I felt led to pull four cards for the collective to describe the universal pulse of love since it’s Valentine’s Day. I hope that you can take something from either the meditation message, the reading, or perhaps both. Unconditional love should start with the self and be served with healthy boundaries.

Collective message:

Today is a day where love will be celebrated. It will come from unconditional and conditional sources. The intentions behind most gestures of love are to feel loved and appreciated in return. This is where we go wrong much of the time. Pure, unconditional love doesn’t expect return.

When you fail to receive your return you can harbor resentment, which closes off your heart to pure love. If others aren’t respecting you or showing you the same energy it’s not resentment and walls that you need. It’s the understanding that they can only love you from the level of healing they have allowed themselves, and that you can’t heal them.

It means you have not healed your own heart. Resentment, anger, frustration, all of these are normal emotions, so never feel bad for having them. The key is in detaching from them as you seek to understand why you feel them, where the root of them lies, and digging them up to the surface. Expose them to your beautiful light and release them. Ride the wave until they are gone.

This means it’s time to set healthy boundaries. When you choose to walk away make sure you take the time to heal from the hurt. Journal, meditate, listen to uplifting music, and remind yourself that you can safely leave your heart open because you’re not going to allow those who take advantage of it to stay.

Please don’t allow walls to be built. You will keep out those meant to exchange love in equal frequency with you, as well as those who take advantage. Opening our hearts can be one of the hardest things we ever do, but it’s the most rewarding. You are in charge of who gets that full effect. There isn’t much reason for us to remain so afraid.

We don’t break each other’s hearts and hurt one another because it’s fun or a game, as many quotes as you may see saying otherwise. We hurt others because we hurt within ourselves. Recognize that fact, and then refuse to allow the understanding that nothing is personal become enabling of hurtful behavior that you do not deserve, or enabling of your own behavior.

We all have trauma and wounds we must heal. Only we can heal our own wounds, so you have to stop trying put band aids over the wounds of others that will never stop their bleeding. This leaves your own wounds gaping and unattended. This is far more threatening to you than setting boundaries with an open heart that has healed.


Everyone is seeking a soulmate, but have you met your own soul yet? When you are following the blueprint of your own soul you will exude joy and unconditional love. You don’t have to chase love. It will be attracted to you. Romance and love of all kinds should be like-minded. Are you getting as much energy from your relationships as you’re giving?

Maybe it’s time to ponder that and release some of the people in your life who aren’t capable of giving. Release them with a higher-self perspective. They aren’t capable of giving it to anyone. It has nothing to do with you. So, keep that heart open, so you can invite in the right souls, who will give as much as they take, and fill you more than they drain you.

That’s what the three of cups is all about. Deep, meaningful connections are so important for us all. We all want to connect and belong. The people you are currently choosing to be lovers or friends with are mirrors for you. They are reflecting back to you your own energy frequency.

Are you developing mutual, loving bonds with other people, or are you unhealed and unwilling to face your wounds, and creating more of those instead? You can’t trust your heart to lead you if it’s broken, and you can’t get through life using only your head. We need a balance of both. Leave the mental and emotional cages behind. We keep ourselves trapped.

Justice is here offering you a chance to learn from the past and present, so that you can build a better, fairer future. Even if you feel half your life has been “wasted” I assure you it has not. There are beautiful lessons you can take from it all, once you work through the shame and heal. It’s not wasted unless you refuse to learn from it and keep repeating cycles.

You don’t have to wait for a God or Karma to make things right. In fact, the sooner you forgive and wish the people who hurt you healing, the sooner you are free and open to receiving. If you wish them healing and they find it they won’t hurt others going forward. That should be the goal always. Love is the goal, but unconditional love with healthy boundaries.

Your intuition and higher self is waiting to guide you. If you follow that inner knowing you can’t be led astray. That inner knowing is never attached to fear and anxiety. It’s emotionless and ultimately creates your inner peace. You have the ability to draw information from beyond the veil.

Right now the veil is open to us all. You have access to sacred wisdom and it will flow to you if you open your heart to receive it. The language of our unconscious mind is dying to reveal itself to you. It may be in the form of memories, dreams, repeating numbers or metaphor; pay attention.

Your soul is divine and you are the awareness above your thoughts and emotions. Your soul is whispering to you now. Take some time to listen to the song it sings. I swear it will be the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard.

Take some time to love you today.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd