Coming to a Head: Power Plays

Adjust Your Sails
12 min readMay 19

I don’t know her story. From the day I met her the vibe was not vibing for me. Every day of my life I do my best to be conscious of judging others, but I had to actively watch myself. I hadn’t done anything to her, but her perception is going to be her reality, and that’s not personal to me.

This is me very humanely admitting that I need a weekend to do a spiritual reset with my soul. There is so much drama surrounding me. Today it had someone crying at work. I’ve gone to every one of them individually, taken accountability I owned, and told them what I didn’t. She stirs the pot daily.

Today I learned she started a group chat with other coworkers, and lied to them throughout. When I found my work daughter crying in the back I hugged her and we were talking. That’s when another girl comes up and starts apologizing to me. I was so confused.

She said that this other girl who started the chat told her that I had an issue with her. That we had some meeting where I was forced to apologize. That I was talking about the other coworkers, too. I was floored. It just isn’t true at all, not even almost. I never mentioned their names.

But baby, we all have red flags. The only difference is I am twice as old as her. I’ve had more time to sit with myself and learn what mine are. I grew uninterested in calling out the red flags of others because it never soothed my soul. Only learning to stop shaming my own did that.

From the very beginning she just had this aura about her that she was better, or didn’t like the rest of us. My head is filled daily by the women around me with junk. It’s just junk. I told them we have to stop. We are grown ass women, and should be able to have grown up conversations.

I wish I had the authority to call a meeting. I think the manager is going to soon, and that’s probably what the Mars, Jupiter, Pluto T-square is about for me. Mars will be in my 1st house conjunct my Jupiter. Jupiter is transiting the tenth house of career and reputation. Pluto the 7th house of one-on-one personal OR professional relationships.

There is way too much I know about relationships that I have been forgetting in the heat of moments lately. I don’t have any good excuses. Just that I am in constant pain, trying to learn how to…

Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd