Consistency is Key: New Moon in Pisces

Adjust Your Sails
8 min readFeb 28, 2022

By the time this blog posts the relaunch would have already been posted. As we end February I want to take some time to talk about where we are astrologically, and how to apply knowledge to our lives, and turn it into wisdom. My conversations with others today have been inspiring. ❤

If you missed the relaunch check that out here:

In January so many people in our family caught Covid. I could have done much worse than having John as my quarantine buddy. We rode it out together and I love him so much. Just a month later and here we are, engaged, starting businesses, planning our future with practical steps being taken.

That’s the energy in the air right now, lovelies. Everything is direct. This upcoming New Moon in Pisces is ripe with dreamy energy, but Mercury joining Saturn on that same day, keeps us practical. We can talk about big ideas all day long, but are we taking action on them?

Knowledge is great. It’s what I associate with Gemini energy. The collection of data, studies, opinion, and the social acceptance knowing things can offer you. But, knowledge by itself isn’t wisdom. What good is useful knowledge you offer others if you haven’t learned to apply it to your own life?

What credibility do you really have if we go beyond the superficial? And this is where the opposite sign, Sagittarius comes in. Sagittarius is the teacher. It takes all the collected knowledge and applies it to life. It is where wisdom lies. Where we take everything we’ve learned and spread that to others in a way that dives deeper and is far from superficial.

This week is a week where we’ve likely already cut out what hasn’t served us, or are seriously considering doing so. I do caution that your dreams may be too big for some people, but don’t take it personal. This is a time to listen to critique and opposition, so you can learn from it. Are your dreams too big, or are people just tired of you being all talk, no action?

Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd