inner wisdom, etc. You have strong intuition and inner guidance, and this number advises to pay attention to them because they can be a source of indispensable advice and insight.

You got the high priestess twice. This means some areas of life that you may be really curious about right now are still being hidden from you. The universe is waiting for you to do the work already in front of you, and everything will be revealed when it is time. Some things you aren’t meant to know yet. Focus on trusting the universe.

When you lose the battle remind yourself that you are absolutely going to win the war, and that matters more. Walk away from the things that truly drain you and are a waste of your energy. You’re normally the one to offer love to everyone else, but you’re being asked to offer it to yourself.

It is truly time to move on and make new plans. While you’re doing so you are being reminded to remain humble. You’re conflicted right now regarding whether your focus should be love or money. Instead of sitting in that indecision go within to seek your true calling and it will be revealed to you in stages. If you follow the steps what is meant for you won’t miss you.

Be confident in the choices you make together with your soul. It isn’t going to lead you astray. It’s a blueprint you’re meant to follow. Be loyal to that path and you will find the inner strength to carry on, even when you aren’t sure where the path is leading you.

As you venture out and trust yourself it gives you fertile ground, and you’re planting amazing seeds. Be sure to set boundaries that are healthy on yourself and on others. Your partnerships must be balanced or you must leave them in the past. You’re meant for much more than you’ve settled for in the past.

If you do a moon ritual do the heart and solar plexus meditations. Also, I’d include journaling and candle magic. Ask for Spirit to help you trust and believe in the steps they are showing you. To give you the strength to truly step into your power. A sacral chakra meditation won’t hurt.






You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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