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Adjust Your Sails
10 min readApr 6, 2020


When we entered 2020 we entered a foundational year. Originally I was writing about each event separately. I’ve decided to combine it in one post to make it easier and hope it gives a better timeline of events.

When we consider building a foundation we often have to dig things up and get the foundation ready before we can start building. That’s where we are now as a collective. The same energy that affects the collective affects us individually as well. How badly and in what area of our lives will depend on our natal birth chart placements.

The astrology this year is powerful. We have the Lord of Karma, Saturn meeting with the death and rebirth revelations of Pluto. This began in March. It’s why we have this massive shake up right now in our institutions and our lives. Add Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and things are made more plain and obvious than they’ve ever been.

Saturn entered Capricorn in late 2017, and Pluto has been there since the 2008 financial crisis shaking things up and revealing to us all the real secrets. Jupiter didn’t come in until December 2, 2019, but he caught up quickly. Now they are all three within seven degrees of Mars; the planet of action.

Mars entered Capricorn on February 16, 2020. It is conjoined to Jupiter and Pluto. Yes, it’s a scary time for us all, but yes, we will come out okay and evolve as a species before this is over. It feels apocalyptic because it is in a sense. It’s a total confrontation that we cannot and will not be allowed to escape. This is a year of accountability.

What you see happening right now is a radical restructuring of our collective values and beliefs. We are clearly seeing what and who is essential. It’s the working poor keeping us all going, while their owners are hiding away in underground bunkers with bowling allies in New Zealand.

The owners ideas may have started the businesses, but it’s generally not their blood, sweat, and tears that keep it going and bring it to life. This year we are setting the stage to never forget that and to adjust our institutions accordingly moving forward. The workers absolutely create the wealth, all while struggling to care for and support those they love.

Those who cannot work are the most vulnerable, and we must take care of them. It is working people who care for their own sick and disabled, and the sick and disabled of the rich who can hire that help out and afford the care. It’s time we restructure our society to take care of the most vulnerable first, and this assures that no one falls through the cracks.

Saturn and Pluto meet about every 34 years. I wrote about that more in the following link. I included events from history that coincided with this energy. It will give you an idea of what we’re going through now. We can learn from history to make history.

This energy is all about tearing down and rebuilding industries, corporations, governments, religion, the earth and environmental matters; that’s all Capricorn. Pluto is the planet of evolution. It’s going to force us to rethink how we structure our lives individually and as a whole. It’s not about just what is best for you. It’s about what works best for the collective.

The energy and influence takes us into a deep, hidden space, and wants us to come to terms with the truth we find there. This is a collective dark knight of the soul. This conjunction will keep shining light on hidden layers of corruption, greed, injustice in our personal lives and in our governments and institutions. All abuse of power will be brought to our awareness.

This means we must, more than ever, be open to challenging our own conditioning and beliefs. We are going to see sweeping changes economically and socially in all of our industries. The response to our current crisis, for better or worse, will be made manifest by 2026.

The asteroid, Ceres, rules over health, nutrition, agriculture, and a universal nourishing that permeates everything we touch and are touched by. It’s a beautiful energy and fitting to a lot of the lessons we can learn from our current, collective experience.

As we are shut down, the planet is receiving much needed rest and nourishment. We are now free to truly nourish ourselves and each other without distractions. Your inner state of mind does not have to reflect the the events around you. When Pluto and Ceres have met up in the past you could count on revolutions, and the main theme being freedom.

I haven’t written separately yet about Jupiter and Pluto. We will have this conjunction three times this year. The first was April fourth, the next will be June 30th, and the final one will be November 12th. This conjunction happens around every 13 years. It’s a time for justice to meet power.

This transit is one of hope. Where those who have abused their power are held accountable. It helps with the restructuring of our beliefs. Where in your chart are you ruled by Capricorn? This is where you may need to open your mind the most. It can offer you a lot of insight.

Next month priories may shift for us individually and collectively. Our Nodal Axis will shift because the North Node enters Gemini. This can tell us where we could experience the most growth, what we’re prioritizing, and where to focus our attention. The South Node moves to Sagittarius. It represents what we’re adjusting or moving away from.

We are going to evolve toward better communication, renewed interest in our talents and hobbies, writing, and socializing. Even our modes of transit could change sooner than we thought. We’ll be focused on our local communities and each other more; taking care of our neighbors.

We’ll be moving away from and adjusting political and religious fanaticism. Adjusting our inflated sense of abundance and materialism. We’ll be playing a sort of tug of war back and forth between these two energies from May 6, 2020 through January 18, 2022; individually and collectively.

It’s a year to practice radical honesty with yourself and others because your mask will fall off and things will be revealed. The eclipses this year highlight the themes we’ve discussed. January 10th we had a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, bringing a close to the North Node in Cancer.

On June 5th, we will have a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. June 21st a Solar Eclipse happens in Cancer. July 5th we have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. On December 14th, my mama’s birthday, we have a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Communicate honestly because deception will not be allowed for long.

Venus goes retrograde from May 12th through June 24th. Mars goes retrograde from September 9th through the November 13th. These could signify changes individually and collectively in how we love and interact. Venus rules our relationships, priorities, values, possessions, our sense of style and our finances. You will be called to question all of these things.

Seems fitting with what is going on in the world right now, too. What is important to you? Do you love what you do for a living? Do you feel valued and appreciated in your current lifestyle? Now is the time to assert yourself in the current situation for the long haul or be courageous and leave.

Your relationship with yourself must be healthy or no outside relationship you ever have will be healthy. Love, honor, and cherish yourself and you will find faithfulness, love, and respect because you will not tolerate anything less.

Once Mars goes retrograde we have to take inventory on how we are expressing ourselves in our relationships. If we have felt suppressed in any way by a relationship we may find the strength to say “that’s enough.” We may assert ourselves more instead of saying, “Whatever you want”. We’ll be shifting and re-balancing the power dynamics in our lives.

These retrograde periods aren’t a great time to begin new careers and relationships. Sometimes we enter them anyway and it’s because we’re meant to learn lessons. We don’t necessarily need to avoid them. Just move forward alert to the lessons you’ve learned from the past, and understand there may be growing pains and new lessons.

Every year has lessons and tests just like every grade in school. The learning never stops. They are critical to helping us grow and evolve. We learn how to navigate our own journey, rather than being blown wherever the wind blows. There is a blueprint for your soul and nothing feels better than the freedom necessary to follow it. That’s what we’re fighting for.

To add to this Mercury will be retrograde three times this year; including on election day. It was retrograde from February 16-March 9th. It goes retrograde again between June 17-July 12th. The final time will be October 13-November 3rd.

On election day Mercury will come direct and be at a standstill before it begins to move forward. This will likely keep us on the edge of our seats as we await results. It will be stationed in Libra, the sign of Justice, Balance, and Harmony. This means we may put our political differences aside and come together as a country.

However, the planet will also be square the Saturn, Pluto, and Mars retrograde. This means we could experience drama, challenges in communication, and technology. There are candidates and people at play who do not want to play fair. Our reset button comes to us with the Lunar Eclipse on November 30th.

We do end this year on a good note. Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius on the solstice. That’s December 21, 2020. It will show us where we are headed after the reconstruction and expansion we’re experiencing now. The path forward will feel more concrete and steady.

When it comes to Jupiter and Saturn they could not be more different. Jupiter is very optimistic and full of possibility, but Saturn’s heavy hand gives it a much needed boundary line. It helps us stay focused on what matters most, so we can truly achieve our goals, learn the lessons we came here to learn, and live our full potential.

This conjunction only happens about every 20 years. This time it happens to be in Aquarius. It’s a future-oriented sign. It wants attention on progress, humanity as a whole, community, technology and innovation. It’s the rebel of the zodiac. It likes to break the rules and traditions that do not make sense. In Capricorn we were focused on restructuring, now Aquarius wants more freedom within those structures.

Individually and collectively we are going to become interested in breaking traditional models of business, finance, government, markets, and more. It’s a new beginning for us and a turning point that will be written about in future history books. We are always writing history.

This gives us a way forward that is best to bring our diverse, unique, and individual ideas together in a common place. We will continue building coalitions to create change. It’s a very freeing experience to question your beliefs and thoughts patterns, and to change them according to new information and experiences.

Saturn is in Aquarius right now, but will go back into Capricorn from July through December. We may not have experienced all the hardships yet, but I want you to remember you’re only responsible for you. Unplug and do your best to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I wrote more about Saturn and Aquarius from history to now in the following link.

I would love if you would try meditation. If that’s too much for you right now may I suggest you learn and practice breathing techniques for calming anxiety and fears? Imagine yourself rooted deeply into the earth. This is a year to experience power in your intentions.

How the energy of any given transit affects you is dependent on you. Your intentions, willingness to go with the flow, and how you choose to perceive challenges and pretty much everything else. Perception is often reality.

The reason this year is more intense is because the astrology reflects the restructuring of our collective institutions and values. This means it’s affecting you personally as well as everyone else. This energy can assist us in rebuilding our lives, so we can reach a higher version of ourselves.

If you’d like something that feels more personal and individual to you I recently put out a pick a pile reading. There are eight piles to choose from and nuggets of advice and wisdom that may be helpful for you. Find that here:

I went ahead and drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle as a parting message to give you. I drew “New Life” and found it super fitting. That’s what we’re doing here. We are being asked to rethink the lives we’ve been living and build them anew. To rethink our collective being and how we are all interconnected and woven together.

Don’t focus on the world right now. There isn’t a thing you can do to save it. The best use of your time is going to be focusing on the birth of new ideas, growth, and opportunity. Now is a time to acknowledge inexperience and allow yourself to be like a delicate new bud opening.

Remind yourself it’s okay to admit you may not know something or that you’re afraid. This is a new beginning and experience for us all. We are just starting to scratch the surface and haven’t hit our stride, but we will. Allow yourself to focus on the newness and possibility for our world going forward. Nourish and care for yourself as you’re in this delicate phase.




Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd