Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Pick A Card Tarot Reading

Adjust Your Sails
10 min readJan 10, 2020


Pick a pile and scroll down to get your message. Top row from left to right is piles 1, 2, and 3. Bottom row from left to right is piles 4, 5, and 6.

During the full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer the focus is going to be on home, family, and intimate connections. These areas will receive a sharper focus than normal. Pay attention to things such as needs versus wants, and balancing competing forces such as work and home. The main focus should be on thinking and communicating effectively.

This lunar eclipse is in Cancer and may feel oppressive, but there is also compassion and humanity to tap into. Your emotions may be challenged during this time, and your goal is to keep them in check. It’s a great night for purging and releasing the old and the stale.

You might be shown the whole picture, and it may not look the way you hoped. Accept what is and let go of what you wanted it to be. Do not engage anyone who starts an argument. Now is the time to be the bigger person.

Practice kindness and maintain self-awareness and self-control. Remind yourself that any person or situation who frustrates you has conquered you. Make time to learn about and cultivate emotional intelligence.


Pile One:

This eclipse wants you to release any burdens you’re carrying and learn how to delegate tasks and responsibility. You cannot do it all. Rather than trying and building up resentment try communicating honestly and authentically with those around you. Allow other ways of doing things to get them done.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed repeat “The moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me.” Take a moment to really align with who you are and what you need. The answers don’t come as easy when we are up in our heads and all over the place. You may have to let people go.

You are being asked to keep yourself contained right now. If you’re working on anything exciting and new do not share it. You will know when it’s time to do so and be given clearance to go forward if you stay tapped into your intuition. That energy will not lie. Just be sure you’re not listening to the overwhelm. Let your gifts be steeped in magic and mystery for now.

You may feel more isolated than normal, so this won’t be easy. You are embarking on or in the middle of a dark knight of the soul. You’re being asked to purge and cleanse the old. When the time comes to step out into the light and move forward take all you’ve learned with you.

Stop blindly following the same path and expecting a different destination. You can’t change those around you, but you can change you. You have so many learned lessons to pull from as you go forward. Stop learning the same lessons twice. It’s wasting time and energy that is better served elsewhere.

Abundance, warmth, and pure joy live in you. Shift your negative self-talk to self-compassion. Take yourself from fear to possibility. This is a call to faith and a call to stand in your power and stop giving it away.

You may be showing love to someone who only offers hostility in return. They seem to stay mad. They are secretive, mean-spirited, and judgmental. This is toxic and it’s well past time to let them go. Nothing they’ve done to you is personal, but you don’t deserve to be so understanding that you allow yourself to be hurt over and over again.

Pursue a new passion. Explore creative ways to contribute to the economy. If you let go of the old, you make space for the new. Exciting news may be coming in for you soon.


Pile Two:

For you, this eclipse is reminding you to rest. Take some time to heal from past abuses and trauma. Be kind to yourself. Delve into the spiritual world via meditations and journaling. As the old surfaces repeat “I do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness” and then do that.

Take responsibility for the relationship you have with yourself because all your other relationships can only be as healthy as that one. Take stock of how you allow others to treat you. Remind yourself nothing is personal, and learn how to set boundaries where they are needed; no matter how long it’s been.

It’s time for you to find balance. Be careful what you wish for going forward in matters of home and relationships. Lust can be mistaken for love easily. Spirit wants you to move away from lust and lessons you’ve already learned. There is nothing new to see there. Step into your calling.

You’re meant to be stable and honest. When you’re at a crossroads, check in with your heart. Perhaps do some heart chakra meditations while you’re resting and build that up. You’ll need patience like you need oxygen, so cultivate it with purpose. There may be many choices before you, but don’t rush in choosing the way forward. Now isn’t the time to choose.

You will know when and what choice to make if you trust the universe and stay tapped into it. You will meet your happily ever after there. What the universe asks of us isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.


Pile Three:

This eclipse for you is bringing a search for meaning and truth. You’re tired of living in the shallow and dealing with shallow people. You have been being pulled into the deep and it’s heightened right now for a reason.

When you find yourself frustrated with the shallow end of the pool repeat “My energy creates my reality. What I focus on I will manifest.” Then focus on how it would feel to have depth surrounding you. Dig deep to seek the meaning and truth in everything.

If you’re feeling jealous lately or bitter for any reason you’re going to have to let that go. You cannot banish people from your life and keep their energy around. It’s time for a true clearing.

Don’t worry about what others are choosing to do with their lives. Even if you feel someone is meant to be in your life, don’t chase them. Commit to simply walking your true path and the highest good will manifest. Dig into your passions right now. I’d even work with fire tonight during the eclipse to get the spark going.

Honor that we are all different. Not everyone who hurts you means to. Sometimes they are just hurting really badly themselves. You have built so much inner strength and it’s time to use it.

You are so dreamy and into introspection and contemplation. Those are fantastic tools. Trust in your abundant opportunities, do the work, and all you ever dreamed of will come true.

Focus on becoming disciplined and self-reliant. This is the final stone the universe needs you to lay. Your work will then be pleasurable and you’ll have balance between work and play. This is where the happy family and victory come in for you.

Much work is being asked of you still. I know you’ve felt over-worked and over it for a long time, but the rewards you seek are abundant and worth it. Someone may be watching you or checking you out from the sidelines right now. They’re waiting for you to lay that final stone, so they can come in.


Pile Four:

This is about you becoming strong, loving, caring, and responsible for yourself. Your calling is to be someone others can trust, but you first have to trust yourself. When you find that difficult repeat “My capacity to tune into the energy of love gives me the words I need when I’m ready to speak up, the compassion I need when it’s time to forgive, and the power I need when I am lost.” Remind yourself who you are.

You are a sensitive soul who can tune into energy without even trying. You have the ability to help others understand how the world works. Take this time to cultivate and trust that about yourself. Lean into it.

It’s a good time for you to meditate. It will bring you fresh and new ideas. Do some work with the element of air. This is a time for new beginnings. Use this energy to bring forth a rebirth and find your authentic truth.

Keep in mind we all have masculine and feminine within us. No matter your gender you’re being asked to tap into your divine feminine during this eclipse. Don’t get so caught up in the dream world that you leave logic and reasoning behind. This is about summoning commitment to prosperity. So make sure your dreams are grounded in reality.

You may be feeling nostalgic for someone or something from the past. There is a need to shift your thinking in order to gain clarity and wisdom here. Be sure to work on your root and throat chakras. If you do need to speak to someone about the past may what you speak be deep and true.

Release the desire to be territorial or materialistic. You may be asking too much in some situations. Do not over-indulge yourself at the expense of everyone else. Find a happy balance.

If you can stay true to your calling the wheel of fortune is going to turn for you and your burdens will finally be released.


Pile Five:

Your theme is to seek tranquility when it’s hardest to do. No matter what is going on in life we have the ability to create inner peace. This is the perfect energy to practice that in. If you forget repeat “I choose love no matter what” and then keep choosing love.

You are being encouraged to use your imagination right now. You are in the midst of a spiritual awakening. You are protected and have no reason to be afraid of what is happening within you. You are being guided safely as you shift and level up.

Things are changing shape right before your eyes and you can feel it all around you in the air. Tap into that without fear. Look beyond what is obvious when seeking truth and clarity in all situations. Contrary to popular belief the first impression isn’t always the best impression.

Your dreams are ready to come true. New ideas, theories, and curiosity are coming in with this eclipse. Be open to new ways of doing things, and new strategies in decision making. It’s never too late to learn new tricks.

There is someone in your energy who is kind and helpful. The energy feels feminine, but doesn’t have to be a woman. This person gives you sound advice and is wise. Most of the changes happening to you are beneath the surface, but your external world will start reflecting that if you follow the call.

When despair and worry comes repeat your affirmation again. Hate isn’t the opposite of love; fear is. So when you’re afraid choose love instead. Go into meditation and seek your tranquility. Your energy attracts the love of your life. If you’re already with that person it enhances them. Important news is coming in for you soon, as well.


Pile Six:

Your theme is learning how to take control over your life. To be the authority over your time, attention, and resources. You may have a habit of giving and giving, and then blaming others when they don’t appreciate what you do. But you’re allowing that. It’s time to take accountability.

You are never alone and when you feel like you are repeat “I always trust the direction of the universe and know I’m being guided.” This will remind you that your ancestors and guides are always there for you. Repeat it over and over until you believe it and feel it.

Now is the time to focus on standing in your own power. To stop giving that power away to people who abuse it. This is your sign that it’s time to level up. Your desire to do so is very intense. I can feel it.

You’ve been in an incubation period for awhile now, but you can’t stay there forever. It’s time to choose fulfillment. Chaos and cycles do not have to be your normal. Those can always be broken. You must release any form of lack mindset. You could be overlooking alternative resources in these areas.

Study others who stay in their power. Gain knowledge and employ self-control as a skill. Then your relationships will flourish. You will have learned to stay in your power, and not blame others when you fail to do so. This will remind you to set boundaries and keep it moving.

You have people and things in your life that don’t belong there. They are attachments that you must let go of. There is ancient healing and profound wisdom available to help you. Now is the time to tap into that. You may even feel someone’s presence near you often, nudging you forward. Perhaps a lost loved one who came back to guide you through this.

In the past, you’ve made the same mistakes over and over. You’ve found yourself in constant emotional dilemma. You created your own cage and likely blamed others for it. We all do this. I see many nights spent in mental turmoil. This is often because of you giving away your power and allowing yourself to be used and abused. You don’t have to do that anymore.

You’re being asked to take tonight and view the lessons you’ve learned in it all. Don’t feel ashamed or bad about it. Just acknowledge it’s time to prove you’ve learned those lessons. Study emotional intelligence because your peace is waiting for you within.





Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd