Emotional Tide: Pick A Card

Left to right: Piles one, two, three, four, five, and six. Choose one or more and scroll down for the revealing.

Collective Meditation Message:

When the moon moves into Cancer, we all feel a bit more tender, and more vulnerable than we do during other signs. However, a famous Cancer trait is to build up walls between yourself and others; thinking this protects you. What it really does is hinder your growth.

You tend to want to live behind the walls of your own castle to feel safe. It’s about balancing your emotions and setting healthy boundaries. You can’t keep everyone out, or you miss the good stuff, too.

Cancer functions best when it’s emotionally balanced and can nurture others properly. That is their best trait. Matters of the heart and home are important at this time. You may even feel yourself wanting to be home more or be with the people you love for meals or a game night. The trick is in not allowing emotions like fear, shame, and grief to get the best of you. You will feel these things from time-to-time throughout life.

Our emotions are definitely going to be heightened going forward, so be aware of this. This isn’t a bad thing. You are not your emotions. When the emotion strikes you are the self-awareness that it exists. Use that self-awareness to sit with the emotion, to understand it, cry if you need to, write, figure out a healthy way to express it. Don’t ever feel bad for your immediate gut response to anything.

Recognize the response as a trigger and take responsibility for how you respond. Forgive yourself if you’ve over-reacted in the past. We all do that at times. It’s okay that you’re not perfect. You still have a perfectly put together blueprint called your soul. Get to know that blueprint and start building your purpose with intention. If you strive toward your purpose, even when you don’t always understand it, the rest will fall into place.

Happiness is your birthright, but you can’t know happy without knowing pain. Happiness isn’t the lack of pain and hurt. It’s understanding where pain and hurt come from, so that you can release it easier, and not take it out on other people. We must let go of shame in this world and start growing empathy; for ourselves and each other. Happiness begins within. It’s never outside.

The numbers 13, 9, or 4 may be relevant to some of you. The number 13 is a reminder to dig in and understand what your soul wants, so that you can build its foundation within. Don’t get in your own way here. You will attract the support you need if you just trust it.

Nine is asking you to dig within and see how you can best serve humanity. It’s not about you. We are all here to serve a higher purpose. It’s asking you to end your old ways. If you serve your purpose your fulfillment is assured.

As we grow we either remain too child-like inside or put all childish things away. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Seek to get to know and heal your inner child, so that they don’t feel isolated or shut off. Allow your inner child the happiness and creativity it was deprived in your younger years.

The number four is a sign that you’re not being practical, devoted, or organized enough, or it’s a sign that you’re too structured and need to play. Routine and structure are fantastic, but so is leaving room to listen and be guided by your soul. It’s about harmonizing all the elements.

Pile One:

A more perfect message could not have come out for this reading. You have to feel your way through the emotions. When you drown them out, avoid them, take them out on other people, this brings you more regret and shame. It will never be the answer to feeling loved or like you belong.

This moon is going to bring up some emotions for you. This time the universe wants you to face them. To give them the love, care, and attention they require to heal. Stop building walls and putting band aids on gaping wounds.

Stop being afraid of other people. Oneness is our true nature and each of us, even those who have harmed you, are made from the same elements. We are each different expressions of the same thing, with both light and dark within us. It’s up to you which you choose to feed. Ignore them at your own peril.

This may be causing a financial block for you. Spirit is suggesting you work on healing the emotions to clear up your financial worries. While you’re doing that, repeat this affirmation every time you grow concerned about money:

“I am grateful large sums of money come to me now. I love money. It comes to me when I call. This is so exciting.” That is a quote by Jake Duecy.

Your main focus right now is to give yourself a time-out. Take the space you need right now to focus on your health; physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way possible. Important numbers to you may be 1, 3, and 7. Pay attention especially to seven. It’s a reminder to get in touch with your spiritual side, and to choose to evolve. You got that one twice.

I feel you’re currently in your feelings about a decision you need to make. In order for our intuition to be clear we must be balanced emotionally and unattached to the outcome of what we’re asking about. This can be difficult if we don’t trust the universe. Your higher self knows what and who you need for true fulfillment. Trust that and detach from what you think you want.

You keep going back and forth with this decision. Part of you is terrified you will be abandoned if you choose this person, place, or thing. That you will be left out in the cold. The other part is on fire and passionate for this new beginning. Pay attention to 3 here. If you see that often the universe is telling you to go for it and get creative. One is new beginnings; allow them.

Work hard on one thing at a time. Right now that one thing is learning emotional control and balance. You have emotionally painted yourself in a corner by not making a decision to let go of attachments. You may be attached to people, places, situations, or environments that aren’t good for you. Now is the time to walk away from those things.

Once you walk away or let go of your ego’s expectations the door to your personal healing and happiness opens wide and you will step into your calling. It is truly time to start over and begin again. To sort out those emotions and dig them to the surface. You have empress energy.

The cards calling and confidence speak of the world needing you. The time really is now. Let go of the fragments of the past, who you thought you were supposed to be, who you were told to be, and be honest with yourself at least.

Some who chose this pile have literally lost a loved one they are holding onto. You may even get dreams or visions of this person. They want you to know they are okay, and it’s time to grieve properly, so you can energetically release them, and live out your true purpose.

Be aware of unwanted energy around you, and practice some cord cutting. The more balanced your emotions are the more in tune you will be with your intuition. This will help you know who is in your life with bad intentions, so you can start setting healthy boundaries.

You are someone who can read Tarot. If you don’t already have cards it’s suggested you get some. Use them when you need guidance. The practice will also help build your intuition. If you’re uncomfortable maybe watch your rising sign readings on YouTube or reach out to a reader and be read.

I wish you the complete best going forward.


Pile Two:

Your emotional blocks get in the way of creativity. You have the capacity to tune into the energy of love. This will give you the words you need when it’s time to use your voice, the compassion needed to forgive, and the power to find yourself when you feel absolutely lost.

Some days it’s okay if all you do is breathe. We are allowed to have feelings and experience them. Spirit understands when your heart and soul need a break. In fact, when we step out of the way, focus on laughter, fun, and healing, Spirit grows inspired and can work harder on our behalf. So let loose, cry, watch a movie you’ve seen a dozen times already; laugh harder.

The people who chose this pile likely have children or are in some way an example for them. The word of the day is moderation. If you learn how to be moderate you will model that to the children. This includes with your emotions. If your own emotions, as an adult, are not stable, how dare you expect a child’s to be stable? They learn what they live.

The numbers 1, 3, 4, and 6 may be relevant for you. Choose a new beginning with your children, get creative and play with them more often, focus on the foundation you’re building within and let your family inspire that in you. You’ve been wound too tight for a long time now. Only in being honest about it, healing the shame over it, can you move forward faster.

You are the magician and healer of your own life. You can experience accomplishment and self-satisfaction. You have to stop beating yourself up and start building yourself up instead. Before you take any actions in love you’re being asked to develop your third eye in meditation, and seek the answers you need there. They can only ever come from your soul.

This moon is releasing you from denial. You know that you are different, and you’re being asked to stop conforming to what everyone else wants for you, and to discover what you really want for once. This is about harmonizing your logical and spiritual sides. Using both to make decisions.

You swore an oath before you were born to walk this complicated path, and it’s time to stop living in denial of that; you feel it deeply. Become a fledgling, meditate, experiment with spiritual practices and routines that work for you. Come up with a full moon ritual for February 9th, when the moon is in Leo. This will spark your passion and creativity.

You’re being asked to clear the old and make space for the new. This could be behaviors, thought patterns, people, or even furniture and decorations. Clean your home really well, clean your mind really well, dig out the darkness in your Spirit. Make space for the light that you deserve.

You got the magician card twice. You already know that your answers are within. It’s just a matter of making yourself go there. You were brave to sign up for the very same experiences that bring you fear or shame now. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you learn the lessons they are meant to teach.

You can totally do this.


Pile Three:

There is a choice you have to make and it’s scaring you. Whether it’s leaving someone behind, trusting someone new, a new job, a move, whatever it is the universe is saying now is the time to go for it. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It is moving forward in spite of it. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Recognize it for what it is and don’t let it stop you.

Make time to experience joy in your life. Joy is the ultimate creator and can help you overcome the fear. It’s time to stop projecting your responsibility for you onto everyone else. You alone are responsible for your reactions to your emotions. You have full control of them. Your dedication can help you chase personal evolution within, and the balance or harmony you crave.

You have been experiencing signs and synchronicities in your life lately, and those will continue. Pay attention to them. Perhaps the numbers 1, 7, 8, and 11 will be seen on repeat. New beginnings in learning how to be your authentic self without apology. Spiritual growth and foundations. An increase in finances. Signs you’re on the right path.

You have another card that is representing monetary gain. I believe Spirit wants you focused on that. It’s somehow connected to this risk they are asking you to take. There is someone in your life that is intensely jealous, and may spy on you. It is time to leave this person behind. When you do you this opens space for your financial stability to begin.

If you keep this person in your life it’s likely to cause you clouded vision and confusion. Your emotions right now, especially around this person, are out of control. This is a choice you are making. Stop exerting your energy into people that don’t appreciate or reciprocate it and then blaming them.

This person is not meant to be part of your divine journey, and your intuition has been telling you this prior to you reading it here. You can truly avoid so many storms by choosing you and your soul over all else. Balance those feelings with some logic. You will never be truly happy until you express your authentic self and speak your whole truth.

Take leadership of your life. You are the authority of what is allowed and what is not. Find your soul tribe. Invite the right kind of people to be around you. Learn to trust in the abundance of opportunities that await you if you heed the call of your soul.

Now is the time to make the apologies you need to make from a pure place, and to accept them, even from people who may never give them to you. There are some people who will never see you, no matter how authentically you express yourself. It’s okay to vibe at different levels. The ones meant for you aren’t going to miss you; even if it takes some time for them to get here.

You are being faced with a choice, and being asked not to decide based on your heart, but to use your head. You already know the answer you’re seeking. Chase what is beautiful and real; not the mirage. The mirage will never satisfy you or pacify you in the long-term.

You can feel this rebirth with everything inside of you. Spirit is suggesting you create an altar, where you can have things you love on display, and spend time meditating, or with a journal. Write down how you feel and go back and play your own therapist. Stop waiting for salvation to drop in your lap.

I’ve been there. There is no way out but through.


Pile Four:

You are someone who gives and gives until it hurts. You have likely felt inadequate for much of your life, as if you’re not worthy of love just because you’re you. You feel you have to earn it or deserve it somehow. Spirit is telling you to stop that nonsense. It’s time for you to receive just because.

Dig into your soul and find your fearlessness. It will light up the world. You have walked away from what no longer serves you, and remain grateful for what it taught you. Don’t forget the lessons. There is no need to relearn them. The universe will give you red flags, so pay attention to those.

The numbers 2, 4, and 8 are important. The number two came out twice. When you see this it reminds you to check your relationships. To make sure your partnerships of all kinds are balanced or to release them. Four is foundation, organization, structure. Fit that in with room to be creative and have fun as well. Eight is all about building your finances. This is a focus.

Become grateful that you’ve made space in your life now to walk your divine path. Remain humble to be a channel and vessel for the highest good. Be full of the joy and peace you deserve. Cultivate it within instead of trying without success to give what you do not have to others.

Your intuition is on fire. If you create a daily plan to tackle your emotions and keep them stable, your connection will be clearer. You’re being asked to exercise financial discipline as well. Don’t shop to hide the pain or make someone else smile. Stop avoiding what is going on within.

There is a new beginning waiting for you in love. This offer may be here already, or it will be this year. It’s an offer that is stable, grounded, and secure. First, you must be stable, grounded, and secure within. That’s how we attract the right people to our life. Your energy speaks before you do,and it’s the energy the universe responds to; not our words.

You have been patient and strong for so long, but for all the wrong people. Turn some of the patience and strength within and walk through the door to self-worth and value. That door is found in realms you cannot see, but have full access to. Begin meditating and keeping journals. Make you your foundation and well of support.

You received the fool card twice. This really is a new start for you. You can feel that energy bubbling beneath the surface. You are done people pleasing now. It’s time to allow yourself to be pleased. To not hold others accountable for your worth and happiness. It’s there waiting for you to step into it.

Be open to new strategies that you may not have been open to in the past. Especially when you’re sitting in indecision or at a crossroads. The focus for you must be to choose the path that honors differences, that respects the uniqueness of consciousness. The path that finds compassion and forgiveness, with an ability to maintain healthy boundaries.

Things in your life are changing shape right before your eyes, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed. That’s okay because we all feel that way sometimes. Let it come and sit with it. Ask yourself why you’re overwhelmed. Heal those parts of you that don’t believe you deserve good things. Take a risk and open your heart big and wide. Let the love of the universe inside.

You have concealed your own wants, needs, and desires for so long that revealing them, even to yourself, can seem out of place or foreign. Keep doing it and I promise it becomes second nature. Your stability in everything from finances to love must be build based on your soul’s desires, or it will crumble every time. So stop fighting the process.

You so deserve what is coming to you. Release the past and make space for it.


Pile Five:

You have been believing false stories about yourself long enough. This moon is going to bring those up for you. It’s an invitation to not run scared this time. To just face those stories and correct them. You are the only one who holds the pen. No one else can write your story.

Let unconditional love and the universe be your primary teacher. This will always guide you back to the light. Speak into existence the stories you want to be true for your life. Plant those seeds, water them with intention, and reap the harvest you deserve. Find gratitude and your life will grow.

This is a time for you to focus on self-love. Read about it, listen to videos, absorb everything you can. Practice shadow exercises to release people who you know you didn’t love from a place of self-respect. The numbers 1, 6, and 7 are important for you. New beginnings are here if you want them in your home and family life. The number six came out twice.

All you have to do is evolve into your spiritual being slowly and you will watch you change, even as things and people around you stay the same. Increase your physical activity for awhile. Go on walks, exercise, dance with children.

Don’t be guarded when people are offering you truths about yourself. If you feel a conflict with your ego when something is said, ask yourself if it’s true. If it is you can change it, and if it isn’t the person saying it might not like themselves very much, and are projecting onto you. Either way it’s not personal, and a lesson can be learned.

When you let down that guard, commit to a spiritual practice, learn to love yourself, then you will be able to decipher between good and bad options in love and relationships. It may be time to celebrate with friends and leave love on the back burner for awhile.

Create your own solid foundation, and trust that as you follow the blueprint of your soul what is meant for you will come. We can’t expect immediate harvest. No garden grows overnight and no garden grows without tending to it. So invest in you and your soul.

You need to invest some time in opening your heart chakra. Have patience with yourself as you do this. If you step out of character and lose control that is okay. The lesson isn’t to beat yourself up and do it again. It’s to understand you were programmed to respond that way, and know that you can reprogram yourself going forward.

You do that by going within. By getting to know your triggers, so you can overcome them. You may never overcome the initial response, but you can definitely train yourself to control the reaction to it. There is no excuse. Other people will never start magically living by your codes. Are you going to really keep giving them your power?

This pile is definitely meant to start a daily spiritual practice. Even if you start with five or ten minutes a day of meditation. It is time to shift your negative self-talk into positive, loving affirmations. I know your heart is broken and that sometimes we have to make choice that break our hearts further, but our hearts break to save our souls.

Nothing that ever hurt you was as personal as it felt. Most people only hurt others because they weren’t taught how to heal themselves. They live with so much pain within that it has nowhere to go but out. That’s true for you, too.

Conclude that you’re a brave warrior to have signed up for the live you have lived. Find hope in high vibrations, and free yourself from the lust and chains of the shadow side. Awaken your divine feminine spirituality, and discover the secrets of the universe. They are available to you.


Pile Six:

You may be someone who doesn’t feel worthy unless you’re busy. Spirit is asking you to allow space for creativity. You may feel as if you’re grown and don’t have time for play, but you’re being guided to make time for it. To paint, draw, write, play music, dance, do something that feels good to you.

Remember when obstacles come up they are there for a reason. Sometimes they are detours in the right direction. Stop being busy to avoid emotions. This bottles them up, and when delays or obstacles form you explode and don’t know what to do. Balance the emotions, sit with your heart, and the next move will become known to you.

Something is going on in your environment and you’re being asked to view it from a compassionate lens. This doesn’t mean you have to put up with or tolerate abuse or pain. If that is happening leave or set a boundary, but do so understanding they never meant to hurt you or cause you pain. This enables forgiveness, so that you don’t keep yourself stuck in endless loops and cycles.

Spirit really wants you to play and allow yourself to be inspired. To create hope wherever there is darkness. This may require you work hard for a time and figure out how to leave your current environment or re-create it. Focus on creating a happy home full of joy, and anxiety will leave you. You struggle with balancing work and play or work and home.

Your rite of passage in this life is a happy home life. You’re at the end of the burdens if you choose the right path. This new path brings you victory. First control your inner environment, and then you’ll better respond to the outer. Balance your emotions and be the one individual in the room everyone looks to when the storms come.

Don’t be rigid in love. Release the chains you’ve put on yourself and let people in to see the authentic you. Stand in unconditional love and compassion no matter where you are, but when the storms pass, set boundaries going forward, and do not be sorry for that. We teach people how to treat us.

Your lust, attraction, and desire for your soul’s destiny is being awakened and it’s only going to grow. You would benefit from lighting candles and looking into candle magic. This is a powerful tool for you. Combine it with moon rituals going forward and learn to tap into energy to change your moods.






You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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