Full Moon in Aquarius: Head Vs Heart


Further down in this post will be a pick a pile reading regarding how this Full Moon energy is going to play out for you, and what advice you have going into it. Tomorrow is August third and this Full Moon in Aquarius is opposing the Sun in Leo. This means our hearts and minds are at odds.

There are other aspects involved making this even more difficult than it would be, so you will do best to go into this understanding what is happening. To not fight to swim against the tide, but instead roll with it. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs and there is a need for us to balance them within.

I have Leo in the first house and Leo is all about the heart. It’s about the self, standing in the spotlight, showing the world unconditional love. In the shadow Leo is selfish, demanding, egotistical, and craves external validation. Let us strive to enter the evolved Leo energy this Full Moon.

I have an Aquarius stellium in the opposite seventh house of relationships. This makes it difficult for me to use my heart when dealing with others. While I respect emotions as valid and real, I also know they aren’t always true. I value intellect over emotion highly, but there is a need and space for both.

The shadow of Aquarius is thinking they are always right. Resist the need to play devil’s advocate. Allow people space to speak about how they feel, and don’t seek to automatically correct them. Emotions and intellect both exist and as such they are both valid. Don’t use your intellect to belittle emotions. Instead, use it to understand and heal them.

Don’t freak out if you find yourself feeling one thing and thinking the opposite. If this energy brings in unexpected emotional changes and a desire to break free all at once. Just be aware that both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, so you can choose to go either way with this.

Some will choose to remain stubbornly proud and boastful. Do not take it personal or partake of it. Others will choose to remain empowered and liberated. It is a choice you make. It’s all about figuring out how to use the intellect to balance the emotions, and uniting them into some sort of compromise. An integration of the two.

Leo can be proud and boastful, but it can also be empowered and confident. Aquarius can be stubborn and annoying, but it can also be liberating and help us think outside the box. The shadow and light are both part of the whole, but the light just feels so much better. Follow the light.

This all coincides with the Lions Gate Portal I wrote about as well. This portal is all about tapping into self-empowerment. I highly suggest you read the post and meditate on it. That you set up a Full Moon ritual that will remind you to maintain your inner peace and stability regardless what happens externally.

Left to right we have piles one through five. Choose one or more that speak to you and scroll for the reveal. What do you need to be aware of that may be unexpected for you?

Collective Full Moon Message:

It’s night time and my attention is being drawn to blades of grass too high, swaying back and forth in the wind. The image is sideways almost, distorted somehow. The Moon is most definitely full. The climb for so many of us has felt very uphill and uncomfortable. Some of us are just weary now.

We battle ourselves over what we know versus what we feel constantly. This energy coming in will challenge us, but it’s meant to right our worlds. It’s as if something is shifting and the image is now upright and as it should be.

The grass seems significant because when I looked up the symbolism it’s about community, togetherness, and interconnectedness. These are all very Aquarian themes. Whether you care about the collective because you have a kind heart like Leo or it just makes sense to intellectually like the Aquarius doesn’t matter. Not if in the end the goal is achieved and maintained.

There is a need to balance the polarity within, so that you can better understand and navigate the polarity of others. Some of you may leave relationships, others may enter them, and all of us are sure to experience some sort of unexpected upheaval for better or worse.

I know it feels as if you’re pushing a boulder up that mountain with you. Your soul is so tried. But, you’re almost at the top now. Do not give up. Do not give in. Keep going, rest if you need to, but keep going.

The numbers three, six, nine, and eleven may be relevant to you. Feel free to look up their meanings based on numerology or angel numbers.

Pile One:

There is something in your life you’re definitely at odds about. Create a ritual that allows you to paint the Sun back into your sky. This card is 11 which came out in the meditation, so that may be relevant for you. Perhaps the 11th of August will be important.

There is a need for you to understand your happiness is an inside job. You cannot go forward basing your worth on who comes and goes in your life. Your heart feels this need to be seen and displayed, but your head is getting in the way. There is a lot of head and very little heart being used in this pile. You are trying to solve a problem from a space of poverty consciousness and lack.

Create a Full Moon ritual that allows you to practice gratitude that comes straight from the heart. Figure out the motives and the drive behind what you want to pursue going forward. If you take the time to tap into your heart space there is a deep knowing already residing there.

You’re feeling so much tension in the mental space. Try to rise above your situation and view it with outside perspective. Perhaps a relationship, job, or situation in your life is causing you conflict. If so, this could be the head and heart battle you have going forward. Your desire to feel liberated is only likely to grow, so lean into that.

It seems there are a lot of differences between you and who you are choosing to surround yourself with that are coming to light. They are not on your level and it’s become abundantly clear to you. There is a huge need for you to tap into your self-empowerment and leave their offers on the table. They just aren’t as mature as you, and that’s okay. We all grow at different paces.

This Full Moon is bringing you the strength to walk away and claim your independence should you choose to tap into it with intention. Get back to the basics and start from there. For many of you this could be about a career and you just not feeling you belong anymore. August is a critical month for you.

Make time to rest tomorrow. There is a new, stable beginning that is waiting for you. You’re about to embark on a spiritual awakening and gain self-realization. You are enough. You deserve this. Do not stand in your own way.


Pile Two:

I feel as if this pile is also more head than heart. The answers you keep seeking elsewhere are only going to be found within you. This voyage is one your soul mapped out and knows quite well. You simply have to trust that and tap into your higher self for guidance and assistance.

You are not quite as in your head as pile one is, but there is still some balance needed. You know exactly what you need to do. You just haven’t done it yet. I think you will this month.

There is a need for you to cultivate some inner peace regardless of what is happening around you. The number three or the third of August may prove to be life changing for you somehow. There is a need for you to meditate. I would create a ritual that includes meditation and journaling of some sort. Maybe write down your intentions and what you wish to release going forward.

This month for you is about building blocks. You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life, but there are some cracks in your foundation that must be dealt with. Write down things that make you feel blessed and things that make you feel stressed. Then do something about it.

This is about becoming committed and responsible for your own life and prosperity. There may be an offer or message of some sort coming through that sounds too good to be true. It will require you to leave something or someone behind, but it promises to be abundant and change the entire course of your life. Cut out what no longer serves you and move on.

The six of swords came out twice for you. If you chose this pile you already know what you need to leave behind. You’re going to battle your heart and head over this, but you already know the answer, so why waste your time?

You will reap what you have sown. So, if you’ve invested into someone or something and seen very little return walk way. Know that your return is going to be found elsewhere. I see September being successful for you. This month is about tying up loose ends and moving forward.

When you start to lose your way go within. Always the answers are there. Seek outside support if you must, but only from sources you know have your highest and best interest at heart. Those who remind you who you are and to go within. Lol Sorry, but that’s where it all unfolds.


Pile Three:

There is a lot more going on with this pile. You are stuck between love and your career or legacy. The biggest thing you need to remember is that you are capable of manifesting it all. Your every wish can come true.

In August tend to the small things to keep yourself grounded. It’s a month to really pay attention to the details, take courses, learn more about your craft, and make sure you’re not micromanaging others while doing so. I don’t suggest you miss the forest for the trees, but the trees are important, too.

I feel like you’re more heart than head sometimes or maybe you live with your head in the clouds. This month you’re meant to use your mind and heart in a practical way that guides you forward. Truly, if you chose this pile the universe is ready to make so much magic happen for you.

With this pile there is an emphasis on making sure you are honest. Have open, heart-felt conversations, and as you do trust what comes through your intuition. Balance has never been more critical. This month is not about people pleasing and conforming to the wishes of others. Those days are over.

Something is shifting this month in regards to love and legacy both. They are somehow connected. There is someone you’re meant to collaborate with regarding your legacy and I see you both on the same energetic vibration. There is a ton of love and bliss in this connection.

However, you may get too in your head over this offer, so here is your heads up. Do not create battles where there are none. You may have become too self-reliant. You’re concerned about manipulation and deceit. It may even cause you some depression and anxiety, but this person isn’t out to get you.

Get out of your head when this offer comes. Go within, meditate, and you will see that this offer is genuine, honest, and heartfelt. In the past I do believe you and this person experienced setbacks or difficulties, but this is the real deal. This person has gone through a rebirth and transformation. They are ready now to create this legacy with you and love you every step of the way.

I do see that whatever you’re working on legacy wise will pay off good starting in May of 2021. I know that seems far away, but it really isn’t. I feel as if there is a lot you’re asking of the universe and as such there is a lot required for you to learn and build before it pays off. Lots of wealth is coming to you.

I’m telling you I see absolutely zero deceit in this connection. It’s nothing but love, joy, and abundance. I see tons of reciprocity. This person is going to give as much as they take in this union. Don’t blow it. August fourth, fifth, or the tenth may end up being relevant.

For a few of you maybe you know the person I’m speaking of and perhaps the person isn’t coming back this month, but you’re meant to learn and grow without them for now as they are going through a rebirth and they will be coming back in the month of May next year. The number five was relevant with your first card.


Pile Four:

I feel this is the pile battling the most so far. In August I see you putting an end to something that has been a constant storm in your life. The 8th of August could be relevant, which is interesting considering that is the day the Lions Gate Portal peaks and is handing out self-empowerment.

I honestly feel you are entirely exhausted head and heart with this pile. There is a need for you to remind yourself that whatever has to end isn’t wasted. This card is a 9, which came up in the meditation. It’s all about endings. In fact, you have a few nines in this reading. Quite a few eights, too, also about self-empowerment by the way.

Do not go forward trying to pretend the past didn’t happen. There is a wealth of wisdom and lessons you can take forward with you, so that later you’re not finding yourself repeating the same never-ending story with someone else, or in some other situation. Don’t be mad about it, learn from it.

I do see you surrounded by chaos and conflict this month. Twice this came through. Something is off with your family life this month. The sixth of August could offer you a clue. This energy of opposing forces is going to play out strongly in your life, so do your best to rise above it.

One minute it feels like you know exactly what you want, and the next you’re questioning it all. Listen to your heart. I feel like you’ve walked away from this person or situation before and found someone who accepted you. Who took you in and gave you unconditional love and acceptance.

But for whatever reason you chose to try and work this situation out again, and it’s just not working. It feels like it was a last defense action. You were over-thinking things. In August I see you becoming inspired to seek justice. You’re going to walk away from this person or situation again.

There is a spiritual awakening happening for you right now. The 19th of August is the New Moon in Leo, and I sense by the 20th some real clarity is coming in for you. You may even want to reach out to this past person because you know they would never leave you feeling isolated and alone.

I see you finally ready to lay down the past, and step into this new beginning totally inspired and on fire for it. This other person heals you in ways you never expected. You’re waking up to the fact that you should have been with them all along. There is a soul contract between you that needs to be worked on and I see you offering to do so with your heart on your sleeve.

It’s as you discover your true self this month, so if it doesn’t feel like it now know it’s coming. Rinse the shadow. Create a ritual that is all about self-care and self-love. Write down the things, people, and beliefs you need to release. Seek peace even among the discord this month. You will be glad you did.

I do see by May of 2021 you will be feeling loved and abundant. Surrounded by your soul tribe and wanting for nothing. When you start to doubt this or get too into your head it’s time meditate and sink back into your heart space. If it’s not about two people, perhaps two careers. Feels very much about two people, though, if I’m honest. Or two groups of people, maybe?

I know you’re meant to be in the limelight as a spiritual influence. So, that’s the path you’re meant to walk down. Whether you do is up to you.


Pile Five:

I feel like this pile is also going to experience changes in career and love. August seventh may be relevant. You have to learn to stop putting other people and their needs above your own. It’s time to be your own top priority and be loyal to what it is you love.

I would create a ritual that is about releasing attachments. When you get to a space where you can enjoy someone or something without fear of losing it you have arrived. August tenth may be strong for you, too, as there are several tens coming out. I do see you will have to take a risk and maybe end something this month, but remain flexible.

There is a something passionate wanting to be born and I see a tower coming in where work is concerned. Maybe you’re going to discover your soul purpose is different than you thought. The tower is also a seven card when we break it down, so August 7th may be a clue after all.

You’re being encouraged to release the past and let it go, To chase after this new beginning because it’s what will bring you abundance. Endings are difficult, but sometimes necessary for something new to come in. The shift in perspective is needed in your heart. You’re over-thinking and it’s time to get intimate with your emotions and feelings.

The 11th may prove relevant as well. Some sort of divine intervention is definitely coming into your life. It’s going to bring great expansion and excitement to your life. There is some karma balancing happening for you with all these tens and the Justice card coming out.

This information or shift in perspective may come from a powerful friend. Listen to them because their guidance is offering you protection. Don’t get defensive. View them as light guiding you home. It’s not time to cling to the past in August, but you’re going to have to fight yourself over it.

If you make necessary changes I see May of next year so full of happiness for you. You will be looking back in absolute pride at how far you’ve come. May seems relevant for almost every pile.

I do see a choice between lovers. Go with the one who makes you feel you’re on a spiritual quest or journey. That’s the one meant for you.


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