Things may seem to be moving way too fast today. You are likely staying busy to avoid healing and facing a heartbreak. Your mind keeps wandering to the past and you’re nostalgic for something that wasn’t even as great as you are pretending it was. You’re holding on too tight to the past and taking it personal, which we are all prone to do much of the time.

You’re being encouraged to recognize that the pain of the past isn’t personal. Just as you been hurt you have hurt others. When we are hurt inside and haven’t processed it or healed we tend to bottle it up, and it explodes onto those around us periodically. We should never use that understanding as an excuse to enable our own or anyone else’s hurtful behavior.

We should use that information to understand that the pain they caused us is not in any way connected to our worth. That we deserve to be treated with love, dignity, and respect. Then go forward having learned what lessons we can, in order to help others in similar situations. We are all one and when we start there the rest becomes a bit easier.

Don’t say so busy today that you forget to make time for joy. You deserve to laugh and experience happiness. Even if that joy and happiness is you sitting alone watching videos of babies laughing, or funny pets doing ridiculous things. If you can connect with others do so, but you don’t ever need others to choose happiness and joy. It’s an inside job always.

If you start seeing the number six today the universe is telling you to stop and enjoy some time at home with family. To make amends where you can domestically and to be okay where you can’t. Most of that making amends happens within regardless. It’s a choice we make with ourselves.

The more free you allow your heart to become the more support you attract from the universe. No one ever meant to hurt you, and you have to let down your guard, so that those who aren’t going to hurt you can make their way in. This doesn’t mean you have to do so fast or in a certain time frame.

Slow down today. Make space to be alone and sit with your past. Remind yourself it wasn’t personal. Have conversations with the higher selves of those who have hurt you. Then set clear boundaries for those people in your mind. Love and nurture yourself whole. You’re not going to find that in the past, but in letting go of the past and taking only the lessons with you.

Stop shouting why to the universe. Go within and get still and quiet. The universe will show you why. We tend to avoid going within because it hurts so bad that we don’t dare face it fully, but only in facing it fully can you alleviate the pain and move forward in love and understanding.

If you want to know why the answers are inside of you. Shouting and avoiding the answers seems easier in the moment, but I promise you feeling your way through it and healing is far easier in the end. Open your heart space because if you do not your blessings cannot come to you. You must be in a receptive mode and exuding receptive energy to usher in what is meant for you.

The ace of wands reminds you to see every creature, the good and bad, as one thread that connects us all. To find an appreciation for the uniqueness of consciousness. Today you can seed your future with roots in creativity and inspiration. Sometimes it’s not others who need to change, or even if they do they refuse. So, it’s your perspective that needs a shift.

I hope today is beautiful for you. That you decide to nurture and love who you are. That you let yourself off the hooks you’ve been hanging on for too long, and that even if it’s hard you let others off the hook, too. You don’t even need them present to do so. Closure is also an inside job.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd