I’m not sure why I’m being led to share this particular dream journal, but perhaps there is a message in it for you.

Every time I go out to eat or order food I tend to order the same exact thing from the menu. I’m a creature of habit and comfort. In this dream I was at an eatery, there were people inside. I feel as if I were supposed to be meeting some people there, but none of the doors would allow me in.

It was nighttime and I believe this represents the unknown we experience as old doors close and new ones open for us. The navigation stage, where maybe none of it makes much sense to us, but we are called to travel the new path anyway. It’s important to know new paths become familiar over time.

I opened one door and there was a concrete wall there. I believe this represents that certain doors I once accessed easily are now closed to me. I cannot go back to what is familiar and comfortable. Instead, I have to trust and have faith in the universe that rejection is often protection.

Suddenly I was at this house. I felt uncomfortable, but I knocked on the door. A girl opened the door and I asked her if her husband had anymore of the coffee he let me try before. This suggests that the door I’m entering now isn’t entirely unknown to me but is new and different in some way. Something familiar is changing or shifting.

Something in the space must make me comfortable because that’s what coffee does. It’s a familiar warmth. A hug in a mug. This theme of knowing I was supposed to be comfortable in that space, but wasn’t is prevalent throughout.

While she was looking for the coffee I ended up laying on the couch. I can’t imagine doing this in real life because as I was in this house I felt anxiety and was uncomfortable. I felt like strange eyes were on me, watching my every move. It wasn’t a feeling of danger, but one of fear of judgment and ridicule.

This could symbolize that I still have work to do. I have a Leo Rising, and upon investigating my chart I know that I am supposed to do bigger things. I’ve never liked the spotlight like most Leo’s do. This is likely because I also have Black Moon Lilith in Leo in the first house. That is all shifting.

I am meant to do something bigger with my life, and in order to do so I must deal with the shame I have been made to feel for expressing myself honestly. For being passionate about learning and growing. Not everyone will like me and that’s okay. I must follow my path and speak my truth anyway.

In a conscious state I never would have laid down on their couch casually, but in the dream there was part of me that knew I was supposed to be comfortable in that space. It felt like it was my space and someone else had just been occupying it for a while.

There was her husband and a child in the recliner. She comes in and leans down to whisper something in his ear, giving me a side eye. It was clear she didn’t like me. The child seemed to be quietly fascinated by me. She kept staring at me, and I felt like she wanted to come over and chat, but she never did. I could almost envision her in my lap.

As I left the house and went to shut the door the door knob fell off in my hand. The knobs from each side of the door were suddenly connected by a string in my palms. I felt embarrassed and uneasy but opened the door to tell them the knob had come off. Suddenly an older gentlemen appeared who immediately put me at ease.

He told me not to worry, as this wasn’t the first time the knob had fallen off. I stood and watched in amazement and awe as he put the knob back on. It was connected to this complex maze system in the door, and the plain knob suddenly turned into an intricate, ceramic white rose in his hand.

White roses represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. It can represent a partner or sacred union of duality that creates our physical reality. In any case, I watched in amazement and awe as he smiled a knowing smile, and went slow, as if to help me learn this complexity I was witnessing him navigate.

He wasn’t gloating at all. The smile and chuckle were more of a knowing. As if he understood that while I was uncomfortable I was right where I was supposed to be. He felt like a guide or a mentor. The maze I feel represents what our guides do for us behind the scenes that we can’t always see.

When dreaming about issues with closing a door it means there are upcoming changes that can never be undone. These are permanent changes. Doors are new opportunities and this one may require me to use my ability of making complex things simple and putting them in layman’s terms. It likely comes with a learning curve.

I feel as if the complexity of the door and the uncomfortable feeling inside me represents how we feel when presented with change in our lives. Even good change can cause us to freeze up and remain stagnate in fear. When the knob fell off I was assured it was expected. This suggests that failure and missteps do not mean you’re on the wrong path. You just have more to learn.

Just as I wrote that the clock caught my eye and it was 2:22. The meaning of this number is that you are expanding with the universe. There is likely a spirit of cooperation coming for your partnerships. It’s time to harmonize the material and spiritual; the body and mind. The goal is not to avoid complex or hard things. It’s to learn to navigate them better.

When you first enter a space it’s normal that it feels uncomfortable and complex. In fact, it often seems far more complex than it is because you simply haven’t had time to familiarize yourself with it yet. If you choose to bolt based on the fear and anxiety you miss opportunities.

I have recently started something new in terms of what I want to do with my life. I have a face time appointment tomorrow with a woman who reached out to me regarding this. Something I never would have agreed to even a week ago. However, if you read my post about the Nodes shifting I encouraged you all to do things your normally wouldn’t. I try to take my own advice.

The North Node shifted in my 11th house of goals and dreams, of friendships and partnerships. Come to find out it’s there for her, too. I was later led to go back and look at the reply. It had sent at 4:44. Foundations. I told her this and she was amazed. She sent me a screenshot of when that message went through military time 14:44. New beginnings in a foundation that is given a thumbs up by the universe.

The door knob was far more important than the door itself, but the way it was connected to the door suggested a link of some sort. You turn a knob to gain access to something, and in this case I was accessing something familiar in a new way. Perhaps this is a spiritual shift in the way I approach my unconscious self. A turning point in my life.

Sometimes a door knob coming off can represent missed opportunities, but in this case it turned into something more intricate and beautiful. Thus, I believe it means we must trust divine timing. That something we feel we missed out on can come around again, and this time bud and bloom beautifully.

We must allow our gifts to come without an attachment to when or the packaging they come in. Sometimes the missed opportunities end up being a blessing in disguise. Life is always and forever about your perception.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd