How Mars Retrograde will affect you

I wrote about the monthly astrology forecast as a whole here:

I wanted to take a minute to single out the Mars retrograde (Rx). I believe it’s going to bring incredible frustration if you’re not being self-aware and cultivating patience on purpose. So, based on your Rising sign or Ascendant (ASC) we can discover which house Mars is Rx in and provide more details.

If you’re not sure what your Rising sign is Google “Free Birth Chart” and pick one you like. I prefer to use whole sign houses, but always encourage you to do what resonates most for you. Whatever house Aries is in within your chart is where Mars will be Rx for you.

Mars has already slowed down, but it will actually be Rx September 9th through November 13th. Listen, this whole year has been begging us to slow down and do some introspection. Do you even realize how many planets are currently retrograde? Jupiter and Saturn will go direct this month, but this idea of introspection and reflection is a huge theme this year.

This Mars Rx is going to be frustrating because it will hinder our ability to fulfill whatever we’re passionate about. It would be bad enough just having Mars Rx, but we also have it squaring Saturn. Delays and restriction will be drug out because of this. With so many planets Rx the whole world may feel as if it’s moving in slow motion.

Mars has to do with sex, anger, war, decisive actions. This time is for you to take stock, to think first, to plan first, so when the time comes you’re prepared to act. There could be some painful events that come up, but these are fated. Meant to help you learn and stop you from making a fateful mistake.

This is the contemplation stage. Once Mars goes direct you can then take what you’ve learned about yourself through planning and introspection and take action to implement or correct. Your desires and needs will grow stronger, but so will the restriction preventing you from obtaining them. This is about us learning delayed gratification.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all Rx right now. Don’t fight against it. Just pause and take the rest. If you want the reward build a strong foundation first. That takes careful planning and patience.

Aries Rising:

If you are an Aries Rising Mars will be Rx in your first house. The first house is all about how you immediately react to the environment around you, how other people perceive you, and how you go about getting what you want and need from life. This is the area you should be reflective on going forward.

We all know that Aries likes to rush head first into any project and get it going, so this Rx may frustrate you. Now is the time to conserve all that energy. It’s possible that accidents or injuries could happen if you push yourself too hard. You will feel like pushing and it’s a good time to be self-aware and find ways to soothe that feeling within you.

No matter how badly you want to it will seem as if you can’t take the initiative. You will be in a state of inaction and it may seem you can’t get ahead. Don’t feel like you’re losing anything. Step back from the competitive mindset. Don’t be passive aggressive, but don’t push either. You will be blocked at every turn. So slow down for now.

You may feel like it’s you against the world, but it’s really you against yourself. This is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your tenth house of Capricorn. Connected to your public image and career. Learn to step back and appreciate slow progress, as you reflect on what you’ve already done and the results you may have already achieved.

Create a plan for when Rx is over to boost your image then. Right now is a time to reflect on your current image and where you’d like it to go from here. How are you perceived now versus how you’d like to be perceived? Does your private image line up with your public image? Where can you make changes?

To learn more study what the first and tenth houses are all about. This is where major reflection and introspection is needed for you right now. As mid to end of November approaches you’ll feel less frustrated and be able to take the things you’ve learned through self-reflection and implement them.

Pisces Rising:

If you are a Pisces Rising this Rx is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your 11th house of friendships, groups, goals, and dreams. The Rx itself is happening in your second house of internal and external value and worth. There may be something to reflect on regarding how you show up in friendships and how worthy you feel of your goals and dreams.

Your income could slow down and this may frustrate you. There could be arguments over money. Your values will seem to be different than the values of those around you. Now is the time to reflect on what your values really are, and to align with people who share them. There is something here that you could reflect on regarding how authentic you are going forward.

It’s important if you’re feeling a lack of self-worth and confidence that you create a plan to work on that. There may be a lot that rises up for you in terms of how worthy you feel of the friendships and groups in your life. Of the goals and dreams you’d like to pursue. Where do you need to increase self-love?

Don’t make any large financial purchases during the Rx if you can help it. You may feel angry with yourself or the universe, so know that’s okay. The universe can handle it. Just make sure you’re creating a plan to increase your worth and deal with your anger in a healthy way.

I would also consider where you’re currently denying yourself in life and why you’re denying yourself in that area. This is a great time to reflect on becoming a more authentic version of yourself, rather than simply morphing into versions of those around you. As a Pisces Rising it’s incredibly difficult to know yourself because you feel so intertwined with everyone else.

For further information I would study what the second and 11th houses are all about. This will give you an idea of the battle you’re about to face. If the friendships in your life are not aligned or serving you, if your goals and dreams are not aligned with your purpose, all of that is up for review.

By the end of Rx you could have an entirely new goal or dream in place, and once mid November hits you’re free to implement it more. Don’t cave to the impatience and frustration. Appreciate the down time to reflect and revise your course.

Aquarius Rising:

If you’re an Aquarius Rising Mars is Rx in your third house of communication, lower education, friends, neighbors, siblings, and short distance transportation and travel. It is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your 12th house of Capricorn.

Communication is going to feel incredibly frustrating for you. It may feel like you’re screaming within the void. Be cautious of angry thoughts. You may feel as if you can’t get your point across and have to bite your tongue. I would bite it because the possibility for arguments with friends, siblings, neighbors is going to be quite high. Don’t participate in any gossip.

Aquarius is an incredibly intellectual sign and you may feel frustrated with how slow you’re learning things. Remember this time is meant to be slow. A time of reflection. How do you communicate? Even if you don’t understand them are you considerate of other people’s emotions? There is a place for head and heart, and this square to your subconscious world is key.

Take your time to really think things through before you speak. Now is a time to reflect and sharpen what you know rather than sharing it. Make a plan to control your temper and go back to the basics for now. Be sure to drive carefully and not give in to road rage because short distance travel is here, too. I wouldn’t purchase a new vehicle during Rx either.

With the square between your third and 12th house this is about how you communicate your baggage. You may have experienced some emotional crisis over the past couple years, and now is the time to reflect on that. After all, the 12th house is hidden things. You may find it difficult to understand what is going on within you, and this is why you can’t communicate it to others.

Jupiter is going direct on Saturday and this should help some. This should help you create a plan to take action in the future. How can you overcome your subconscious programming? How can you learn to better communicate with those around you? How can you stop avoiding confrontation externally, which only creates a heavier war internally?

To learn more study up on the third and 12th house meanings. There is something here that needs to be balanced. You’re speaking without thinking perhaps. Saying whatever comes to mind, rather than reflecting first. We all have bias and programming. Now is the time to figure out yours and how you can bypass and reprogram yourself.

Capricorn Rising:

For you Mars is going Rx in your fourth house of home, parents, emotional foundations. It is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your first house, which is how you immediately react to the environment around you, and how others perceive you. How are you perceived at home?

This time may bring up anger at your parents, expose faults in your foundation, create work to do on the home that there isn’t funds to do, and you may just generally feel things can’t be finished. The past will become suddenly very present in your life.

There could be a family responsibility that suddenly needs tons of your energy, or work may increase demands causing you to be able to spend less time at home. You may become frustrated and feel overwhelmed and unbalanced. Remember to tackle one thing at a time.

You will have to figure out how you can let go of past resentments. Consider how you’re showing up at home, how your relationship is with your parents. Make a plan to communicate from the heart once the Rx is over. Where can improvements be made here? Nothing that ever hurt you was as personal as it felt, so start there. Restructure, renovate, revise.

Since Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter have been in your first house they have been giving you clues that you need to change the way you approach life. To consider how you appear to the rest of the world or how you present yourself to others. There are changes that have been boiling under the surface for a long time and now is the time to truly be honest and reflect on that.

The most frustrating part is they can’t happen overnight, and while Mars is Rx you may feel incredibly motivated to change, and find you simply can’t move forward at all right now. That’s how it’s meant to be. Now is the time to create the plan for stability and the foundation for the changes.

Study what the first and fourth houses are about and learn more if you feel led to do so. A square is not an easy aspect. However, fighting against it only makes it that much harder. So, roll with it.

Sagittarius Rising:

If you are a Sagittarius Rising Mars Rx is happening in your fifth house of children, romance, creative self-expression, hobbies, and fun. It’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your second house of internal and external wealth and value.

Going forward fun may seem to be a thing of the past. Romance may take a sudden turn. You will feel as if you’re forced to be all work and no play. You won’t have the same attraction to creative projects as you normally do. You’re not easily amused at all. Your children could need you more than normal. You will feel as if nothing matters and you’ve simply lost your spark.

Well, good. Use this time to question who you are. Find ways to rediscover what it is you’re truly passionate about. It’s a great time to reflect on what would actually excite you now, versus assuming you haven’t evolved. Make time for pleasure even if you don’t feel like it.

Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are holding up your finances and self-worth for some reflection. The past couple years you’ve likely been experiencing having to cut back financially and wondering if you’re truly worthy of the good life has to offer. With Jupiter going direct Saturday it’s an opportunity for you work through ideas and make plans to resolve your issues.

Do you believe you’re worthy of your children? Of true love and romance? Do you believe it’s okay to relax and simply have fun in life? These are all great questions to reflect on for you. If not you need to get to the bottom of why that is and make a plan to change it.

To learn more study what the second and fifth houses are all about. Consider the link between the issues in each house. Where can you study and learn more about self-worth, finance, parenting? What is your plan for when Rx is over to rectify this before Saturn and Jupiter move in December?

Scorpio Rising:

For you Mars is going Rx in your sixth house of work, health, and routine. It is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your third house of community, communication, siblings, friends, neighbors, short distance travel, and more.

It’s highly likely that with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your third house the past couple years you’ve been stressed and depressed. As if life is nothing more than a series of arguments and disappointments. At times even feeling hopeless about it all. As if no one is listening or understanding you.

If you’ve never had good coping methods this has been truer for you, but even if you do have them and are using them it just seems not to work. This is trying to get you to consider the people in your community. Are they truly aligned with your deepest soul values? With your core identity and purpose?

Be careful that you don’t create conflict with your coworkers. You may feel they are bullying you or demanding more of you than they give themselves. It may seem you have far more to do than can be done. You’re susceptible now to colds, flues, and illness. Projects and promotions could be delayed.

It’s important you reflect on your scattered energy and redirect it to what is truly important. Now is a good time to consider your daily routine and the habits that you need to break. You may not implement this new routine right away, but having a foundation set before Rx ends will be helpful to implementing it then.

If you have pets be sure they are well taken care of right now. Make sure you and the pets are getting exercise, eating well, and don’t overdo it. It’s a great time to find the willpower to make healthy changes in your life, including the people you’re associating with on a daily basis.

Part of the purpose of a Scorpio Rising is finding your soul tribe. We know this because you have Aquarius in your fourth house. So, some time reflecting on the people around you will do you good right now. We know because of Cancer in the ninth house your soul tribe will be people who make life make sense for you. Who ponder the bigger questions. Who expand your mind.

If these aren’t the type of people you surround yourself with now ask yourself why that is. In December Saturn and Jupiter are moving to your fourth house. So, use this time to really reflect and have a plan in place.

To learn more study what the third and sixth houses are about. Having people who understand you, that you can communicate well with, is important for your daily routine and overall health. Saturn in particular isn’t going to be kind to you if you don’t make a plan to make these changes.

Libra Rising:

Mars will be going Rx in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. It’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations. If there have already been problems in your marriage, relationship, or business partnership more could arise.

Do not fear confrontation, Libra. We all know you like to keep the peace, but if you avoid conflict you only start a war within yourself. You could potentially find yourself attracted to someone else. An old lover could reappear in your life. You won’t feel like you’re winning any argument you partake in.

The biggest takeaway for you is learning that arguments are not the end of the world. You can love a person and hate their behavior. That’s what healthy boundaries are for. Try having adult discussions instead of allowing the anger to overtake you. Remove your own armor. You are a master negotiator, so it’s time to truly act like it.

Over the past year you’ve had your foundations entirely rocked by Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Issues with the home, family, parents, or other deeply private and personal matters have been at the forefront for you. You may have been struggling to feel you belong anywhere.

Jupiter goes direct Saturday. You have the opportunity to improve your situation. Don’t get frustrated with the slow down and inability to act. Planning is acting. It’s setting a strong foundation. Stop feeling you have to rush and it all has to move fast. Take some time to breathe.

Search the meanings of the fourth and seventh houses for further learning. There is some tension in your emotional foundations and your partnerships. These aren’t easy and I don’t make light of them. I only know that denying or avoiding that tension makes things much worse.

So go within during this Rx and discover what it is you truly want from a partner. What type of emotional foundation do you want to build? How emotionally intelligent are you really? Ask yourself the hard questions and create a plan to learn and revamp where necessary.

Virgo Rising:

Mars will be Rx in your eighth house. The mystery house of shared intimacy, shared resources, the occult, death and rebirth. It’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your fifth house of children, romance, creative self-expression, fun, and hobbies. Now isn’t the time to be overly critical of self and others.

For the past couple years with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter tearing up your fifth house you’ve likely been facing serious questions about your personal development. There have likely been personal or romantic disappointments. You’ve had very little time to really enjoy life as of late. There could have been issues surrounding your children and parenting.

It’s likely your confidence has declined. You’ve felt unfulfilled and bored by life. Everything seems routine and mundane for you. I believe this axis is asking you to look at areas of your inner world that need transformation, rather than seeking to find that through others.

Mars Rx may make you feel powerless. Loans may not go through and you may have issues and arguments if you share resources. There could be a strong lack of real desire or feeling undesirable. Power games could be a thing. You are struggling to understand why, to understand yourself, and maybe even a bit afraid of the unknown.

Now is the time for you to dig deep and unearth the truth. It’s time to finally face your own darkness. Time to drop your guard and be willing to be truly intimate with other people. Self-analysis central, without being critical of what you find there. What we do when we discover our own darkness is expose it as an illusion with our light.

You can learn more by searching what the fifth and eighth houses are all about. You can’t truly thrive as a parent or romantic partner if you refuse to drop your guard and be intimate with your children and partner. So, I would spend some time working through any guilt and shame you have, and creating a plan to become more vulnerable and intimate.

You may find yourself fearing death more around this time, or predicting death around you. Please don’t sit alone with this. Reach out to someone you trust to help you through it, or go within and meditate. You’re being asked to reflect on your ability to be truly intimate and share with others.

Leo Rising:

Mars is going Rx in your ninth house of higher wisdom, spirituality, and foreign travel. It is square Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your sixth house of work, routine, and health. As a Leo Rising myself I’ve faced a lot of issues with health, work, and routine over the past couple years. Likely so have you.

I will tell you the main message of this transit is to be productive with your life and stop wasting it. It has likely felt crushing at times. You may have felt underpaid and overworked, had to deal with illness, had issues with a work home balance. The universe wants you more organized and you could feel you’ve been fighting like hell to keep things together.

With Jupiter going direct Saturday it can take some of the overwhelm away. Now is the time to finally restructure, clear out the old, and create a new path before these planets move to the seventh house in December. So, use this time to reflect and plan. What habits do you still need to change?

With Mars Rx in the ninth you could start questioning everything you’ve learned the last couple years. It may feel like you don’t know what to believe anymore. You could have a difficult time making up your mind on things. You may feel lonely, as if there is nowhere to turn for guidance. Foreign travel plans may end up delayed.

Now, I only speak for myself here when I say that I have spent so much time studying, learning, and soaking up information. However great that is, if I’m constantly soaking it up and have no routine or plan in place to use it what good is that really doing for me?

Be willing to explore what you believe during this time. Stop feeling you need to accumulate more knowledge. You’ve gathered quite enough. So, take some time to sift through the knowledge you’ve obtained and figure out which beliefs make the most sense for you going forward.

Don’t debate or argue your beliefs right now. It’s okay to not be afraid of beliefs you don’t understand. Be willing to spend time learning something new and understanding it, rather than simply writing it off for being different than what you’re used to.

For more learn what the sixth and ninth houses are really about. Are you spending time learning about everything, rather than honing it in to learn only what you need for your alignment and purpose? Do the beliefs you hold right now align with the purpose you feel destined for?

If you’ve been creating plans and building on ideas don’t get frustrated if you can’t move forward and implement them. Now is a time for revision and honing things in, so that you can have a sturdy foundation when the time comes for you to move forward and act.

Cancer Rising:

Mars is going Rx in your tenth house of public image and career. It is squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. You could find yourself sick and having to take time off work. There could be conflict with your boss or other authority.

You may feel as if you’re stuck and will never move up the ladder. There are going to be times you will have to tame your ego. You may start questioning your career and public image altogether. Feeling as if you want to go it alone. It will be difficult to work with other people. Your entire status could change.

It’s possible you will be embarrassed publicly, so I would highly consider your habits, especially within relationships, and ensure that none of them have the potential to ruin your reputation. Don’t overly worry about this. Just something for you to consider.

It’s a good time to take a break if you can. To make sure you’re creating time for other things in life outside of work. Go ahead and reassess your profession and if it’s really what you want to be doing. Let others take charge and lead. Contemplate where your struggles with authority come from. Get in touch with your personal power and authority.

How do you want to be seen in the world? Get clear on that. Make the plan even if you can’t implement right now. The past couple years your relationships have been tense and subject to upheaval with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter transiting your seventh house.

You’ve been feeling an internal struggle at the very least. Trying to reconcile your relationships, both personal and professional, with your own relationship needs. Some partnerships have probably already been left behind, and others are likely on the rocks.

This is about crisis points in areas of commitment. Jupiter going direct could have you looking to avoid your healing and inner work, seeking instead to hook up with someone new. That isn’t the answer. Until you do the inner work everyone you meet will be the same trigger with a different face.

Learn what the seventh and tenth houses are all about. There is a tension between your relationships and how you want to be seen professionally. Now is the time to reflect on where that comes from and how to resolve it.

You may find the answers and be frustrated that you can’t implement them right away, but I believe the planning phase is part of the implementation. Perhaps this is about figuring out if your current relationships support your career goals. Maybe choosing to forego one for the other.

Gemini Rising:

Mars is going Rx in your 11th house of friendships, goals, groups, and dreams. It’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your eighth house. You could find yourself more irritated with friends or groups you’ve involved in. You may find you can’t work within groups right now at all.

Some dream or goal you were once excited about may no longer excite you. The problems in the world may weigh you down. Feeling as if you’re the lone voice of reason anywhere to be found. As if things will simply never change for the better. You will care more about humanity, but feel there is nothing that can be done to fix it.

The first key is to accept your friends as they are. Understand that we are all different, have different charts and make ups. If you want to be accepted as you are at each stage of your journey offer the same respect. While you may feel like going it alone none of us can change the world alone. And, while you can’t change the whole world, you can change your small part of it.

It’s about accepting slow progress and change as the realist approach. With the Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter transit of the eighth house you have probably felt cursed for some time now. You have likely been going through some major life changes, or dealing with issues involving shared resources and intimacy.

It could feel like your burdens will never be lifted. With Jupiter coming back online Saturday it could help remind you that it’s okay to reach out for help. To be vulnerable and intimate with those around you. It’s possible that someone else’s voice of reason is exactly what you need right now.

Studying the eighth and 11th houses can teach you more. Ultimately how are you showing up in friend groups, charity groups, and for your goals and dreams? Do you have trouble truly opening up and being vulnerable? How can you change this or work on this?

Do you have trouble sharing and trusting other people to do their part? These are things you should be considering, and making a plan to change. Take this time to learn and discover. You can take a break from friends and groups right now if that’s easier. Just implement a plan for when Rx is over. How can you best facilitate the change you wish to see without alienating others?

Taurus Rising:

Mars is going Rx in your 12th house of the subconscious. It’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your ninth house of higher wisdom, spirituality, and long distance travel. This may bring issues to your sleeping pattern. It could bring nightmares or disturbing dreams your way.

You won’t feel like facing your demons, may be afraid to be alone, but you’re running out of excuses. You are feeling a lot of doubts, having a hard time setting healthy boundaries, possibly sabotaging yourself, and clinging to irrational fears and defeating attitudes.

So, knowing this you can go into this Rx with a plan to face those demons. Fear is false evidence appearing real. So, you could validate the fear, thank it for coming to protect you, and let it know you don’t need the protection. Write down any dreams that come.

This is about you becoming aware of subconscious programming that is affecting you. Time to remove negative conditioning that has lent to you not being where you want to be in life. I would practice meditation, too.

With Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter transiting your ninth you’ve likely felt the world become a limiting and oppressive place. Maybe you’ve been in a rut for a while. Full of doubts about the road you’ve traveled thus far. So, what’s the plan, Taurus? Do you want out? Ready for something new?

Now is the time to think about that, to plan that, to set the foundation. Where do you want to go from here? Stop focusing on the details and consider the bigger picture. Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Choose your perspective and then get to work on how to implement that into your life.

How can you gain confidence? Where can you explore your ideas of understanding the world? Jupiter comes back online Saturday. It loves a grand plan, so get to planning.

You have all these great ideas, but there is some tension that is unconsciously sabotaging you. Figure out what that is by facing your fear of confronting your own darkness.

To learn more discover what the ninth and 12th houses are all about. This likely does have to do with a subconscious belief that has somehow hindered or limited you. Go from there.


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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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