This Leo full moon is about learning how to fill your own bucket. If you tend to the garden within you will always have something to pluck from when others are in need. Just be sure you’re not pouring into leaky buckets that will continue using you for your beautiful offerings, and never offer anything in return. Leo is about healing the inner child, and setting health boundaries.

My guides showed me a beautiful silver bucket full of the most beautiful flowers. It’s your job to fill yourself. You are the bucket and the vessel. It is time we stop depending on others to fill us. Time to take charge of your life and open your heart to possibility.

This is about pulling out who you really are. Discovering your inner child, healing the wounds, and seeking worth and value in self. Become passionate about who you are. Society likes us not to toot our own horn. We have so much shame and hesitation naturally, so when that is coupled with societal pressures we can stifle ourselves.

Leo is not about stifling yourself. Find out where Leo falls in your chart to understand where your intentions should be focused. For me that is my first house and ascendant or rising sign. This is about how I express myself to the world. Leo is meant for the spotlight, and I tend to not want any part of that. Therefore, my ritual and meditation will include this issue, and I will be facing it head on for guidance.

Everyone, regardless of their gender, should really be focused on getting in touch with the divine feminine side at this time. We need as many as possible tapped into the nurturing, unconditional side of love, to balance the toxic masculine energy that is being propped up by false systems all over the world.

Both the masculine and feminine energy are equally important. They are supposed to balance one another. Right now the masculine is out of control, and the feminine needs to counteract this. So regardless your gender seek to be loving, understanding, kind, and nurturing to self and others.

This moon is going to emphasize your emotional wounds, as well as your one-on-one partnerships. Opposite of the full moon in Leo is the Sun in Aquarius. Aquarius wants you to rebel from the old ways. To evolve and allow who you really are at your core to come to light.

Aquarius is a rebel, who likes to bring the unseen front and center. What you don’t face you cannot heal. The old isn’t going away. It’s just transforming. You have been in a cocoon and it’s time for you to spread your wings and become the butterfly.

Mercury retrograde is coming, too, though, so it’s going to require some effort. Past scenarios may test you. Your communication may not be as easy as usual. How bad do you want something different for yourself and your life? Enough to fight for it?

Know this, the fight doesn’t have to be hard. You can fight softly, by going within, by being kind and compassionate to yourself, and by moving slowly through the feelings that arise. You are not your feelings. Use that awareness to surf them like the waves they are. Let them come and let them go. Stop being afraid of them.

The universe is the matrix, and you can choose to plug in. However, if you do not you can’t successfully blame others for that failure and choice. If you allow things to stay the same because you’re afraid to confront your inner child, or because you’re afraid to let go of what isn’t meant for you, then you are the one hindering your path and purpose; no one else is choosing that for you.

This full moon tap into your passion and creativity. Seek what brings you authentic joy and fullness. Work on your solar plexus and heart chakras. You will need to be strong in who you are (solar plexus), as well as have an open heart (heart chakra).

This is because Chiron, the wounded healer, is conjunct with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and self-worth in Aries. Ultimately, this is a good thing. Your emotional wounds have to be healed, so no better time than now.

Knowing your emotional wounds can help you understand where you haven’t felt worthy in the past. Knowing where Chiron falls in your chart will help you discover in what area of life your wounds have held you back. Mine is in Taurus in my tenth house.

This means my battleground is public prestige and career. Makes sense when you know Black Moon Lilith is in my first house with Leo. I have felt shame over being in the spotlight from past lives and from emotional wounds inflicted during my childhood.

I have most of my life felt like I was taking care of everyone and everything except for myself. The truth is I wasn’t taking the best care of everyone and everything else because I was failing to care for self. This becomes an excuse for resentment, and to stop change from occurring.

This has led me to have a fear of failure and not pursue my spotlight and career. Always worried that no matter what I do it will never be good enough. I flip between a compulsive need to achieve and rejecting success and responsibility at all costs. Knowing this has changed my life. I will be including this in my ritual as well.

I know that these wounds have given me a resistance to and fear of change. That it makes me want to follow others, rather than stand out on my own. It creates addictions to food, materialism, and money struggles. So, knowing this I can seek guidance within about overcoming these things.

I heal through creating serene environments. I have also avoided going within by creating those environments in the places I live. Last year I cleared out everything and have lived in a non-serene environment for a time to adjust to that. Once I heal the issues I am a savvy financial planner and can help others from a genuine space.

What’s funny is before I became spiritual I practiced being calm in every storm using psychology. That’s another gift of this placement. Nothing is all dark or all light. It’s about balancing the two. The wounded healer in me has practical magic and can teach and model traditional wisdom to the masses. I’m meant for a spotlight, and in order to use it correctly I have to be balanced, healed, and whole within first.

I also did not know that I was in a personal year nine last year. The year of endings they say. Yet, I was guided to get rid of the old and my divorce became final. So pay attention to your personal year as well. I was in a personal seven year in 2017, which I didn’t know was about spiritual evolution, and this is when I began meditating and doing Tarot.

This year is a personal year one and all about beginnings. There are some new projects I am working on that I am sure will bring a successful harvest. First, I must continue to nurture and grow them. Patience and temperance are big themes for me right now. When I feel impatient I remind myself I have the patience of saints and go within for comfort.

Venus is at the end of my fifth house and so thus interpreted in the sixth. I learned this only recently. I need to seek value and worth in my daily routine and how I serve others. I need to work on not serving others simply to be patted on the back. The reward is within and no amount of external validation will suffice anyway.

Aries is all about “I am”. It’s about the ability to lead and start things. This means in whatever areas you feel crippled, weak, or imperfect you can take charge. This is about becoming responsible for your own healing. In turn, this enables you to help others heal along the way, too. In tangible ways that don’t bring resentment. When you know your worth you set healthy boundaries.

The conversation in astrology right now is being had in Pluto. So, like it or not things are going to transform. Pluto is all about death and rebirth, and right now that is happening in your one-on-one partnerships. Whether it’s love, family, or business your partnerships are going to be transformed. Fighting against it only makes it harder.

Also, this full moon is happening at 20 degrees. See where 20 degrees is in your chart. Mine is in Uranus and Neptune in my fourth house. This means my focus is in learning how to bring play, creativity, and passion into my home and family. Uranus is all about embracing new and insightful ideas. Neptune is heightening my psychic abilities.

Key takeaways:

Full Moon in Leo:

Nurture your inner child and let him or her out to play. Discover what lights you up inside and stop feeling like you need to apologize for it. For further clarification of where this creativity is needed see where 20 degrees falls in your chart.

Mercury Retrograde:

There will be tests, possibly lessons from the past resurfacing. You’re being given the opportunity here to prove you’ve learned the lessons. Don’t ask why you. Be proud of yourself that when you’re tested you can pass this time. Life is like a school. If you follow your north node and do the work you’ll pass.

Chiron and Venus conjunct Aries:

Work on healing your inner child wounds with a focus on the house and area that Chiron and Venus are in. What can you learn from this? Use the leadership, take charge attitude of Aries to dive in deep and the passion of Leo to solve the issues you face.


Later I will be posting a pick a card reading for what you need to know most regarding the current astrology and the full moon. I will be suggesting things to add to your new moon ritual as well for each pile. Depending on where you are in the world the full moon will be February 8th or 9th. Just Google it and you should be able to learn which day it happens for you.

The energy of the moon will last longer than a day, so feel free to harness and do rituals within several days before or after it. I hope that you take charge of your life and stop pretending that you have no control over what happens to you. You may not be able to control everything that comes your way, but you can control how you respond to it.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd