Gemini New Moon: Pick A Pile

Left to right: Piles one through five. Where could you use help with integration and self-expression?

The Gemini New Moon is here to help us improve our communication, self-expression, social circles, and open-mindedness. It’s here to grant us clarity and integration. Teaching us how to be comfortable and authentic with others. It pushes us to learn how we can put others at ease in our presence.

To not have to prove our points, but let what is speak for itself. To enjoy the moment without all the expectations usually running through our heads. Gemini has two sides. It represents the duality within us all.

The two sides must learn how to come together and make a choice for the highest good of all. This New Moon is great for setting intentions regarding crossroads and indecision currently facing you in life. It is my intention to help you learn where you can better express and assert yourself going forward.

Collective Message:

It’s almost go time. Many of you can feel the shifting energy beneath the surface. While it’s slightly terrifying, it’s also extremely exciting. Part of you wants to rush in all the change. You may have been feeling extra stagnant with the isolation and stay at home orders.

You are being encouraged to remind yourself that waiting is a gift. What is coming is worth waiting for. Once things start moving everything is going to come at you so fast you won’t have time to catch your breath, so catch it now. This space is about learning how to integrate your fear with your fire.

It’s about integrating your impatience with temperance. Your anger with joy. Coming to terms with the fact that you are light and you are shadow. That will never not be the case. What is the case, is that you have the power to control which one you let run things. The one you feed grows largest.

No more sweeping things under the rug. Now is the time to completely own everything, all of you, all of the people in your life. Decide who gets to stay and who has to go. Shame, guilt, fear, anxiety these are all parts of your shadow. They come in trying to protect you. They are a reminder that you are not currently in alignment with your values and higher self.

When they come thank them for doing so. Validate the shadow side and let it know you appreciate it has been trying to protect you for so long, but you no longer need that protection. Let them know you’re all good. Sure, it will try to creep back in for a while after that, but the longer you validate and understand it the less it will sneak in.

The numbers five and eight may be important if you keep seeing them going forward or have been. I encourage you to look them up and find which meanings resonate for you. Pay attention to signs and synchronicity.

The Angel Number 335 wants to make an appearance here, too. The Angels want you to find courage. To know that the universe has your back always. The collective affirmation is “My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the universe”. It’s time to integrate those fears into faith.

Pile One:

The number four is important for you going forward. You can still pay attention to the numbers for the collective, but for you the four is also in play. It represents foundations. Going forward this is what your focus should be. What are you building and what have you learned from your past that can help you not make the same mistakes this time?

I feel as if you’re studying something new and it’s requiring a lot of fortitude, determination, and follow through. You’re having a difficult time understanding how to incorporate what you’re learning into the physical realm around you. The problem is this strain of wildness in you that lacks the forethought necessary to move it forward.

This isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t say anything bad about you. It just means you’re still in the beginning of this. You are frustrated with the pace of things, but still understand that you must trust divine timing. When you are having a hard time integrating the two do some physical activity, burn up energy.

Rather than allow your mind to race take a walk, do some cardio, dance in your living room, or whatever you enjoy that requires physical exertion. This will take your focus off the issue and allow a chance for your epiphany to come. When you’re overly focused it can actually cause resistance.

I feel like you’re starting all over and this isn’t the first time. In the past you lacked the commitment and the determination to follow through. Your light aspect wants the change very much, but your shadow is making you feel you aren’t worthy of it. I feel the first thing you need to do is let go of the pressure to prove you’re more than you are.

You seem to be working so hard, but not seeing any return. Is this because you’re working to prove yourself to someone else and not yourself? If this is the case the moment that someone else rejects you, you reject the change. You have to do this for you and learn to validate yourself.

The physical activity will not only help you burn off excess energy, but it will clear your mind from the fog that has you missing all the signs around you. It will unblock your creative thought processes. Help you better channel emotions and understand them, so they aren’t controlling you.

There is this part of you that understands you are not your emotions. That you are the awareness above them, but every time you momentarily lapse and give up control you beat yourself up. Your shadow doesn’t need to be beaten. It needs you to understand it, validate it, and release it.

You are both a drama king and a nurturing and wise leader. I know on the surface it doesn’t make sense, but hear me out. In you lives this deep knowing that you’re meant to nurture and lead. At your core you are full of love, nurturing, and emotional intelligence. That’s who you are.

However, due to the cycles that were passed down to you and the way of life you are also easily triggered and temperamental. Just because you are partly shadow doesn’t mean you aren’t also your light. This is a chance for you to work with the subconscious mind and dive into some self-care. Be your own motivation and learn to find yourself worthy.

One side of you says, “I am not worthy of the love and belonging I seek because of all the awful choices I’ve made.” So, perk up and respond from your better half, “Yes, I have made some awful choices in life, but it’s all part of learning and growing. I still deserve love and belonging.”

There is something unique and individual about you. So, when you compare yourself to others you’re living in denial that you have a purpose all your own. You’re not here to live their lives, to have what they have. You are here to live your life, to create your own abundance. If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else ask yourself why.

It doesn’t matter if they made it first. It doesn’t matter if they have more than you ever will. As long as you keep pushing, learning, and show up to life what is meant for you will not miss you. It will keep you so content you won’t have time to worry about what other people have.

You are over-thinking everything right now. I want to bring up the physical activity again. This could really be beneficial for you. Your aha moments are only going to come in the silence. When you stop trying to figure it out mentally and tune in spiritually. You don’t have to work so hard. If you slow down, enjoy yourself, these are the moments clarity will come.

I know you feel like the slowness and silence is the wrong path, but it’s not. Right now you can sense change in the wind, and so you feel like you’re supposed to be moving and doing. The truth is that energetic haste you feel is the build up and evidence you are intuitive. Be selective were you spend your energy going forward.

This time is teaching you how to conserve your strength. Try to tune in to the call of you soul because it will never lead you astray. It doesn’t speak to you through logic and thoughts. I comes through the heart. Make sure you’re opening yours. Now is the time to let go of what is no longer important.

I know change can be scary, but I promise you the changes coming to your life are for the best. You have to stop trying to control them. When the fear, anxiety, and negative emotions come up remember to detach. You are the awareness above all the noise. Surf it like waves.

The prosperity you’ve been aiming for in your current circumstances will never come. Deep down you already know this. If you would stop investing your energy into a dead end situation and instead put it into the call of your soul what a harvest you would reap.

You are in urgent need of space. Stale energy, relationships, and situations that stopped resonating with you a long time ago are in the way. Until you remove them and make space for the prosperity waiting for you it simply cannot come in. Stop telling yourself the same sad story. Write a new one.


Pile Two:

The number 8 is showing up twice for you. This may have something to do with you standing in your personal power. I do feel there are two sides of you showing up in this reading very clearly. One is absolutely certain that security, worth, value all comes from within. That you must be your own foundation.

This other side of you is afraid, insecure, and wants other people to make you feel safe. I know it seems contradictory, but aren’t we all? Your light self, when you’re standing in your power, knows exactly how to handle fear and anxiety. You understand fully that you are the awareness above it all.

Every now and then, though, the shadow wants to come out and play. I feel for you when the fear, insecurity, and anxiety come up you need to switch up your environment. Go into a different room, go to a park, sit in your back yard. Just change your scenery. Then go through the process of validating how you feel and letting it go. This is how you integrate best.

I can feel your light side coming through quite strong here. At your best you really are in control of your thoughts and emotions. You lead with confidence, harmony, and generosity. You have a great ability to stay optimistic. I do sense a love situation blocking you from moving forward right now.

I don’t feel like this person is in your life at the moment, but I do sense you’re thinking of them often. It’s like you can feel they are about to return any moment and want a second chance with you. I believe you want this second chance so badly that you are over-thinking it and trapped in your thoughts.

This means you’re living as if the love isn’t already yours and blocking the union. That’s your shadow side. You are meant to walk in confidence that whether or not this person comes back you’re loved and deserving of love. That the universe will make sure the right one comes at the right time.

You’re very spiritually gifted and in tune with the signs and synchronicity around you. Make sure you’re paying attention. When you notice your mind is over-thinking, or you can’t let go of this situation it’s time to change your environment again. To meditate and receive a vision of clarity.

Deep down you can sense a lover coming in regardless. This is almost a telepathic experience I feel. There is a sense of equal give and take. The kind of reciprocity you’ve always wanted and never had. In order for this to come in you must stop allowing your shadow to restrict it.

Your shadow will have you in your head and worried. It might say, “What if they aren’t the one, or what if they don’t come back”? Well, what if? Change your environment and use your better half to say, “I know someone is coming who will reciprocate the love I give and we will have the deepest soul bond. I am open to allowing it to come as Spirit sees fit.”

I feel this message is reiterated with the Time to Go card coming out. You may feel something has reached the end of the line, but it hasn’t. Something in your life is just on pause right now. You must learn to trust that and not live in a lack mindset. Poverty consciousness in love or money isn’t healthy. It won’t attract either to you and what you do find won’t be what you’re looking for.

The opposite of love is fear. So, my dears, if you are in fear love is not a magnet for you. It’s crucial that you set the love aside. That you don’t worry when the fear and anxiety do come up and try to avoid them, but instead you validate them, and then send them on their way. Keep building your empire.

This isn’t at all about making you feel bad or blaming you for the person not being in your life. What I am telling you is that Spirit has created temporary boundaries for your protection. Perception is reality, so all you have to do in order to attract the right love is to be love. To perceive something differently.

I do believe that part of the reason you’ve been separated is that you’re both going through an ascension or spiritual awakening of sorts. It’s time you take all the work you’ve put in and apply it every time. You will never be taken seriously by anyone without clear boundaries, and if you go around with a poverty consciousness you’ll never set boundaries.

The universe wants you focused on yourself right now. Tune into the inner guru within you and follow the bread crumbs. Integrate the fear with the fire lit in your belly and all will be well. This break is a time for education and spiritual training. You each have to be whole on your own first.

I feel as if you’re almost being tested here. You have likely already done quite a bit of healing work. Do you believe in the personal power you’ve been building? Do you believe in it enough to manifest the life you’re dreaming of?


Pile Three:

The number for you is five. The number of change. I don’t know if you have changes coming in, or you’re just scared of it. It may be both, honestly. I do see that one part of you is poised and in control, and the other is chaotic and always thinking deceit is just around the corner.

I will say that when you are struggling with your shadow side something that could help you is music. You are afraid to be exploited in some way. There may even be a part of you who feels entitled. However, your light side is absolutely lovely. Emotional stability, healing, poised, a warrior.

When you start feeling that shadow side creep in it’s a good time to validate it. Let it know that you appreciate the company all these years, but you’re no longer available for extended visits. You have a deep sense of, and belief in fairness and honesty. Use that to be fair and honest with yourself.

You put on this beautiful mask and people who don’t know you well see you as highly attuned and sensitive. It’s not that you aren’t those things. It’s just underneath the surface you haven’t allowed yourself the fairness or honesty needed for you to slow down and heal.

Part of you understands that self-care is necessary to prevent burnout. You’d likely give that advice to others readily. However, you aren’t likely to take that advice for yourself. Maybe you feel guilty when you do. When the shadow rises up and tries to convince you that you’re not worthy that’s when you use your light to put it in its place.

You portray yourself as someone who is honest and upright, but then you lie to yourself and others. This doesn’t make you bad at all. I know it seems odd that there is such a contradiction here, but contradiction lives in us all. The key is to integrate and balance that duality.

I think the real problem is when chaos and change come in. You do not handle them well. You momentarily forget the warrior that lives within and allow the chaos to scare you. My challenge to you is turn on some music, dance, remind yourself that you’re worthy of love and belonging.

When the shadow side comes up, pushing you to fear the chaos in front of you, pause. Tell it that you appreciate it’s trying to protect you, but you can actually learn a lot about yourself if you approach this conflict with fairness and honestly. Then send it on its way. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone else just trying to keep the peace. It causes bigger problems later.

I feel as if you get overwhelmed easily and try to hide that. For you it may be necessary to start a daily spiritual practice. Meditate, journal, listen to frequency music that heals you, do something to feel connected to Source. This will allow you to co-create with your Higher Self and not be stuck in your shadow, or feel you have to wear this mask all the time.

A fake it until you make it attitude is something I normally recommend, but for you I see that causing more problems than it solves. I feel like you’ve been faking it so long, but never really made it. I think you should postpone whatever you can for now, and focus on self-love and self-care.

I don’t feel you’ve ever been the rebel type, but now is a time to rebel. To throw a bit of caution to the wind and just see what happens. Challenge the structures you’ve built around yourself, and assess how they’re actually holding up. Then tear them down and rebuild.

The Autumn card lets me know that if you do seek a spiritual route your psychic abilities will be increased. Your emotions will not only appear healed and balanced on the surface, but actually become healed and balanced. How you talk to yourself is so important. Be kind to you.

It’s a great time to use more head and a little less heart. I know we are supposed to use both, and I’m not suggesting you cut off your heart at all. Just be sure that the logic is leading it. Sometimes when we apply logic to our emotions it helps us detach some, and understand them better.

You may have a lot of water in your chart is the sense I’m getting.


Pile Four:

The number for you is three. I’m getting an extremely clear message that it is past time for you to meditate and start discovering the mysteries of the universe. There is a Shaman that lives within you begging to be let free. He has so much to teach you.

This pile took me a minute to decipher. For you, there is a need to view your shadow and light as teaching and learning. Your light is so powerful and it is dying to come out and be shared, but there is a time and place to share it. The light is beckoning you to see behind the noise and clatter of the shadow.

There is a teacher in you. A healer. You have an ability to walk between worlds and I don’t know if you understand it at this time. Your light is patient, meditative, kind, nurturing, and willing to wait for what you deserve. But, your shadow wreaks havoc. It’s passionate, fiery, and wants what it wants when it wants it.

I feel like when you receive rejection of any kind your shadow’s passion dies down and it convinces you that you don’t belong anywhere. That you’re not worthy of love and belonging. When your shadow starts to whisper this in your ear whisper back from a place of light, “I belong to me” and remind it that sometimes rejection is protection.

There may be a fear of abandonment in your shadow. Validate that fear. Teach your shadow that nothing is ever as personal as it feels. That no one who ever rejected you did so because of your worth. They were likely questioning their own, and you’re probably better off with them if I’m honest.

This may go as far back as childhood or could be more recent. Only you will know this. It could even stem from a past life. This fear could have you wearing a mask and not being your authentic self in front others. Simply seeking to feel like you belong.

The problem with that is even if the people you are around seem to accept you the belonging won’t come. It’s not you but your mask they’re approving of and you will always know that. That’s why true belonging is belonging to the self and authenticity. Teach your shadow that you don’t have to stay with people who hurt you or who you’ve drifted apart from just to have someone there.

It’s likely in most of your relationships you were the giver, trying to earn affection and approval. Let your light teach you that it’s okay to receive. I feel like you’re in a rush constantly to see where you can feel the most needed or wanted, but now is the time to learn to validate yourself within.

It’s time to slow down. You have some lessons to learn and jumping from person or situation to the next isn’t the way to learn them. There is a quote that applies here. “When fishermen cannot go to sea, they stay home and repair their nets.” If you feel that someone is rejecting you it doesn’t mean they don’t like you or care about you. It could be Spirit setting boundaries.

Until you sit and face yourself over and over, integrate your shadow into your light, heal from the past, repair your heart, nothing you ever do will bring you what you are seeking. It’s time for a rebirth and cleansing. To be a student of the light and a teacher to the shadow.

You MUST stop resenting the behaviors and patterns in others and focus on getting rid of the ones that have never worked for you. You must tell your fear of abandonment every time it comes up that you appreciate it, thank it for trying to keep you safe, and let it know you are no longer in need of protection. This is the only way forward.

Your signs, visions, psychic awareness, and sensitivity are going to increase. Tap in and pay attention. You absolutely deserve the love and belonging you are seeking, and if you seek to love and belong to you first it will be attracted to you like a magnet.


Pile Five:

Your number is six. As I am looking at the cards in this pile so much jumps out at me, but the main thing I notice is that your light wants to be playful. You’re generous, playful, kind, and capable of incredible self-care.

However, your shadow tries to convince you that so much has to be done all the time. That if you’re not busy you’re not worthy. I want you to pay attention in the coming days because synchronicity will increase for you. The signs you see are reminders to take a rest. Give yourself a break. You do not have to hustle for your worthiness. You simply have to own it. It’s already there.

When you refuse to slow down you miss out on what the still, small voice inside has to say, and you’re being led blindly by ego. I feel like you work so hard, even if your resources are built up and you don’t have to I see you throwing yourself into project after project. You do this to avoid facing truths.

Every time your shadow comes up and pushes you to keep working and avoiding the truth it’s only going to cause you more stress and pain. Your shadow is only trying to protect you from pain, but in the end causes more of it. The victories you do have ring very hollow.

Tell your shadow that you appreciate it’s tried to protect you from the truth all these years, but the only way to grow is to face truths and learn. Let the signs and synchronicity be your guide. Your desire for peace is so strong, but there is no peace and there are no winners when we cave to the shadow.

Try to remind yourself in those moments that perception is reality. Then change your perception. It won’t always work the first time and you can’t do it one time and get rid of the shadow forever. It’s an integration process. It’s time to align with your heart and receive enlightenment.

If you feel you must work and be busy then work and be busy going within, seeking your soul purpose, meditating, writing, and doing things that will help you discover who you really are. Those things are not forbidden to you. We all have access to them. It’s also important that if you’re going to rigidly schedule your days you schedule in play. Let loose a bit.

Every time you need it most a sign will appear. A number on the clock, someone will say something that resonates, etc. Take this sign as a clue that it’s time to play and rest. It’s also not your job to save everyone else, either. You can give them the tools, but they have to use them. Learn to say no.

The clock isn’t going to run out on you if you take a break. The work isn’t going anywhere. In fact, you’ll do a much better job when you’re not burnt out all the time and are allowing yourself play and rest. Right now Spirit wants you taking time out to observe. To seek out different perspectives.

If you are seeking fulfillment stop letting your shadow lead. You’re being called to go deep within. To rest and recharge and let Spirit restore you. It’s time to surrender and release the past. Once you do this an epiphany will come in for you and your life will feel so much different and better.