Inner Healing Pick A Card

Left to right: Pile one, Pile two, Pile three

The universe has led me to do a pick a card reading regarding where you should be focused on your inner healing. The readings will be served up in a no-nonsense manner. If you’re ready to hear the truth pick a pile and scroll down to see what your message is.

Collective meditation message:

If you need to heal it’s time to be alone and do that. Time to chart your own path and in order to accomplish that you must understand what your path looks like. You won’t know until you face your own soul. There is no one who can do the healing for you. Stop seeking it in other faces, bodies, personalities, substances, and external sources. No more escapism.

The time is now to face yourself. To really sit with the shame, fear, anxiety, and anger that you feel and recognize it’s just emotion. It has no power over you except that which you allow it to have.

It is a choice and today I hope you make the choice to give it no power at all. The universe never judges you. Stop judging yourself.

The numbers 2, 6, or 8 may mean something to you. If you start seeing them often pay attention. If you’re seeing two the lesson to learn has to do with teamwork and cooperation. Six is home and family life. Eight is a need to balance the material and spiritual worlds in your life.

Pile One:

Your focus should be on seeking to feel joy and gratitude on purpose. Perhaps at the start and end of each day you can take five minutes to breathe, meditate on what brings you true joy, and show the universe you appreciate what you already have. Gratitude unlocks abundance.

You have to stop hiding from your healing, thinking if you run far and fast enough, that happiness will find you. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s the choice to face tragedy and hard times with reminders of the good stuff that so many of us take for granted. Put effort into your healing; real effort. Set aside time each day for it and make it a priority.

When things get hard remember that you are part of the universe experiencing itself, lean on that faith, so your peace can become real. You are sometimes too blunt and cause others pain with your words and behaviors because of it. You may not sleep well at night.

The devil is in the details. Often our chains are of our own making. Other people could be responsible for your wounds, but the healing is your responsibility. Stop feeling like you need closure. You don’t have to understand every detail of the situation to know it wasn’t personal, to forgive, and to put it behind you with healthy boundaries going forward.

The love of a lifetime is waiting for you. It could be the person you’re already with, or they are on the horizon. Until you heal your inner child and let him or her know it’s okay, that love will elude you; even in relationships. You will always be lacking and wondering if the other person truly cares.

If you’re currently in a relationship you may feel a distance or separation, and this is likely caused by unhealed wounds within you and your partner. If you’re not in one, there is unhealed trauma causing a delay for you. The truth is you are the magician of your life.

You have so much power that you may not be using at this time. Believe in yourself. Everything you need is inside of you. Get to know your soul and discover what your path is in this incarnation. You truly have all the resources you need to heal your own hurt. Be committed to doing so.

Find reasons to be hopeful and inspired on purpose. When you’re feeling down and dark seek the light with all that you are. Consider that we are all one, in spite of our pain and differences. Those who have hurt you are made from the same fabric of the universe. They have their own trauma and pain, which is likely why they projected it onto you. Release it now.

It is time to rest, to meditate, to really go within and seek to find what lives there. Your shadow side isn’t bad. It was created to protect you, but it never does that. Just expose it to the light and set it free. Stop learning the same lessons over and over. View all of life as a lesson, even the pain, and take what you learn with you as you move forward.

Every conscious thing on this planet is worthy of love and connection. This includes you and those who have hurt you. Learn that even when others hurt you and don’t show you love properly it’s because no one ever showed them. Seek to be love, to embody love, in an unconditional way. This doesn’t mean let people stay around who hurt you. It means when you release them and set a boundary you will do so in understanding and love.

It is time to make healing your focus, to develop a plan, and be dedicated to it. Things are going to intensify for you until you do. It is time to bare your soul in truth. You would benefit from having a dedicated altar where you can meditate, journal, pray, whatever it is you do to connect to the other side.

You’re here to promote love and light. You have the potential for great power, and likely have psychic or mystical abilities. It’s not good enough to ignore them, or to use them with negative intent. You must be responsible with the power you’ve been given. Heal thyself first, so you can teach others.


Pile Two:

You are easily caught up in negative emotions when things are going wrong around you or for you. It’s time to step up. The emotions and events happening in your life are the surface level stuff. You’re being asked to see behind the scenes and trust a plan is in place for you.

You are in an environment that isn’t healthy for you. The karmic completion is near an end with this situation. It’s your job to learn the lessons in it, so when you change environments you don’t take those same lessons with you. Let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of unconditional love. They didn’t mean to hurt you. You both had lessons to learn, and have probably taught each other so much.

If you take your healing into your hands transformation is inevitable and you will be moving on. You will feel lighter, freer, and celebrate your growth. Healing is great, but don’t get stuck in a healing loop, without ever stopping to appreciate your progress. Perhaps you went into this relationship or situation thinking it would birth something beautiful and rooted in love, but you had no clue at that time what love even was.

This is an attachment that it’s time to let go of. You are literally going to miss what is meant for you if you continue holding on to this environment or situation. When you hold to what is not meant for you so tightly, what is meant for you cannot find you. You have to make the space for it.

Now is the time for a time-out. Stop pleasing others and avoiding the inner work you know you have to do. Stop avoiding tension and conflict. Instead, ask yourself why you avoid it. How we handle conflict can tell us so much about ourselves. Make friends with spiritual people, who will co-create and collaborate with you. Leave the rest behind.

You deserve this new beginning. You are a warrior and have been through so much. You’ve been loyal to everyone but yourself. The universe isn’t judging you and it won’t punish you. You will either listen, heal, and reap the rewards, or you will stay attached to the darkness and miss them. Either way there is no judgment or punishment attached. The punishment of missing what is meant for you is quite enough.

The universe is waiting to connect with you now. The inspiration, strength, and creativity you need is within you. You’ve just been afraid to dig it out. So much freshness and newness wants to come your way. Cycles begin and they end. Let this one end already. You’ve hung on way too long.

You have spent far too long hiding in the shadows, afraid to reveal your true beliefs and who you really are. The universe doesn’t want that for you. You are being called to come out of whatever closet you’ve shut yourself in and stand proud in who you are and what you’ve learned from the things you’ve been through. Now IS the time.


Pile Three:

You can’t even allow yourself to be happy for too long. You’re too afraid the other shoe is going to drop. The universe wants you to stop waiting for everything to fall into place, and to learn to be grateful and appreciative right where you are. If you’re afraid of a good life how can it come to you?

You have so much anxiety, but if you would tune into your intuition you could overcome that. Your intuition is so powerful and will guide you through life. It is time to complete this cycle of anxiety and fear. To recognize that happiness really is your birthright. It’s a state of being that you can cultivate and choose.

If you do the work and heal there is a passionate, creative new beginning for you that holds so much warmth and joy. You spend far too much time guarded and afraid. It’s time to really go within and meditate on why that is. Dig up the roots of it, so you can understand it and release it.

Learning and growth is part of your path and you’re not heeding the call. You’re destined to heal yourself, so that you can help others heal. Instead, you keep waiting for others to do the work for you. Well, they don’t have access to your inner world, so it’s on you.

You are intelligent and capable of profound compassion and wisdom. It’s time to believe it. The angel of strength is waiting to be called upon and assist you.

Be determined for a new adventure in life. Stop being spirited and headstrong in all the wrong areas. Instead, be determined to heal your heart, mind, and soul. That’s the justice you deserve. You’re at a stalemate most of the time and can’t seem to make decisions for yourself. Going within and healing will inspire more confidence and belief in you.

It’s time to transform the old. To stop expecting others to please you or making your life all about pleasing them. You’re not meant to conform to the ways the world expects. You are meant to live life on your own terms, and if you keep shifting that responsibility nothing will change for you.

Everything you’ve been through is a magical web that led you where you are now. It’s not too late to seek the purpose in it. Stop needing to know the answer before you take the first step. Faith is taking the step without knowing, and trusting the universe has your back.

It’s time to let go of fear and anxiety now. You’ve allowed it to control you long enough. Your guides are coming through letting me know you’re protected in this life and on your journey, so there is nothing for you to fear. You have an inner knowledge of how things work because you’re in tune with the other side. You likely know this and have feared it; but fear no more.

You have been gifted with great wisdom. Until you unlock it you cannot share it with the world. The world needs your voice. Stop making things so difficult for yourself. Life can be hard enough. The path you walk is yours alone, so don’t compare it to the path of others. You have your own unique purpose.

Once you learn to practice intention and move forward in spite of the fear and anxiety huge shifts and changes come in for you.


All Piles:

When you go to sleep at night play videos like this. I listen to them throughout the day, I meditate to them, and I even leave them playing when I’m not in my room. It helps create such a relaxing and peaceful environment.




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