Pick a card reading to understand where you could benefit from balanced masculine and feminine viewpoints in your life. Left to right is Pile one, two, three, four, five, and six. Choose one or more and scroll for the revealing of the story. Don’t force it to fit your life please. It’s general. Take what fits and leave the rest behind.

Collective Channeled Message:

Each of us has masculine and feminine traits within us. I don’t necessarily like referring to them as masculine and feminine. They shouldn’t be labeled because we all experience them to some degree regardless our gender.

If we aren’t using them correctly and striving to balance them we can be the cause of many of our own problems. I identify as female, but I tend to have more masculine, egoistic energy. If I am to be balanced I have to spend a lot of my meditating and going within focused on the feminine perspective.

This is why I am constantly being told to feed my feminine side. With Leo in my first house with Lilith, I am known to let pride get in the way, but it has never stopped me. It’s not about how you feel, but what you do with it.

I spent some time today learning about what having Leo and Lilith in the first house meant, and for the first time I questioned my chart. It took some purposeful digging, studying, and reflection for me to figure out where this placement has affected my life. I didn’t identify with most of the traits I was learning about. However, the desire to press my ideas onto others and be prideful is something I am familiar with.

We won’t really begin noticing the effects of the collective healing and fairer, more just systems globally until around 2024. The astrology until then will be authoritarian in nature, and we will only survive it if we take individual responsibility for ourselves and remain determined to care about each other. We have to keep the movement alive. That is easier to do if we are taking care of ourselves and each other. It’s all we have now.

If you find it hard to function without certain people in your life, or you shutdown when things are in conflict this is a sign that you’re not coming from a space of love. You’re coming from a space of fear and attachment. You’re too egoistic and need to open your heart chakra and let some love and nurturing inside.

Love and fear is a spectrum, male and female is a spectrum, evolution itself is a spectrum. Where someone else falls on any given spectrum says nothing about you. It lets you know where they fall and explains why they may have certain behaviors or traits.

The feminine overly understands and enables, and the masculine wants to shut you out and build walls. The answer is in the middle of the two extremes.All these energies balance each other out with intention.

You understand with compassion why someone acts the way they do, but you equally understand that you can’t fix or heal them. You recognize that just because that person could only love you from the level of healing they’ve allowed themselves, it doesn’t mean that is what you deserve.

So, you set a boundary and raise your standards without taking it so personal and claiming victim hood. Become the type of person you want to be surrounded by. You get to choose who you are and the story you sell yourself every day. Why not choose the truth?

Important numbers to watch for as signs are 4, 5, 8, and 9. Four is telling you one of two things. You’re working too hard and not playing enough, or you’re playing too hard and not working enough. Five is a sign that big changes and shifts are on the way and you have to prepare.

Eight is all about balance and building your finances. Nine is about endings and completions. Allowing the old to be released, and making space for the new. Listen to the numbers when they show up in your life on repeat.

Pile One:

You are faced with a situation that is going to require integrity. If you’re not usually good at secrets get good at them now. Be self-aware and don’t feed into gossip and negativity. Talking bad for the sake of talking bad isn’t vibrating high. If you’re feeling resentful because you haven’t taken your needs serious enough to set healthy boundaries that’s an inside job.

Maybe you’ve been begging Spirit for something or someone, but haven’t realized a begging and pleading prayer only brings more reasons to beg and plead. You have the power to manifest without all the fits. Sometimes the universe knows we aren’t ready for what we’re asking for, so be honest with yourself about how you’d handle what you want if you got it right now.

Are you grateful for what you already have? Whenever you feel yourself slipping into the negative energy stop and remind yourself “I am the loving energy of the universe.” Remember who you are, and maintain control of yourself. You will get better at it over time, and be so grateful for it.

You have too much impatience and it’s holding back your dreams. Tap into the patience of the divine feminine for awhile. Listen to your intuition. Allow yourself to be led by the energy beneath the surface. Stop being afraid of the unknown and keeping yourself small. Feel your way through life awhile.

You are the queen of wands. You’ve already invested so much work. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you keep expecting it to look a certain way you’re going to miss it altogether. You’re being cautioned about paperwork and contracts right now. Don’t sign anything unless you understand it fully. Go within and find inner balance and peace to guide you.

You have the tendency to become a prisoner to material things. You give off a more egotistical energy, and may not even mean to. We have to allow ourselves time every day to slow down and sit with ourselves. Otherwise we get busy going through the motions and miss out on moments.

That masculine energy is fantastic when you’re upset over the past and having a hard time letting go, or seeing what you still have all around you. It can pick you up and remind you to be strong. The feminine can definitely be over-sharing and over-caring. We need them both, and both have strengths and weaknesses. We can learn them and live with intention.

You got the thinking woman and the thinking man in the same spread. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you to use your creative brain power. Tap into your crown chakra more often. Awaken your sacral chakra. These two especially are highlighted for you. Chase authenticity.

A tower moment is coming and you will be tested. Will you use your head and heart to make a decision on how to rebuild or where to go from there? Will you face your fear of the unknown and make a calculated risk on your own behalf? The behalf of those watching and learning from you?

You take conflict head on, but you don’t handle it correctly. Nothing is as personal as it feels. Use moments of conflict to step back, notice how you feel, ask yourself why you feel that way, and then choose your response. You will learn so much about yourself, so quickly.

You have fiery, dominant energy, but we can tap into any energy we please at any time. Spirit wants you in an airy energy, where you see the infinite possibilities, and understand your co-creative power. The divine feminine knows, and she doesn’t feed fears and doubts at her highest.

Let go of how you view masculine versus feminine. The truth is it’s an energy more than it is a gender. Are you more submissive or dominant? You can be a straight, white man, and be submissive. It’s not about what you identify as. It’s about the energy and persona you create.

You’re being guided to clear out the clutter. Get rid of things whose energy doesn’t inspire you. Create a space for yourself full of things that remind you of the divine feminine. Practice belly dancing your room. Make time to be creative and balance that with your logical side. This is when your true new beginning comes. Not the one you’ve envisioning. Something far greater.

You’re being tested to see if you can allow yourself time for you. To just enjoy being a human creature, and find joy in everyday moments. It’s time to stop and smell the roses. Stop looking at how far you have to go. Look how far you have already come. Stop and give yourself credit; celebrate growth.


Pile Two:

You need to tap into divine feminine energy, so you can learn temperance and trust. Your imagination is manifesting your life. You have far more power and control than you feel you do. The masculine is great for reminding you of power and control, but needs the feminine to hold onto it honorably.

Keep in mind when I say that the person identifying as a man could be the one to exude the more nurturing energy and vice versa. You’re living in fear and not letting go of that last little bit of it holding you back. You’ve come so far, though. Keep moving in the right direction.

You are who you are, an ever unfolding rose, who has a purpose. You need to find pleasure in the little things with intention. Keep a gratitude journal. Be constantly giving thanks to the universe. Stop seeking outside approval and validation. The divine feminine doesn’t beg; she attracts.

When you don’t need anyone’s approval and are living authentically, not only are you free, but you’ll have the outside approval. It won’t be the source of validation. It will be actual validation that adds to your own. Your soul tribe will remind you who you are when you forget.

Going forward you need to create mindful moments with intention. Schedule them loosely into your day. Leave room to be inspired out of the blue. This will remind you, you are love, you are miracles, and you are natural and whole just as you are. You get way too ahead of yourself sometimes. It’s just a bit of over-excitement and nerves more than anything.

Try some moderation in your manifestation. Start small and build up your faith and belief in your own power. Your imagination is powerful and can have you burying yourself in a tunnel of despair. Live in self-awareness. Don’t waste time crying over spilled milk. Allow your feminine side time to grieve and process, and then allow your masculine to move on.

Outside forces may bring you news of advancement soon. It’s a time to have courage and fortitude. Work hard and with intention on your visions and ideas. Channel them through creative outlets. You’re at the end of a cycle and your debt is all about to be repaid. Embrace this in between space.

Use it to finally rest and truly work out the last crevices of the lack mindset. Root out the last bits of old and make space for the new. You are a strong and honest person who is meant to lead. You offer great advice to others, so don’t forget to take it for yourself. Your feminine energy will teach you how to be devoted and always come from a space of love without building walls.

You are asking for huge things to manifest. You can’t rush this. When you feel impatient or uncertain go within and meditate. Meet with your higher self and guides. Build caring connections with them and with people around you. Live in the moment, but make space to be responsible and accountable, too.

Be patient as you release any lingering envy or negativity from your life. You seem to be already pretty tapped in to the feminine, but you’re not quite there yet. You have to learn to allow endings to be graceful transfers to new beginnings. Keep practicing surfing emotions and thoughts, and steering your own ship. Your unconditional love is waiting within you.

You may have fallen for distorted versions of love in the past. You may be tested on that soon. Tap into your divine feminine intuition for guidance to help you pass the test. The strength is in you. There are so many ancestors with this pile who are so proud of you.

They want you to respect your spiritual power and use it for the highest good of all. To understand it and be responsible with it. Now is a time to rest and enjoy life, while reminding yourself to be humble and accepting of all the unique expressions of consciousness there are.

How great it is to be anything at all.


Pile Three:

Part of you wants to experience the good life, but part of you is terrified of it. You feel the need to control the outcome. Until you release that desire for your dreams to manifest a certain way they simply won’t manifest. That or they will manifest very slowly, with you working far harder than you have to.

You’re trying to manifest without healing what is blocking you from the ability to manifest something better and different. You have the power to overcome this. Change is the only constant thing in life. Let go of your attachment to everything remaining the same. Life is a constant flux.

The most adaptable people are the ones who survive and thrive. You will seek and you will find. When you seek only truth with no need to control how it looks you go from surviving to thriving. Give yourself the space to heal. Only then will you start manifesting your dreams.

Leave space to have truly connected experiences that cause you to vibrate joy. The healing process is hard, but incorporating time to celebrate the journey and express joy can truly help. Vibrating joy is what attracts continued help from the universe.

Rebirth your whole environment. Clean your space, redecorate, move, do something creative with the space that surrounds you as a way to tap into the feminine. Lay down burdens that don’t make sense for you to carry. Find your victory in a creative new project or idea.

There is something you’re nostalgic for in the past. A childhood home, a past lover, an old career move left behind, but Spirit says let it go. If that is what was meant for you it wouldn’t have left you. What matters is the here and now. Focus on the time you have left and how you want to fill it.

Call on the angel of love for strength. Keep a journal and write in it every night about what you appreciated in your day. Walk away from what no longer serves you. Your divine purpose is abundant, and it’s time for you to follow the blueprint of your soul. Heed the calling.

You got two cards that represent walking away. Perhaps you are in a savior complex and thinking you can save others, to avoid having to save yourself. Spirit is saying no more. Keep getting up and back in the ring and you will see tangible results of your growth. Just remember gardens take care, nurturing, and time to grow and yield a harvest.

Your dreams are almost here. Your wishes are almost fulfilled. You have to stop resorting to becoming a fragment of who you are during chaos, and giving away your power. It is your power and you’re meant to keep it, use it, and be guided by it. If you want prosperity in any form you have to be responsible with it. Healing is the initiation.


Pile Four:

You have done a lot of work and are likely pretty balanced already. You may have some fear and doubts still that need to be worked out, but I feel like this pile has already done major healing and clearing. You are centered in inner calm, and remain calm during chaos.

You are someone able to handle whatever comes using your head and your heart together. However, you may struggle to remain humble. Spirit says when you think you’ve surrendered surrender more. You have something special to communicate to the world and can channel it from source.

You are here to teach, but don’t forget to learn first. The divine feminine knows that truly great lives take temperance, patience, and intention to manifest. You can sometimes have too many points of focus. This means when genuine cups and offers come in you tend to overlook them.

A tower moment is coming and it will be a good surprise, but not anything like what you have been expecting. This is a brand new, long-term, stable space that you will be building from. Celebrate your victories and the strength it’s taken to get this far. You’re someone who knows you made a contract with your own soul before you came here and you’re destined to fulfill it.

Take this time to keep tapping into the feminine knowing, and releasing all mindsets that lead to lack mentality. Your contract will never be fulfilled externally. Only by going within will you receive the blueprints and maps that are meant for you to follow. Don’t be silly and not ask for directions.

Everything is cause and effect. The cause of your trauma is the unhealed trauma of those who have hurt you. It was never as personal as it felt. If you take up the cause of waking your divine path the effect will be that it manifests before your very eyes.

It just doesn’t happen all at once, so you have time to adjust. There was a time you felt unworthy of all that is coming your way. You have spent a lot of time burning away the excess and not staying stuck in indecision. Most of your healing was done in the quiet, behind the scenes, but I have no doubt people around you notice your evolution.

The message you have heard loud and clear is that freedom is a state of mind, an inner peace, and something we can cultivate no matter where we are. You understand that if love is real it is unconditional, but it also knows how to set healthy boundaries. You may be meant to write a book or start a blog.

Practice your kundalini awakening. Dance and enjoy life. Right now it’s time to keep working on a receiving mindset. You have given so much. Release the need for it to look a certain way, and it will come. Get out of your own way.


Pile Five:

You need to tap into your divine feminine creativity. You are trying to control everything way too much. Step back and attract now instead. Work on your relationship with yourself. It will be the foundation for all other relationships in your life. Bloom your own garden, so you actually have something to give, and don’t let people eat from your garden who abuse the privilege.

Listen for the whisper of Spirit and stop what you’re doing to follow the call. If it’s truly Spirit calling you they will remind you to stop and handle your responsibilities. Spend time contemplating how oneness is our true nature. You have lacked self-discipline in the past and Spirit wants you to change that.

Put on some uplifting music while you declutter or just to dance. Be responsible in the traditional sense, but also to your soul and creativity. Honor all parts of who you are. Right now you’re suspended in a space where you aren’t quite sure what to do next.

You’ve walked away from something that you invested so much in, and you’re sitting in abandonment energy. This was meant for you to walk away from. Understand the lessons in it, and take them with you going forward. Do not allow taking it too personal to have you abandon yourself and your path. Tap into compassion and understanding. Don’t seek or need revenge.

Progress feels blocked and you are a bit bored, but now is a time of testing. Are you going to heal and keep walking your path, or just accept where you are and keep complaining about it? You want joy? Cultivate joy.

Just because a storm pops up every now and then that doesn’t mean life isn’t joyful. We see what we look for. If you want to be successful and abundant broaden your creative side and see adjacent possibilities that your human mind alone cannot comprehend.

Transformation and Victory are here for you. The wand is in your hand. If you break the cycles of toxicity fulfillment is assured. Plant the seeds now with your thoughts, emotions and intentions. Seek to fulfill your divine masculine drive, with a balance of feminine wisdom and knowing.


Pile Six:

You are over-protective and babying your outcomes. Wear the end result loosely, but give the intention the attention it deserves. If you envision how you want to feel the right people and things will come in and that is what you will feel. You have to cultivate it within first to attract it.

You are never truly separate from anyone. If you chose this pile you have the ability to communicate with others telepathically. People living and dead can speak to you in the 5D. I would practice this with someone you trust.

If you feel misguided or off balance repeat “When I lean toward love I am led”. Then remember that love never comes from a place of attachment or fear. Go within to release the attachment and fear, and all that is left is love. Love lives in you. Stop chasing it elsewhere.

This pile also has children. If you want abundance the road to it leads through them. Be sure to have any hard and vulnerable conversations that are necessary for healing and building on a new foundation. Deal with any shame you have in healthy ways. Don’t hold on so tight to pride that it costs you everything. There is no need to take life so personal.

You have empress energy. The universe is ready to help you give birth to an entirely different life. The possibilities are endless. First, you have to let go of your old life. What are you holding on so tight for? Tap into the feminine and let her reassure the masculine it’s okay to take calculated risks.

As soon as you decide to walk away from the old the new is coming straight in. I feel this is speaking of a relationship that has to end. You have a soulmate, a divine counterpart waiting for you. They are strong and will build up your strength. It’s a journey of fulfilled wishes.

Your entire world could shift almost overnight with one choice. Be honest with yourself about what you really deserve and stop convincing yourself to miss out on what is meant for you. Turn your negative self-talk into loving talk. Speak to yourself like you would your best friend.

Your hope and inspiration come back when you free yourself from the mental cages you’ve created for yourself. You are truly able to connect to the astral plane at this time. Meditations would benefit you greatly. So would shadow work exercises, where you get closure within communicating between your higher self and the other person’s higher self.

Create a dedicated altar or space for this work and process. There is much work to do, but once it is done the reward is almost instant. Dance, play with your children, fall in love every day with the sparkle in their eyes, know they are watching all that you do and get their worth from what you say. You have a strong need to tap into your nurturing, loving side now.

It’s okay if you didn’t have the self-awareness until now. There is no shame in that. Now that you know you work through the shame, and change your behavior going forward. The best apology there is, is changed behavior. It says everything all on its own, but have the conversations, too. Break your heart to save your soul, and to make it easier for your children to know their own.

Your job is to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. To live in a space of flux, where you ebb and flow with the energy, rather than against it.



You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd