Collective Check In

Adjust Your Sails
6 min readJun 7, 2020


Channeled Information:

Be the love. Rise above any situation you encounter that tempts you to give away your power. Detach emotionally in order to see the bigger picture. Your pain was never as personal as it feels. It’s time to release it.

None of us can truly move forward without processing our pain and integrating it into our light. The shadow is as much a part of you as the light is, but at a cellular, soul level you are neither light nor shadow. Your divine essence is the awareness that light and shadow even exist.

Sit with that knowledge for a while and let it permeate.

Tarot Reading:

There are issues of power and control playing out in our personal lives, as well as the collective. There is a need for you to find personal control and freedom among constricting mindsets. You’re not obligated to carry around the same mindset forever, and you’re not obligated to take other people’s mindset personal by having no boundaries.

You will do best when you remember life is not a race or competition. Right now you’re being asked to trust Spirit has a plan and to move slowly. If you are feeling uneasy and mistrusting of the world around you now is the time to go within and connect to your higher self. We tend to seek safety at all costs, but even our safety is temporary and subject to change.

Now isn’t the time for any of us to play it small. Yes, our moves should be calculated, but we shouldn’t shy away from being seen. You are worthy. I am worthy. We are all worthy. Each of us has something we can express to the whole that brings it closer together. We need all voices on deck.

Right now if we are honest not all of us are treated equally or worthy. It is going to take every one of us to stand up together and say enough. To demand that every single life, from every single background, from every country on this earth be seen as worthy, equal, and enough.

Now is a great time to start something new. Whatever you have had in mind it’s time to lay the groundwork and bring it to life. Write that book. Reach out to those clients. Whatever you’re most passionate about that would help other people it’s time to embrace it fully and step into your calling. Yes, you have a calling. We all do and insecurity keeps us from heeding it.

You don’t have to go it alone. It’s also a great time for creative collaborations. Sort out who in your life is a soul connection and who is not. If there is any deception around you clear it. Cut people off without apology. Understand they are not deceptive because you deserve that, but also that you can’t change them. We need more people ready to integrate and help others do the same. This isn’t the time for you to be a lone wolf.

When other people question your past or intentions don’t take that personal either. You are allowed to become a new person every second of every day. Your past does not define you unless you allow it. None of us are our authentic selves for the first half of our lives. Not even the ones talking shit about you.

Authenticity is a practice. It’s something we develop with time and intention. We must unlearn patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that were taught to us, in order to discover what we actually believe, how we actually want to conduct ourselves, and how to love unconditionally with healthy boundaries.

Never apologize that one hand is open to receive, if your other is constantly open to giving. Going forward we are to be only involved with relationships that are reciprocal. Maybe you give money, and the other person gives time, but the idea is you are both giving and receiving. Your encounters should provide you with something fulfilling or it’s time to cut them off.

Unconditional love says, “I see you. I hear you. However, your behavior is not acceptable to me, so I have to set you free for now.” It’s in recognizing that other people’s behavior isn’t about you. It’s about them not being able to shake the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors they were taught. It’s in understanding you can’t shake those things for them.

We are all being asked to make some difficult choices going forward. To open and expand our hearts in a new way. This is to say, we don’t keep opening it to people who will never fill us up. Instead, we learn to trust ourselves and expand into unions that have purpose and intention. Unions that have something valuable to add to the world around them.

Right now on the personal level and the collective everything done in darkness is going to be coming to the light. Prepare yourselves for this. Understand that whatever other people are doing that hurts you they are only doing because they themselves are hurting. Celebrate the ones who are ready to grow with you, and release the rest.

No matter what is happening it’s crucial we all do our best to remain expectant and optimistic about the future. There is going to be more understanding coming in about where your ambition should lie, and how to make those ambitions reality. Pay attention to the signs. They could come in repeating numbers, song lyrics, or something someone else says.

Today I ask you to tune in to the portal of your heart. To incorporate true devotion to a higher calling. Meditate, journal, start a new spiritual practice. You cannot hear the answers that are coming to you if you’re not tuned into the frequency from which they come. We are here to grow as souls, and if you’re not growing you’re wasting your own time.

We are all being called right now to break the chains of ancestral patterns, to heal, and to rewrite the future. It is time to release our personal trauma, and as we do that the collective automatically benefits from our higher vibration. We carry emotional trauma from seven generations back, trauma that isn’t even ours to carry.

When we don’t know another way we keep passing the same trauma down the line. Here is where it gets critical and bit repetitive. You MUST stop trying to heal other people, especially if you yourself are not healed. You simply cannot save them. Learn that and live that.

However, your own healing can inspire others around you to heal. Of course, it won’t inspire them all, and the sad part of healing is the people we end up leaving behind. Try to remember the lessons you learned while having these people in your life. The experiences, no matter how painful, taught you some beautiful lessons and none of it was a waste of time.

It is your own intuition that allows you to see beyond the mundane, the logical, and the analytical. It’s your sixth sense that you should be paying the most attention to. The healing, the path forward, none of it may seem logical, but you’re being asked to follow it where you are led.

There is no time for second-guessing anymore. You already know deep down the next step you must take. It’s time to take it. Like I said in the channeled meditation message, rise above every situation. You have the power to see beneath the surface of things and get a more accurate perception.

While I am saying you should collaborate with others I don’t mean just anyone. We must collaborate with people who appreciate independence as much as the interdependence. Our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings create our reality. All I am suggesting is you choose those things more carefully.

The world is at rock bottom. When we surrender and accept the truths, even the hard, difficult ones, we are granted the keys to freedom. We cannot keep going the same direction we have been. The old ways of doing things, personally and collectively, must be released and done away with. It’s time to do things in a new, fair, more balanced way.

If you are fighting against the right side of history you will keep running into brick walls. If you refuse to heed your calling you will keep wondering why life is not working out for you. What we want is often not what we need, and the stubbornness of clinging to what isn’t for you must be put behind you.

Let us all step into our power. Let us not abuse it, give it away, or blame others when we feel we lack it. We never lack it. Sometimes we just choose not to own it. Your empowerment is a gift that comes through you, not from you. You may have lived a lifetime of watching your ancestors feel powerless, and so you picked that up as an identity.

The beautiful thing about identity is that you can leave behind what you no longer resonate with and re-create yourself at any time.




Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd