Conquer the World? Pick A Pile Tarot Reading

I want to talk more about the current astrology in general, and what this New Moon could mean for us regarding everything else going on. I will include a pick a pile reading at the end. You can choose one or more piles. Just use your own intuition and take what resonates, while leaving the rest.

I posted about this New Moon and did a collective reading yesterday. If you’re interested in that you can read what I posted here:

On August 18th, at 10:41 p.m. EST we will have the New Moon in Leo. I want you to get excited about this because it is going to bring a lot of good energy, but I also want to be honest with you about the heavier stuff going on around it, and how it all ties in together.

As a side note I’d like to tell you that some of the aspects with Venus coming up in the next few months are going to make us question relationships and money. What we find beautiful and meaningful in life. So know that this will be playing in the background going forward. It may be mostly internal for now, but at some point in the coming months you will make changes there.

The Sun and the Moon will both be in Leo conjunct at 26 degrees. This brings us a new start in the way we feel about love, joy, and where we can find that in life. The secret is you can’t find it in other people. See, you can’t conquer the world, especially alone, so the best thing you can do is conquer yourself. To view your heart as your throne and direct your life from there. To be responsible for your own happiness and joy.

This New Moon set intentions to connect with your passions, your heart, and your soul. Leo is the sign of the soul, after all. It’s going to bring in some much needed excitement about this new and different phase of life we’ve been experiencing for some time now. There may be passion projects come up that you want to start. Go for it and don’t worry about the world knowing it just yet. Most of what is shifting for you is inward, at your heart-center. This is a lot of behind the scenes work and preparation for the future.

We do still have Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter all in Capricorn together. Since April of 2019 the need to tear down old structures in our lives and build new foundations has been heavy on our hearts. Pushing us in difficult ways to change our lives for the better. To overcome and let go of the old stuff that we know isn’t working for us anymore. To build strong inner foundations.

A lot of the time we tend to consider our outer world, our outer foundations, but this is about our internal structures. What roots you and grounds you? You can’t put that responsibility on anything external because the moment you count on it and something happens you’re left reeling. A strong sense of self is what is needed for us all going forward.

This New Moon embrace the new structures you’ve been building within. If you have a solid home base with you, a good relationship with yourself, then the rest comes so much easier. Saturn went retrograde in Capricorn on July first. It’s forcing us to give this final, difficult push toward our new identity and a new life. To overcome our fears and embrace courage.

These haven’t been easy changes to make. In fact, many of you may have made them, changed your mind, made them again, and perhaps haven’t quite completed that cycle. Saturn and Jupiter will be moving to Aquarius and changing the house they transit in your chart come December. So, by then many of you will have made the difficult changes and come to terms with it.

Many of us came to terms with it at the New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse a couple months back. The second New Moon in Cancer made us more comfortable with the changes. This New Moon wants us not to simply be more comfortable with the changes, but to be happy and express the changes more.

The hardest work, the internal work, has already been done. The rest of this year is about releasing the leftover baggage. It’s about us taking the work we’ve done within and figuring out how we want to express that to the world in the future. The inner foundations and structures are built. Now what will you do in the external world to reflect that?

Mercury is also in Leo and conjunct the New Moon. This is bringing us a new cycle in how we think and communicate about ourselves and what makes us happy. You will really start wanting to go after what makes your heart and soul happy and finally stop putting that on hold for people who never did appreciate you doing so. You’re starting to get this sense of hope, purpose, and light shining through the darkness.

You’re able to view the light at the end of the tunnel, finally. The New Moon and Mercury will form a trine with Mars in Aries. This is fantastic. If you’ve been like me, feeling sluggish, tired, overwhelmed that is going to shift. Fire signs, like Leo and Aries, bring us perspective. They inspire us to act. Know that you probably won’t actually act in a big way with what you start until around the New Moon in Sagittarius.

You will have more energy, though. More ambition to learn about what you want to do in life and where you want to go from here. You’ll likely be receiving prophetic visions and downloads, so record your meditations and your dreams. Downloads and insights are highly likely for those who tap into them. You’ll start to grow more confident in standing in your power, too.

Wherever there are challenges you will be more empowered to move past them. The old phrase when life hands you lemons comes up for me here. You’ll be more determined than ever to make lemonade.

The Moon is also going to be sextile the North Node in Gemini. This is about setting intentions for your future. Pursuing what makes you passionate and happy. You may be communicating more with others around you about what is inspiring you. Becoming more at ease with the unfamiliar and trusting the unknown. You’ll be better at adapting and adjusting to life.

Now, that’s all great, but there are some other aspects we need to be aware of. Like how Mars is in pre-shadow to its retrograde, and it’s squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. This can be incredibly heavy. So, while your energy may increase, you may feel more passion and excitement, you may also be battling frustration or anger over not being able to see the whole picture and how your life is going to play out if you trust the unknown.

There may be some sort of chaos or drama that you have to confront. Use it as a test to stand in your power. Do not stoop to the pettiness of power dynamics. Real power is walking away, not needing the last word, and reflecting on what conflict can teach you about yourself.

Venus in Cancer is also going to be square the wounded healer, Chiron in Aries. So, you may not feel as grounded in this new space you’re creating as you would like to feel. You may not feel rooted at all in the new identity you’re creating for yourself. Fear and frustration could crop up. You may feel like you don’t know what to do, experience self-doubt, and wonder if this passion and happiness you’re creating is even going to last.

Fear over relationships and money could come up. Wondering if you’re going to have the resources you need as you pursue your passion. Know that this may last for a bit. However, in the coming months you’re meant to release relationships that no longer serve you and only bring you wounds. This goes for harmful mindsets of lack as well. You will be dealing with these issues more permanently in the coming months.

The key going forward is to really practice living in the moment and enjoying it fully like a child. You don’t need all the answers. As above, so below. Spend some time linking up with your own divine nature. Set intentions to stand in your power and know your own worth without needing it externally validated. Consider this New Moon a rainbow after an intense and unceasing storm. The hardest parts really should be over at this point.

There is a new cycle emerging. In the past, especially with all these hard planets in Capricorn, we felt incredibly weighed down. Our material world has been difficult to navigate. This is about us learning to become more graceful and agile. How can you conquer yourself and move past the resistance you have to change?

If you’ve been feeling stuck you will start to feel some movement, but again, most of it will be internal still. You may take more action externally as in learning more about your passions, building some sort of foundation, but I don’t see you telling the world about it all just yet.


Below is the picture of the piles you have to choose from. Left to right is piles one through four. Four is the number of foundations and hard work. Feel free to choose more than one if you’re called to do so. I will include a meditation vision as usual, and you can simply scroll for your reveal.

I truly apologize for the photo quality. Eventually I’ll level up on cameras. Lol

Meditation Message for all piles:

There is a person hunched over, carrying a heavy load on their back. It’s dark out and the Moon is barely visible. They are feeling lethargic, soul-tired, and wanting to drop all the weight. They feel they can never truly rest. It is reminding me of the Ten of Wands in my Steampunk Tarot deck.

“What is more burdensome: the past that is known or the future that is unknown?” This is the theme, isn’t it? Will you finally make these changes and embrace your new identity, even without all the information, trusting that what is to come is better than what is? Or, will you play it small and stagnant, refusing to evolve and embrace your new skin?

Many of you have been carrying large burdens for a long time now. Often we don’t understand how our own choices, intentions, and actions contribute to the burdens we choose we carry. There are always external factors at play, of course, but in many instances we do create our own reality.

Each part of the bundle on your back right now is likely a result of a choice you made. There is a conscious knowing now if there wasn’t before. The past is what created the present moment. The present moment is what will create the future. This realization is weighing as heavy as the burdens.

The despair you feel is about to be relieved with this New Moon. Your inner strength, determination, and power is going to increase. You are going to refuse to be distracted as you move forward. I see you being honest with yourself about how you got here, and what you’re willing to do to get somewhere else. Use the knowledge of the past to light your way.

You’re not going to have all the answers. You will have to take a risk, to trust your own heart and soul, and to leap into the unknown. If you know that the past and present are not what you want what choice do you have? The ball is now in your court, and I want to see you shoot for the stars.

Pile One:

There is something you know you have been clinging to for some time now, and it’s going to come crumbling down around you. This is for your highest good and your higher self knows this. I don’t feel this is something you’re unaware of. Whatever is not authentic to you and your soul purpose is being removed from your life. This can be incredibly difficult.

There is a need for you to sit down tomorrow on this New Moon and consider how your own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions play a part in creating your reality. To set some intentions around new beliefs and thoughts that are of a higher vibration than the past. A need for you to walk forward with absolute integrity and not keep handing other people your power.

The power we each possess is a gift we are given. There is no joy in matching energy with those around you if their energy is low and pulls you down. You do not have to react to every trigger. Cultivate self-awareness and this will help you make choices as you move forward.

There is a choice you know you have to make. It’s been an obstacle for some time now. Tomorrow ask for a sign from the universe if you’re unsure what to do, but I don’t feel like you’re unsure. I think you’re afraid, honestly. The sooner you make the right choice the better. Trust your intuition. It’s not the fear-mongering voice of anxiety. It’s the still, quiet one beyond that.

You will overcome all your obstacles. I see a lot of love and plenty of material abundance heading your way. See, you have two choices now. You can barrel ahead and keep fighting against the obstacle, or you can choose to find a way around it. No sense in beating your head against a brick wall here. Meditate and let the answers come to you. You don’t have to work so hard.

There is this illusion of lack that plagues you. You may try to feel like you’re enough through external people and possessions, but the key is learning you’re enough without anything else but your mere existence. There is so much healing and rest coming in for you. Lean into that with a spiritual practice that brings you peace and stability.

I do see a new, creative phase coming up for you. This is likely going to happen with other people. Those partnerships will be harmonious and stable. If there are partnerships in your life that are not maybe now is a good time to really take a look at that. We teach people how to treat us by what we allow and what we put up with.

This is almost a quick change that is coming in for you. Out of nowhere you want to begin something new, led completely by your passions. I say go for it because whatever this is leads to abundance. I see a lot of you stepping into self-love and self-worth, and spreading that to others.

There is a moment where the rug will feel as if was pulled out from under you. Do not cave to fear and anxiety. Whatever comes crumbling down must come down, so that you can build something better in its place. Whatever you lose is for your highest good, and will be replaced with something better.


Pile Two:

The key for you going forward is to remember that you have divine guidance available to you whenever you need it. In fact, there is a soul contract you could access from the Akashic records. I do believe you will know who or what this contract is about already. There is a marriage involved, either you are marrying this person, or they are married to someone else, and things seem to be working against you thus far.

I do not feel you’ve had an affair with this person, but even if you did I’m not here to judge. Just know that if there is a person you love who you feel a soul contract with you’re not crazy. It’s a legitimate contract that you’re meant to fulfill to bring some sort of help and hope to humanity.

The problem is how tightly you’re holding on to the outcome. You’re concerned there won’t be enough of something. Love, money, resources, whatever it is. There is a need to really set some intentions this New Moon to let go of outcomes and increase your faith in the universe.

Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness and your separation is an illusion. There is a knowing of this within you deeply. Stay connected to that idea and your success will end up benefiting many other people. I sense people in this pile who really want to help others from a genuine space of love and compassion.

I also see the need for you to focus on your health right now. Use this down time to elevate yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You may be incredibly self-reliant, but your true strength comes from your connection with a higher power and your higher self. There are some tests right now that you’re being required to pass, and I know it’s difficult.

Consider that the reason you’re being tested is to prove to yourself how far you have come and not because the universe is trying to hurt you. It’s a time for you to be fearless and bold. To stand in your power and know your truth, live your truth, and speak your truth. Manifest that this New Moon.

Be persistent and consistent with what you know is true for you. Don’t back down when people try to come against you. I feel if you chose this pile you already tap into Spirit and co-create. You already set intentions and manifest. Know this, it’s all coming sooner than you think. Don’t rush it because you need this down time to prepare for what is coming. It’s all good, but may overwhelm you, so prepare your heart.

Do not cave to the ego’s need for power dynamics. If people want to argue and fight walk away. This is important for you. Standing in your power means not giving it to those vibrating in ego. Do not match their energy. It’s incredibly important to maintain your own.

I do see temptations coming through. Temptations that will make you want to lower your vibration and argue, but I see you choosing not to. I see you content with who you are. In fact, this may be something that comes out in the public eye, but you are the one seen as successful and you will be rewarded for your determination and consistency.

A message of apology may be coming through for some of you. This will give you a new curiosity and focus. Pay careful attention to illusions. I would highly recommend daily meditation and maybe even twice a day for this pile. Your guidance from the universe will be needed here. I see you spirited and headstrong, determined for a new adventure.

I do see a choice you have to make regarding this contract with this other person. You’re definitely meant to be together or work together on something. They have held back for a bit, maybe even tried to put you out of their head, but they have incredibly deep feelings for you.

Meeting you has caused them intense inner conflict, but I see them building inner strength and transforming. They will offer you a genuine emotional reset. I do see this bringing you fulfillment and joy.

They have likely increased their stability and are more balanced than they were in the past. The two of you are going to create wealth and legacy of love to leave in your wake. You will do this through helping other people in some way.


Pile Three:

There is something your soul is calling you to do and you’re going to be answering this call in the coming months. For many of you this involves you coming together with someone else in love and creativity. You’ve been afraid and overthinking this connection for some time now. That is changing.

I do feel like this is love because of the cups all over, but it could be about a business partnership that is emotionally fulfilling, too. Maybe you and the person you love are meant to create a business together. I feel like you’ve been fighting against this connection thinking it’s too easy, but the truth is real love is easy. It doesn’t require you fight, beg, and plead with it.

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? The relationships in your life currently are a reflection of your relationship with yourself and what you believe you deserve. Stop begging people who are never going to fulfill you to fulfill you. Instead, believe you’re worthy of more and seek it. Your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about yourself matter more than anything.

Be in the present moment. Create a ritual that allows you to be still and listen to your higher guidance. If you rush off from flower to flower you’re not truly experiencing life. You’re seeking a thrill for the ego that is never satisfied. This is about learning what satisfies your soul.

There is powerful transformation at work in your life. If you chose this pile you’re experiencing a lot of signs and synchronicity. The universe has been pushing you to be honest with yourself and stand in your power for a while now. I feel like meeting this person started a rebirth within you. That or it expedited one that had already begun.

I am seeing spirit-led ambition coming for you with this New Moon. You’re ready to creatively plan your future, and you’re doing so in a way that is fair and balanced for you, not in a way that caters to everyone else for once. Some of you may seek divorce or separation from partners who no longer resonate with the path you’re on. Legal matters work out in your favor right now.

You’re starting to fall in love with yourself and believe you deserve more from the people who say they love you. There is one person in particular you really want to offer your heart to. When they first came into your life I feel like they pulled the rug from under your feet and nothing has been the same since, but they fill you with the most intense, unconditional love imaginable.

I do feel for many in this pile you’ve been trying hard to shake this connection and live in the past. To move on from them. But your heart won’t let them go. You’re daydreaming about them all the time and overwhelmed with how much you feel for them. You feel they are a divine match for you and may have known them for some time. May feel you’ve lived past lives together.

The anxiety you feel over this choice to be made whether or not to be with this person or live in the past has caused fights. Maybe within yourself or those around you, but nonetheless the victories you feel you’ve achieved or others feel they have are hollow. You are trying to convince someone that they don’t have to worry about this person when all you think of is this person.

Start a daily spiritual practice and meditate. You are your own guru. The answers you need are within. I do see affairs with family coming up heavily right now. So, maybe you are concerned with having to defend your choice to family. At the end of the day only you know what makes you feel rich and content in life. If your family truly loves you they will support that.

I see you able to create incredible wealth if you make the right choice. Maybe your stability is on your mind. It’s okay to set intentions around that, too.


Pile Four:

There is something niggling at you that you should trust completely. There is a relationship, conversation, decision that you know has to experience some sort of shift. You’ve been avoiding it, but it’s like a pebble in your shoe. I think in the past you’ve relied too heavily on external sources for your happiness.

There is a transformation coming in for you. It can be scary to embrace change, but it’s a necessary part of life. You won’t earn your wings without sacrifice. If you want the new you have to release the old first. You must validate the fear, tell it you appreciate that it is trying to protect you, but that you don’t need protection. Repeat it until it subsides.

There is a need for you to fully recognize happiness is an inside job. So, if there are people, situations, or thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that are keeping you from feeling happy you have to change something. Get rid of those people and stay away from those situations. Find joy within. Take a walk, hold a baby, pet a dog. Find joy in the simple things again.

It is time for you to collaborate with Spirit. There is likely someone you love who needs to leave your life, but once you make this choice I see happiness coming in for you. This person doesn’t make you happy now, and staying won’t change that. Either way the happiness is yours to find. It’s not anyone else’s job to make you happy. They should increase your happiness, though.

You can’t do everything yourself, so if there are people in your life who love you, ask them for help. You are going to be receiving downloads, visions, and signs from the universe. If you already have been expect them to increase. You’ve been at a stalemate with this long enough now.

It’s okay to acknowledge there are differences and split amicably. Maybe this person hasn’t traumatized you or hurt you deeply, but there are just too many differences to make it work. Honor that and realize that by staying longer than necessary you’re holding them back, too.

There is something being worked on behind the scenes for you right now. Meditate and be part of that. Whatever this is brings a soul tribe and some celebration. There is some serious soul searching needed right now about how you can accept inevitable endings your life.

Spend some time alone this New Moon with some candles and a journal. Write a letter to yourself from an outsiders perspective. If a friend of yours was in your situation what would your advice be? Then take that advice.



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