Daily Collective Reading

I felt led to do a spread for the collective today. Perhaps it will resonate and perhaps it will not. As usual please only take what makes sense for you, and leave the rest behind. We’ll start with a meditation message and vision.

Meditation Message:

You are standing there, in awe, in disbelief, unsure of what is going on all around you. It’s as if no one else in your vicinity sees what you see. There are small orbs of light, almost disc-like hovering in the air, but only you seem to notice them. It appears you’ve been trying to ignore them, but they will not leave you alone. Energetically you are evolving, expanding, and growing.

The divine is trying to get your attention. There is something about you that is unlike the people you’re invested in, and now is the time to leave those people behind. To embrace your unique gifts and learn more about them. You have a lot of protection and guidance available to you.

This change is energetic first and then later others will begin to notice it in you. If these are people you’ve trauma bonded with, rather than formed real, emotional bonds with, they can’t go where you’re going. The longer you try to drag them along the longer it will take for you to arrive at your purpose.

I see you reaching, hesitantly, toward one of the discs. It’s as if no matter how hard you try to ignore them, the curiosity gets the better of you. You’re ready for your mind and spirit to be expanded. I feel like August is going to be a bit of an ego death for whoever this is for.

You are very tapped into energy fields. You walk in a room and you can sense what is going on before anyone tells you. In the past this engulfed and overwhelmed you. You allowed it to control the direction of your actions. You’re being called to use this gift in a different way now.


The number coming through the strongest in this reading is four. You may be seeing four often or 444 on repeat. If not you may be seeing it going forward. This is the number of foundations. This number represents a need to consider deeply what is truly going to bring you long-term security and stability.

It’s a number of focus. It’s demanding you start paying attention to your inner world and gifts, and cultivate that as your home base. It’s a universal year four for us all, so this doesn’t surprise me. Not to mention all the Cancer energy we just went through in regards to changing home and family dynamics.

Four wants you to organize your life, to have patience as you wait on the results, to be loyal to your higher self, and to trust what you’re being guided toward. It’s time for seriousness, order, and determination to conquer fear. Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

Sure enough the Badger Spirit has flipped from the deck demanding you be fearless and bold. I don’t care for the term fearless because most of are seldom without some sort of fear. You don’t need to be fearless to be brave. You simply need to tell yourself in those moments of fear that it isn’t real. To find the courage to make moves in spite of the fear.

I just realized the Badger Spirit is also the fourth card in this deck. It is requesting you become persistent and consistent at your craft. It is demanding you take a risk and understand that being courageous and bold right now will pay off with the most wonderful results. Time to harness your willpower.

Recognize your outer conditions as temporary. You have exactly what it takes to assert yourself, to meditate and co-create with the universe, and to get where it is you’re meant to be going. Make the first move without over-thinking it because now is the time. Strengthen the heart and throat chakras.

Make sure you’re not reacting in anger and aggression. Remind yourself when you feel that way that nothing is as personal as it feels. When you react out of emotion you are giving someone else the power to control you. They are a puppet master able to pull your strings. Have some self-control.

Some of you are relentlessly pursuing people or dreams from the past that died a long time ago. You’re being shown over and over it’s wasted energy because even when you do get it back it never lasts. There are much better people and much higher dreams awaiting you.

You are meant to help birth a new age now. What is possible is endless and the sky is not the limit. There is no limit. Spend some time in your imagination dreaming your new world into being. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Surely nothing like the old one you keep chasing.

You are in denial about your current situation to put it bluntly. You really are trying to ignore your truth. Chasing after a dream that has never materialized for you, when the real dream is waiting to be brought to life. It’s time to evolve and increase your vibration. Don’t chase, attract.

I feel your hurt and disappointment over this past situation not working out, but honestly it’s going to be your biggest blessing in disguise. If your heart is broken and aches over someone else what good does it do to go back to that situation? Your heart isn’t going to heal there. It’s going to break further.

Right now the universe is showing you the illusions that you have surrounded yourself with, and ignoring the message doesn’t make it less true. Someone in your life has excited your senses, someone new, and they are expanding your mind, but you’re not feeling strong enough or worthy enough for the journey.

It is when this person is near that you feel ultimate peaks of joy. When in their presence you know with certainty where you are meant to be. They shine the brightest light on your best qualities and don’t make you feel as if you’re hard to love. Your personal desire for this person is your ultimate truth.

You’re being guided to take decisive action. To start making wise and intelligent decisions for the future. There is just so much denial. I have several cards here letting me know that you’re living in a space of refusal to see the truth. This new person wears their heart on their sleeve.

The only reward for staying where you are is a hollow victory that will never make you feel as open, accepted, and expansive as this new space. You are wearing a false mask of victim hood. I’m not saying you haven’t been a legitimate victim, but while your wounds aren’t your fault, they are absolutely your responsibility to heal.

The only benefit to wearing a mask is you never have to take a real risk. Dimming your light and staying small serves no one, least of all you. Why are you choosing to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result? What a vain effort that leads to a boring, unfulfilled existence.

Your responsibility is not just to your soul and the plan it mapped out before you came here, but to the divine spark in you. To the purpose you’ve felt within from the day you were born. Again, courage is not the absence of fear. It’s recognizing that fear isn’t real.

I know things seem crazy all around you right now, but you really can cultivate inner peace regardless. It’s a choice you make. You meditate, you journal, you practice seeing the lessons and gifts in everything. You’re being asked to choose a level, focused, and balanced path. Going to extremes in any direction will never serve you.

There is a connection that wants to come in for you. This person is strong and loving. You can trust what they say and that’s new for you. There is no doubt in your mind this person is genuine and real. They meet your expectations, they feel like a wish come true, their presence is healing, and they inspire you and make you feel you’re on the right path. So, why are choosing denial?

The higher power card as come out and is also a four card. You are more than a material human body trying to get by. You are an immortal soul who signed up for a mission. It’s time to practice spiritual discipline and develop a relationship with your own soul. This person being gifted to you is a divine connection that is meant to altar the course of your life.

Maybe that is what scares you. You are fighting with yourself about it because people in your past have battled with you constantly and made you question who you are and your reality. There is help available to you that can assist you in transitioning away from the past. Seek professional help if you must.

The truth is the idea of this new person and this new life fills you passion and fuels your heart in a way nothing else ever has. Life has been challenging and unfair to you. Regardless you have to find a way of being content where you are and at home in your own skin. Time to listen more than you speak.

Injustice and inequity are part of everyone’s lives, but they do not have to define your existence. Whether you want it or not the wheel of fortune is here and it’s turning. The new people and events coming into your life are fated. It’s time for a fresh start and belief in your ability to achieve abundance.

You wanted life to be fair for so long. Now that the balance has shifted in your favor you’re avoiding the very thing you begged for. This fated connection has come in like a tower, shattering everything you thought you knew. But it really is your victory, your harmonious home, your love of a lifetime.

This person could be someone you have fond past memories of. You may have lived past lives together. They are a transition for you into calmer, smoother waters. While we each have to unpack our own baggage this person is willing to assist you in your unpacking. This union is a rite of passage for you.

This has awakened your heart and you can keep trying to avoid it. You may even be able to pretend for some time. Ultimately, the newfound emotions they’ve stirred in you won’t be ignored. It’s time to be honest with yourself. To let old cycles end. It’s inevitable at some point, so why are you trying to prolong what is necessary and good?

A lot of it has to do with your fear of abandonment. Leaving your past behind, even with people waiting to build a future with you, makes you feel ostracized or left out in the cold. If you’re honest staying stuck in those past situations never felt as warm as you remember them.

You’re holding on way too tight to the life you thought was meant for you, and it’s preventing the one you chose before you were born. It’s the new space, the new people, who offer you an equal give and take. Where the energy isn’t hard or clashing, but an effortless belonging.

Maybe your idea of home is trauma and chaos, so in your mind if the trauma and chaos is missing it isn’t home. You need a new definition of home. Home is where there is spiritual and material abundance. It’s where you feel you belong to a community of like-minded souls who don’t make you feel you’re difficult to love. It’s building a legacy with meaning and purpose.

It’s up to you, but this new offer in your face is genuine. It’s long-lasting and stable. Whether you accept it right now or not the seeds have already been planted. Your inability to stop thinking of this person, missing this person, Spirit working behind the scenes, it’s all water that will make them grow.

There may be a pause in this new connection right now. Maybe you’re in between the old and the new. Take some time to really reflect on your journey so far and the journey ahead. You’re going to have this new, beautiful, abundant life at some point, so be grateful for it now.

Maybe you’re worried about having to defend this new beginning, but honestly you shouldn’t worry about what others think. What do you want? What makes you feel supported, loved, and whole? Ground and protect yourself because I can sense you’re feeling vulnerable.


I am deserving of this new life. I refuse to stay small worried about the opinion of the people in the stands. I will shine my light bright for all the world to see and make my soul proud.


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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd