Finding Authentic Love: Pick A Pile

Here is a link to this week’s astrology:

Collective Meditation Message:

Just breathe. Close your eyes and envision you’re in the middle of a beautiful forest. The sun is streaming in through the trees and bouncing off the nearby creek. You can hear the movement of the water and it’s so calming. Take a deep breath in for the count of five and exhale slowly to a count of 7; repeat.

You are your own peace. All is not as it seems and objects may appear larger or smaller than they actually are. Rest when you need to. Yes, be structured and keep a loose schedule, but don’t overdo it. Practice being mindful and in tune with your body. Stop and smell the roses this week.

Important numbers are 1, 2, and 11. Pay attention to these numbers if you see them repeating and Google them to find out what messages the universe is trying to send you via the repetition. Use these as encouragement.

The collective card is compassion. You will always find authentic expressions of love when you choose to be compassionate to yourself and others. The affirmation is “I’m unapologetic about what I desire and trust what I focus on will grow.” Focus on what you want to grow; love and peace.


Pile One:

You will find authentic expressions of love when you choose to stop telling the same sad story about who you are. Karmic completions are coming in for you and the universe is communicating to you via signs and synchronicities, so pay attention. Important numbers for you are 1, 3, and 10. If you see these repeating this week please look up what they mean.

This is a good week to get in touch with your motives and make sure they’re coming from a pure place. You’re walking around with a bit of a victim mindset, and please don’t feel called out. We all do that at times. You may even be an actual victim of something sad or tragic. Please validate that experience and then learn to let it go. Don’t use it to manipulate others to feel bad for you or see you as a victim because you’re craving validation.

As soon as you see the past as the impersonal lesson giver it is the karma clears and your slate starts anew. You just have to tell a different story now. You’re not a survivor or warrior if you’re still allowing the situation or person to control you now and the stories you speak over your life. The only lasting validation will come from the self.

It’s time to let go of past trauma. I would search shadow work exercises this week and practice those. You’ve been feeling pessimistic and not allowing yourself to celebrate even small victories. Try writing down something good from each day as the day ends. Remind yourself not to compare your behind the scenes to everyone’s highlight reel. You only see what they want you to.

There is a strong focus for you on heart healing and the heart chakra. If you like to pray and feel better asking for assistance do that. Seek Archangel Raphael. You are so ready to receive authentic love, but you must clear all the blockages you’ve formed to it over the years before it can come in fully. Compassion for self comes in here.

You have a calling on your life. If you keep telling the same, sad story you’ll miss that calling and keep living the same, sad life. You are being called now to develop a deeper relationship with yourself. To seek council from spiritual influences and creative, inspired leaders. Even it’s just watching videos online or reaching out to trusted mentors.

The things that have happened to you are likely a result of having no real boundaries. We often teach people how to treat us by what we allow and put up with. Take responsibility for your life and set those boundaries now. Set them on yourself and on others. You do have guardians and guides surrounding you, willing, waiting to help.

If these things happened when you were young and had no say forgiveness and understanding is needed. No matter how many people hear the story they won’t have the answers to your healing. The validation and confirmation they offer will likely be toxic bonding or short-lived.

You often feel alone, but once you recognize that authentic expressions of love are attracted to you after you express love authentically to yourself everything changes. Your guides want you to seek them, to ask for help, and to be successful at everything you do. Call out to them.

Trust in your intuition as your north star; not your fear and anxiety. Assure your inner child that you got this. Tell your fear and anxiety you appreciate them trying to keep you safe, but you’re actually okay. Listen to uplifting music and be playful as often as possible. This will help you see what isn’t yet revealed and grow your wings.


Pile Two:

Your authentic expression of love comes from your domestic life and your love life. If things aren’t harmonious that doesn’t mean the love isn’t authentic. If they’re downright toxic this is a sign to move on, but otherwise it’s a message of hope and resilience.

Important numbers for you this week are six and ten. If you see them repeating please look them up to see what the universe is trying to tell you. It will inspire you and give you faith. Often enough we are where we are because of past choices, and the signs are a way of inspiring us to make better choices today and always.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made on the domestic front. Research healthy ways to deal with guilt and shame, so you can stop making those mistakes and passing the emotions off like a hot potato. There is love to be found even amid competition and conflict. Maybe others are pushing you to excel and your shame or disbelief in self is screaming.

You have the intelligence you need to succeed. The doubt is from who you were in the past. It’s a good week to deal with that once and for all. Seek to meditate and find clear thinking. It’s a good week to blend and harmonize your spiritual and mental pursuits. There is ancient wisdom and healing surrounding your energy right now. Call out to it and accept it.

You have been manifesting and expecting transformation in your life for some time, and it’s coming. You just need to keep working on your patience. This rebirth is happening on a global scale, and you can likely sense it. This can be a bit overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

So much is about to change for you so fast. You’re being asked and invited to work on your kundalini energy and sacral chakra. New passion is entering your life, and all signs point to following that passion wherever it leads you.

Take time this week to make space. Clean up your emotional, mental, and spiritual space, but also your physical space. Throw out what is old and has negative energy attached to it. Make sure everything has a place. Create the vacuum necessary to attract the new into your life.

Just keep the faith, keep believing in hope and love. Do not allow yourself to hang on to the death and despair in the air. Instead, focus on the sweetness of life and make time and space to play amid the work and clearing out. This will make sure your heart is open and ready to receive. Again, those expressions of authentic love for you come from the home and those you share yours with. The grass isn’t ever greener on the other side.


Pile Three:

Your authentic expressions of love will come in relationship changes. This could mean actual change of people in your life, or a change in the relationships you’re currently in. You may be carrying around too much pride to allow the authentic love that surrounds you in. It’s common for us to expect authentic love without risking being vulnerable and real ourselves.

In order for authentic love to come in for you, you must believe you’re worthy of it. Important numbers this week are 8 and 11. If you see them on repeat please look up what they mean and let the answer be a reassurance and faith that you’re headed in the right direction.

Even if another person is wrong there is a huge need for you to swallow your pride. To not come across as biting and hard. You are a thought leader, but sometimes love requires you lead with your heart. Leading with the heart requires absolute vulnerability and honesty. Don’t allow your communication with the people you love to become sharp or cold.

Healthy boundaries are necessary, but walls will keep authentic love out. It’s time to let go of hostilities. There has already been a shift in you internally and you know what I’m saying is true. The universe is supporting this shift. It’s an awakening. There is still some action you need to take. Maybe it’s an apology or maybe it’s accepting an apology you will never get.

Once you take this action something big shifts for you. There is a huge feeling of fulfillment within. Your authentic expressions of love will be the ones you’re expressing to others. Once this hard to take action is over your dreams feel like they come true. There is a feeling of completion and enjoyment. Contentment centers within your soul.

Right now there are some things concealed to you because you are in the process of awakening. We can’t be shown everything all at once, and learning to be okay with not knowing the outcome is part of the process. You’ve been hiding in the shadows, and it’s time to be seen now. You’re being beckoned out of the shadows and into the light. No more fence straddling.

Take some time to explore the magic and mystery of life. Be brave for real and offer yourself and others grace. Grace isn’t something you or anyone else has to earn. It’s a free gift worth giving. Believe and dream in the authenticity that you crave and chase after it.

Stop stressing over what you can’t do and where you can’t go right now. Shift that focus on what you can do. Listen to uplifting music, stop and smell the roses, remember you are made with love. You’re part of the universe experiencing itself, and the language of the universe is love.

Make time to play and have fun. Learn how to go with the flow. You simply cannot control everything or anyone. The only thing you have control over is how you choose to perceive things, how you speak, and your own actions. That’s quite enough responsibility for any of us honestly.

This is a time of fertility, creativity, rebirth, good luck, transformation, health, abundance, serenity, mental growth, happiness, and strength for you. There is a deeper awareness in you that understands and knows this.

When all else fails remember you are divine love. You emanate inspiration, guidance, brilliance, intuition, and vigilance. Take time on whatever nights you can this week to look up at the night sky and view the stars. You are made from their dust. Everything seems a bit insignificant when we remember that.


Pile Four:

In many ways I feel this pile is similar to pile two, but this one is a more expansive expression. It’s time for you to really put in the work because I feel like you already know everything I’m going to say if you chose this pile. You feel things very deeply. You’re likely either overly passionate or not at all, with very little in between. This is hindering you.

Now is a good time to practice moderation. It’s a great time to practice self-control and self-restraint regardless the environment you’re in or the circumstances playing out in your life right now. This is true from over-eating to over-polluting the earth. Moderation in all things.

You’re being called to not only be more aware of your immediate environment, but the environment as a whole. Maybe start recycling, plant a garden, get in touch with earth. The earth is an expression of authentic love that we often take for granted. Simply walking barefoot in your back yard can be a great reminder how much Mother Earth cares for you.

Important numbers for you this week are 5 and 8. There is likely going to be a shift in the balance between your material and spiritual worlds. Embrace this shift. If you see these numbers repeating look them up and let the message of what they mean speak to your faith and evolution.

When you stop obsessing over your needs and money authentic love comes in big time. This shift in the material and spiritual balance is much needed for you. In the long run your patience and perseverance will provide abundance. You’re a warm and confident leader who can inspire others.

Once this balance is achieved new people enter your life who will love you authentically. Relationships of all kinds will flourish. Your creativity will kick into high gear. There is some sort of pattern, belief or vice that you must walk away from now. When you do swift transformation comes in. You’ve already been gathering momentum.

Sometimes the things we have to walk away from are things we’ve invested so much of ourselves into, but if we refuse to do the right thing we are just wasting our investments. This week do your best to walk away from anything that even hints at being superficial.

We all have masculine and feminine within us. The masculine side is the giver, and the feminine receives. You may be giving too much of yourself to a project or person. It’s time to step into the receiving energy. To let go and allow your abundance to flow to you. Less work, more imagination and creativity.

Be careful this week to put intention behind your spiritual practice. Seek what is for the highest good of all. I sense a deep desire for you to connect to the spiritual plane and it’s there for you. Leave behind all you’ve heard about the dogma, rules, and rituals. Just show up with dedication, respect, and an open mind every day. It will be filled.

Be inspired on purpose and color your life with your imagination. It’s your magic wand. Transcend the death and chaos of the collective this week. Focus on what makes you grow and what makes life beautiful. Use wisdom and intention to plant your seeds. You have sharp vision and keen observation.

Have faith that your guides are there co-creating with you, helping you with all the gears and the grind. Allow that to bring you peace and unlock your heart to receiving. You can’t receive what you’re not open to.


Pile Five:

Authentic expressions of love will come to you when you decide to lead by example. Be a selfless giver this week. Let go of the mindset that people must love you first and prove themselves to you first. That mindset doesn’t work because it says to the universe you do not trust authentic love because of what people who don’t know how to love authentically have done.

You’re a leader in life. The most important number for you going forward this week is 9. When you see it repeating or in a pattern look up the meaning and let it inspire and encourage you to keep going and have faith. Celebrate the people in your life who are true to you, and don’t take the deceptive ones so personal. Just set healthy boundaries and show others how that’s done.

Let the ones who have always loved you through it into your vulnerability and authenticity. They will reciprocate that to you. The ones who don’t are not so much deceiving you as they are themselves. So let them go with love and understanding. Lead by example. Be the kind of person you want to love.

Your third eye is lit up right now. This week you will have clear visions and thoughts. It’s a good time to tap into a wider perspective than you’ve allowed yourself to in the past. Focus on your personal vision and the kind of person you want to be. Who you are attracts people to your life for better or worse.

Tap into a team spirit and really take the time to celebrate with the people who love you. You may have to do that over face time or a phone call, but make sure you spend time this week doing it. It will bring you serenity, peace, and good fortune. It will increase your inner peace and authentic expression.

It’s a good week to garden. You’d do well to work with plants and herbs this week. It will balance your soul. It will help you decide what to keep going forward and what needs to be released. Dig into the earth or plant something in containers.

The key is to be inspired by your family, blood or otherwise, to dream bigger. Take a stab at believing in what you can’t always see or sometimes take for granted. Be the first to reach out for once. Make space for fun and games. To see the beauty in life on purpose. This will feed your soul the peace it craves and unlock the next level of life for you.


Pile Six:

There is a need for you to recognize the part you have played in the breakdown of love in your life. To allow love to look different than you’re used to. You will see all the ways in which you are abundant, including in love, when you take a time-out and purposely seek it.

You may be someone who is busy often, so it would do you good to sit down and just breathe. To write down the things and people you’re grateful for. Important numbers this week for you are 1 and 7. If you see them repeating look up their meanings and let them inspire your faith.

You’re not dreaming big enough because you’re allowing fear to get in the way. Are you afraid to love? To be loved? If so you have to work out why and heal that part of you to allow authentic expressions of love inside. Don’t be prone to jealousy and don’t be dishonest with yourself. The first step to changing anything is admitting you are the one who needs to change.

Now isn’t the time to worry about what other people think. This week should be more peaceful than the ones leading up to it. Talk to any remaining anxiety and let it know you appreciate it looking out for you, but you can take it from here. Meditate and seek an inner peace.

You’re not meant to conform, so others will likely judge you; let them. Your only concern is what you think of yourself, and as long as you’re expressing yourself authentically you will feel your best. Allow a new beginning to come in, where you acknowledge where you have failed, and use what you’ve learned from those failures to propel you into a brighter future.

You will be rewarded if you can look at yourself, face your shame in a healthy way, and use it to grow as a person. That sort of intention is what the world needs far more of. Be a leader and set that example. You may stumble and trip on the journey, but at least you’ll be on the journey.

Don’t make things more difficult this week by focusing on what everyone else is doing, how everyone else expresses their love. Just allow yourself to express yourself. Hone in on how you express your love. Decide what you want going forward and make yourself extremely clear to those around you.

Imagine you’re protected when you feel unsafe because you are. You’re beautiful, you are enough, and your love is forever. Dress up and show up to your life. Don’t wear a mask, though. Remember you are divine love itself because you’re the universe experiencing itself and the universe is love. Seek all that is beautiful around you still, and let that guide you forward.


In case you skipped it the first time and are interested here is the weekly astrology and what to look out for:



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