What is your advice on getting through the energy this eclipse has stirred up? Left to right is piles one through four. Choose one and scroll for the results.

This is about secrets and hidden emotions being released. Things may rise up from your subconscious that have to be dealt with. You will likely be thinking about your childhood and family dynamics. Perhaps wanting more for the family you’re trying to build or raise now.

There could be peak drama. In fact, you could have already experienced the drama over the past few days. You’re going to have sudden realizations over past situations, relationships, friendships, and what needs to end. The universe is pouring out extra strength during this eclipse to help you finally, totally say goodbye to people and situations that hold you back.

Pile One:

The biggest message I am getting for you is that you need to act as if. This means no matter what is going on around you, no matter how you feel, act as if all is well. Act as if you’re already where you want to be. There are a lot of changes happening in your life and the old you would run back to what is comfortable rather than adapting to the changes.

The power of this eclipse is giving you the strength to choose something different. If you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always gotten. Your external world is changing almost rapidly. You’re being asked to come into harmony with the changes, so you can co-create your greatest dreams. You are worth those dreams.

You may be feeling especially sensitive, but this is good. Don’t fear it. Those sensitive feelings you have are your intuition. Listen to your inner voice and follow it. It helps you learn how to adapt to your environment, rather than allowing your environment to control you.

In the past you would lose your integrity when you allowed what was going on around you to influence you. You’re being asked to do something different, and instead adapt. Be the one who influences others. You’re meant to be a leader, not a follower. So take control of yourself in all situations.

Even if you feel you’re in uncharted territory you must have faith in your ability to fit in and to navigate it. What do you want to attract in your life? Act as if you already have it. Spend time in your imagination picturing life as you would like it to be. You don’t have to be specific. Just feel the feelings you want to feel and let the universe give you what will make you feel that way.

Adapting to the room isn’t losing yourself. It’s simply learning how to dance with others in a way that you aren’t giving up your power. The caution here is to be aware of your energy and compassion, and ensure you have boundaries in those areas. Make sure you’re practicing self-care and grounded in self.

You are someone extremely sensitive to your environment. You pick up on the emotions and feelings of others. They aren’t yours to process. Stop attempting to rescue other people when you yourself are still navigating the waters. This is how we drown. You’ve been down that road before. Learn the lesson.

Right now you need to spend time figuring out where you end and others begin. Your entire life you’ve found your identity in other people. Now it’s time to develop your real identity without putting that weight on others. Not all conditions are yours to match. If necessary take a time out to just be alone and write your thoughts, take a bath, sleep.

Whenever you find yourself getting uncomfortable in growth and expansion remind yourself that detours are obstacles in the right direction. It won’t always be uncomfortable. Right now you’re in an in between phase.

You are leaving one life behind to embrace a new one, but first you have to learn the lay of the land. Once you learn it the awkwardness and unfamiliarity won’t be there. It will as natural as breathing and riding a bike. The problem isn’t the new life or people. It’s that you’re new to it all. Don’t give up before you’ve even allowed yourself time to experience it fully.

You are being called to cut all cords to the past and to toxicity. To call back your power and protect your energy. The reason things feel the way they do is because your soul is being retrieved and revived.

This eclipse is you getting rid of who and what drains your energy, figuring out who you are without them, and then embracing people who reciprocate your energy back to you. It’s time to face your intense healing and work through the past and all the wounds that are resurfacing. The new people and events in your life are there to help you, so reach out and seek that help.

The universe sends us the right people at the right time. It may be important for you to be strategic right now. Yes, tap into your intuition and let it guide you, but also couple that with logic. Love is not logical, but when you choose a partner it’s good to have things common with them. Now is a time to weigh the pros and cons of your relationships and be honest.

You spent a long time forcing a relationship to work that just isn’t going to work. There are more fish in the sea, and perhaps it is time you learn how to swim without being defined or confined to the sea. Go where there aren’t storms constantly threatening to swallow you with the waves.

Just be careful not to overthink. When you catch yourself over-thinking do a meditation. They have lots of them on YouTube. I would do heart chakra and root chakra specifically. This will open your heart to know what you want and need, and ground you to go after it correctly.

Home feels safe and secure. It’s a comfortable place to rest and create, a place that is known and you can call yours. Right now you are learning how to trust yourself and become comfortable in your own skin for the first time in your life. I promise all the heart racing, the fear, the anxiety will be worth it.

There is a relationship that may have recently come into your life. You feel at home here. You are in sync with this person like no other. The universe says be secure in the knowledge that the other person feels exactly the same. They are reciprocating your energy, and you’re simply not used to that. You are likely resting a lot in this new space because it’s meant to help you heal.

It’s a relationship that brings you a sense of safety, comfort, and the best aspects of familiarity. Of course, don’t lose yourself in this relationship, but do know that this person is willing to work with you, guide you, help you, and is in for the long haul. Together you two are going to add so much love to the world. What is familiar and known is not the best choice now.

We are memory driven creatures, and we all look for certainty, for what we know, even if the qualities we seek in other people and in external conditions are expressed in unhealthy ways. Avoid being too eager for home because the home you once thought you were building was never meant to be your forever home. Choose the new and unfamiliar and this becomes your real home.

It will be a new normal, but one that actually supports your spirit and growth. This time won’t be any different unless you’re brave enough to choose something different. You are so over the past and this eclipse is giving you the strength and push and people you need to create an amazing future.

Your world is a reflection of your thoughts about what you deserve. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see. Now is a critical time to develop self-love and self-acceptance. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of love and acceptance you will keep choosing people who treat like you aren’t.

You have a unique purpose and gift the world needs, and unless you choose to walk the right path it cannot be expressed. If you don’t feel confident practice. Stand in front of a mirror and remind yourself you got this over and over until you believe it with every fiber of your being.

Practice remaining calm within no matter what is going around you. This is the same message of the chameleon being repeated. Everything is a bit Topsy turvy right now. You feel as if you’re juggling a thousand balls in the air, but you don’t have to juggle them alone. You just have to choose people to be in your life who know how to help you juggle, rather than add more balls.

You feel a bit unsure of your footing. Choose harmony over discord, though. If you go back to where your feet walked away from it’s not harmony you find there. Your peace doesn’t come from the old or new people in your life. It comes from you. The new ones will just remind you when you forget, rather than adding their own brand of chaos to the mix.

Someone in your life is offering you an unconditional love. It scares you, but it is the real deal. This love promises to give you a life overflowing with abundance. The only obstacle to this life is you. You have to shift your negative self-talk into self-compassion. You have to choose with intention to turn fear into purpose and possibility. This is a call to faith.

You received the ten of swords clarified by the eight of hearts. There is a hard choice you’ve made or need to make to walk away from the past. The ending may be painful, but it promises to offer you such a beautiful new beginning. One that will far supersede anything you begged for in the past. This ending is an opportunity to finally find the deep healing you’ve ran from too long.

You’ve had an epiphany about this already. At one point you did resist the inevitable, but you’ve done a lot of inner reflection. There has been some soul searching going on for sure with this pile. You’re trying to tap into your guide within. You may need some alone time to get a clearer perspective still.

You can accept the new love, without rushing it, and allow it to help you rest and heal. If you have actions to take regarding rebuilding your life start small if possible. At the very least schedule alone time to practice self-care and work on your mindset each day.

The Hanged Man card lets me know you have shifted your perspective already. When I clarified to see what this perspective was about the two of hearts flew from my deck. You know who your true soulmate is. There is a deep attraction that goes way beyond the physical with this person.

It feels like you want to do this right. I am seeing planning and preparation come out. In the past you may have been one to jump in, to rebel, to fight for a cause without even understanding why you were fighting. I sense you are trying to approach life differently now.



Pile Two:

This pile is suffering in their ego a bit. The universe is offering you sweet rewards, but you’re in your head about it, full of doubt and fear. It’s time to get out of your head and trust your heart. Immerse yourself in the connected energy of all things.

You vibrate quite high normally. You’re tapped into the harmony of the divine hive. Keep your focus on connectivity. You have to self-forget in order to remember you’re connected to the whole. This moves you from separation into connection. From self-centered limitations to spirit-inspired possibilities.

Magical results are taking form in your life right now. For a while it’s been happening under the surface, but now there are physical signs. It’s important to remember that even when you can’t see it you have to trust it, but you can see it plain and clear. There is no reason for you not to trust it.

You want to taste the sweet honey others get to taste, but for some reason feel it is unattainable for you. Even when others do leave you you’re not separate from them. We are connected via energy. There are some people whose energy is so connected to you that even when they do leave they come back consistently every time they think of you.

Stop worrying about the leaving when separation is an illusion. Just enjoy the honey. Your affirmation is “The universe works fast when I’m having fun.” So, when you find yourself anxious or feeling separated take some time to do something that brings you joy and happiness. The universe will use that higher vibration of laughter and fun to bring you what is yours always.

I feel as if you were recently triggered. You are not the person you used to be, and your triggers are your responsibility to resolve. You may have an unhealed experience that was recently reactivated. So take the time to heal it fully. There is a need to focus on triggers and understanding them.

You sense that the unseen changes that were happening have now been initiated. Even in physical separation there is opportunity for growth. The problem is life seems to be changing fast and you’ve already felt it energetically for a long time now. It’s scary to trust the unknown. But you’re being asked to do so.

This eclipse is going to re-teach you not to chase what flees from you. What is meant for you will never miss you. Don’t obsess over what eludes you. There is nothing romantic about those who make themselves unavailable to you, and neither is it personal. There is no prize for torturing yourself over it, especially if it hasn’t even happened. Your thoughts create your reality.

You may be misinterpreting someone’s good intentions or they yours. Now is a time to step back and get clear on your own intentions. Don’t allow yourself to live in a foggy state of denial. Take a time out to regroup and offer yourself self-care and self-nurturing. It’s temporary when it comes from others.

Now isn’t the time to chase or force a message. It’s time to listen. Pay attention not only to what is said, but what is not said. Your gut is likely not lying to you, but if it’s telling you information you don’t like the answer isn’t to freak out and react emotionally. Listen with your heart, not just your ears. Don’t hear what you want to hear. Hear what is actually being said.

Everything you have worked for, including the obstacles you have faced and overcome, is now part of your current victory. Don’t self-sabotage. You have learned to see all aspects of your life as essential to your growth, including the negative, so stop going back to fear.

If you have fallen into fear and anxiety brush yourself off and rise again. You’re a powerful creator. Stay in alignment with spirit and you will attract all that is yours to you. Your will and skill alone will yield limited results. When you remember you’re partnered with the divine doors open.

Someone has made you a genuine and stable offer, but they want to take it slow. This person has made a turning point and they have chosen you, but they are taking time to reassess themselves that is much needed. They are currently juggling a lot.

This person may have rushed through life in the past, and because they care about your connection they want to be diligent. I sense they are in a material mindset, wanting to establish some type of stability in their own lives. Seed by seed you can plant a future together, but it is going to require you to believe in this person and the connection you feel. To rely on your faith and intuition.

The changes are already here. If you chose this pile you know that. Fate and destiny are at play. Karmic lessons have been learned, but it takes time to rebuild. This is the chaos part of the creation. Enjoy the serendipity and go with the flow. Allow the transformative energy of fate to help you expand into this experience and let it be exactly what it is.

This person felt trapped and powerless most of their life. They lied, deceived, and were irresponsible. They are not doing any of these things with you. They reached a turning point in life when they met you. You inspire them to not give up, to chase victory, and to walk away from what isn’t healthy for them.

Use this time to keep mastering a skill, and help this person as they reach out in need. Keep following your soul purpose and see what happens. Don’t be a rebel against your own cause. Allow this person as much time and space as they need to rest, recover, and contemplate their next move.

Both you and this person are going through a phase of spiritual growth and pleasure. I feel like your connection is spiritual. They want to be reliable, hard-working, and may be a bit quiet now and then as they search their own hidden depths to discover their own strengths and abilities.

Don’t make them feel rushed or suggest shortcuts. Let them make the decisions they feel are best for themselves. Then when you finally do come together officially there is no resentment to work though. Your foundation must always be you.

The more this person processes their losses and deals with their abandonment issues the better it is for you both. They are feeling a strong belief and conviction right now and quite sure what they want. They want victory, success, celebration of milestones, and achievement. But first they have to do some introspection on their own ethics and moral code.

I clarified the victory statement and it’s letting us know this person will overcome feeling unsteady. They will be able to juggle everything on their plate. You just have to be patient as you wait on the results.



Pile Three:

You are being encouraged to watch and wait. Rise above any and all drama. There is a need for you to remain neutral and gain perspective. Don’t jump into the fray of anything. Just be watchful and wait.

You may be holding onto judgment that you need to release. There are so many perspectives and viewing life only from your own means you’re acting in your bias. This is a close-minded approach to life.

Maybe it’s time to consider your own hidden beliefs and see why you believe them. Maybe the drama you’re involved in you created. Step back and ask yourself why. The better you know yourself the better you control yourself.

Your affirmation is “My faith has the power to turn trauma into healing, conflict into growth, and fear into love.” There is a sense of healing here. You are going to release soul patterns, contracts, and relationships that are no longer serving you. This eclipse is bringing you the power.

You will be finally choosing a soul tribe based on what your soul actually desires in life. Companionship should be growing and evolving. If you’ve been stagnant it is probably time to go. Heal any old patterns so you do not sabotage yourself going forward.

And it is time to go. You are at the end of a journey and have not yet begun the next one. Use this time to consider what you’ve learned about what you do and do not want from relationships. It’s time for new experiences and new ways of being.

You lose nothing and gain everything when you choose to surrender. Your current life is barren and cannot offer you anything right now. No matter how beautiful and seductive the shimmering glow of mirage, this is an illusion. You’ve fallen for it so many times that by now you know this.

This is a warning to stop allowing yourself to get hypnotized into thinking you will achieve your heart’s desire with people from the past that no longer resonate with the person you are becoming. This is a gift because once you release them you allow your real soul tribe to come through.

None of it may seem logical, but you’re being asked to trust your intuition and be true to yourself. Your hunches are on target and second-guessing at this time is not advised. You are someone who clearly sees beneath the surface.

Claim ownership over your life. You can build an entire legacy alone if you have to. Once you get the perspective you need take enthusiastic action and let the thrill of the risk excite you. You will find your purpose now stepping into something new.

This new beginning is about your spiritual growth and pleasure. The only thing stopping you is you. You’re up in your head going back and forth, thinking you should stay and fight a lost cause.

Take some time if you need to rest, recover, and contemplate. It is time to make wise and intelligent decisions about your future. There is a need for clear thinking and correct perception.

When you decide to take leadership over your life you will find celebration and exploration readily available to you.


Pile Four:

For you, life is stinging right now. Not all that is created is easy to love. You have to recognize that even when life stings there is a purpose for the pain. Learn the lesson instead of repeating it and you will find that something wonderful waits on the other side.

Think of a time in the past when you really wanted something or someone and it didn’t work out. I bet you’re glad it didn’t now. This is going to be like that. Release anger, jealousy, and resentment. Don’t compare yourself to others.

It’s time to trust that the disappointment in your life is leading you to your highest good. Your affirmation is “I always trust the direction of the universe and know I am being guided.” Do this even when it’s hard. Even when life is stinging you and it hurts. Surrender to faith.

There is a need for you to retreat, rest, and be held. It’s coming out twice in a row. Offer yourself deep replenishment from whatever this sting has caused. Now is a time of rest, so you can process the emotions that come up. When your mind is overly busy to avoid healing it never comes.

Be patient with yourself and worth with the process not against it. Do just the everyday stuff you have to do for now. Chop wood, carry water. Get grounded in your everyday experience. Let the big dreams lay dormant for now, understanding that healing is part of laying the foundation for them.

Not everything has to be hard-won or passionate. Sometimes a win is easy. We forget that when we have spent our lives fighting for things that were never really ours to begin with. The things we fight for we can only find within.

Learn from the past, envision the future, but live in the present. That’s what this time is meant to teach you. You keep allowing yourself to wander back to people and spaces that have no emotional or intellectual thoughts to offer you. You keep convincing yourself of good ole days that never existed.

Learn to live each day one at a time. The time has come to end what is no longer working for you. You may need to break a promise, but if so you weren’t your authentic self when you made it. Your authentic self is where your real loyalty should always lie.

Consider your goals and values. Maybe a partnership is not mutually beneficial. Are you giving more than you take? If the sting is someone leaving you don’t chase after them. It’s time to let them go. It’s been over.

Honor and respect all beings, even the ones who sting you, and including yourself. Nothing is as personal as it feels. Be fair, gentle, and non-judgmental. The law of cause and effect is always at play.

Justice is coming in for you. There is a passionate new beginning for you, but you must heal from the past first. Don’t turn cold. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and heart break can sometimes do that to us, but you’re being asked to talk this through. To not take it personal.

A love offer wants to come in, but you’re not paying attention to it because you’re still so focused on this loss and despair.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd