Channeled Message for Someone

I’m feeling an energy this morning of someone who is stuck between their past and the possibility of a brighter future. When this happens and I become overwhelmed with an energy not my own I try to do a reading and put it out in the world, hoping whoever it’s meant for sees it, and that it helps.

Right now the universe is asking you to take a time out and learn from the past. I’m aware we all have lives and can get busy, but take even just ten minutes a day to meditate, to journal, and reflect. There are messages the universe is trying to bring you, and you have to tune in to hear them.

Schedule meditation and reflection time into your day the way you would anything else. It’s equally, if not more important, than most of the other things you’re making time for. You can’t lay a foundation without co-creation or it will have major cracks. The universe is waiting to help you, to guide you through this. Stop being so self-reliant.

In life there is a time to act and a time to focus on strategy. Right now you need to focus on strategy. You may feel impatient with the lack of movement in your life, as if things are stagnant, but there is a reason for that. The past and the future are both vast expanses of land you need to spend some time discovering and dissecting before making a decision in the present.

Start by asking yourself which road leads you to becoming the person you feel you are meant to be. In the past, it’s not likely you were inspired by those around you to become that person, but if you were by all means walk that path and go back to that life. If, however, you know that altering the course of your future will help you become that person then walk that path.

Meditation is better than any drug. You can reach higher levels of consciousness and get introduced to your higher self. There are so many answers in those still, quiet, peaceful moments. Don’t let yourself become frazzled and stay that way. Be self-aware and when you notice you’re over-thinking or feeling out of sorts pause and meditate.

Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Impatience is only going to serve to keep you stuck. Take a break from your human, material thoughts. This is when your insights and answers will come. You say you want to know the right direction, but you refuse to seek direction.

You don’t have to be upset or shameful over your past. The goal is never that. It’s simply to learn from the mistakes you made and remember that none of the pain others caused you was ever as personal as it felt. You can’t leave your past behind without coming to terms with it first and closing out cycles.

If you try to altar your life by choosing a different path the old one must be fully dealt with. Otherwise, you’re not walking forward in integrity. Your memory matters, and even if you think it’s not affecting you it is. Your subconscious knows and needs you to pay attention to it. To heal your inner child and assure him or her that you got their back.

This is often a lesson in re-parenting. I’ll include some great resources for you at the end of this reading and hope you use them. I can offer you tools all day long, though. You have to choose to use them. I love helping people unpack their baggage, but ultimately they have to do the unpacking.

Maybe in the past you weren’t a person who walked with integrity and dignity, and this is what is holding you back. What I will say about this is we all have times in life where we fail to walk upright. This doesn’t make you unworthy or undeserving of the best that life has to offer.

The shame you feel is because the real you, under all the ego, has an internal value system that you haven’t always lived up to. It’s trying to protect you, so rather than allow it to control you, project it onto others, and cause yourself more problems just validate it. Let it know you appreciate it’s trying to protect you. Thank it for the reminder. Then tell it you don’t need it anymore.

This is a time for you to clean up the past. If you’ve been waffling between going back to the past or embracing a new life going forward this message is to clean up the past and embrace the new life. This is an in between phase, where you’re meant to close out the old and find balance before moving forward. Be devoted to the portal of your heart space.

The past has been a burden for you. It has bogged you down with so much emotional gunk that it takes time to unpack it. I guess this could be speaking of cleaning up your physical space, but I don’t feel that with this energy. This is more about you cleaning up your mental, emotional, spiritual spaces.

You have to clear your channel to the divine. If you meditate and journal this helps you with that. Take a look at the past and take responsibility for your part in how things have ended up. Forgive yourself because it will never matter if others do if you choose to keep yourself on the hook forever.

If someone you hurt came up to you 55 minutes of every hour, of every day, and said, “I understand why you hurt me, that you didn’t mean to, that you were conditioned to act this way, and I forgive you” it wouldn’t matter. You’d be wasting their time if the other 5 minutes of those hours you were telling yourself that you’re undeserving of that forgiveness.

If the pain you’re focused on is pain others caused you remind yourself it’s not personal. That they, too, were simply conditioned by their upbringing and environment. Try to appreciate that nothing is wasted. No matter how long you stayed or invested in this other person walking away doesn’t mean it was for nothing. There were lessons you were meant to teach one another.

Another thing meditation can help you with is inner peace. It can help you cultivate peace within regardless of what is happening around you. The longer you practice this the easier it gets. There comes a time when even in the midst of absolute chaos you can close your eyes and find your center immediately. This helps you become a strong mediator.

Whoever this is for you’re feeling a bit unsure of your footing right now. You are being asked to choose the future. To choose harmony over discord. If you choose the future I see a ten of pentacles life for you. This is a life of happiness, material wealth, being surrounded by your real, true soul tribe. A life that allows you to leave a legacy you can be proud of.

If you choose the past I see the five of cups. A life where you are forever regretful, crying over missing what was meant for you, and not able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. No balance, no structure, no belonging, and no legacy that you can be proud of. I think you know this.

The Inner Temple card has come out along with the True North card. You are being called today to tap into your heart. It’s a portal of what is meant for you. Don’t listen to the surface where it may feel like it’s breaking. This is deeper, much, much deeper than that. You are being called to level up spiritually.

To develop a regular practice of meditation and journaling. All the answers you keep over-thinking are laying dormant in the portal of your heart. You cannot receive them if you aren’t carving out time each day to listen with intention and faith that they are there.

Stop overthinking this because moving toward this new life and future is the path you’re meant to be on. It’s your true North. Keep facing it. In fact, you are closer than you think, and once you embrace this energetic level up things are going to move so much faster for you.

There is no rush, though. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or how fast they are succeeding. Following your true path will result in the perfect timing and you reaching your ultimate success. You have already come such a long way and it will do you good to journal it, to have evidence you can look back on and remember your growth.

Stay in your lane, water your own garden, and watch your beautiful soul’s blueprint bloom before your eyes. The past is a never-ending story that will never bring you victory and you know this. Whether it’s a relationship, marriage, career doesn’t matter. There is no winning with it.

Regardless your gender there is this need to become softer, more supple, and to embrace your feminine side. To stop pushing so hard, taking action after action, trying to prove yourself. Instead, sit back, meditate, allow things to come to you naturally. Raise your vibration and watch what happens.

We are so often taught the harder we work the more reward we receive, but all you have to do is look around you. Who do you know in your life personally who exhausted and broke themselves down working has achieved the real meaning of success? It doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.

You’re facing a lot of fear and anxiety right now. Tapping into your feminine energy, finding some balance with your masculine side, is required to overcome this. If you keep pushing and overthinking there is no balance, there is no change, there is no closure or moving forward. If you want to move, if you’re tired of feeling stuck, then stop pushing against the tide.

You are keeping yourself stuck. Loss is simply part of life. You’re in this period of time where you have to purposely choose to lose people and situations from the past that you once felt you’d be part of forever. Spirit is reassuring you this is for your highest good. What you’re losing isn’t meant for you anymore.

For many of you this is about relationships that were built on trauma bonding and faulty foundations. I say this not only because of the cards, but because the Nodes shifting out of Cancer and the astrology over Cancer Season was forcing us all to consider this theme of home, family, and foundations.

It’s time to stop longing for a love that has always eluded you. If you’re honest you never felt loved in the past. You never truly felt you belonged. It’s simply a security blanket, and now it’s time to grow up. To level up. To step into a life with people who actually can love you and make you feel you belong.

While you’re journaling I suggest making a gratitude journal part of your daily practice. Write down the people, the lessons, the things in life that still bring you a smile or warm memory. This can help you achieve balance between the sadness of letting go and the excitement of embracing the new.

This person you want to walk into the future with brings you a lot of joy. They make you feel like you’ve never felt before. They fill you with an optimism and hope you never even realized you needed. The guidance is to open yourself up to this inspiration. Let their spark light your inner fire.

This could be a job or some other situation as well, but I am strongly picking up that your choice is between two people. In either case, the new road that changes your path is one where you are nurtured, cared for, and assured an abundant life. If this is a person they are healing for you.

Self-made, strong in their family or community, have the kindest most nurturing heart, they are grounded and down-to-earth, and make you feel like you can enjoy life again. They offer you an outpouring of warmth and love unlike anything you’ve experienced before. I just sense stability.

This past person not so much. There is a need for you to rise above the situation and view it with an outside perspective. Your bias and emotions are clouding your vision. Through meditation and spiritual practice you can see this from a higher perspective, so why do you choose to stay lost?

You have the ability right now to reach for the stars understanding one has your name on it. This new person and you are likely made from the same stardust and the connection is easy and effortless. However, this past person is bitter, cold, and full of resentment they are refusing to deal with.

They promise you every time that they will love you better. That things will be different. That you can grow and heal together. However, every time that is a lie. They may not mean to lie to you, but you’re both stuck in a comfort zone that has never even really been comfortable if you are honest.

The energy of this isn’t good for me. I sense sharp and cold communication between the two of you. Mean and emotional arguments. A lot of indifference over the years. Bitterness and aloofness was prominent in this connection. There is never any wisdom and clarity with this past person.

Your ego is simply attached to the familiar, and this is why you need to raise your consciousness to see what is truly meant for you. This past person has turned you into a wounded warrior and you can’t plan your future from this space of pain. It’s time to heal, to discover who you are, and to chase after your dreams like you mean it.

Going back to the past assures it will forever haunt you. You will be surrounded by enemies pretending to be your friend. You won’t ever know who you can trust. There is a lot of mistrust between you and this past person. The advice is to learn from the past and move forward.

This brings you the nine of cups, which is ultimate wish fulfillment. The universe is right here, trying to gift you everything you have ever desired, begging you to choose gratitude and joy. Meditation and healing will open your heart to be able to truly receive it and cherish it.

The past is full of emotional possession rather than emotional bonding. There is so much jealousy I sense. Lots of spying and having to check phones and social media was going on. You will forever have to watch each other’s actions and catch each other doing things you shouldn’t be. This is because neither of you truly fulfills the other. Your contract has expired.

Rush toward your new life. You may get to live multiple lives, but why would you waste this one? Don’t you want to evolve your soul? This new person is one you have clarity with. You can sense they are honest and trustworthy. This may be new for you, and why you’re hesitant.

Let the past end. Close out the cycle. Stop being nostalgic for a life that was never the way you remember it. You have all the tools you need within if you would simply go within and discover them. What needs to shift isn’t anything external to you. It’s your own perspective.

Perception is reality for better or worse, so it’s a great thing we get to choose ours with self-awareness and intuition. Use this stagnant time to discover where your perspective may be skewed and correct it. Do not let this chance to change your life completely for the better pass you by.

Yes, you are worthy of it. You signed up for it.





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