Collective Message: Take a Break

My Vision:

In the vision I got there was a ladder and someone struggling to climb it. At first the entire area around her is dark. There is increasing determination I can feel all around me. It’s amazing what you can withstand with pure adrenaline and survival instincts.

Suddenly it lights up and there are ladders everywhere. So many of us on different rungs, beat up, feeling like we can’t possibly climb anymore. When one of the people climbing slows down or stops someone from another ladder reaches out to encourage and do their best to help. At the very least, it reminds them they are not alone.

We are all trying to come up for air, but those at the top are throwing things at us and making our climb harder than it should be. They are no match for us, for we are many, and they are few. Let that be your constant reminder.

Unplug for a day. No social media, no news. Just meditate, watch a comedy, spend time with others in your home, or schedule some face time over devices with those you love. Take a hot bath or shower. Read a good book.

Give up sainthood and savior complex for just a little while. The movement won’t collapse without you. The world will still be waiting to be saved.

The Reading:

These are the cards that came out when I did a reading for the collective. The message for this and the charms will follow.

Right now your cup is empty. You’re being asked to put everything on a back burner except self-care for the moment. It will be waiting for you when you come back ready and able to tackle the challenges before you. You can take baby steps when learning how to take care of yourself, but take a step.

I’m not one to promote organized religion, as I do believe it’s one of the structures that has been crumbling for a while now, but I do want you to have faith that what we are experiencing right now will end in human evolution and a new age of fairness and justice. Become your own spiritual authority.

Right now, more than ever, we have to find hope. You will see what you look for, so look for hope. Turn on some music and dance. Let yourself pretend everything is fine in the world right now. Shed the old, immature, fearful skin you’ve grown accustomed to. Spread your wings.

Be patient, be reliable, and be obedient to the still, small voice of your higher self. Start taking care of your health. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are all connected. You’re wise enough to understand and know this truth. Stop hanging yourself out to dry in all the drama.

Pay attention to your dreams, spend time with your beautiful family, know all is well with your soul, and know that you are protected and blessed.

Right now we are individually and collectively going through a reawakening. It can feel very surreal and cause great anxiety. However, the goal is as always to renew our inspired quest. There are many emotions coming to the surface for all of us, and learning how to process them is crucial.

We have done so much evolving over time, but are still very much ruled by our emotions. Spirit wants you to practice self-care and emotional intelligence. Our powers of reason, intellect, and science have given us rule over the ocean and skies, but what is it that drives us to explore, invent and build? That is our human desire, curiosity, and emotion.

When we suppress how we feel we add to the oppressive energy all around us. Gather your emotional energy and balance it out. We have to find a way to create loving interactions even with those who are irrational and destructive. If you have to set a boundary and leave them behind, so be it, but do so understanding nothing is as personal as it feels and with love.

Don’t just be driven by emotions all day. Use them to understand yourself better. You’re being invited to a romantic stay-cation for one. Light candles, draw a bath, turn on some tunes. Get in touch with your emotions, how you experience them physically, and ride them like the waves they are.

It’s a good time to get in touch with you, the mark you want to leave behind, and discover your true priorities. Focus on what you really need in your life, what it’s time to get rid of, and what is no longer working for you. All things must evolve, and that takes rethinking and restructuring.

When you’re constantly plugged in and fighting you are in constant use. No matter your aim or intentions you wear out, cause tension and stress for yourself that is unnecessary. Pain brings change, and change brings pain. You’re not weak if you’ve been struggling. You just need a little break and that’s okay no matter what anyone else says.

Let us welcome the clearing out of old and worn structures and prepare ourselves for new life and new growth. Yes, the old way we lived is ending. In most ways that is going to be a very good thing. This is a hearty new beginning that is waiting for you to plant your seeds.

Plant your goals for each day with intention, even if you’re just at home jobless. Direct your focus and faith into something bigger than you. What we are experiencing is necessary for what is to come. What is to come is a reverse on the exploitation of the planet and its people.

Selfish and foolish overuse of non-sustainable resources and lifestyles have brought us here. Right now, the universe is bringing a much needed balance, but it isn’t easy. Our governments and structures have been full of betrayal. We are so tired and broken down we often lie to ourselves, too.

The best thing you can do is act from a place of love and morality. Let the universe and other people witness your honest intentions, but remain humble when they do. We will have a time of celebration when this is over. We will reunite with those we haven’t seen in a while. We will welcome new life.

The ability to connect directly to joy allows the healing and empowering energy to flow through you. It’s a gift to you from the universe and from you to those around you. Give yourself permission to be completely fulfilled and to experience joy again, even among the devastation.

For now use this alone time for inner reflection and meditation. Get in touch with your soul’s purpose. Read your birth chart. Discover your divine path and start walking it. That’s the best thing you can do to help the world now. Stop being afraid to face your darkest corners. That’s where the illusions have always led you astray. The light is far more powerful than the dark.

The generational divide has grown everywhere. Let’s not write off our elders. Many of them just have different lived experiences than we do. They have a lot to offer and teach in the way of tradition and wisdom, but the youth have a lot to teach and offer as well. Let’s let them be the future.

With loving determination we will succeed. We will become the individuals and the collective we’ve long desired to be. Use this time to master new skills, allow yourself to be instructed, seek patience and determination. Don’t be hard on yourself because mastering any skill requires failing several times.

Your thoughts are arrows. Don’t let them fly off in every direction. There should be intention behind what you put out into the universe. In order to master a skill you also require a combination of balanced energy and intellectual focus. This is where a daily spiritual practice can really help.

We need gratitude the most when feel it the least. I encourage you to write down all the things you’re grateful for. Really think about how those people or things make you feel. Fulfillment is a mindset.

Getting The Green Woman toward the end of our reading is a good sign. She encompasses the female archetype of wildness and earth energy. She balances that of the wild man and is the Great Mother. We are headed toward a time of rich nurturing and protection. Of loving and fertile relationships and communities all over the world.

Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in the past and buried in nostalgia. The past was never as good as we remember it. Now is the time to release the ties of the past, so we can build a bridge to a brighter future. One we’ve desperately wanted to believe was possible. It is possible.

Your advice going forward is to focus on the love that encompasses the love of all nature, both human and ecological, and that of individual souls. We are each just a fraction of the universe experiencing itself. Love is a mindset, too. It’s an entire way of being. Open your heart.

The balance between nature and humanity is vital. You know we haven’t had it in quite some time. We depend on ecosystems we’ve destroyed. The renewal often taken for granted. Now is a time of temperance while Mother Earth rights some wrongs, and brings us real renewal again.

What we do on the individual scale matters. If you can achieve patience and balance inside yourself you automatically contribute to the whole. The time is now to contemplate all the facets of your existence. Be still and calm. That inner peace allows you to see beyond the surface and be resourceful.

When it’s time to chop wood and carry water we don’t like it much, but it’s a necessary part of the process. Now is the time to be grounded in your personal, everyday experience. Your epiphanies will come in mundane acts and in meditation. Not online absorbing the fear and anxiety.

Right now masculine energy has run amok. No matter your gender we should all be seeking to tap into our feminine side. Be mindful of impulses. Don’t be aggressive or over-confident. Get lost in your imagination for a while, co-creating inner peace with your higher power.


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