In the Beginning: Part One

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16 min readNov 3, 2023

Today we are going to explore history through the lens of oral and written traditions. Explore how all the evidence points to the fact that it is the divine feminine who is responsible for life, and who is rising like the Phoenix, from the ashes they tried to reduce her to.

Welcome to Scorpio season. The season of redemption. These stories are worthy of being told. They are worthy of consideration. They are the earliest recorded history of humankind. Feel free to Google the things I write about and go down a few rabbit holes with an open mind.

Mother Nammu/Namma (Mamma)

In the beginning we find the mother goddess responsible for creating us all. Her name is Nammu or Namma. It is written that she created all that there is on her own. She gave birth to the gods and created humanity, but so much about her is shrouded in mystery.

This matches what we know from science. We all started from water, are made up of a lot of water, and without water cannot live long. What we know is she is said to be the primeval mother who gave birth to the senior gods. She is the ultimate origin of all things, and I think that is evident in the fact that women give birth.

She birthed Anu, the sky god, and Ki, the earth goddess. They then produced the god of air, Enlil. He is the source of the ordered universe, dealing with cattle, agriculture, vegetation, and more. She also birthed Enki, the god of water, ruling over the southern wetlands.

Enki took on a lot of her roles, which is why our information about Namma is limited. He was the god of wisdom, creation, protector of humanity, and a skilled architect. When the gods began to complain about how hard they were working, Namma took their tears to Enki and asked for his help.

She had this idea to fashion a being in the their image, but she needed his help. So, he gave her instructions on how to create humankind to become work horses and slaves for the gods. The gods were tired of their toils.

The actual text says,

“O my mother, the creature whose name you uttered, it exists,
Bind upon it the image of the gods;
Mix the heart of the clay that is over the abyss,
The good and princely fashioners will thicken the clay…”

In every creation story ever told we are created from clay and mud. This happens with time and oral traditions. It’s the same story just rewritten and the gods are given different names. Even written traditions leave a lot lost in translation. But Namma was a goddess who didn’t need anyone to procreate. She is the womb of the entire universe.

Tiamat: Mother of the Gods

In honor of Nammu, I allow myself to swim through chaos. To experience it as fully as I do the calm. Later, in Babylon, Nammu evolves into Tiamat, who is the primordial saltwater, and together with Apsu, the primordial groundwater, they birth all there is.

There are some who interpret the words to say that Nammu was part of this. The myth goes that the universe was formless and void, from which emerged two gods, one male and one female. Apsu the sweet waters and Tiamat the bitter waters. He was the begetter and she, the maker.

A fact I have not known long is that sweet and salt water dance together at the mouths of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which is where the origin of the Mesopotamian civilization lies. It is later said those rivers are formed through Tiamat’s neverending tears.

Nammu appears to be called Mummu in this version (Mum). She is the maker, the form, the mold, or the matrix. It’s like Apsu and Tiamat could not procreate without Mummu because she is the substance from which all things are made. It is her power that births creation.

The slime and the mud were called Lahmu and Lahamu. From this comes the whole sky or Anshar, and the whole earth, or Kishar. This could be representative of the horizon. Next Anshar and Kishar birth Anu, the sky god, who then creates his likeness, Enki or EA. He is the trickster god of the flowing waters, and known as the god of wisdom.

Enki was stronger than Anu, and loved to run around and play. However, all this commotion bothered Apsu and Tiamat. The text said that it roiled Tiamat’s belly. She was able to put up with the noise better than Apsu, whose answer became to kill them all, so he can sleep.

Tiamat is angry at this. She asks Apsu how they can destroy what they themselves created. In spite of her anger and objections, Apsu and Mummu create a plan to do away with the younger gods. It doesn’t go through because Enki overhears them and makes a plan to defeat them.

He recites a spell that puts Apsu to sleep and Mummu in a dazed state. He then takes Apsu’s insignia of power, his belt and crown, and his “mantle of radiance”, and puts them on himself. He holds Apsu down and kills him.

The text tells us that he tied up Mummu, laid across, and set up his dwelling on top of Apsu. He held Mummu with a nose-rope. When he overcame and slain his enemies he set up a cry over his foes. Then he rested quietly in private.

Next we read that Enki marries Damkina and they give birth to Marduk. Marduk became quite powerful. He originates in Babylon and was raised to higher status when he conquered Mesopotamia. Earlier versions actually state that Enlil was the conqueror. We will talk more about Enlil soon.

This part of the story introduces Marduk. He would later be called Ashur after Assyria conquered Babylon. Marduk means son-child or son of the Sun. Maybe even bull calf of the Sun. He is quite large with four large eyes, and four huge ears. Fire shoots from his mouth when he speaks.

Anu, the sky god, is Marduk’s grandfather and quite proud of him, so he creates the four winds for Marduk to play with. Soon a group of the gods go to Tiamat and complain about the commotion like Apsu once had. This roiles up her belly once more. She decides to help them.

The plot was to get rid of Marduk, Enki, Anu, and all of them. So Tiamat gives birth to many monsters she believes will defeat Marduk. Giant snakes and terrifying dragons were birthed. Even a rabid dog and scorpion man are spoken of here.

She places Kingu at the head of her army of monsters. His name means unskilled laborer. She makes him her 2nd husband and gives him the tablet of destinies. Whoever has these tablets is the supreme ruler of the universe. Now Kingu has the power to altar destinies.

So Marduk and Kingu are going to fight for who has the power to shape the physical universe. Enki hears about this and goes to Anshar. Remember, Anshar is the sky and gave birth to Anu, Enki’s grandfather. Ashar sends Enki to tell Tiamat to retreat, but that fails.

He sends Anu, but he fails. Anshar gnashes his teeth, and sits on this a while. They ask at some point if any other gods are willing to come forward to fight Tiamat and her army. Enki speaks to his son Marduk, who promises to defeat Tiamat, but the gods must have a meeting and proclaim him top god should he win the battle.

Anshar calls the council and explains the situation. So the gods set up a throne for Marduk and state his utterance is law and his words shall never be falsified. They gave him the kingship over the entire universe. He heads out to challenge Tiamat to a single battle, and furious she agrees.

Marduk encircles her with his net, blows her up with his winds, shoots an arrow into her belly, which split her in the middle and slit her heart. After standing on her corpse he easily defeated the rebel gods. He tied away the monsters she had created. Took the tablets of destiny from Kingu.

Next, he creates the universe from Tiamat’s body. Marduk creates a solid sky, to hold back the waters. He builds a temple in the sky as a mirror image of Enki’s temple of the Apsu. He creates the constellations as stations in the sky for the greatest gods.

East and West are created from two of Tiamat’s ribs. He created the polestar with her liver. The Sun and Moon and the cycles are all created here by Marduk. He forms clouds, rain, and fog. Heaping a mountain over her head, he pierced her eyes.

This is where the Tigris and Euphrates are said to come from. He bent her tail to make the Milky Way. Once he returns he presents the tablet of destiny to Anu and the gods celebrate him as the king of all the gods of heaven and earth.

He says that that he is going emass blood and cause bones to be. That he will establish savage man to be in service of the gods. This is where Enki suggests an edit to his original plan.

First, Enki says, they should kill the rebel god and create humans from him. When they ask they learn it was Kingu who incited Tiamat to begin with. So they cut his arteries and make mankind from his blood. Enki then imposes the toil of the gods upon us, while Marduk divides the gods up, and assigns them various stations in the heaven and earth.

This is also where Marduk hosts a party, and by the end Anshar orders that all the black-headed people should worship Marduk. They give him fifty names and start chanting them. Marduk and Enlil are interchangeable at times, and in later parts of this story I’ll discuss their evolution.

Enki, Enlil, and Ninhursag: The Laboratory of Edin (Garden of Eden)

Let’s go back a bit and talk about the two consorts of Anu, who were Antu, the great mother of the sky, and KI, the great earth mother; both gave him children. Ki birthed Enlil and Antu birthed Enki. The two are half-brothers in a long sibling rivalry. KI had taken command of the earth, while Anu reigned in the heaven.

Ninhursag is Enki’s full-blooded sister, and Enlil’s half-sister. She is known as the lady of the mountain, which I find fascinating. So far women are the main creators of all that is. In many beliefs their leaders or saints climbed mountains to speak to the creator, and the mountain was the lady goddess.

This story later becomes about Cain and Abel. The great mother of all became known as Eve. Instead of a garden of Eden for man to live in paradise, they fashioned us to work in the garden all the days of our lives, so that they did not have to. Even the animal sacrifices were so that they did not have to hunt and cook their own meat.

One version of this begins in a space named Dilmun. It’s a garden of paradise, just like the bible’s Eden. A pure land with no people, no suffering, and simply occupied by the Anunnaki. There is not yet duality on the planet. In other versions it’s said this garden is eastward of Edin.

They begin a season of winter without freshwater, when Ninhursag begs Enki to moisturize the land of the gods. You know in Genesis 2:6 it says, “But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground?” This is the earlier version of the same story.

Enki instructed Utu, who was the Sun god of that time, to bring water up from the ground when he rises into the sky. When this is done it creates a mist from the earth, and waters the whole face of the ground. This reminds me of a video that Liz sent me recently that I thought was beautiful.

I’m not sure who to credit for this, but the TikTok is from “Good Day Grand Rising”, who states that “God” is both in us and around us. Never before has it made so much sense that Jesus stated the kingdom of god is within you. I’m so grateful to be part of the crumbling of the age of Pisces and delusion.


What if water is God?


“Then that would mean God is both in us and all around us. That God is both above and below us. Why a woman’s water breaks when we are born, and why some religions observe the ritual of baptism. But if water was God, then that would mean that God has no Gender.

That God takes the shape of whatever container God appears in. Which would explain why we have so many different belief systems. This begs the question, what is the spiritual significance of poisoning the water in Flint, MI? Or the oil burning in the Gulf of Mexico?

Or the large islands of garbage floating in the pacific ocean? If God was water, would that not mean that every natural place is holy? That every thunderstorm was a church without walls? That when the rain falls, it’s an act of god’s death-giving life?

And when it evaporates again it’s the day of resurrection? And life itself was a just a test of learning how to be and flow like the water? How to give life to other people? And how to refresh the spirits and quench their thirst with your presence?”

In any case, Ninhursag is pleased with Enki. The story goes that several earth mothers were, and so they lay with him. Honestly, this is a likely metaphor for the water soaking into the sand. And this life giving water gave birth to spring in Dilmun.

This is where you find the story of Atlantis, too, by the way. Enki lived in the water over Apsu. Enlil was the land and Enki the waters that engulf the land from time-to-time. In the beginning there was water and land. The water formed the sand into clay. We are material and spiritual.

Now the rest of what I’m about to say is speculation, and the work of author, Zecharia Sitchin. I will say this, earlier I watched commercials from decades ago with the same technology we have today. It’s as if they dumbed us down and recreated technology we already had and resold it as new.

The education system in America is not meant to produce a host of genius people who make it big. They market it that way, but they are creating robots, who can sit still, listen, do as they are told, and not question authority without threat of punishment.

We know for a fact that over the years the schools in this country were teaching in undertones of racism and colonialism. Society is set up in a way that pull yourself up by the bootstraps has people without boots cheering. All while praising the boots on their necks.

These ancient tablets tell the story Genesis tells, but they are more ancient, and likely closer to the true version, than the book of Genesis. I know this information is incredibly hard for Christians. It was for me at that time in my life, and I sat all of this aside and became an atheist.

Now, as the South Node dances through my third house of information and knowledge it has come back to me through conversations with others. If any theory I’ve ever heard of our evolution and creation makes sense it’s an advanced species theory, but I’m not willing to fight over it.

Sitchin's writes of the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru. They came to Earth and set up a garden as an outdoor laboratory. This is where they experimented with different variations, but weren’t able to get it just right. That is, until they genetically modified an egg from one of the first human species, and had Ninhursag carry it in her womb.

Zecharia wrote something it took me so long to learn. There is no clash between creation and evolution. We were a lower species, evolving incredibly slowly, and science tells us that. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, in ancient Sumer, we started writing and building entire civilizations.

It’s as if something altered the DNA and modified us for wisdom and intellect to grow at a faster pace. If this story is true that means we were created, sort of. We may not understand how the original hominoids came to be, but this would explain the sudden evolution of humankind.

He explains that according to the ancient tablets, we were created to be servants of the gods. This did not strike ancient people as odd. In fact that’s how they wrote it down. The word that is often translated as “worship” was a word that meant “work”. Sumer did not worship gods, they worked for them. Toiled in the garden all the days of their lives.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

That’s Genesis 1:6. Who is us? Who is the our? We were not created by a gendered deity to worship him forever. We were created by an advanced species to do their work for them. It was a bonus they could convince us along the way they were gods. This is why Christianity needs apologists.

And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

That is Genesis 3:22. I ask you, who is us? Who is God speaking to here? Wouldn’t it make more sense if it were Enlil who said this? Well, that’s what happened. Enlil was later turned into Yahweh, the Jewish and Christian God. Also, the Muslim God. The three Abrahamic religions.

Enki and Ninhursag had many botched attempts before they created Adapa, who later becomes known as Adam. Also fitting, since we are indeed made up of atoms. Suddenly on the world stage we see homiosapiens. No way evolution that was working that fast.

Even in these ancient tablets they knew to wash our hands. Because there is a version where the mother goddess washed her hands before she pinched off some clay, and mixed it in the steppe.

In the bible, you will read of the Nephilim, and this is the Anunnaki. Now the Anunnaki were compatible with the daughters of man. We were able to marry and have children, just like the bible says, but these ancient tablets said it much, much sooner.

It was Enki’s wife who gave birth to Adapa or Adam. He was not the first man on earth, but he was the first successful genetically modified man. And once they got it right they used him as a mold to clone duplicates. This is when they created them male and female as Genesis later confirms.

When the bible speaks of the rib of Adam it’s a play on words. The Sumerian word TI (rib and life). This simply confirms, according to Sitchin's, that Eve was made of Adam’s life essence.

We learn in the ancient tablets that we required blood in order to be created. It couldn’t simply be a drop of the god’s blood either. According to Zechariah, Enki was after a god gene. He wanted us to have individuality and personalities that differed from one another.

Science has found a god gene in our DNA. We were modified for it to be hereditary that we have faith and remain optimistic. Our spirituality has a genetic component, which isn’t surprising. We were created to work for the gods and believe they were higher and better than us.

Just like they tell you if you believe you are rewarded later with eternal life. You are told that if you work hard enough at a trash job you can work you way up some imaginary ladder, like it trickles down or something. They keep you on a hamster wheel and measure our success by unemployment numbers and the stock market.

However, if were able to have different personalities that would make us fight among ourselves, rather than rise up against those in power. This is why Enlil was always worried about overpopulation. They know our power and they always have. They created us to compete, rather than collaborate.

This story is not inconceivable to me. We later modified animals to do the work for us. We are modifying foods. Enlil is Satan and Enki is called God. They are called other names in the bible, like Yahweh and Adonai. The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he was a god.

Enlil left the laboratory for a while. In his absence, Enki and Ninhursag decided to teach us some knowledge. This enraged Enlil. Enki was the real pioneer. Enlil stayed at the control center, while Enki was sent to organize the operations. Enki had his own agenda, for sure, but he was not the tyrant that Enlil was.

He was the protagonist, and Enlil the Antagonist. One wanted to suppress all knowledge, while the other sought to enlighten. In the biblical account we are told the earth was flooded due to immorality and sexual depravity, but the ancient texts say it was not the case at all.

The problem was Enlil got enraged when the creation had sex with the kind that created it. The parallels are quite obvious, and you’d have to hold a lot of cognitive dissonance not to admit that. In the earlier version of the flood, according to Sumer, Enlil flooded the earth.

In all accounts of the deluge one man is warned. He is to take with him two of every kind, or the seed of all living things, depending on the version you read. But one god didn’t decide to kill everyone, and just save one man. It seems more plausible that one wanted to kill us all, and one wanted to protect what he had created and nurtured.

In the Sumer account, much earlier than the bible, Enki warned Utnapishtim or Akkadian. He is the hero of the Mesopotamian flood story. However, if you dig deeper no god caused the flood. It was a predictable event they foretold, and they planned to save themselves and let us die.

We enraged Enlil again and he called for our death through pestilence and sickness, just like Yahweh does in the bible. Next he starved us through famines. Eventually we turned to cannibalism. It was after this they decided to let us parish in the flood and just save themselves.

And this is likely why god or the gods no longer speak to man. Why we once saw them, spoke to them, worked for them, and even knew their spaceships in the clouds of the sky. And next I will be writing of the book of Adam, and how he almost took his life twice after being kicked out of the garden, so they didn't spread enlightenment to the other experiments.

Stay tuned for part II.




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