Coronavirus Calling

I have been spending a lot of time concerned with the coronavirus, as many others have. Recently the fear and anxiety have been creeping up as I lost my job, have under-lying conditions, and things are seemingly falling apart around me. Our government here in America has never really been on the side of the people, and seem to have no problem bailing out the corporations.

So, if I look just at the surface it’s easy to get swept up in the fear and panic. Today I am choosing to let the fear and panic go. To be as informed as I need to be each day, but to get back into my spiritual routine. At the end of the day I want to be a vessel for the highest good, however that ends it ends. What I know for sure is I don’t want it to end in service to fear and hysteria.

As a species we are meant to survive. This thinning of our herd is a wake up call. Many will heed this call before this is over. Stay in your homes as much as possible. Use technology to communicate and stay in touch with others to absolve loneliness. Trump may not do his duties as president, but others will step up. People are going to start taking the lead of folks like Bernie Sanders.

American people, not corporations, will be bailed out before this is over. We must raise our vibrations and send out the right vibes to the universe. Fear and panic only serve to bring us more reason to fear and panic. Isolation isn’t the end of the world. The end of the world as we knew it is nigh. Things are going to change swiftly, rapidly, for the better.

Keep your eyes and ears open; be alert. Do not let it consume you. The Age of Aquarius is near, and this is part of the tearing down of old structures. In order for fair, just systems to be built the corruption must come to an end. From the media to the politicians the powerful were not going to give up their power easily. In this crisis, in which they are also affected, they will have no choice. The universe is working in our favor.

Right now the Capricorn stellium has been building up for months. What is likely the culprit for coronavirus is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. It is Pluto that rules life and death cycles, as well as pandemics. Jupiter rules societal issues and magnifies or spreads whatever it is in involved with.

In fact, both Jupiter and Pluto have that magnifying quality, so when they are together things tend to get blown out of proportion. The fact that it is conjunct in Capricorn could be why we’re seeing the elderly most affected, as Capricorn is associated with old age. Even the nodes of the moon can be connected to viruses, and right now they are square to Chiron, the planet of our emotional wounds. Lots of them are coming to the surface individually and globally.

The nodes-Chiron square have been forming since the start of the year, and they will peak around mid-March. Chiron is not related to viruses, but it is likely to increase your feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. We are at a karmic crossroads. Now is the time to embrace vulnerability in a time of utter uncertainty. We don’t have a choice.

On April 1st, Mars and Saturn come out of Capricorn and this will release tension. It will hopefully lead to a decline in the rapid spread of the virus. However, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction remains active until November of this year. Thus, expect further developments that will influence our society as a whole. These are not necessarily bad. These could be safeguards and help that the people have desperately needed for a long time.

Saturn is in and out of Aquarius this year but moves into Aquarius for good in December. Remember that Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. It rules networks of people, globalization, how we function as a society, and this includes trends that shape our future. It rules the internet, stock exchange, and all these things are likely going to be shaped and reformed long after the virus comes to an end. Our whole society will be reformed.

Coronavirus is absolutely awful, not question about it. However, Jupiter is also the greater benefic, the gift giver in astrology. It’s involvement with the coronavirus epidemic is a promise that somehow, something good is going to come from it. Remember something Darwin said regarding evolution and the survival of the species:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change”

The higher purpose of Pluto is to make us more resilient, so that we stand a better chance of survival in the long run. With the climate changing pandemics are something we may experience more and more. Building an immunity to that will help the greater good. Pluto is here to challenge us, to change what we’re doing and give birth to a new way of doing things.

Saturn and Pluto are here to shake up our economies and bring hidden threats to the light. This is why the pandemic has gone global. It has to shake up the world economy; not just one country. They are all connected.

The very first case of the virus was detected as Jupiter entered Capricorn. The planet of travel and exchange. Jupiter’s presence brought what was hidden, the virus, to the light. In the past, Saturn and Pluto have met up in times of war, recession, and financial overhaul. So, it’s not surprising they’ve met again, and this is our current situation.

Before Saturn goes into Aquarius for good the first dip is going to be today, March 21, 2020. This means it’s in an air sign and could pose some challenges for us since the virus is airborne within six feet. This means we may be quarantined and cautious still going forward.

It is possible we will see Saturn’s touch on public health and government, too. This could mean long lines of bureaucracy with the means testing and other non-help they’re trying to provide. The unemployment systems are overloaded, and states are on their own as the president refuses to act.

I don’t want to scare you because I want you to truly believe we are going to be better when this is over but recall that right now congress is trying to pass very authoritarian bills hidden behind this pandemic. We are seeing price gouging happening everywhere. Saturn in Aquarius will reveal how lab-to-market prices are impacted.

Since Aquarius also rules technology we could see a crackdown on internet shutdowns. Saturn is very authoritarian. This could spark uprisings associated with Uranus and Aquarius; especially as we strive for access to information that affects are daily lives.

The fear of traveling by airplane isn’t likely to go away until around July. Saturn’s moves into Aquarius will impact the flight industry. March 21st to July 1st this could potentially be an issue for short-circuiting business travel. Jupiter is going to be grounded in earthy Capricorn until December, so this means lots of people won’t be traveling much. Opting instead for staycations.

Keep a look out as our supply chain dwindles for new currencies and options. Our economies are going to eventually be completely restructured. It may seem odd to have Saturn and Aquarius together with one being so stern and focused and the other being radical and free. However, there are ways to really make this work to our advantage.

Saturn is masterful at structuring physical reality, but it doesn’t see beyond it. Aquarius is a trans-personal energy that gets intuitive flashes. So, let your intuition set your agenda. Don’t give in to what your emotions say, but rather take a few deep breaths and listen to your gut. Saturn brings us management, organization, planning, and implementation to bring our visions to reality. Aquarius alone is a lot of head in the clouds and lacks structure.

Let us be responsible and balanced with our freedom. Careful with our change and innovation, but not afraid of it. Let’s cautiously experiment with new ways of thinking. Let’s view structure as freedom and keep a liberated routine. We must learn not to be fazed by the extreme. To give new form to good ideas. To stop being afraid of the change and embrace it.

Do not look at the death and fear with a sense of doom. Yes, it is sad, and we can absolutely take the time we need to grieve. However, in the end we are truly going to bring back light and love and create a sense of heaven on earth. I know it doesn’t look or feel like that right now, but the more you go within, meditate, and seek the answers the clearer they will become.

I can’t promise you this is going to end easy or soon. The predictions are all over the place, and I just don’t have enough experience to dare give you a time frame. What I can tell you is that fear itself is a virus, and we shouldn’t be spreading that. So, starting today I plan to only inform myself and others of what is relevant, and to try and do so in love. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of fear and anxiety, but it’s never ever useful. I’ve been there for a bit now, and it’s time for me to lead by example and come out from it.

In our instant gratification, fast-paced world being still is not easy, but I am begging you to be still. Now is the time to connect with yourself and get to know who you are. It is time to sit with your own soul and recharge. Get to know your inner voice and intuition. Disengage from the news cycle when you know you need to. It won’t go anywhere I promise. I take extended breaks from it at times, and that’s what I’m going to do going forward.

We can look at this and think “My God, what are we going to do” with wringing hands and crying eyes, or we can look at it and think “My God, what a beautiful opportunity to realize we’re all in this together” with positivity and optimism. The choice is always ours.

Let us connect more in our hearts and minds since we cannot physically connect right now. Let us practice telepathy if others are so inclined to indulge us. This virus is a chance for us to repair ourselves individually and as a collective. To recognize the misuse of money and inaction on repairing our earth and climate.

For too long we have defined success as materialism. We’ve grown comfortable in our discomfort and grown tired and lazy in many cases. Right now Uranus is in the second house, which is exactly where it was during the great depression, so what we’re experiencing isn’t a real surprise for those who study this stuff. It’s just surreal to live what we’ve only read about in the past. To watch it all play out in real time.

Let the following video play as you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In through your nose for a count of five, out through your mouth for a count of seven. Do as many as it takes for you to feel calm and relaxed. Sit in the music and allow thoughts to come and go. Say “hello thought, goodbye thought”. You are in control if you choose to be, and no matter how long it’s been since you forgot that.

Just breathe. Wash your hands. Stay inside. Don’t touch your face. There are very simple, effective ways to keep yourself and everyone else safe. I know that it can be boring and stifling, but the last thing you want on your conscious is that you brought this illness onto someone you love because you couldn’t bare to be alone for a while or in the same space too long.

We are in this together. From China, to Italy, to Europe, to America. All of the affected countries are one. All the non-affected countries are one with us, too. Let us join together in our hearts and minds and raise the vibration of the planet. Let us take our healing into our own hands.

So mote it be.