When they ask you what it is you have to offer tell them it’s the brewing of a Utopian heart. Tell them it’s breathtaking joy. It’s a wealth of passion and legacy of unconditional love. When they try to tame you, as some inevitably will, walk away. Trust the universe and take a leap of faith.

When they ask you who do you think you are? Tell them you’re a soul with a nurturing and sentimental nature. Grounded in your grind and rooted in your truth. That you’re someone who follows your intuition and calling. Someone who walks the pathway of consciousness and loves the level up.

When they make you sad don’t wallow in your tears. Sit with the grief and let it process and then give your pain a purpose. Never let them steal your life force. Use their judgment, rejection, shame, and negativity to fuel that new beginning. Recognize how far you’ve already come.

Walk in truth and integrity as often as possible. Understand you are responsible for your own choices, and this includes allowing people who make you feel resentful to remain welcome in your life. Understand when these people approach you it may be the same situation, but you have the wisdom of your journey at hand now.

When you see the truth do so in technicolor. Let it crack you open wide for the world to see, and do not get caught up in their reaction. You are a flashlight of truth and not everyone will hear what you have to say. Say it anyway.

You have been here before. Some of them have different faces, names, occupations, but their masks are all the same. Stop choosing to cycle through the same experiences over and over waiting for someone else to approve, to accept you, to validate you, to love you. It’s time to love yourself.

When they ask you what you have to offer tell them you boldly speak your truth and find it rather heroic. That you offer purposeful movement. You inspire a drive to succeed in others because your own drive is so high. You offer a quiet humility that speaks for itself, and a shoulder for those in need.

They are going to break your heart. Not all of them will, so don’t build walls. It’s crucial you learn the difference between those walls and healthy boundaries that will keep you safe. Pain is a part of life and you have two choices. Let it kill you or transmute it into a higher purpose.

Find a way to heal and then use the lessons you’ve learned to help others heal. Create an abundance from this. Let it become the journey you take to prosperity. Dirt magic becomes a life well lived. Your pain is an epiphany if you choose it. It’s a sage and a mentor. The miracle of luminosity.

When you find yourself at a fork in the road, riddled with indecision and angst, know that the answers are within you. You will never find the answer outside of yourself, and you will not find it in a belly full of fear. So take the time out, meditate, seek an inner peace, and be receptive to what comes.

Work on perfecting your craft daily, while remembering it’s not about perfection, but progress. One mistake, a fall off the wagon, a tumble down the hill, doesn’t negate your progress. It doesn’t erase your worthiness of standing back up. You’ve heard it said, fall down seven times, stand up eight.

When they mock you for how long it’s taking you to bring your creation to life tune it out. Let them keep chasing short-term, worthless gains. You’re in this for the long haul. Be diligent and grateful always. Sacred plateaus are part of this journey. Re-think, re-establish, re-assess. Cut out the noise and chatter.

You are gift to this world and the universe is ready to guide you toward complete wish fulfillment. Wish fulfillment is only found in walking your path. Following your soul’s blueprint. Be brave enough to be you, to go after what you want, and to not answer to them at all if that helps.

Who do you owe an explanation to? You are here. You matter. Take up all the space. Speak all your truth. Do not let the story own you. Own your story.

Vibrational attainment is available to all who want it. It’s not about never feeling bad, never experiencing pain, or toxic positivity. It’s about acknowledging the bad and the good. We’re not trying to transcend the human experience. We are here to transmute it. That’s your alignment.

When one cycle ends another begins. Even if you don’t feel confident begin. You will feel fear, you will feel anxiety, and if you didn’t I’d be concerned. Bravery isn’t the absence of fear. It is you having the courage to push forward in spite of the fear. Acknowledge the fear, thank it for trying to protect you, and then let it know you’re not in need of protection.

Burn your plans into your heart and your mind. Get them on the same page. Then whether you’re going uphill, downhill, or experiencing a divine detour trust the plan. Consult your intuition and take the next step. It doesn’t matter if they know who you are. Do you know who are?

Be someone who gives as much as they receive. Don’t be the only giver and don’t be the only taker. Life is about reciprocity. The power you have comes through you, it is a gift, and you shouldn’t be just handing it over to anyone who dares pull your triggers. Those triggers may not be your fault, but they are absolutely your responsibility to heal and manage.

Yes, there will be sleepless nights, you will have bad dreams, there will be days the anxiety is just too strong to manage. That’s part of the journey. You just speak to the shame, speak to the anxiety, let them know they are seen, heard, and validated. They are coming from your inner child, who is afraid, uncertain, and alone. Lead that child to the light.

Shame is nothing more than a reminder that you have an internal value system you haven’t always lived up to. Do not project it onto others like some hot potato. Let it know you appreciate the reminder, and that from here on out the goal is to live up to those values, and forgive yourself when you fail.

You will not miss what is meant for you if you’re walking in alignment, acknowledging your duality, and working hard to transmute it. The people meant to be on your path will be attracted to you vibrationally. Trust you have much to teach them and much to learn from them.

Part of the journey will involve you trusting the unknown. This can be quite scary, I know. There are illusions, hidden truths, shadows in the moonlight. If you want something great, though, you have to do something great. It will involve trusting in your intuition. Taking the next step without seeing where it leads. Sometimes you won’t know until you take the chance. Take it.

Go where you’re inspired to go. Be full of joy, of courage, of warmth. The ones judging you will never matter as much as the ones watching you inspired by your amazing example. Let the lure of intensity pull you in now and then. Yes, you want to have a practical plan, but where is the plan coming from? Your inspiration, your imagination, your soul.

This is where you take what your soul gives you and ground it in the material world. This is temperance. This is alchemy. The blending of the spiritual and material. You take one step at a time, plant the next seed, water it, and trust a harvest will come. This is the path. This is the goal. Are you up for it?

It is time to find the guru within. There is no religion, no one true God, no one size answer fits all. Your soul knows the way. Let outdated dogma die. You are here to receive victory and recognition for a job well done. Why would you ever choose to stay small and stagnant? Are you afraid to be hurt? You can’t live a full life and never experience pain.

You’re going to fall in love on this journey, probably more than once. They will all have something to teach you. Learn one simple truth: You don’t have to trust other people. I said what I said. You only have to trust yourself to know that when they hurt you it’s not personal. Trust yourself to be able to set clear, healthy boundaries and forgive. Cultivate emotional intelligence.

Let the universe lead you with signs and synchronicity. That’s the trust you need. Even if someone does hurt you or leave you there is something beautiful in the time you spent together. It is never wasted. It was a period of two opposing energies being blended together for the highest good. Sometimes the highest good is you recognizing what you don’t want. What love isn’t.

People will have secrets. You will have secrets. The best thing you can do is trust your higher self. Know when to speak, how to speak it, and who deserves to hear it. Trust those intuitive nudges. Your powerful dreams and visions. Keep a record of it all because even if others don’t believe you there will be a paper trail that proves it to you. The only one who matters.

If you want to vibrate high then figure out what success means to your soul and vibrate there. You have the power and capability to become a self-made individual who maintains their own life, their own happiness, and stands in their power and worth without needing permission.

Remain curious and intelligent all the days of your life. Never allow your thirst for knowledge to be quenched. Keep aligning your words with your actions no matter how long it takes. I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself. This is your awakening. Do you feel it?

It is past time you meet your divine side. That you forgive your beautiful soul and let it lead the way. Let it bring you in out of the cold. You are never ever alone. Hardship will come, worries about your safety or security, but you don’t have to live in that space. You can’t manifest from a lack mindset. Believe you are worthy and watch how your world changes.

You are worth investing in, but unless you believe that you will keep attracting people to you who refuse to invest. Pause for a moment, reassess where you’re investing your own energy. Even if you know you have to muster up the strength to leave someone or something behind be grateful for it.

Prolonging the inevitable doesn’t make it hurt any less. Sometimes the only thing that needs to change in our situation is our own perspective. We stay begging others to change in an act of outright defiance to our soul and path. Don’t walk around with walls and unwarranted defensiveness, but do set some healthy boundaries and burn bridges that need to be burned.

Fill yourself with compassion and joy. Listen, you can’t offer other people what you haven’t cultivated within you. If you don’t have self-love you’re not loving others correctly. If you haven’t found compassion for yourself you’re busy judging everyone else. If you don’t have inner peace you can’t bring anyone else peace. It’s really that simple.

Neither can they offer you what they don’t have. Your relationship to yourself is a mirror that will reflect in your relationship to everyone else. If you don’t like the reflection it’s not their job to change it. You will leave them and see the same reflection in the next face, the next name, the next relationship.

It’s time to alchemize those emotions and become inspired. It only takes one, small spark in the darkness to get going. When they ask you what you have to offer tell them you have a spark. A divine transformation where you’re letting go now of all that never did serve you, or has served its purpose.

Listen to constructive criticism because it’s critical for your growth. When someone offers you advice ask yourself if what they say is true. If it is then your ego may not like it, but your soul needed you to hear it. If it isn’t they are likely projecting something within them onto you. It’s not personal, so don’t get defensive. Just set another boundary and move on.

Do not let this world and the people in it make you bitter. Don’t cut people off with malice. Turn them away with understanding, compassion, and unconditional love. Your love should never have conditions, but access to it absolutely should. Starting with basic respect.

There are just going to be times the tower falls. The rug is pulled out from under you. You will have to sit in the aftermath, stunned, weighing your options. Will you choose the old, familiar path and rebuild it? Or will you choose to try something new this time? You have the opportunity during these moments to choose a foundation. Let it be built within you.

What is home to you anyway? A person, place, thing? Home should be how you feel in your own skin. Home is living in the unknown and letting the magic happen. It’s no longer needing outside approval and validation. It’s where you build your empire with like-minded souls who love you.

Trust the path to be illuminated for you. It may feel at times like all the universe is giving you is breadcrumbs. So what, follow those breadcrumbs like your life depends on it. I promise it will make a full loaf in the end.

Have clear ambitions and goals. Don’t lose the forest for the trees. Be expectant that what you sow today you will reap in time. Don’t let the options overwhelm you. Let your ego take a break and trust the magic within you. If you hold on tight to the past, to people, to outcomes what is meant for you will miss you. You won’t notice the package it came in.

Have the courage to leave choppy waters for waters that promise to be smoother sailing. Know that every storm must come to an end. Accept help and ask for it if you need it. Self-reliance is a lovely thing, but no one can do it all alone. Never shut the door behind you as you level up either.

You will find a once in lifetime love at some point. Do not ruin it by accusing them of wounds they never caused you. Heal thyself, great physician. No one has access to those wounds but you. Don’t bleed on those who didn’t cut you. Divine love is not a love you want to push away.

Accept help because you can’t juggle life all alone. Let inevitable endings happen, knowing you can hope in new beginnings. If you become love you will attract love. A love unlike any other you’ve experienced. When you no longer need it there it will be. That’s the best kind of love there is.

I see a lot of people talking about their twin flame. Let me be incredibly clear, I believe in divine relationships, but some of you are not in one. The comments I see make me want to cry sometimes. They remind me of my karmic marriage. I swore once that he was meant for me, too.

Let these karmics go, please. If they call you names, if they verbally, mentally, emotionally, or physically abuse you they are not divine. No, you don’t have to wait for them to grow out of it. They are meant only to teach you lessons you can take forward with you after you leave them behind.

Even when your divine partner runs they do so out of fear. They do not abuse you or harm you on their way out. You will feel their heart want to beat out of their chest just from your embrace. Laying next to them will bring you absolute peace. You will feel as if you’re flying through galaxies.

You will finish each other’s sentences. You will feel their anxiety, sadness, pain, and everything else energetically. It will be distinctly different than your own. Don’t waste anymore time on hollow victories with mediocre souls. Understand that sometimes rejection is for your own protection.

Make room for positive new beginnings and fresh starts. I promise there is room for new manifestations and it’s never too late. If you’re here, if you’re alive, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Today is a new day. You have the chance right now to change your life and become an inspirational success.

Don’t create unrealistic expectations, but stop expecting people you know won’t pull their weight to suddenly start pulling it. I would tell you the devil is a liar, but I don’t believe any devils exist. I think he’s become a convenient excuse for people who don’t want to put in the effort to change and grow.

We become our own downfall. We allow the voices in our head to overpower the quiet, still voice of our soul. We beg to be on someone else’s throne, rather than sitting in the throne of our heart. Yes, celebrate life with like-minded people, but don’t keep calling people who disappoint you like-minded.

Rest when you need to, delegate responsibility, and stop feeling like you can save them all. You are only responsible for saving yourself. Trust me, I’m a Virgo Moon. There was a time I felt like I had to save everyone else to earn my own redemption, but you will die trying and never succeed. You can offer people tools all day long, but my loves, they have to use them.

Communicate your truth, know that sometimes life will move faster than you want it to, and others it will be a snails pace. Remain inspired through it all. Find a zest for life in you. Stop seeking it through external means. Your outer world is reflection of your inner condition. Start there.

Self-care, self-love, self-worth all start with self for a reason. Stop chasing those things in other people. It’s never going to be found there. The only thing found in that space is conflict and turmoil. Nothing but a bunch of infighting within that turns to fights all around you. You will never be able to control other people. It’s self-control that is your superpower. Celebrate it.

Create structure in your life, and schedule in time for play and fun. Stand in your power and do not keep handing it over to these people who make you question who you are. You are visionary, now act like it.

When you ask me who do I think I am this will be my reply:

I am a nurturer. A healing presence. I am a divine feminine being experiencing life in human form. I have self-love, self-compassion, and self-worth. I’ve created a path to healing for myself and for others. I am dripping with creation from the very best resource there is: unconditional love.

I am someone who basks in a garden of inspiration and ideas. I follow my intuition, I plant seeds, I water them, I watch them grow. I am made of fairy dust and divinity. I will continue birthing my exquisite visions into being. I own my Empress energy and it will never matter if you see me the same.

I am someone who learned a long time ago that you could come up to me and spend 55 minutes of every hour building me up, but when I lay down at night I’m going to ponder what I told myself the other 5 minutes of those hours. The most powerful voice in the world for me is my own. That’s my truth.

Someone once told me I’d deserve compliments when I achieved a certain goal. No. I am worthy now. Not when I lose the rest of my weight. Not when I am worth a lot of money. Not when I maintain something long enough. I am worthy right now, at this moment, and there is nothing you can ever say that will convince me otherwise. That’s who I am. That is my power.


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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd