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Adjust Your Sails
13 min readMay 17

A story with examples of Jupiter in charts at the end:

On Sunday, when I posted the weekly blog, I had no idea how apt it was going to be for my own life; particularly today. And so I’d like to talk about that. It’s led me to consider more of my own duality.

Last Saturday I was told that one of the owners where I work threw me under a bus to save her own hide. It was a therapist I trust who told me this, and then two others backed her up without knowing it. So, if that isn’t what the owner did, it’s sure how others perceived it.

I started this job on February 20th. The learning was quick and I caught on to things fast. I was taught a ton of stuff, and then they needed someone to do billing. Tada, fast forward weeks and here I am bringing them in so much back pay they can’t keep up, after fixing three years of billing that wasn’t done properly. Mind you, I got no raise.

This owner asked me the week before if I’d start auditing notes, create a spreadsheet of all the no shows and cancellations, etc. I even applied to be the assistant manager, and then withdrew my ask after the interview went really well. I withdrew because of the mess I’d be taking over. And well I feel like I’m already an assistant without the pay.

At this time Mercury stationed Rx in the tenth for me. That’s when I withdrew my interest. Later that same day I was told the old assistant manager was coming back. Yesterday morning she said never mind. So now we still have no assistant manager.

Mostly I don’t mind because they treat me well, they built me a custom workspace when I said I didn’t want to be overwhelmed doing my job out where everyone else is, and are willing to pay for me to go get my billing certificates, so that I can add that to my resume.

So, this threw me off guard. Everyone there says they do not like this particular owner. It can be such a gossip fest. Today I realized I don’t want to play that game. After the manager took me in into a meeting with the owners a whole entire shift took place.

There is a part of me still that craves to be petty sometimes. When I heard the owner told the staff that paying my full time billing salary was part of the reason their jobs are getting harder I lost it. I do not make a cent more with my…

Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd