Collective Reading: New Moon in Cancer

I decided to do a collective energy reading for this New Moon in Cancer today. The overall message is “Freedom is yours”. Freedom from what? Whatever is holding you back emotionally in regards to what home, family, and foundation mean to you. Cancer is all about home, family, and healing.

Tonight, I highly suggest you write down your intentions. Use two separate sheets of paper. On one, write things like “I have fully forgiven the people who have hurt me. I have grown in so many ways. I embrace emotional intelligence, and stand in my power.” Whatever behaviors you want to overcome write them as if you’ve already done so.

On the other write what you would like to manifest. “I love having my soul tribe in my life. My new relationships are blossoming and abundant. I am enjoying being in alignment with my purpose. I am so full of gratitude for everything in my life, including the lessons”. Whatever you want to be true write it as if it’s already true. Sign them, date them, and then do what feels right with them. Bury them, put them in a special place, etc.

If you have candles I strongly suggest setting intentions and lighting those, too. Only you know what you need to free yourself. Light the candles with the intention to be free and let them burn as long as you safely can. If they don’t burn all the way down that’s okay. You can relight them later.

Today embrace the Horse Spirit. The energy of this New Moon is going to make that easy, so all you have to do is tap into what is already in the air. Understand, no matter your current circumstances you have free will and choices you can make to change it. The choices may be hard, but Saturn’s current position is pushing you to make those hard choices.

There is powerful energy coming through enabling you to make powerful choices going forward. There is help available to you if you need it. If you are struggling reach out to someone you know has your back. Many of you have a love in your life that has your back no matter what. I know that isn’t true for everyone, obviously, but soulmate energy is here in this reading.

Some of you may be overthinking this and it’s because you’re expecting perfectionism. Make sure you’re not putting this other person on a pedestal because they are only human, too. Keep your expectations realistic. Perfectionism is nothing more than shame demanding the impossible. So check in with yourself and your shame.

You have felt stuck for a while now, but this New Moon is offering you a clearing. Will you take it? You keep waffling between old and new choices. This is pointless because the cards are making it clear you know exactly who and what makes you happy. Get out of your wounded ego and view this as your higher self. It will all suddenly be clear for you.

If you spend some time tonight in contemplation or with this person you love epiphanies are yours. Stop waiting for results to fall into your lap and make them happen. You don’t have to juggle all of life alone. The universe has sent you someone ready and willing to assist you.

The biggest problem I see is that you are still struggling to feel good enough. There is a need to heal abandonment issues. I strongly suggest writing that down in your intentions. “Anyone who has ever abandoned me did not do so because I deserved it. They simply didn’t know how to show up for themselves, and thus could not show up for me.”

You feel trapped and powerless, but you’re not. That’s all in your head. You are someone who feels very deeply, but I sense that not many people would know that. You haven’t always handled your emotions well. This New Moon you’re being offered the chance to change that.

Whoever this new person is in your life, or maybe it’s an old person who you’re seeing in a new light, but they see you for you. They feel exactly what you feel and you can’t hide it from them. This person is nurturing, independent, warm, and offers you rest and healing. A healing and rest that is soul deep and cleansing. It’s like a rebirth and awakening in their presence.

There is a deep need for you to stop lamenting the past. View it for the lessons it has offered you. Find a way to be grateful for those lessons because you can use them going forward into your new life. They are great to build your foundation on because it means you won’t have as many cracks.

I sense a new idea, perhaps in business or some type of creative venture wanting to come through for you. I see you are meant to be a leader, to celebrate your success, and to explore life with this person. However, you’re not as focused as you should be on this newness because you have to fully release the past first.

For tonight either be alone or with someone you love and cherish who makes you feel deeply rested. It’s important to rest, to practice healthy detachment, and to take control of your over-active mind. You don’t have to make any permanent plans right now about this person or anything else. Just let everything be what is for now, and remain a bit neutral.

Some of the current astrology is going to test people. You may find they are bringing you drama, chaos, and conflict. Do not feed into that. Perhaps that is part of your old foundation, the old way of life, and now is time for you to prove to no one but yourself that you’ve been made new.

There is even an opposing force or duality within you that needs to be integrated. So, set those intentions, too. Let go of your need to be right, to know all the answers right now, and just learn to live in the flow. The unknown is scary, but if you follow it guided by your deep, inner knowing it’s the place that miracles reside. Don’t keep being driven by ego, lust, and fear.

Something is going to happen today that is serendipitous. It’s a sign for you that this new life you’re stepping into is meant for you. After today you are truly stepping into alignment with the highest good. You’re going to feel more harmonious and free.

This person you’ve met or begun to see in a different light plays a pivotal role for you going forward. There will be a sign for you regarding this, too. Don’t ignore the signs and pretend they do not exist. When you sabotage yourself you’re sabotaging this other person and anyone else who loves you, too.

Embrace your new life. I see this eventually leading to huge public recognition. There is a blending of energies on your behalf that is bringing you a newfound sense of strength and empowerment. Let it come.



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