Change in the Wind: Pick A Pile Reading

There are 8 piles. Top row left to right is piles one through four. Bottom row left to right is piles five through eight. Choose one or more if they speak to you, and find them revealed below.
Whether the discomfort is caused by changes large or small it’s up to us to choose our perspective. We can choose to seek how we can learn and grow from all change. We can choose to be okay with letting go of control and the need for specific outcomes and desires.
Change, Change, Change. That is the theme for the collective. How can you embrace change and use it to your advantage?

Collective Meditation Message:

Right now we are experiencing great changes individually and collectively. Change is the only constant in life, but many of us struggle with it. This is true whether the change is big and massive or whether it’s on a smaller, more personal scale. You’re being encouraged to embrace change.

Not only to embrace it, but to find a way to use it for growth and evolution; in spite of the discomfort it brings. It is never the physically strong who ultimately survive. It is those who are most adaptable to change. Your comfort zones are seldom ever comfortable. It’s simply more familiar. Embrace the unknown and practice living in that space.

Numbers to look out for are 2, 8, 9, and 11. I normally put the meanings in, but this time I’m leaving it up to you to search the meanings if you start seeing these numbers often. If you see 222, 1111, or any combination of these numbers on repeat I encourage you to search for the meanings.

There are often many meanings associated with the number, and since we are all different I’ll let you choose which one fits for you.


Pile One:

You are a giver who sometimes ends up resentful because you give so much and seldom receive anything meaningful in return. The problem is that you have a guard up when it comes to receiving and that vibration is felt by those around you. Think of the times others have tried to assist or give back and how you reacted to it. Could this be why they hesitate now?

There are changes meant to happen over this time in your love partnership if you have one. Maybe you don’t have one and one is coming in. You’re advised to seek your answers in the stillness of nature. We are on quarantine in most places, but you can still take a walk. You can still sit in your back yard and contemplate life. If the weather is nice walk barefoot in the backyard.

Stand tall on the earth, close your eyes, turn your face to the sun, and imagine a cord connecting you deep into the earth. Dig in with your toes. Seek to feel grounded and sure of who you are and what you want. You’re being asked to continue being the giver you are, but to figure out why you don’t allow yourself to receive. There are trust issues that no one can heal but you.

When it comes to your partnership the wheel has turned and change is at hand. There are cyclic laws of birth, death, and rebirth. We are ever evolving in a world that wants us to always stay the same. How you deal with this change will make all the difference.

This is your warning that the change is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be bad. If your partner is abusive or simply takes and takes maybe the change is that you need to separate. If they’re not and you’re just taking everything personally and putting up a wall the change needs to happen within. You can’t run from yourself, thus you cannot run from your problems.

You have a very sincere desire to receive the warmth and love that others have to offer you. To celebrate, to feel secure in your relationships, and to share harmony with kindred spirits. Yet, you’re terrified of it. Your hope in these things can lead to the attainment of your innermost desires.

You need to focus on fueling yourself with the right information and thoughts. I know right now we cannot gather physically with the people we love, but there are so many ways to reach out and spend time together using technology. You can even make old fashioned phone calls. Communication around these issues can help heal relationships and change their course.

The barriers you have up are of your own making. That’s good news because if you’re the one who erected them you are the one who can tear them down. If you’re waiting for someone else to climb over them you will be waiting for the rest of your life. Every time they try you’ll simply build them higher.

The energy surrounding you right now is one of action, creativity, and new beginnings. Why not try a new approach? If you do victory is assured for you. There is deep inner victory ready for you right now, and this will lead to an external victory. Our inner world creates our outer world.

Take some time while digging your toes into the earth to count the ways in which you are blessed. Humility is essential right now, and grace is an unearned gift. Forgive without people having to earn it. It isn’t for them. If you want something different you have to think and do something different.

In every relationship it’s important for you to remain open to new experiences. You are two different people with two different experiences being brought to the table. Stop being so rigid with your expectations. Start small and remain flexible. If you remain rigid you will lose access to growth and potential on the personal level and in your relationships.

Not all that glitters is gold and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We can spend too much time worrying about what else might be out there, and lose sight of what is already here in front of us. Stop distracting yourself from your inner work by focusing on what might be. I can assure you if you do none of the inner work your next relationship will fair no better.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not to impress others. Do you even know who you are? If you let people fall in love with a false version of you how will ever feel truly loved? Stop embellishing your stories. People will fall in love with a sparkle and shine that doesn’t exist, and you cannot keep a facade going forever. The real you is worthy on your own.


Pile Two:

There is a dream or opportunity that has come around again for you. You may feel slightly nervous because things didn’t work out in the past, but you’re being encouraged to embrace it now. There is a shift trying to happen for you spiritually, so that this new beginning can be a guided one.

In the past you have lacked self-discipline to maintain a spiritual practice and see things all the way through. Leave everything on the back burner that you’re struggling with right now and focus on the spiritual practice. Without it there is no balance or structure to your goals and ideas.

There is a skill you have that can be used to help others, while at the same time bringing in an income. This may have to do with a spiritual gift you haven’t fully unwrapped yet. Right now you’re being asked for an intense concentration and dedication to developing that skill.

Since humans first walked the earth all we’ve done is hone and evolve our skills. You have the awareness and the self-discipline to get it done lives within you. You have an ability to be patient and to persevere by keeping the big picture in mind while you’re focused on the details. A spiritual practice will help you remain steady and keep the faith as you push forward.

If you do this your happiness and fulfillment is assured. You just have to put in the work first. This time of change for you is all about self-development and self-discipline, and it won’t happen for you without a daily spiritual practice that you’re committed to. There is deep, profound, and lasting happiness waiting to be yours right now.

Being effective and productive in the practical world brings you a sense of stability, but it’s in our creative, spiritual nature that real peace and balance live. There is change coming in for your spiritual life. You may start seeing signs or meeting people who push you in that direction. Your creativity is going to skyrocket if it hasn’t already.

You tend to stay busy on purpose. Perhaps you don’t realize you use busy as a distraction. You are being asked to take more action toward building a spiritual foundation that you can thrive on. You have not yet understood the truth of your own personal power. You are not weak and ineffectual.

Try not to fall into old patterns of giving your power away and then blaming others, as if you didn’t allow it to happen. Instead, when you’re tempted to react in a way that isn’t disciplined meditate and seek strength from your higher self. Call out to the universe for help with balance and grounding.

Try to go with the flow. If you feel called to mediate, journal, or do something creative stop and do it. When you stop scrambling and start planning things will fall into place for you. Address any beliefs you have about money and abundance now. It’s not wrong to make money, even using your spiritual gifts. It’s only wrong if you swindle others saying you have gifts you do not have.

There is an old saying that is applicable here. “When fishermen cannot go out to sea they stay home and repair their nets.” Maybe you’re off work right now, and stuck at home stressing out. You’re being encouraged to repair your inner world and spiritual life while you have the time.

It’s time to be honest and accept at face value the truths you know. There is objective truth that one cannot successfully argue with, but there is also your subjective truth, and no one can take that from you. Are you making it a priority to chase after your biggest dreams? If not, why not?

Whatever you were chasing previously isn’t for you. You can keep chasing it, planning and strategizing, but your best-laid plans will fail if it isn’t for you. Stop chasing after what flees you because you feel it’s somehow easier. It will never be easier than accepting your truth and living it loudly.


Pile Three:

I get a sense that you often feel restless. There are lots of changes meant to happen for you now where your health is concerned, as well as a rebirth of your finances. You’re being asked to trust any fluctuations in these areas right now and to practice some discipline and allow the rebirth to happen without resistance. I know that can be difficult, but not impossible.

You have an incredible talent for conceiving of an idea and manifesting it into practical, material reality. You can formulate and marshal your thoughts to bring about real change in the material world. Use this gift now to improve your health; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Use it to create a financial discipline that will help see you through these difficult times.

This is the foundation for your life. A healthy you will make healthier decisions overall. You will set healthier boundaries. Use the time to embrace the change and become who you really are underneath who you were taught to be. Don’t let the world convince you staying the same is somehow success. It is growth and evolution that brings great rewards.

Find support in your group of kindred spirits. Your family and the friends who you know have your back and will support you. The ones you can call when you get weak, and instead of feeding your victim mindset will feed your higher self and vision. If you don’t have those type of people in your life now is a good time to join some social media and meet them.

Don’t forget to celebrate the small victories. Even when there is work left to do it’s important we give ourselves credit and recognition for a job well done. As you pursue this path your recognition will come from others who notice the changes. Don’t do it for that reason. Your validation should always come from within, but external validation sure is nice.

Your crown chakra is fully open right now. This means in meditation you’re going to get clear and concise messages. Follow your intuition and don’t second guess your gut. Be sure to learn the difference between intuition and anxiety. Anxiety brings a fear and panic that intuition never will.

When you are finding it hard stop and force yourself to appreciate life. To make a list of all that you’re grateful for. We often need gratitude the most when we feel it the least. We will see what we look for, so even if you don’t feel like it look for the blessings always.

It’s a time to chop wood and take care of every day, routine, important matters. Set your larger dreams aside for now. Take this time to really focus on being loyal to yourself and your every day, lived experience. It’s a time to rest in the mundane and find your thrills in meditation and your spiritual life.

You want loyalty from others, but first you must figure out what that looks like by being loyal to yourself. The highest version of you is begging for you to pay attention. To focus on your health and finances. Take this time to rebirth a new, loyal to you self, and the loyalty of others will find you.


Pile Four:

You are an over-thinker of the highest degree and this causes you untold anxiety and grief. A lot of this is due to unforgiveness that lives inside of you due to changes in past relationships. Your current relationships are in need of change. However, you’re all head and very little heart most of the time.

You try desperately to maintain control, but you will never be able to control other people and outside situations. The only thing you have control over is your own inner world and how you perceive the rest. You’re being encouraged to use this time to rest and withdraw for a bit.

You’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations in your life, and there is a deep need for stillness and contemplation, so that what you need can be illuminated from within. Knowledge is often only earned through sacrifice, but the only sacrifice being asked here is time to meditate and reflect.

If you hold unforgiveness in your heart it’s time to release it. Write down conversations with the higher self of anyone you’re upset with, and try to understand that what they did was not personal to you. Forgiveness isn’t a one and done. It’s something you choose to do over and over until that particular issue fades and is no longer a blockage for you.

There is a need for balance screaming at me from your reading. I feel your relationships are imbalanced because you are imbalanced. You refuse to delegate and trust others because of unhealed trauma within you. This is a mental prison of your own making. Contemplate all the facets of your existence and the lessons you have learned even from the bad times.

These facets can be buried deep in your psyche because you have chosen not to deal with them for so long, but no amount of denial will rid you of the need to reclaim them and accept them, so that you can heal the relationship with yourself and others. The same way that a balance is required collectively between humanity and nature, a balance is required between your light and shadow, and between those you choose to allow into your life.

Right now the universe is sending you a powerful helping hand, and the strength to escape the mental prison you’ve created. The stall we are in is a lack of proper planning, and what is true for the whole is true for you. It’s time to make a plan of action toward your healing and rebirth. The path of least resistance is a tempting one, but not the one you’re meant to follow.

The real balance that is screaming out here is between your head and heart. As I previously stated you over-think often, and very rarely allow yourself to “feel” the answers and way forward. Sometimes you are too much strategy and not enough go with the flow. Right now is the time to allow this change because it can lead to personal and professional growth.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to tap into your intuition, and whether you’re male or female, the divine feminine energy the world so desperately needs right now. Tap into a conscious allowing of messages from your higher self and the universe. You can’t control everything. Let your partner and others take the lead right now and learn how to trust.

You don’t even have to trust them. You trust yourself to know that no matter what happens you’re going to be calm and able to adjust and handle it. Your refusal to self-reflect and to project is a never-ending story that wounds your ego and causes unnecessary drama. Find compassion for yourself by understanding why you believed these false narratives for so long, and move forward believing something new.

Love isn’t logical, my friend. It’s good to have things in common that go deeper than physical desire for one another. This is a time to weigh the pros and cons of your relationships in an honest way. To acknowledge not just the shortcomings of others, but your own, too. To understand that neither yours or theirs are personal or meant to cause harm.

Tap into your feelings and emotions. When fear or anxiety come up talk to them. “I see you fear. I hear you anxiety. I appreciate that you care so much about me that you’re willing to raise up and protect me, but I got this. There is nothing to fear or be anxious about. It’s okay for you to rest and let me walk in my higher power for a while.”

Don’t avoid how you feel. That’s how you got where you are. It’s okay to admit you don’t always feel high vibes and aren’t always happy. None of us are 100% of the time, and if someone tells you they are they’re selling snake oil. We are human beings with a wide breadth of experience. You won’t halt your manifestations by acknowledging the lower vibrations you feel.

In fact, by acknowledging and healing them you will speed up the manifestations because you will be slowly and surely removing blocks, rather than going out of your way to avoid them and pretend they’re not there.


Pile Five:

For you I feel there is a lot of pride in the way of the love you say you desire. You want to be surrounded by love and community, but you have walls up and are guarding yourself against it. It’s time to swallow that pride.

The pride has become a physical or emotional sickness in your life and hindered your relationships. You’re afraid of the unknown, terrified of being hurt, and this has led to so much regret. Be patient with yourself. Healing will come from a spiritual source. Meditate and journal daily.

You have to learn to forgive the past; yourself included. The pain is never as personal as it feels, and in order to really connect with your soul tribe you must release the old and make space for that. Work to understand the under-lying causes of human behavior, so you can see it was never you or what you deserved when pain showed up in your life.

Your home environment is in need of healing. Our concept of home and family has evolved greatly over time, but there are certain aspects the should remain unchanged. It should be a safe haven for the ones you love, and a place where love is celebrated unconditionally with healthy boundaries. If you set healthy boundaries and stick to them you won’t experience so much hurt and pain.

Others learn how to treat us based on what we allow. If you’re constantly putting up walls and being defensive you’re teaching them you’re difficult to love, and you’re likely attracting people as difficult to love as you are. The real you underneath the layers is so easy to love it’s ridiculous. Seek to be that.

Let go of your defensiveness and embrace your community. You deserve to have people who love and cherish you in your life. Equally they deserve you to not be so guarded in loving and cherishing them in return. Tap into your intuition and not your fear.

It’s okay to acknowledge your fear and anxiety. You can even talk to it as I explained in the previous pile. Tap into your feelings and emotions. When fear or anxiety come up talk to them. “I see you fear. I hear you anxiety. I appreciate that you care so much about me that you’re willing to raise up and protect me, but I got this. There is nothing to fear or be anxious about. It’s okay for you to rest and let me walk in my higher power for a while.”

Don’t avoid how you feel. That’s how you got where you are. You are at the end of this journey and the beginning of a new one. Take stock of what you’ve learned and let the rest go. Some of your relationships may have to be over, and that’s okay, too. Sometimes we only need them to last long enough to teach each other the lessons we signed up for in this life.

If you maintain a spiritual practice via meditation, journaling, tarot, or whatever speaks to you this taps you into a higher power that is waiting to co-create the most beautiful life with you. You have to remove the barriers and let it in, though. There is no force being used. It’s a free will choice you can make or decide not to make. The future is yours if you believe it.


Pile Six:

There is something you’re still afraid to show the world. Peace only comes when we are willing to be vulnerable and expose our true selves to the world. Abundance and domestic harmony should be your priorities right now. If you have love or want love to come in that balance is essential.

When you choose to be your true self those who accept you will be the truest friends and partners you’ve ever had. We waste a lot of time being false versions of ourselves to gain acceptance and then wonder why we feel so empty and void in our relationships. The real you is starved for love.

I really do feel like a new spark in a current relationship or a new relationship itself is on its way in for you. Take care to consider your relationship to self and the environment around you. You can shape, direct, and preserve your empowerment. You are skilled and must start applying effort with commitment and persistence. Your thoughts are arrows, so aim them with the utmost intention and care.

There is an initial attraction and exploration of potential that we fall into at the start of every potential relationship. A first shared spark between two beings can seem so simple and uncomplicated when the chemistry is right, but over time that spark can fade. It’s up to you to remain aware and seek your connections with purpose and intention to keep them alive.

You will absorb body language, scent, non-verbal cues constantly and may not always be aware of it. If you’re in tune with your body and mind you will see these things more clearly and can choose not to allow them to influence you. So, do what you can to keep the spark alive, and if others aren’t reciprocating perhaps it is time to reflect on who you really want in your life.

People in your life have lost their authority to make you feel bad. You’ve tapped into your personal power. You’re leaving those who are immature, control freaks, who lack discipline behind. You’re not going to allow others to manipulate you to their own advantage any longer. That’s a real change that you have already made in many ways, but will be resurfacing for you.

You have gone from someone who put up with anything to someone who stands in your power and refuses to be mistreated or to mistreat others. You always think before you act, which is good. We all need to think before we act, but sometimes we’re all head and no heart. So be sure you’re tapped into your intuition and not just all head all the time.

For others of you there is a lot of mending about to happen in your relationships. Rather than losing them and leaving them behind you’re going to choose forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. You will know who to take with you as you venture into this new life of abundance and harmony that is calling out to you loudly.

There is new energy coming for old relationships and new relationships altogether coming in for you. These relationships will be of equal give and take. You will receive as much as you give within them. A time of absolute reciprocation is coming. Embrace that newness with all that you are.

Sensuality, connection, and passion are alive in you and that’s what you’re attracting. Your heart’s highest calls are going to be answered. It’s time to make those calls with a burst of enthusiasm and intention. What do you want? Make your wishes because they are all coming true.

You are genie in a bottle, baby.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pile Seven:

This change is wanting to teach you how to be flexible. To let go of attachments and the way you thought things would look. Sometimes we get so attached to specific outcomes we close ourselves off to what is for our highest good. Let people, places, and things in your life look different than you expected and learn to trust the unknown.

Your dreams include a ton of compassion and will bring you such abundance, but right now there is still a need to overcome insecurity. Turn some of the compassion you offer so effortlessly to others onto yourself. Following self-love and self-compassion will result in you following your dreams because you’ll be more tapped into what it is you want.

Whatever your direction was in the past you’re not going that way. This is an obstacle in the right direction, not a hindrance on the way to where you’re going. It’s time for you to step back and see things from a different light. The way you’ve always viewed them is changing; let it.

You’ve spent enough of your life in unfounded fear and panic. It is no longer time to torture yourself for the past. Emotional insecurity and a lack of self-discipline is not unique to you. We all struggle with the same things in different areas of our lives.

Find compassion for you right now and let your past self know you appreciate their attempts, but your highest self has this now. It is time to let go of unreasonable demands you’ve placed on yourself and perhaps others. To dig in and see where your fear of abandonment comes from, so it can be healed. It has held you back long enough.

I feel you’re being faced with a great challenge right now. This challenge could be big in anyone’s eyes, or maybe just big in your own. It’s valid either way. This challenge will have profound implications for your life and how you interact with the world. You’re at a crossroads between the old and the new.

Fears and anxiety will be stirred up every single time you choose to leave a comfort zone behind. The phrase “better the devil you know” isn’t a phrase because things are always easy. The key isn’t to avoid the fear and anxiety, but rather to sit with it. Sit with it in the space of your higher self and converse.

Let the fear and anxiety know that you appreciate all the love and care it’s shown you, but that everything is going to be okay. Talk to it and reassure it that all is well. Now is the time for blunt honesty, but blunt doesn’t have to be mean, rude, or harsh. The truth is just the truth and there is no added emphasis needed to make it so. Don’t speak from resentment; heal & then speak. That’s the best path forward.

Your abundance will blossom and your life will take shape when you let go of what that abundance and blossoming is supposed to look like. The universe is bringing an extra oomph of energy to you right now. This will enable you release old, negative patterns, relationships, and desperation. You will start walking in a knowing of what you deserve. It’s so much more than what you were settling for, and doesn’t that feel amazing?

The stars really are aligned in your favor right now. Choices you made in the past have prepared you for this. If they were bad choices you learned from them, and if they were good this is your karmic reward. Sometimes we feel serendipity where it doesn’t exist, though, so it’s important to heed your intuition and not just go where the wind blows and feels good.

Be poised and ready because a lot is about to be illuminated for you. There is every reason in the world for you to feel confident, even in what you can’t see fully, but know deep down is for you. Your soul will smile ever bigger as you keep choosing to align with your inner light.

When you follow your dreams remind yourself it’s about going the distance. We don’t get instant reward and gratification. It’s a good idea to keep the long-term in mind, knowing that the short-term steps you’re taking every day are leading to the ultimate prize.

Joy and disappointment will co-mingle with all opportunities we face, so just embrace that truth. Happiness and long-term success isn’t never feeling bad or having bad days. It’s in accepting them as a natural part of the process.


Pile Eight:

You are someone who wants to manifest a good life, but you focus far too much on making it happen, rather than just allowing it to come. When you focus on self-love the synchronicity in your life increases, and this is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction.

When we try too hard we end up relaxing our self-care and thus not showing we love ourselves with our actions. This prevents the manifestation we’re seeking. So for you this change is teaching you how to love yourself and let that be the wand to all that you desire coming to fruition.

Now is a time to make yourself a priority. To make decisions that reflect that. Focus on what you really need in your life and what must be disposed of and cut away. All things change and evolve; including your relationship to self. Change is a natural process that never stops. When we are afraid of and avoid it we prevent ourselves from living our best lives.

You don’t have to be so defensive when challenges arise. They are here to teach you lessons if you let them. Rest assured that just about every time you draw on your grounded energy to reach empowerment of self, a position or belief you hold will be challenged. This isn’t to hurt you, but to help you evolve and grow even further. You’re never done leveling up.

Sometimes the challenges you face aren’t meant to teach you anything. They are simply born from your own insecurity and subconscious issues you refuse to heal and face. You will know the difference, but either way the answer is never to avoid or steer clear of the challenge as if it doesn’t exist.

This change taking place on the collective level is about us restructuring our beliefs about the old systems and way of doing things, and that same energy is affecting you personally. It’s time to take stock of your belief systems and re-evaluate whether or not they are truly serving you.

You are on the right track, but your determined effort must increase. You must seek to get out of your head and into your heart for a spell. Whenever you block your intuition and fail to meditate your purpose will remain hidden from you. You will beg and plead to know it, but it will elude you. It’s truly time to tap into that intuition and get real with your spirituality.

You may have broken so many cycles and you might be tired. So, now is a time to practice self-care and reflect on the cycles still left to be broken. Sometimes it can appear we’ve gone backward, when the truth is we are standing on a higher level of thought than previously, and are being asked to prove we have learned certain lessons. See what you couldn’t before. That’s the invitation.

When you find yourself tired and spent remember your why. Figure out why you want to succeed so badly and make sure those motives are of pure intent. Focus on the why when things get tough and use that as a happy place. We will always see what we look for, no matter what is actually there.

You’ve likely already overcome so much. The attitude which says, “I’ve already done so much, and I can’t handle anymore” is one of failure and deception. Convincing yourself that once you overcome so many obstacles there will never be anymore is a great way to lose. There will always be obstacles to overcome and tests to pass.

Life is a school and each one you live is a pass to the next grade. Take pride in your accomplishments and the lessons you’ve learned. View every new chance to prove you’ve learned the lesson as a blessing. Don’t take life so seriously. Take a step back and laugh. Dance around your bedroom. Play with children. Don’t lose sight of self-love including fun and connection.

Sure, it’s about bubble baths and alone time, but it’s also about fun, letting loose, connecting with others in ways that make our soul feel alive.




You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd